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Jan 11, 2014

When we are born, we are aware of our spiritual self.  Actually, this is the part of ourselves with which we are most aware!  The body is new.  Wow!  Look at those fingers and toes!  As to the mental aspect of self, we were happier when we didn't find fault but just marveled at the wonder of life!  So, in the beginning of our life, all was good!

Fast forward to now.  Are we still aware of our spiritual self?  Yes, but is it still the part of us with which we're most aware?  Hmmm...

And our physical bodies, well, they aren't new anymore.  Do we wish we'd have taken a little bit better care of them along the way?  As a society, I think we could do better with this.  How is your own individual score?

What about our thinking?  Is it happy?  Positive?  Full of wonder and joy?  Are we aware of the power of the thoughts that we think, and are we using that power for good? 

These three aspects of self are just that...aspects of self.  We cannot separate the three no matter how hard that we try.  We do seem to live in the illusion of separateness, though.  This is the whole problem, I think.  Not only do we imagine ourselves separate from God, which we're not, and also separate from others, which we're also not, and separate from other life forms and all of life, which of course we are not, but we also seem to imagine that we are separate from different parts of ourselves.  Let me explain what I mean.

We seem to think spirituality is just something thought of in church, or perhaps even not directly acknowledged at all.  This, of course, is not true for all, but as a general societal pattern, it seems to be so.  There is a disconnection from our awareness of God (Good) in our life (Life) and also a disconnection from love (Love.)  (God is Good, God is Life, God is Love.)  I say there is a disconnection because we believe in the power of evil (which is from the mind of man not of God) to be more powerful than the One and Only Power of the Universe, which is always present and always good.  This is true any one of us worries, even a bit for just a moment.  None of us are perfect in this. But the more we bring our conscious awareness to the point of realizing our Oneness with God, the more we will realize that Spiritual Power and Strength are working for Goodness and Love in our Life at all times.

Worry.  That's a function of mind.  When we let mind rule the spirit, this is what happens.  Spirit should always lead.  This is also where fear, greed, regret, shame, hatred, resentment, jealousy and other negative thoughts take their root.  Spirit should always lead!  Spirit expressed in our life as goodness and love.  With Love leading the way, who could ever go wrong?  With the Good of All being at the heart of our intentions, and a reverence for all of Life being expressed in our thoughts and our actions, we sure could all live more prosperous and satisfied lives.  We must take control of our thoughts if we are to keep them from leading us astray.  We must tend to our thoughts as the Good Shepherd tends to his flocks.  Right thinking leads to right action.  To set thinking right, take control of your thoughts and center them on the goodness and love throughout life.  This will reunify your thinking self to your spiritual self.  The actions which follow will reunify your physical self.

So, to act in accordance with thought is one thing, but to act in accordance with love is another if we are not thinking of love.  Think of love!  The mind is the link between spirit and body.  If we allow the physical self to run wild without thought as to the connection to spirit, we will not care if we treat ourselves or others in a loving manner or not.  Our body is our vehicle on this physical plane.  It houses our spiritual self, which is the only part of us that lasts throughout all of time.  The mind is meant to be a servant to direct the body.  The body is what gets us around to accomplish our tasks on this earth.  People tend to get it all backwards sometimes and put the desires of the body ahead of what's actually good for our life. 

There are those words again!  If we always think of what's Good and of Love and of what supports Life, and if we let these thoughts be our guiding light, then we would already be re-unified!  But we have to remind ourselves again and again to keep our mind on the course.  It's like steering a boat with a lot of high winds.  The winds are the forces without, like the mortgage and other challenges we face.

So to enact the reunification process on the physical plane, we have to reprogram our thinking to want to do it, and then we have to follow our own best advice.  We must think of the needs of spirit in our daily lives and follow their calling.  For food, Spirit wants food that will support the body in keeping it in good working order, and food which is manufactured in a loving way.  For exercise, same thing.  Spirit beckons us to make use of our body to keep it in good running shape.   God has no hands but ours.  If we are to do the work on this physical plane we must take care of our physical self.  It is as simple as that.  Food was provided.  Air was provided.  Water was provided.  Natural plants, aromas, sounds, colors...all provided,  here, for our healing good.  Are we making good use of what's been given to us?  Do we realize our oneness with Life?  Eat of life, drink of life, breathe in the aromas of LIFE!  God is Life.  Take your shoes off and walk outdoors!

When we function as whole beings in spirit, mind and body, we are able to accomplish incredible things!  Living as a complete creati0on of God, made in the image of Goodness, Love and Radiant Life, is what we are here to do!  Whatever our real work on this planet, surely we can accomplish it better living from a position of a society and as individuals. 

Pay close attention to the needs of your body this week.  Is there a natural God-given response to those needs?  Can you respond to your body's cries with compassion and love?  Can you provide it with the best healing tools, as given directly by God?

Pay even closer attention to your thoughts throughout the week, for your thoughts drive your physical responses to life.  See if your thought are in line with what you know to be spiritually true.  Don't just assume that they are!  Be like a cat watching a mouse hole and just watch your thoughts to see if they align with principles of goodness, of love and of life.

For instance....thinking about how good a diet coke might taste (yuck!  I don't think that it does at all, my taste buds are naturally trained!)....but if that's what you think tastes good, then when your mind starts thinking of that you must realize that this chemical laden beverage is not good for your body.  You must retrain your mind to think about something better for your body instead, like a nice drink of fresh juice, for instance.  Then let your body follow suit on that thought and give it the better option to try.  Reprogram your mind in this way.  Replace smoking cigarettes with drinking water, for instance.  Replace any bad habit with a positive one.  How do you know it's a bad habit?  If it doesn't serve your highest good.

Holistic healing is really holistic living.  Holistic living means living as if you are one being, which of course, is the actual truth.  It's silly to compartmentalize ourselves like we do.  Church on Sunday, then pharmaceuticals when we are ill, and then blaming someone else in our mind just doesn't work.  It's a vicious cycle that so many people get into and then they don't understand why they're sick.  This is a simplistic example, but not really when you get down and really look at each case.  In every case there is a disconnection from our true nature.  We are beings of nature in truth.  We are beings of nature and love.  Nature is Life.  God is Life.  It is Good!  All we have to remember is Love.  Live as we were created to live and all will be well.

When we live out of sync with our true selves, then things naturally will go awry.  Nature will try to re-balance, and if we continue to fight it, we move outside of the realm of what's natural.  What's natural to us is to live and live well.  It is our own reluctance to live within nature's laws that cause the problems for us. 

So if Spirit  is the part of ourselves which is permanent and the part of ourselves which should lead the way, then we need to practice getting in touch on a daily basis with this part of ourselves through meditation and prayer.  Conscious realization of the presence of God in our lives is the key to changing the way that we think and we live.  Become silent and go within, letting go of all thoughts and distractions, only looking to find quiet and peace.  Go within and know it is there.  Once you find it, you will know God is with you always, within.  The more you return to this place of conscious awareness of peace, you will more and more want to live from this point.  Think thoughts which are consistent with peace.  Think thoughts consistent with love.  Act in accordance then in all that you do.  Of course you will falter, but try.  This is what we're all here to do, and none of us does it quite perfect yet.  In the beginning, when we were babies, we did.  Become ye as little children to enter the kingdom of God!

Blessings to all for a wonderful week!
"Vibraceous, ND"
Rev. Dr. Mary Jo Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.

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Posted: Saturday January 11, 2014, 6:08 am
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