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Dec 22, 2013

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." (John 1:1)

EVERYTHING begins with spoken word.  It is words which bring thoughts into the distinguishable world to be perceived by others.  It is word which gives form to our ideas.  Our experiences, are determined by how we judge them.  Judgement is attached to events through our words.  We define our world in this way.

The object of meditation is to get to the place where there are no words; to connect with the mind of God where there is no judgment, no words, no thoughts, just stillness.  This connects us with our inner perfection and the perfection of all that is.  We are to take this awareness into our physical world.  To do so is to recognize heaven on earth.  God is with us in every moment we live, and the kingdom of heaven is within.  To manifest this in physical form is to use the power of thought to define it.  Words first in our head and then expressed in physical form.

What is in our heart?  This is what is reflected into our world.  People can lie, but it will come out through words in other ways, such as a general negativity in patterns of speech. 

"The good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good, and the evil person out of his evil treasure produces evil, for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks." (Luke 6:45)

At Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center, and through the writings here on, we focus our studies on healing.  Everything relates back to the one simple fact that we were designed to be healthy and well, created in the perfect image and likeness of God.  So why does sickness occur?  It is a movement away from that perfect idea.  This starts first with idea formed through mind or through spoken word.  It is not quite so simple with babies born with deformities.  There are other causes, of course.  But generally speaking, health begins in the mind.  (On a soul level, we work out our circumstances before we're even born to give us just what we need to progress spiritually on our way back to the perfection originally intended by God  This is another topic for another time.)

So, along the lines of thinking about how our words define our state of health, what do we have to say when someone asks how we are?  Do we speak words of sickness or health?  This is one place to begin changing our ideas about health in order to exude it in physical expression.  It all starts with our words.  That's where expression begins!  Ex-pressing is pressing out, again referring back to the idea that what is spoken is what's in the heart.  Begin your healing, always, by working on healing the heart.  Then work on watching the words that come out of your mouth!  Speak words of love to your body and about your body.  Don't speak words which downgrade your ability to heal.  Don't say you are sick, say you are healing!  This activates the healing Power in YOU!

How are you?  You're wonderful!  And you are!  You are wondrously made!  How are you?  You are healing!  You are getting stronger with every breath!  You are strengthening yourself, you are resting, you are regenerating, you are in the process of restoring your health, but never, never say you are (I don't even like saying the word!) "sick."

I notice people's conversations a lot out in public.  Try it sometime yourself and see if you notice the same thing as I do.  I notice that so much of what people are talking about is based on negativity!  The negativity of what's in the news and the negativity of what's going on in their physical health.  I hear all about surgeries and allergies and pains and medicines and improper bodily functions all in the course of an elevator ride or even standing in the grocery store line.  That tells me a couple of things.  One, people are generally not living in a state of health, and two that they like to talk, talk, talk, talk about it.  What are they saying?  Are they looking for answers?  It sounds more like they're talking about how nothing works.  That tells me a couple of things, too.  Either they aren't really looking for answers, or they're not looking in the right place.  Where do I hear talk about positive health?  Amongst natural health followers, that's where.  I think that's because first, natural health works, and secondly because positive people really looking for positive answers are the ones most likely to naturally heal.

It is very important how you talk about your health because that reinforces what you believe.  You can pray all you want but if you don't believe, it won't work.  Watch what you actually say to find out what type of energy you are charging your prayers with.  Is it a positive or negative flow?

Watch your other words, too.  Gossiping, fault finding, criticizing, complaining, condemning, or seaking in a vulgar manner will not bring healing about.  These kinds of words carry negative energy, and negativity isn't what heals.  We need to maintain a positive vibration of kindness, beauty and grace.  Nurture these types of feelings and thoughts in our heart and reflect them out to the world through spoken word.  This will give form to these ideas in your life and will strengthen your body to heal.

"There is one whose rash words are like sword thrusts, but the tongue of the wise brings healing." (Proverbs 12:18)

"Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body." ( Proverbs 16:20)

This may all seem quite simplified to the person who is going hrough serious challenges of health.  And it is.  Healing needs to be holistic in order to really occur.  There needs to be approaches being utilized spiritually, physically and mentally.  This is a little of all of those, but true, more measures do need to be applied than simply the speaking of words.  But words are where it begins.  Do we tell ourselves we can heal or do we tell ourselves we cannot?  If we tell ourselves we cannot then the body has a really hard way to go in ever getting well on its own.  If we tell ourselves on the other hand that we can heal, then we are way more likely to try.  And don't forget, our cells respond to our thoughts.  EVERYTHING responds to our thoughts.

Sometimes you have to go at it from the opposite direction if it doesn't seem really possible to you at first that this would help.  Yes, it needs to come from your heart to really be effective, but sometimes you can jumpstart the heart by "acting as if."  Fake it till you make it, in other words.

Maybe you don't yet believe that your words can help, but do it anyway and see if it brings results.  Then your heart will begin to change and it will begin to be easier then.  Practice speaking only words of love and beauty for one hour, increasing this to a day at a time.  Speak words of healing power.  If you don't  feel well, it's okay to say you don't feel well, but say it that way, as a feeling, not as a part of your real world.  Saying you don't feel well is different from saying you're sick, difference being the use of the holy "I am," which reflects your idea of your being.  On the other hand,, feelings aren't facts.  Feelings are transitory.  It's normal to have them, but they come and go, whereas what you state as yourself sticks quite a bit more and defines you in much more steadfast ways.  But, if you do express your feelings like this, don't dwell on them, please.  The whole idea is to not give feelings so much power of you.  The more you dwell on them the more you own them.  Make a conscious choice to let them go.  Feelings are meant to be transient.  Let negative feelings simply pass through without doing harm.  They needn't define who you are.

Likewise, sickness should not define who you are.  Maybe you have a condition.  Maybe it's serious.  But still, it's a condition you have, not a part of your actual design.  It doesn't have to rule who you are.  Best yet to not even own it.  Don't refer to it as "your" (name of condition.)  Instead, simply say you are healing through this or that, experiencing this or that, or better yet, declaring victory over whatever it is!  More of the battle is in your mind than you think.

The mental part of holistic healing often gets neglected.  Spiritually minded folks often want   to just pray, and physically minded folks often just want to take care of the body's needs, either through this herb or that in the world of natural healing, much in the same way as the medical world wants just this drug or that.  Natural isn't always holistic, but it needs to be in order to work.  Otherwise it's not really natural.  There's another week's lesson in that!

The point is that healing begins in the mind, through our thoughts, which are words...they are judgments...and then healing continues on into manifestation through our spoken word...or not...depending upon the words that we speak.  Healing occurs much more easily with positive words.  How often does someone die because the doctor says they will die?  They think they are right in their predictions, I'm sure, but I often wonder if it was the power of word that perhaps helped to push their poor patients over the edge.  The will to live is a very important part of healing, and for this to happen a person needs help in believing they can survive.  What medical doctors tend to tell us in regards to statistics is all about those who didn't survive.  What about those who did?  Let's talk more about those cases and focus our attention on achieving that goal! 

In "terminal" cases let us remember that we are all terminal cases, so to speak, since no one gets out of this world without losing their physical form.  In the meanwhile, let's not talk about "dying."  That person is also "living!"  Let's use the power of word to describe them that way!

The goal of natural healing is to allow healing to naturally occur.  Well, healing naturally occurs in an atmosphere of positive energy, especially love, seeing as how Love is positive energy in its pure form.  Speak words of love to your body.  Speak words of love about your life, your health, your circumstances, your situation in life and speak words of love when speaking of others, as well.  Love, positivity, health, joy, abundance, peace...these are the things you wish to attract, are they not?  We attract what resonate with.  Speak words to increase the power of what you are wishing to manifest.  Words absolutely do define our reality.  Words define who we are.

Affirmations spoken in meditation act the same as self-hypnosis.  In meditation, though, let your words fade into the nothingness of simply being, and while you are in that perfect state, notice which words you might want to use to describe how it felt  Carry these words back to your world.  This is what's real.  The pain, the suffering, the weakness...these are transient feelings we may experience due to this circumstance or that, be it illness or something else.  The fact is that we are perfectly made.  Speak words of perfections to every cell and accept no other idea as being a part of who you actually are.  You are perfect and whole.  Use words which reflect this as Truth.

Blessings in all that you think, say and do.  Speak words of Love to yourself and the world!

"Vibraceous, ND"

Rev. Dr. Jody Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.

Please reference our website as source of all quotes, and please quote in context. Thanks!

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