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May 12, 2007

I have recently been blessed with two new grandchildren.  My son and his wife have four of their own, she is African American and he is Causian.  Their four children are beautiful.  I have another son who is married to an Oriental girl and they have a beautiful daughter.  My African American/Caucasia grandaughter is light skined as my daugter is law is only 1/2 AM.  She has big brownish green eyes and brown soft curls.  My Oriental grandaughter looks more like her father except for her beautiful eyes and hair which she gets from her mother.  Fortunately, my son has Angelina Jolie lips as does my grandaughter.  Never the less we love all of our grandchildren.  Our token caucasian grandaughter is blond and blue eyed.  In short I have from the birth of each little girl started a collection of "Growing up Years" little ceramic dolls made by Enesco.  I have been able to give my little African American mixed grandaughter a brown haired brown eyed doll.  She has made sure (she is only 3) to let me know that her eyes are not brown they are green and her skin is a little darker but I have worked it out with her by telling her that she had chamelion eyes that are pretty because they change colors.  She is still not sure about the skin tone but she is light enough that it isn't really a problem yet.  Of course I have had the same problem with my little American/Chinese grandaughter so I have had to give her the same doll brown eyes and brown hair.  Her hair is extremely dark and her eyes are more a golden brown but slanted.  She too has noticed but this hasn;t been a big deal with her.  Of course the little blue eyed blonde has not been a problem.  Just last month my African American mixed family (son and daughter in love) went to Ethiopia and brought home their latest two children.  They are beautiful (a brother and sister) estimated to be around  6 and 8.  Of course I wanted to start the doll collection for her because she is my grandaughter as well and there will be no differences made (not in our family).  Therefore, I went out to get her Growing Up Dolls and was going to start with the infant and go through 8 yeaers as that is approximately what the doctors guesses is her age.  I was appauled when I went into the store where I buy these dolls and the sales lady/owner told me that Enesco had stopped making the African American dark skined dolls.  She said that they did not sell enough of them to make a profit.  Money, money the name of the game.  What was I thinking.  I am livid.  I have been on line and I cannot find any Growing Up Dolls for my little black skinned grandaughter.  I told my husband that I had not really given racism much thought lately as we were working through it with our mixed brood but when we finally got our last two home and I am hit square in the face with racism it burns me up.  What about Indians, what about any person of color.  Fortunately, my other mixed grandaughters have worked it out.  I cannot pull out a very light skin browed eyed group of dolls for our latest little grandaughter.  She may not have the doll collection.  But she and her brother will have a safe place to sleep and food to eat and will receive lots and lots of love.  They have been totally accepted by their brothers and sister and of course their cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents.  We are proud of our multi-cultural family.  We are extremely proud of our son and his wife for what they have done.  He doesn't make allot of money.  They have a house with one bath, and they have converted the basement to a dorm like room for the boys (4) and the girls share a room.  Since Mom home schools up to a certain age she has one room stricktly for classes.  I wish I had the money to give them a bigger house, but they will make it with what they have because that is just the type of people they are.  We love them and are very proud.  Isn't that what we hippies use to say " All we need is Love" well that is all we need.  These money grabbing Big Companies (and that is a generalism) as I am sure there are good people working at these Companies.  It is the money makers that are the problem.  God help them.  They should be so lucky!   I  am not going to complete the set of Growing Up Dolls for the other grandaughters, as much I would like to.   They will understand and learn much more about love from that than from my continuing to give them the dolls (they are only objects).  Continuing would only be ignoring and in ignoring it I become a hipocrite.   It is my way of saying "NO MORE".  I am tired of the racism and it is not changing as much as I had hoped.  Thanks for letting me vent.

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Posted: Saturday May 12, 2007, 8:22 pm
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Sandy Morris
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