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Dec 22, 2013

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Eaarth is past Winter Solstice (2013-12-21 17:10 GMT), near Perihelion (2014-01-04 11:58 GMT) and slowly heading towards Vernal Equinox (2014-03-20 16:56).

Now the weather: It's fucked. It's getting worse. And it's your fault. Have a nice end.

***    SEASONS GREETINGS - 2140  (2013/12)  ***

((  (unverified)draft/Entwurf, inArbeit.  Corrections welcome !  ))

Nach meiner Schaetzung werden wir für den Grossteil des gregorianischen Jahres 2014 das Jahr ... schreiben / i'd estimate that in most of the gregorian 2014 it's the year ...
5775 Hebraic (Jewish) ("creation" 3761 'BeforeChrist')
5127 Mayan
4651|4712 Chinese (one of; a lunisolar calendar; #2)
2141 Tibetan (#1)
2014 gregorian
1435 Islamic (
lunar, Hijri; prophet: ?570-632 A.D.)
 140 Pataphysical
 110 Thelemic (liber AL, 1904 e.v. )
  69 Atomic (1945)

#1) Tibetan year-count starts with the crowning of Nyatri Tsenpo as the first Tibetan King in 127 "B.C." -  and the official Tibetan New Year, Losar, is celebrated on the first day of the first month of the Tibetan lunar calendar and it falls around the February new moon. The first month is called Hor-zla (Mongolian month) because of their Mongolian connection. -- Losar 2140 was on 11th of March "2013"; 2140 is a year of the Water Snake; Losar 2141 will be on January 31st, 2141 being a year of the Wood Horse.

#2 according to the (awk) "seldom-used continuously numbered system" 2012 == 4709 or 4649 or 4710

'New year' of the gregorian calendar was copied from Roman calender(s), --probably marking the start of a session-period in the Roman Senate!-- and seems totally arbitrary nowadays; imho this alone is sufficient reason for getting rid of "pope gregor's" calendar. The chauvinism of using the alleged birth-year of some mythical figure as year '1' another sufficient reason.

There was a total lunar eclipse on 2010-12-21 (time-lapse-vid on utube ) and  a partial solar eclipse on 2011-01-04  ( images )
Earth passed through perihelion on 2011-01-03 at 18:31 GMT (at a distance of ca. 0.9833 AU), saw a (total) LUNAR ECLIPSE on  2011-06-15; passed through aphelion on 2011-07-04 at 14:52 GMT (at a distance of ca. 1.0167 AU); is past VERNAL EQUINOX : 2011-03-20 23:20 GMT (dist.:  0.996 AU)  and  we're past WINTER SOLSTICE : 2011-12-22 05:29 (UTC) and past perihelion on 2011-01-05 at 00:31 GMT (at a distance of ca. 0.9833 AU). As Earths orbital velocity then is at maximum, winter(on N-hemisphere) in the shortest season.

Equinoxes and solstices

  Date (UT)           Description    
  ---------           -----------    
 2012 Dez 21 11:11  Winter Solstice
 2013 Mrz 20 11:01  Vernal Equinox 
 2013 Jun 21 05:03  Summer Solstice
 2013 Sep 22 20:43  Autumnal Equinox
 2013 Dez 21 17:10  Winter Solstice
 2014 Mrz 20 16:56  Vernal Equinox 
 2014 Jun 21 10:51  Summer Solstice
 2014 Sep 23 02:28  Autumnal Equinox
 2014 Dez 21 23:02  Winter Solstice
 2015 Mrz 20 22:44  Vernal Equinox 
 2015 Jun 21 16:37  Summer Solstice
 2015 Sep 23 08:20  Autumnal Equinox


I sincerely do hope that you and yours are not joining the all-too-common custom of using Xme$$ or "new"years or similar as excuses for thowing out money for hard drugs like alcohol or for fireworks and similar environMENTALLY-destructive stuff !?

CETERUM CENSEO [and I still do think:]
we should/have-to(if we want it to survive) heal humanity of christianity and similar anti-rational dis-eases; and -amongst others- get rid of  XXXme$$ and "pope gregor's" calendar.

           IMAGINE a world without religion !



* PRACTISE random ACTs of kindness and ACTs of senseless beauty *

* PRACTISE random ACTs of kindness and ACTs of senseless beauty *


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Posted: Sunday December 22, 2013, 11:11 am
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