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May 14, 2007

Our democracy has inaugurated pirates to repeat past mistakes we have already learned. The streets of New York have been used like its playground to blame for the evil when the tables are turned. The first phase of their powers took just a few hours, Bush sat in the schoolhouse while our towers burned. Then remained through the danger, as if nothing seemed stranger, to remain with the children after what he had learned.

In just a short while, and in a demolition style, our towers imploded and the story commenced.  We were told from Osama, but all through the drama, he remains
free but we watched Hussein Lynched.

The lies have exploded, our policies corroded, each word that you speak is senseless and untrue. Your only true policy is fear of democracy, as you re-write what we stand for according to you. You are paying off media, outlets and reporters, to withhold anything that has its own view.  We ask for a reason, your acts become treason, stating we would agree, “If we knew what you knew”.

War crimes are committed, torture is now admitted, and the commanders now face a brand new challenge. With no
Geneva commention, it has created new tension, to calm the blue soldiers who seek and avenge.  You words leak venom, through every addendum to policies by this administration.  Still nothing, to show for, this incredibly slow war, if what we have seen is a true demonstration.
 They have made “free speech” a “no speech zone”. Habeas corpus, the cornerstone, “for Americas laws, is as good as you get”.  The right to know a reason they have chosen to arrest you, it is very American to have the great writ. Still this administration, without hesitation, removes habeas corpus somehow to fight terror.  Removing this right, should have put up a fight, from Americans who saw this incredible error. Some leftists reporters, say drugs from our borders, have links that tie our own Cheney and Bush, would explain two patrol men, locked up for their role in arresting a drug lord for drugs that they push. 

They pay off the media outlets, reporters and think tanks. They fire district attorneys that do not share their views, the propaganda’s so thick it sticks to our shoes.  The views of the few become the facts of the many. Individual reporters fight the embedded view. Stories used to be filtered but never were censored; stories once primetime are now kept from you. There are Journalists with photos but no photojournalists. Stories have become neutered, fixed on words filled with fear. Some even implanted, like September 11, No interviews with anyone asking real questions here.   Do not mention dead soldiers, death tolls, or coffins. No pictures of the war, or drills on 7/7, do not use the word invasion, instead call it occupied. Or how the same eerie drills ran on 9-eleven. Lose all our emails along with a smooth trillion. While sneaking a billion packed on crates on a ship.  Lie again about weapons of our own mass construction and then use the same chemicals on more than one trip. No one mention Fallujeh we did not just spray napalm.  M-22 is just white dust at best.  Bush decides he is the decider and he de-sides how he is doing.  His mind is made-up, to the wrong choice again. His final decision is that he has not yet decided. Either you agree with these decisions or the terrorist win.  He accomplishes nothing but he has drained all our resources. In addition, spread out our Forces incredibly thin. We hear temporary involvement, and build permanent bases.  Announce mission accomplished, but increase troops again. No levels or benchmarks we know our results, and repeat the same mistakes until there is no end. 

Our results? Low ended! Our resources? Gone! We have no real advantage and we have no more friends. 
 Our future is bleak and tomorrow uncertain. But, they have certainly cashed the blank check we gave. How can we give what is readily taken.  You use men like toy soldiers until they lie in their grave.  I cannot fight for you. I will rise against you.  The policies you offer I do not choose to save.  You may be the president, but you cheated and bought it, with your Arabian friend’s money and oil, you accomplished nothing, you are the disaster, and one day you will stand trial on American soil.    
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Posted: Monday May 14, 2007, 11:59 am
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