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Dec 31, 2013

The turning of the calendar year brings hope of new things, but the truth is that new things occur every moment in time.  And just as we have the tradition of making resolutions on New Year's Day, we can also resolve to change how we express ourselves at any moment in time.  New Year's Day celebrations are meant to remind us of this.

It is a time to remember that we can leave behind that which we wish to leave behind.  What is it?  Sickness?  Hate?  Resentment?  Pain?  Bad habits?  Addictions?  Negative thinking? Jealousy?  Greed?  Gluttony?  Gossiping?  Or on a larger level, how about war, poverty, cruelty, crime?  There are many things we might wish to leave behind.  Attitudes, acquaintances, fears...the list goes on and on. 

It is also a time to think of that which we'd like to attract into our life.  What will replace these negative aspects of life we've chosen to leave behind?  It's all too easy to fall back into old ways if  new ways are not embraced.

Let's make this a year to concentrate on what it is that we want out of life.  Is it love?  Then concentrate on opening up to the presence of love by giving it whenever you can.  Think of small ways to give it, such as giving a smile to a stranger or giving a donation to someone in need.  Give love by doing things for others which are helpful to them.  Give it by speaking your affections aloud.  Give love by considering the affect of your choices upon others, even in the consumer's choices you make.  In speaking of others, speak only positive and loving words.  How can you expect to find love in your life if you're not willing to give it away?  Treat others as you'd wish to be treated.  That is the Golden Rule.

Is it health that you're seeking?  Make healthier choices in all that you do!  Think health, breathe health, eat health.  If it's not healthy it shouldn't go in your mouth.  Exercise, get proper rest, eliminate exposure to toxic chemicals in all areas of life.  You won't find health by continuing with the same habits that brought ill-health about.  When it comes to medicines, too, look to natural remedies which promote health rather than just dealing with symptoms.  Drugs do not promote health, they simply hold the problem in check but side effects always occur.  With natural means, true healing occurs.  Healing is natural under natural circumstances.  Focus on that to bring about health.  Create a new life for yourself!

Is it weight loss?  Don't focus so much on what not to eat, focus more on adding healthy items into your diet and then letting the unhealthy items go one at a time.  There are most likely addictions involved.  Start first with adding more water.  Don't drink sugary drinks until after your water.  You'll find you drink less sugary stuff that way than by telling yourself right off the bat that you have to stop.  And while on the subject of drinking, don't drink diet pops!  They're counter-productive to weight loss and health!  Move to juices.  Fresh juices is thousands of times better than concentrate or pre-made juice.  Add in organic herb teas.  Always organic to get what you need from them, otherwise they're usually dead insofar as benefit goes.  Add in lots and lots of fresh fruits and veggies.  Whole raw nuts are good, too.  Not roasted, but raw.  Eat as many raw plant-based foods as you'd like!  Raw whole plant-based foods are very nutrient dense.  The problem with overweight issues is usually lack of nutrition, rather than simply a problem of eating too much.  Gradually change what you eat and you'll find that the healthier choices require much less volume to feel satisfied.  Start taking non-food items out of your cart.  You can contact us for more individualized help.

Smoking?  Water.  Exercise.  Change of habits.  Lobelia.  True willingness.  Prayer.  Hypnosis.  Everything in the rest of this writing applies to smoking as much as to anything else.  Read on.

Is it financial security that you're in need of?  Start looking to what you can do rather than what you don't have.  Believe it can be done.  Don't live a life full of fear regarding your finances, for that shows a great lack of faith.  If you focus on fear then your problems will become magnified.  Focus on solutions instead.  It is likewise a mistake to become greedy when you are needing funds for it stops the flow.  Give what you have surplus of.  Perhaps it's not money, but maybe your closets need cleaning out, or your garage.  Get rid of whatever is stopping the flow, for abundance is likewise natural to us.  Disgruntled thinking will not bring abundance about; gratitude will.  Hoarding will not bring it about; generosity will.  Make a list of all that you have and divide it in two; that for which you are grateful and that which you are willing to sell or give to others for free.

Is it addictions your wishing to rid yourself of?  The first step is to admit there's a problem.  I would suggest a 12-step support group if there's one around.  A program is needed.  Fledgling around is just asking for relapse to happen.  There are many aspects to ridding yourself of addiction.  The best approaches are ones which address concerns of the spirit, mind and body, all three.  The body, of course, is involved in addiction.  Many think it's just in the mind, but it's not.  Even in gambling addictions and addictions to relationships, there is brain chemistry involved.  Whole fresh raw foods can help, as can juicing, exercise, meditation, aromatherapy, sound therapy and other natural methods of changing brain/body chemistry.  Abstinence from the substance or addictive behavior, of course, but something needs to go in its place.  Find out what it is that will help.   For individualized help you can write to us here.  Mental pieces, too, are part of the puzzle, as stinking thinking will take you back every time.  An attitude of honesty, willingness and open-mindedness must be taken on, and an attitude of gratitude, as well.  Spiritually we have to focus on honesty, purity, unselfishness and love if we're to become the person we're meant to be, blessed with the strength to build a new life.

So much of our life depends on the choices we make.  All of them are not easy.  In fact, many of the choices we're faced with in life are quite hard.  But we know when we're on the right track because we'll start to see better results.  Sometimes it takes perseverance.  That's when support groups, mentors and like-minded friends are especially helpful to have.  Surround yourself with positive people who want to see you succeed in the changes you're trying to make in your life.  To hang with the same old crowd who still does what you're trying to not do is just asking to fall back in the pit.  Surround yourself with people who emulate qualities you wish to develop inside yourself.

And stop making excuses!  If you want to be excused, then stop saying you wish to change.  Change does not happen without change being enforced.  Staying the same keeps you the same.  Excuses do, too.  Change will accept no excuse!  Change is determined to change!  Change is not always easy.  Change can be very uncomfortable and even painful at times.  But if you always do what you always did you'll always get what you always got. If you want to change, then you have to change.  It's as simple as that!

Oh, and stop thinking you already have all the answers.  You don't.  Nobody does.  If you did, you would not need change in your life.  Humility opens the door to learning what you need to learn.

Decide to be happy!  There's one decision you can easily make!  Have a very Happy New YOU!

"Vibraceous, ND"
Rev. Dr. Jody Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.
Founder, Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center

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Posted: Tuesday December 31, 2013, 8:08 am
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