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Dec 28, 2013

can i come out of hiding? is the fleshtival over?

can i walk into a supermarket without my eyes being drawn to the tinselled, highly lit dismembered bodies of sentient beings butchered for unnecessary human consumption? can i turn on the television without being assaulted (on a far greater scale than the rest of the year) by body parts of beings I see as someone, not a food ingredient?

i hope edgar's mission don't mind my use of their banner!
i had this week off work, not for the celebratory time some see it as - i'm not religious so don't subscribe to the fairytale fable (but then of course, you already knew that!), but because i couldn’t deal with hearing the inevitable and often distressingly descriptive conversations about 'food' - who people would be eating and how they would be serving them...

while many sat down on 25 december to necrovore gluttony in the form of rancid, decaying flesh and body fats – yes, if you hadn’t thought about it, the moment something dies it starts to decompose no matter how you ‘dress it up’ - i sat down and decided it was time to watch speciesism, the movie…

not sure what speciesism is? a huffington post article '"speciesism : the movie" may change your world view' states “The word "speciesism," which has been popularized by Princeton bioethicist Peter Singer, refers to the assumption that a vast gulf exists between the ethical value of human interests and the ethical value of the interests of other animals. At its extreme, we may see ourselves as the only species that matters morally, and view other animals as existing merely for our use: to eat, to make into clothing, to perform experiments on, to be entertained by in circuses and zoos. Like those who grew up having overt racist beliefs assimilated into their worldview, some degree of speciesism has been so well-assimilated into the worldview of most of us that it does not even appear to be worth questioning.”

i was definitely in for some mental stimulation watching this film…

this is the first film by mark devries and, according to an article on the free from harm website 'could mark devries' first film change the world' “Before making his maiden movie, 25-year-old George Washington University law student Mark Devries was, well, a speciesist. He believed, as most of us do, that the arguments for animal rights and against speciesism were absurd and easily dismissable. But in the course of his interviews with the world’s leading philosophers on the subject — Peter Singer, Gary Francione, Tom Regan, evolutionary biologists Richard Dawkins and Marc Bekoff — he had a complete shift in consciousness and became a vegan. He claims that their arguments make an irrefutable case for animal rights, and he’s equally moved by the absence of valid counter arguments."

the two articles quoted from above speak volumes on this movie and are both worth reading, and i would highly recommend watching the movie if you can get your hands on a copy (i bought mine online here and will be donating it to my local library)... it doesn’t contain the confronting imagery of ‘earthlings’ or ‘meat the truth’, but that makes it nonetheless confronting morally and ethically… it is another important expose of the continuing holocaust of those we brutalise and enslave by the billions year in and year out – they are someone, not something…

“The word "holocaust" is defined as "destruction or slaughter on a mass scale." In modern times, the word is applied most often to the plight of European Jews at the hands of Hitler, but the word was not invented for this event. There have been many holocausts before and after, many on a larger scale. Even so, to compare the slaughter of non-human animals to the slaughter of humans is not to degrade the deaths of humans but to dignify the deaths of non humans.”...dan piraro ...

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Posted: Saturday December 28, 2013, 8:45 am
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