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Dec 29, 2013

The time is changing and the planet is going trough a big transformation.

We are running out of time and we must change if there is to be a future for our children.

There is people running this planet that do not care for the little man or woman.

They have designed this world with lies and false information.

We have been used against or sisters and brothers.

They use fear and wish to keep people in fear.

They have re created the history so we will not remember and hidden or destroied all other evidence.

The time is Now to find out who you are and what you stand for.

Truth is with in, and with the truth with in one can see the game and how it is played.

The truth is comming out and this is the change.

Be the light, walk the talk and dear to be your self.

This will be no easy jurny.

There is a lot to be done.

Dont try to change others, find out who you are and maybe, why you are here .... on the planet.

I have a goal to live off grid and grow my own food.

I wonder why we must pay on a planet we have been born on ?

Why have some the idea that they have right to have land and others do not ?

How can you own land, water, air ?

Borders are all man made .

It is a big tragedy that people is lacking compassion and love, but it is done so by designe so that people dont love them selves.

You have all been granted promission to come here and you are perfekt as you are.

We are here now and must face the world as it is.

We must see how the powers that is, have manipulated us for 1000 s of years.

Dont be mad at them ... you are doing as they like you to do.

You didnt know, yes .. they dont whant you to know.

I find the truth and you do the same and we will create a new world.

The game must be seen, to be changed.

The game is about an illussion of power.

All powers are with in.

You are... it.

What do you support ??

What do you shop, where dose it come from ?

What do you give your money to ?

Some people belive they are saving the world by driving cars that runs on biodisel but few knows that some of the diesel is made from plamoil and that they acctualy helping to destroy the rainforest.

Things just dont are as they seem to be.

Why Im here !

To share

Some is lovely and some is not.

We need to get facts on the table and take action when we know.

It can be simple things like shop organic lokal or to give information to others.

What ever one dose makes a diferens.

You are the change !

Be the beauty of this world be true.

Be the insperation and creation.

We can not change the past we can only create a bright future, that is if we can see the truth.

With love / Maria Stade

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Posted: Sunday December 29, 2013, 2:58 pm
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Maria S.
female, age 46, open relationship, 2 children
Kungalv, EU, Sweden
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