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May 14, 2007

Not so long ago Martin Luther King made a speech that changed America for the better and put us on a promising road for a future filled with freedoms afforded to all Americans.  As we headed for that quest for freedom we all held hands and took a deep breath that the ways of our past would help guide us to the new found joy that civil rights bring in a democracy.  However, with the passing of “The Patriot Act” America has declined to fulfill that promise of freedom and has instead sanitized the war, world disasters and even an attack on our own countries soil. They have pulled out the seams of this country so that what was once a tightly knit democracy has now become became loose and frayed. She almost certainly will come unraveled and lose her soft satin lining once custom tailored to permit industries rough edges to be worn casually. Eventually she will become known only as rags.  Used up, torn apart, ripped and stained from a tainted few until left with only dust covered mountains.  Our beautiful democracy treated like dirt has been swept under the carpet to hide the embarrassing implications of wrongdoing in our own leaders rule.   Our civil rights have been completely ignored, invaded, revised, or re-written to rid our democracy of anything that resembles freedom.  There was a time this country was headed in the right direction, but that was a very long time ago.  In the early 70’s the government began its segregated busing for schools which was the first of many events that would begin to separate the communities until they were only individuals within a community.  Boys and Girls used to walk to school together and know who their neighbors were.  Now no one knows and no one cares to know that the only way they will walk together in this bleak future is chained by the ankles in our “oh so well financed” prisons. These days it is much harder to stand up against this entity, we call our administration. Ironic when the only administering they do is by delivering our children drugs in our streets we call home. It has been taking place so long now that drugs are now sharing the burden of supporting Wall Street. Worst of all, these drugs are also keeping America asleep while the few elite names in our history books run off with all the profits at the cost of our nation and its own delusional citizens.  Martin Luther King’s dreams of creating equal opportunity for the black man have become a reality.  However the poverty in America has not changed much at all, nor has the police brutality.  We do see more black men getting their share of wealth in music and sports and that is a great accomplishment and a long way from the great speech he gave that day. Even politics have black men as far up as being a candidate for president of the free world. That too, is a wonderful thing, but America is beginning a slow and steady decline of freedoms that once could be said to be equally shared among all her citizens. Only now do we see that these laws and restrictions have become optional for any aristocrat high enough on societies ladder. We see them breaking laws and engaging in war crimes daily while simultaneously re-writing our constitution to fit their own monstrous crimes. Making a new set of rules and guidelines to live by will not excuse the crimes they committed unless we accept their new rules as current policy.  We have to ask ourselves if these rules are something we want to accept in our lives.  Things like torturing people when we may or may not have any real prudent evidence against them in the first place.  It is very hard to see through the hype and propaganda fed to us through this new conglomerate media machine, red tape, eyes in the sky and spies on our streets in the form of pictures, but all of it is growing clearer everyday that a very real military law is slowly creeping in our open borders and soon will strike at the heart of our United States. I do not think his speech is still affecting America.  You could actually use his speech again today, by leaving out just a few sentences and it is still valid in today’s world and lack of freedom within it. I know that this country affords many freedoms that so few others enjoy, and just being able to voice my opinion open and freely is something for which we should all be grateful.  However, if we are not careful these words could swiftly become the last breath of fresh air we take before becoming tangled up in the frazzled edges that exist today.  However if individuals who want to make a difference grab just one loose thread created by this administration we can all pull it back together.  Hold tight to your own beliefs and do not waver from the things you know are right.  Watch closely for their evil sometimes strays in to our own backyards and if we are not careful we could easily fall prey to it. 
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Posted: Monday May 14, 2007, 2:16 pm
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Orlin Larsen (80)
Thursday May 24, 2007, 2:32 pm
Hi Laura; I enjoyed your blogs and must say your words of description for this countries current situation is right in line with my own beliefs, as well as the millions and millions of every day voters in this land of ours....I dont have to describe once again just how corrupt and stinking this administrations intensions truly are. We the majority already know this. Our voices can be heard a whole lot louder then what we have been saying up to this point. People need to know as individuals we can change this trend in government almost overnight. Its only a matter of the organization of a movement to be heard in a wave of voices loud enough to send tremors and after shocks through out DC for weeks. A voice very, very, angry but Yet peacefull. I do believe thats not been done yet. At least not to the extent that is required....Im probabaly going astray now at least for a comment section, so I will say what my main intensions were from the start....Thanks very much for your articales they helped heat things up for me once again. Hope to hear from you again on this or any other subject. Sincerly, your friend Orlin-


Laura M.
female , single
Palmdale, CA, USA
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