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Jan 5, 2014

I no longer choose to trust the medical system with caring for my health in any significant way.  If I need stitches or an emergency accident occurs.  But for my ongoing health care, no thank you.  I do not believe in their ways.

I object to the entire premise of modern medicine, and this is just my own point of view.  You are, of course, entitled to yours.  I fervently believe, however, that the modern medical system of the western world is invalid, ineffective and inept.

It is difficult to know where to begin, so please allow me to start at the beginning.  In the beginning, God created the heaven a earth and saw it as good.  In the beginning, God had a plan.  I believe that plan is still good today.  It doesn't matter how you view God, be it as Supreme Being, the Force, Divine Spirit, Mother Nature, Evolution or however you view the appearance and continuation of life on this planet, you have to concede there is some kind of System at work.  It is this System I believe still works today.  It is this System I wish to entrust with my health and my life.  This is what I call God.  I choose to trust God with my health.

In the beginning the plants were our medicine.  The air, the water, the food and our own innate ability to survive and to love is what has propelled life on earth for millions and millions of years.  Suddenly now that there's a profit to be made in destroying our resources and an even greater profit to be made in the medical system, we "need" all these expensive modern medical ways, with their poisonous side effects, malpractice and misuse. 

In the beginning God spoke life into the plants and into us.  We are made of the same "stuff."  The minerals of the earth and the plants and the stars are the same minerals that make us up.  We cooperate in an ecosystem, breathing in what we need and exhaling that which we don't need, only to be taken up by the plants and in return they give what we need.  There is a system at work.  The magnetic power of the earth in cooperation with the moon, the water, and the earth's minerals also has a direct correlation to us.  The water makes up most of our body weight and runs through and between every cell of our being.  And what about the effect of the air on our bodily function?  How long can you hold your breath?  We are dependent for our life upon air.  All of these things work together for good. 

The natural elements work together in a way which cannot be superseded, and this is what I believe modern medicine is trying to do.  The goal has become one of overcoming the natural body responses, such as in the way that they "treat" a cold with suppressants rather than realizing the cold IS the cure.  We have natural bodily responses to situations in which our health is compromised and these should not be interfered with like this.  A fever, for instance, is there to kill bacteria.  There only needs to be intervention when the fever becomes dangerous, and even then, the better methods are natural ones, such as using feverfew herb or taking a tepid bath.  In this way the fever does the job it was intended to do, rather than stopping the process and suppressing the symptoms.  Suppressing is to press deeper within.  It will resurface again.  To allow the body to fight the problem and win is what strengthens our natural response. 

There are many, many examples of this.  Even in cancer, I believe the body knows what to do.  I also believe, as I said, in the power embedded in plants, and choose to use these types of medicines in their pure forms, not adulterated with toxic chemical drugs and other artificial ingredients added to them.  I believe that herbs used according to their design, and also to use the essential oils and other parts of these precious plants, is the best possible course of action for the well-being of this living organism of mine which I call my body.  Mine.  It should not be up to the government or the medical authorities to decide how I care for this most precious vehicle given to me, my temple of God.  That's between me and God.  I choose for no immunizations, treatments or any other artificial attempt at prevention or life support be given to me.  Instead, I prefer to be treated as I believe God would have me be.  This is my living will.

I wish to be fed pure, whole, raw, fresh, organic vegan juices and foods, including a wide variety of herbs, particularly those native to the area in which I live.  I do not wish to be fed artificial food, nor do I wish for synthetic drugs.  I am a real person and I deserve real food and real medicines.  Doesn't everyone deserve this same thing?  I want to eat food which will nourish my entire body, right down to the cellular level!  I want food which will naturally process in me, thereby more easily being assimilated and passing the waste products on.  Cooked foods case the digestive system to become sluggish.  And under no circumstances should any animal product be given to me!  Nor do I drink alcohol.

I would also like to state in my living will that I wish to not be subjected to synthetic fragrances.  I would highly suggest that everyone remove these from their homes, but particularly those who are trying to live.  (Which, I know, is us all!)  Those recovering from illness or those who are weakened by sickness should not be subjected to these toxic smells, no matter how pretty they are.  The elderly and infants also should not be subjected to these poisonous scents.  Synthetic fragrances cause disruption to the endocrine system, irritate the respiratory system and wreak absolute havoc on the nervous system, and people just keep spraying it on.  Even in hospitals there are so many fumes which are toxic to breathe.  The research is there to show this is true, but we live in an artificial chemical world more and more.  I wish to live more in the world as it was created by God, and again, it is the natural system of healing I trust with my health.

Essential oils are such powerful healers.  Please use these, along with herbs, as my primary medicine should I become ill or when my time is drawing near.

Life begets life begets life.  Drugs do not contain any life.  Pure plant medicines do carry the vibrations of life, and this is what makes them so incredibly healing.  When we use plant medicines their strength becomes one with our own.  We are the same.  We are made of the same exact stuff.  Drugs are artificial.  I cannot say this enough. They are against the natural order of things.  The whole entire goal is to take over the bodily functions and to run the body artificially, through forced means.  This is what creates side effects.  This is not opinion; it's physics.  It's just the way that it is.

I believe that to interfere with the body's natural responses is playing with fire.  What do herbs do?  They support the body instead.  Herbs nourish the body and help it to function the way it was designed in the first place to do.  Herbs are not drugs, they are food.  They don't act the same way as drugs.  They bring about actual healing results.  Key word here is healing.  Drugs address symptoms, but the side effects prove that no actual healing was done.  The problem was simply moved to another place but still there, showing itself in new ways.  With herbs the body can actually heal.  The body is self-healing in its design when given the nourishment it needs, which is contained in the herbs.  Herbs are concentrated foods which have been neglected in this day and age.
"And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat." (Genesis 1:29)
I believe in the power of exercise, massage, energy healing, meditation, love, laughter, tears, music, sound, light, color, prayer and so many natural things.  Please, please do these with me if I should become ill or when I am old and ready to die.  Do not put me in a hospital with strangers to torment with with institutionalized foods, florescent lights, bleached floors, hypodermic needs and synthetic laxative pills.  I don't want tubes up my nose, down my throat, or in my veins.  I want no plug to have to wonder whether or not you should pull.  What I want is help in healing or passing peacefully away in the comfort of my own home with my loved ones caring for me.  This is my living will.

And in case the time has come and any of you are reading back through my notes trying to find clues of where to turn, start with my mentors and also with the schools I attended, then only follow the advice of those using ALL natural ways.  I believe in the practices of traditional naturopathy and in holistic healing.  Natural and holistic together with Spirit leading the way.

I believe in the Power of God through nature to heal, and I believe in the end we all have to die.  I would like my own death to be peaceful.  Being cared for by my family according to my wishes would bring peace at that time for me.  So now what?  Do I need to get this notarized?  I wonder if such a declaration as this is valid by law?  I think so long as my husband agrees to care for me should the time come, which he has, then something like this ought to stand.  For the next however many years, though, I am going to tirelessly work to get something else into place to make it easier for others desiring something as I've described.  This is part of the dream of Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center.

It is our goal to establish a place to which people can turn for help in researching their options and also to learn what they need to learn, get the supplies they need to get, and to find the support and help that they need.  It's not enough to tell people that there are other ways if you don't help them to find what they may be.  Natural ways need to be easier and more affordable.  That's the way healing was intended to be.  There is so much misinformation out there based out of greed or of trying to sidestep and do God one better.  We want to be a source of good information that is consistent with Original Plan, and we want to help make it practical in today's world.  We have many great things in the works. 

Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center is looking for people who'd like to help in making these dreams come true for us all.  Please add your energy in, even if only through prayer.  Prayer is a powerful force!  We are also looking for people willing to donate their time, and of course those who are able to contribute financially to bringing this vision about.  We believe healing is meant for us all, it is our birthright, it is natural to us, and we have been given all that we need.  Help us in teaching each other how!  If we wait until it's too late, we'll all be stuck in nursing homes with tubes down our throats.  Join in the effort now and let's make it possible for us to live our lives well to the end!  Contact us at and express your interest to us.

I want to live until I die!  I want to sing,  to dance, to breathe, to make use of what I have spent my life learning and being with thoe whom I love.  I love my work, I love my family, I love my church, I love my friend, I love my pets.  I love all animals.  I love nature, flowers, fresh air, the woods, streams, creeks, oceans, rain, frogs...I love it all!  I want to breathe it all in until my last breath is one with the whole Universe.  Essential oils.  Music.  Laughter.  Hugs.  Learning.  Teaching...Please allow these to me till the end.  It is my fervent prayer and belief that God works through us all for our good and that no one ought interfere, but rather assist.  To me, artificial ways are not true.  God's ways of Life are True.  To these ways I entrust my care and this is my choice.  If it's my time to die after that, then please let me die, but allow me to die in God's healing arms.  Everyone passes at some point, you know.  It seems that the modern medical world wants your very last dime saying they're attending to life when they use ways contrary to the ways of Life.  It is my wish to live in the way that I choose until the very moment I die.

How do you wish to die?  It's silly to think you will not!  Of course none of us really "die."  Life goes on, and this plane is but a dream in the Big Picture, but that's another topic for another day.  The point is that we might do well to give some thought as to how we wish to be cared for in our last days, and to work now to make that a reality for us.  Also, preventative care might be in good order, if you don't wish to die with diapers on.  Seriously.  I don't mean to be blunt, but our condition in the end of our life is largely due to the choices we make concerning our body up until then.  We won't any of us be able to do it perfectly, I don't suppose, in this lifetime, but as for myself I'm hoping to do the best that I can!  So NOW I'm eating whole, raw, vegan foods that will nourish my cells so they don't fall to pieces and I'm using essential oils and eating antioxidant rich foods to repair cellular damage already done.  There is much we can do which can help!  I would suggest to everyone to start learning now, and then keep learning and applying all that you can to keep your body strong until the end.  We do not need to be decrepit at the time of our death.  It is my intended desire not to be!  This is my living will! 

WILL!  I am WILLING into being what I intend, through the Power given to me by God as I was created in the image of Perfection to be!!!!!!

Blessings of Goodness and Life!
"Vibraceous, ND"
Rev. Dr. Jody Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.
Founder, Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center

Please reference our website as source of all quotes, and please quote in context. Thanks!

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