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May 16, 2007

This petition as been circulating for some time now, and the signatures are low.. So I am begging and Pleading that maybe some of you all will be willing to sign , crosspost, and forward this important petition. Thanks for doing what you can to help.

Save Our FL Panther, Stop the Over-development of Florida


The purpose of this petition is to make it known to the Government of Florida that it is no longer acceptable to destroy this state. The environment,  the wildlife has been put at great risk, and it is no longer a "sit back and wait" situation, we must take control and take our state back for our Florida Panthers, Manatees, Bald Eagles, Alligators, and all those suffering the effects of over-development. We know the time has come for a showdown with the developers and greedy politicians spread out all over our state. If they are allowed to continue to build uncontrollably we will no longer have the state we all know and love, but a skeleton of what once was a paradise. All that we know, all that we have loved all our lives will slowly die and disappear, including our beloved Florida Panther, as well as our Manatees, our beautiful birds, and just about every unique and special flora and fauna that reside here in this great state. Roads shouldn't drive land use decisions, and support is needed now for the Florida Forever Act (the state land acquisition program) to be funded at an increased amount during this legislative session. We also truly believe that Florida stands much more of a chance against global warming in it's most natural state, than it would as a block of cement.

Please help....
                        Debbie L.

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Posted: Wednesday May 16, 2007, 7:24 pm
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Thursday May 17, 2007, 6:40 am
I have signed petition & written to Gov.C. Crist as well as forwarded petition, the only other thing I can think to do is send petition link to animal sanctuaries and animal welfare groups.
I will do that NOW, hope it helps increase signatures.

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Friday May 18, 2007, 9:55 am
Thanks, Debbie! I have signed! Great Job!!!


Debbie L.
female , married, 2 children
Blairsville, GA, USA
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