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Jun 19, 2007

- Acacia: Good for Protection and Increases Psychic Powers.
- Adam & Eve Root: Bring about Love and Happiness.
- Adder's Tongue: Good for Healing.
- African Violet: Increases Spirituality and Protection.
- Agaric: Increases Fertility.
- Agrimony: Works well for Protection, Induces Sleep.
- Ague Root: Good for Protection.
- Alfalfa: Excellent for Protection against Hunger and Poverty. Good for Prosperity and Money Spells. It is also said that it works to attract Animal Spirits.
- Alkanet: Works well for Spells of Purification and Prosperity.
- Allspice: This is an Excellent Luck Herb. Use in Money and Healing Spells.
- Almond: Good for Money, and Prosperity Spells. Increases Wisdom.
- Aloe: Excellent for Protection and Luck.
- Aloes, Wood: Excellent for Love and Spirituality Spells.
- Althea: This Herb works well for Protection and Increasing Psychic Powers.
- Alyssum: Use for Protection and Moderating Anger.
- Amaranth: Healing, Protection, Invisibility.
- Anemone: For Health, Protection, and Healing
- Angelica: Exorcism, Protection, Healing, Visions.
- Angelica Root: Excellent for Healing, Protection and Gambling Luck Spells.
- Apple: For Love, Healing, Garden Magic, and Immortality Spells.
- Apricot: For Use in Love Spells.
- Arabic Gum: Purify Negativity and Evil. Increases Good Vibration, Purification and Protection.
- Arbutus: For Use in Exorcism and Protection Spells.
- Asafoetida: Use for Exorcism, Purification, and Protection Spells.
- Ash: Excellent for Protection, Prosperity, Sea Rituals, Health.
- Aspen: This Herb aids in Eloquence, and Protects against Theft.
- Aster: For Use in Love Spells.
- Avens: For Use in Exorcism, Purification, and Love Spells.
- Avocado: Use for Love, Lust, and Beauty Spells.
- Bachelor's Buttons: Use for Love Spells.
- Balm, Lemon: Excellent for Love, Success, and Healing Spells.
- Balm of Gilead: Use this for Love, Manifestations, Protection, and Healing Spells.
- Bamboo: Excellent for Protection, Luck, Hex-Breaking, and Wishes.
- Banana: Use for Fertility, Potency, and Prosperity.
- Banyan: Good for Luck.
- Barley: Good for Love, Healing, and Protection Spells.
- Basil: Excellent for Love, Exorcism, Wealth, Flying, Protection and Sympathy Spells.
- Bay: Powerful Herb for Protection, Psychic Powers, Healing, Purification, Strength. You can Write your Wishes/Prayers on a Bay Leaf for Spells.
- Bayberry Tree Bark: Good for Wishing, Money, Success and Happiness.
- Bean: Use for Protection, Exorcism, Wart Charming, Reconciliations, Potency, and Love Spells.
- Bedstraw/Fragrant: Use for Love Spells.
- Beech: Use for Wishes.
- Beet: Use for Love Spells.
- Benzoin: For Purification and Prosperity.
- Bergamot/Orange: Use for Money Spells.
- Be-Still: Brings Luck.
- Betony/wood: Use for Protection, Purification, and Love.
- Birch: Use for Protection, Purification, and Love.
- Bistort: Increases Psychic Powers, and Fertility.
- Bittersweet: Works well for Protection and Healing.
- Blackberry: Healing, Money, Protection.
- Black Cohosh: Use for Relationships, Balanced Sexual Energies, Sleep.
- Black Malve Flowers: Perfect for Protection.
- Bladderwrack (Seaweed): Excellent for Protection, Sea Spells, Wind Spells, Money, and Psychic Powers.
- Bleeding Heart: For Use in Love Spells.
- Blessed Thistle: Good for Purification, Protection from Evil, and Hex-Breaking.
- Bloodroot: Use for Love, Protection, and Purification.
- Bluebell: Good for Luck and Truth.
- Blueberry: For Protection.
- Blue Flag: For Money Spells.
- Bodhi: Use for Fertility, Protection, Wisdom, and Meditation.
- Boneset: Good for Protection and Exorcism.
- Borage: Increases Courage and Psychic Powers.
- Bracken: Use for Healing, Rune Magic and Prophetic Dreams.
- Brazil Nut: For Use in Love Spells.
- Briony: For Use in Image Magic. Good for Money and Protection Spells.
- Bromeliad: Protection, Money.
- Broom: Purification, Protection, Wind Spells, Divination.
- Buchu: Increases Psychic Powers, Enables Prophetic Dreams.
- Buck Eye: Very Lucky. Works for Money, Wealth, and Divination.
- Buckthorn Bark: Use for Protection, Exorcism, Wishes and Legal Matters.
- Buckwheat: Money, Protection.
- Burdock: For Use in Protection and Healing Spells.
- Cabbage: For Use in Luck Spells.
- Cactus: Use for Protection, Chastity.
- Calamus: Good for Luck, Healing, Money, and Protection.
- Calendula Flowers (Marigold Flowers): Good for Protection, Legal Matters, and increases Psychic Powers.
- Camellia: Increases Riches.
- Camphor: Good for Chastity, Health, and Divination.
- Canada Snake Root: Excellent for Protection, Luck and Money Spells.
- Caper: Increases Potency, Lust, and Luck.
- Caraway: Good for Protection, Lust, Health. Protects against Theft. Increases Mental Powers.
- Cardamon: Use for Lust, and Love.
- Carnation: Protection, Strength, Healing.
- Carob: For Protection and Health.
- Carrot: Increases Fertility, Lust.
- Cascara Sagrada: Works well for Legal Matters, Money, and Protection.
- Cashew: Use in Money Spells
- Castor: Use for Protection.
- Catnip: Good for Cat Magic, Love, Beauty, Happiness. It is believed that when given to Cats, it will create a Psychic Bond between You and Them.
- Cat-tail: Lust.
- Cedar: Good for Healing, Purification, Money, and Protection.
- Celandine: Protection, Escape, Happiness, Legal Matters.
- Celery: For Mental Powers, Lust, and Psychic Powers.
- Centaury: Snake Removing.
- Chamomile: Excellent for Money, Sleep, Love, and Purification.
- Cherry: Use for Love Spells and Divination.
- Chestnut: For Love Spells.
- Chickweed: Good for Fertility and Love.
- Chicory: Removing Obstacles, Invisibility, Favors, Frigidity.
- Chili Pepper: Fidelity, Hex Breaking, Love.
- China Berry: For Luck Spells.
- Chrysanthemum: Use for Protection.
- Cinchona: Use for Protection.
- Cinnamon: Spirituality, Success, Healing, Power, Psychic Powers, Lust, Protection, and Love.
- Cinquefoil: Use for Money and Protection Spells, Prophetic Dreams and Sleep.
- Citron: Increases Psychic Powers. Good for Healing.
- Cloth of Gold: For Use in Understanding Animal Languages.
- Clove: Good for Protection, Exorcism, Love and Money Spells.
- Clover: Use for Protection, Money, Love, Fideltiy, Exorcism and Success.
- Club Moss: For Protection and Power.
- Coconut: Works well for Purification Rituals, Protection and Chastity.
- Cohosh, Black: Love, Courage, Protection, Potency.
- Cohosh, Black: For Love and Visions.
- Columbine: Good for Courage and Love Spells.
- Comfrey: Safety during Travel, Money Drawing.
- Copal: Love and Purification.
- Copal Resin (White): Fantastic for Love, Purification and Spirituality.
- Coriander: Use for Love, Health, and Healing Spells.
- Corn: Use for Protection, Luck and Divination.
- Corn Flowers (Blue/Yellow): For Protection, Luck, Fertility and Divination.
- Cotton: For Use in Luck, Healing, Protection and Rain Spells. Fishing Magick.
- Cowslip: Healing, Youth, Treasure Finding.
- Crocus: For Love and Visions.
- Cubeb: Use for Love Spells.
- Cuckoo-Flower: For Fertility and Love.
- Cucumber: Chastity, Healing and Fertility
- Cumin: Protection, Fidelity and Exorcism.
- Curry: Use for Protection.
- Cyclamen: Good for Fertility, Protection, Happiness and Lust Spells.
- Cypress: For Longevity, Healing, Comfort, Protection.
- Daffodil:
Use for Luck, Fertility, and Lust.
- Daisy: For Use in Lust and Luck Spells.
- Damiana Leaf: Good for Lust and Love. Burn to Produce Visions.
- Dandelion Leaf or Root: Excellent for Divination, Wishes and Calling Spirits.
- Datura: Hex-Breaking, Sleep and Protection.
- Deerstongue: Increases Psychic Powers. Use for Lust Spells.
- Devil's Bit: For Exorcism, Love, Protection and Lust Spells.
- Devil's Shoestring: Protection, Gambling, Luck, Power, Employment
- Dill: Protection, Luck, Money and Lust.
- Dittany of Crete: For Inducing Manifestations and Astral Projection
- Dock: For Healing, Money, Fertility.
- Dodder: Love, Divination, Knot Magick.
- Dogbane: Use for Love Spells.
- Dogwood: For Wishes and Protection.
- Dragon's Blood: For Use in Love, Protection, and Exorcism. Increases Potency of other Items.
- Dulse: For Love and Harmony.
- Dutchman's Breeches: Use for Love Spells.
- Ebony: For Protection and Power.
- Echinacea: Use to Strengthen Spells.
- Edelweiss: Invisibility, Bullet-Proofing.
- Elder Flowers or Berries: Exorcism, Protection, Healing, Prosperity, Sleep. Wear or Carry for Protection. Spirits are Believed to Live within the Elder.
- Elecampane: Increases Psychic Powers. Works well in Love and Protection Spells.
- Elm: For Love Spells.
- Endive: Use in Lust and Love Spells.
- Eryngo: For Traveler's Luck, Peace, Lust and Love.
- Eucalyptus: Excellent for Healing and Good for Protection.
- Euphorbia: Purification, Protection.
- Eyebright: Increases Mental Powers and Psychic Powers. For Memory, Clears the Mind.
- Fennel: For Protection, Healing, and Purification.
- Fern: Rain Making, Protection, Luck, Riches, Eternal Youth, Health and Exorcism.
- Feverfew: For Protection.
- Fig: Divination, Love and Fertility.
- Figwort: For Use in Health and Protection Spells.
- Flax: Increases Psychic Powers. Also Works Well in Spells for Money, Protection, Beauty and Healing.
- Foxglove: For Protection.
- Frankincense: Protection, Exorcism, and Spirituality.
- Frankincense Tears: Good for Spirituality, Protection, Exorcism, Removing Negativity, Purification, and Consecration.
- Fumitory: For Money and Exorcism Spells.
- Fuzzy Weed: Love, Hunting.
- Galangal: Protection, Lust, Health, Money, Hex-Breaking. Increases Psychic Powers.
- Gardenia: For Love, Peace, Healing, Spritiuality.
- Garlic: Protection, Healing, Exorcism, and Lust. Protects against Theft.
- Gantian: Love and Power.
- Geranium: Fertility, Health, Love and Protection.
- Ginger Root: For Love, Money, Success and Power.
- Ginseng: Love, Wishes, Healing, Beauty, Protection, and Lust.
- Glove Amaranth (Purple): For Healing, Protection, and Invisibility.
- Goat's Rue: Health and Healing.
- Goldenrod: Excellent for Money Spells and Divination.
- Golden Seal: For Healing and Money.
- Gorse: For Protection and Money.
- Gota Kola: Burn for Meditation.
- Gourd: For Protection.
- Grain: For Protection.
- Grains of Paradise: Use for Lust, Luck, Love, Money and Wishes.
- Grape: Fertility, Garden Magick, Mental Powers, and Money.
- Grapefruit Peel: Energy, Great Representation of the Sun God.
- Grass: Increases Psychic Powers. Also for Protection.
- Ground Ivy: For Use in Divination.
- Groundsel: Works Well for Health and Healing.
- Hawthorn: For Happiness, Fertility, Chastity, and Fishing Magick.
- Hawthorn Berry: Use for Fertility, Happiness, Anti-Depressive. Sacred to Fairies. Protective against Lightening and Evil Ghosts.
- Hazel: For Luck, Fertility, Protection, Wishes, and Anti-Lightening.
- Heal All: Healing, Money, Gambling, Success, and Luck.
- Heather: Excellent for Protection, Luck and Rain Making and Conjuring Ghosts.
- Heliotrope: For Exorcism, Invisibility, Wealth, Healing, and Prophetic Dreams.
- Hellebore, Black: Protection, However PLEASE NOTE: THIS HERB IS A POISON!!
- Hemlock: Destroy Sexual Drives, However PLEASE NOTE: IS A DEADLY POISON!!
- Hemp: For Use in Healing, Love, Vision, and Meditation.
- Henna: For Healing.
- Hibiscus: Lust, Love, Divination.
- Hickory: For Use in Legal Matters.
- High John the Conqueror: Aids in Money, Love, Success, and Happiness Spells.
- Holly: Use for Protection, Anti-Lightening, Luck, and Dream Magick.
- Honesty: For Money and Repelling Monsters.
- Honeysuckle Flowers: Works for Money and Protection. Increases Psychic Powers.
- Hops Flowers: For Healing and Inducing Restful Sleep.
- Horehound: Excellent for Protection, Exorcism and Healing Spells. Increases Mental Powers. Can be slightly Grounding and Calming.
- Horse Chestnut: For Money and Healing.
- Horseradish: For Use in Purificaton and Exorcism.
- Horsetail: For Snake Charming and Fertility.
- Houseleek: For Luck, Protection, and Love.
- Huckleberry: Use for Luck, Protection, Dream Magick, and Hex-Breaking.
- Hyacinth: Love, Happiness and Protection.
- Hydrangea: For Use in Hex-Breaking Spells.
- Hyssop: Most widely used Purification Herb. Good for Protection.
- Indian Paint Brush: For Love.
- Iris: Use for Purification and Wisdom.
- Irish Moss: An Excellent Herb for Luck. Good for Money and Protection.
- Ivy: For Protection and Healing.
- Jasmine Flowers: For Love and Money. Induces Sleep and Prophetic Dreams.
- Job's Tears: Powerful for Wishes and Blessings. Great for Luck and Healing. In the Shell: Can be strung for a Necklace. Out of the Shell: Better for Incense Uses.
- Joe-Pye Weed: For Love and Respect.
- Juniper Berries (Red or Blue): Protection, Anti-Theft, Love, Health, Exorcism, and Repels Snakes.
- Kava-Kave: Works Well for Visions, Protection and Luck.
- Knotweed: For use in Binding and Health Spells.
- Lady's Mantle: For Use in Love Spells.
- Lady's Slipper: For Protection.
- Larch: For Protection and Anti-Theft.
- Larkspur: For Use in Health and Protection Spells.
- Lavender: Love, Protection, Happiness, Peace, Chastity, Purification, Sleep and Longevity.
- Leek: For Love, Protection, and Exorcism.
- Lemon: Longevity, Purification, Love and Friendship.
- Lemon Balm: Excellent for Love, Success, and Healing Spells.
- Lemongrass: To Repel Snakes. Also Increases Psychic Powers. For Lust Spells.
- Lemon Verbena: For Love and Purification. Add to Herbal Mixtures to Increase their Strength.
- Lettuce: For Chastity, Love, Protection and Divination. Induces Sleep.
- Licorice: For Love, Lust and Fidelity.
- Life Everlasting Flowers: For Longevity, Health and Healing.
- Lilac: Use for Exorcism and Protection.
- Lily: Use for Protection and Breaking Love Spells.
- Lily of the Valley: Increases Mental Powers. Works Well for Happiness.
- Lime: Healing, Love and Protection.
- Linden: For Protection, Immortality, Luck, Love and Sleep.
- Liquidamber: For Protection Spells.
- Liverwort: For Protection.
- Looestrife: For Peace and Protection.
- Lotus: For Use in Protection and Lock-Opening.
- Lotus Pods: Protection, Blessings by the Gods/Goddesses, Antidotes to Love Spells.
- Lovage: For Love.
- Love Seed: Use for Love, Friendship and Kinship.
- Lucky Hand Root: Excellent for Employment, Luck, Protection, Money and Travel. Excellent to put in Pouches and Sachets.
- Mace:
Increases Psychic Powers and Mental Powers.
- Maguey: For Lust.
- Magnolia: For Fidelity.
- Mahogany: Mountain, Anti-Lightening.
- Maidenhair: For Beauty and Love Spells.
- Male Fern: For Love and Luck.
- Mallow: For Love, Protection and Exorcism Spells.
- Mandrake: For Protection, Health, Money, Love and Fertility.
- Maple: Longevity, Money and Love.
- Marigold: For Protection and Legal Matters. Increases Psychic Powers. Induces Prophetic Dreams.
- Marjoram: For Protection, Health, Love, Money, and Happiness.
- Master Wort: Excellent for Strength, Courage, and Protection.
- Mastic: For Lust. Increases Psychic Powers and Induces Manifestations.
- May Apple: For Money Spells.
- Meadow Rue: For Divination.
- Meadow Sweet: For Love, Peace, Happiness, and Divination.
- Mesquite: For Healing.
- Mimosa: For Protection, Love and Purification. Induces Prophetic Dreams.
- Mint: For Protection and Strength.
- Mistletoe: Protection, Love, Hunting, Fertility, Health, Exorcism.
- Molukka: For Protection.
- Moonwort: For Money and Love.
- Moss: Luck and Money
- Mugwort Leaf: Good for Astral Projection, Healing, Prophetic Dreams Protection, Psychic Powers, and Strength.
- Mullein: Use for Courage, Protection, Health, Love, Divination, and Exorcism.
- Mustard: For Fertility and Protection. Increases Mental Powers.
- Myrrh: For Healing, Protection, Spirituality and Exorcism.
- Myrrh Gum Lumps: Good for Increasing the Power of other Herbs. Also for Protection, Exorcism, Healing, Spirituality, Purifications and Lifts Vibrations.
- Myrtle: For Youth, Love, Peace, Fertility and Money.
- Nettle: Excellent for Protection, Healing, Lust, and Exorcism Spells. Remove and Send Back Curses. Protection against Evil and Danger.
- Norfolk Island Pine: For Protection, Specifically Protection against Hunger.
- Nuts: Fertility, Prosperity, Love and Luck.
- Oak: Excellent for Protection, Health, Money, Healing, Fertility, Luck and Potency.
- Oak Moss: Good for Luck, Money, Protection and Strength.
- Oats: For Money.
- Olive: For Workings in Healing, Peace, Fertility, Protection, Lust and Potency.
- Onion: For Protection, Healing, Money, Lust and Exorcism. Induces Prophetic Dreams.
- Orange: Love, Divination, Luck and Money.
- Orchid: For Love.
- Oregon Grape: For Money and Prosperity.
- Orris Root: For Love, Protection and Divination.
- Palm, Date: For Fertility and Potency.
- Pansy: Use for Love, Divination and Rain Magick.
- Papaya: For Love and Protection.
- Papyrus: For Protection.
- Parosela: For Hunting.
- Parsley: For Love, Protection and Purification.
- Passion Flower: For Peace and Friendship. Induces Sleep.
- Patchouli: Use for Money, Lust and Fertility.
- Patchouli Leaf: Good for Breaking any Spell, Attracting Money and Attracting Love.
- Pea: For Money and Love.
- Peach: Love, Exorcism, Longevity, Wishes and Fertility.
- Pear: For Love and Lust.
- Pecan: Use for Money and Employment.
- Pennyroyal: For Use in Workings for Strength, Protection and Peace. Stops Quarrels. Prevents Seasickness.
- Peony: For Protection and Exorcism.
- Pepper: Excellent for Protection and Exorcism.
- Peppermint: For Sleep, Purification, Love and Healing. Increases Psychic Powers.
- Pepper Tree: For Purification, Healing and Protection.
- Periwinkle: Love, Lust, Money and Protection. Increases Mental Powers.
- Persimmon: Changing Sex, Healing and Luck.
- Pimento: For Love.
- Pimpernel: For Protection and Health.
- Pine: Excellent for Healing, Protection, Money, Fertility and Exorcism.
- Pineapple: For Luck, Money and Chastity.
- Pipsissewa: For Money Spells and Calling Spirits.
- Pistachio: For Breaking Love Spells.
- Plantain: Healing, Protection, Strength and Snake Repelling.
- Plot Weed: For Protection.
- Plum: For Healing.
- Plumeria: For Love.
- Poke Root: Carry to increase Courage. Breaks Hexes and Curses.
- Pomegranate: For Divination, Luck, Wishes, Wealth, and Fertility.
- Poplar: For Money and Flying.
- Poppy Seed: For Fertility, Love, Sleep, Money, Luck, and Invisibility.
- Potato: Image Magick and Healing.
- Prickly Ash: For Love.
- Primrose: For Protection and Love Spells.
- Purslane: For Sleep, Love, Luck, Protection and Happiness.
- Quassia: For Love.
- Quince: For Protection, Love and Happiness.
- Radish: For Protection and Lust.
- Ragweed: For Courage.
- Ragwort: For Protection.
- Raspberry: For Protection and Love.
- Rattlesnake Root: For Protection and Money.
- Rhubarb: For Protection and Fidelity.
- Rice: For Protection, Rain, Fertility and Money.
- Roots: For Protection, Power, and Divination.
- Rose: Love, Healing, Divination, Luck and Protection. Increases Psychic Powers.
- Rose Petals (Pink): Attracts a Divine Love, slightly more Emotional, Slow and 'Thinking' Love. Start with this Color to Build a Lasting Relationship.
- Rose Petals (Red): Good for Passionate Love, Heat, Spontaneity, Psychic Powers, Healing, Divination, Luck and Protection. Use to Add some Spark and Heat to a Relationship.
- Rosemary Leaf: Protection, Love, Healing, Youth, Purification, and Exorcism. Induces Sleep. Increases Mental Powers.
- Rowan: For Healing, Protection, Success and Power. Increases Psychic Powers.
- Rue: Healing, Health, Exorcism and Love. Increases Mental Powers.
- Rye: For Love and Fidelity.
- Saffron:
Love, Healing, Strength, Happiness, Lust and Wind Raising. Increases Psychic Powers.
- Sage: Excellent for Immortality, Longevity, Increasing Wisdom, Protection, and Wishes. A Great Shamanic Herb.
- Sagebrush: For Purification and Exorcism.
- St. John's Wort: Excellent for Health, Power, Protection, Strength, Love, Divination, and Happiness.
- Sandalwood: For Protection, Healing, Exorcism, and Spirituality.
- Sarsaparilla: For Love and Money.
- Sassafras: For Health and Money.
- Savory/Summer: Increases Mental Powers.
- Scullcap: Works Well for Love, Fidelity and Peace.
- Senna: For Love Magick.
- Sesame: For Money and Lust.
- Shallot: For Purification.
- Skunk Cabbage: For Use in Legal Matters.
- Slippery Elm: Halts Gossip.
- Sloe: For Protection and Exorcism.
- Snakeroot: For Luck and Money.
- Snakeroot/Black: Love, Lust and Money.
- Snapdragon: For Protection.
- Solomon's Seal: For Protection and Exorcism. Can be Placed in the 4 Corners of your House for Protection.
- Sorrel Wood: For Healing and Health.
- Southern Wood: For Workings in Love, Lust and Protection.
- Spanish Moss: For Protection.
- Spearmint: For Healing and Love. Increases Mental Powers.
- Spider Wort: For Love Spells.
- Spikenard: For Love.
- Squill: For Money and Protection Breaking.
- Star Anise: Excellent Herb for Luck. Increases Psychic Powers.
- Stillengia: Increases Psychic Powers.
- Straw: For Luck and Image Magick.
- Strawberry Leaf: Carry for Luck and Love.
- Sugar Cane: For Love and Lust.
- Sumbul: For use in Luck, Love and Health. Increases Psychic Powers.
- Sunflower Petals: For Fertility, Wishes, Health, and Wisdom. Fantastic for Adding Energy and Power to almost anything. The Sunflower is a Great Representation/Harnesser of the Sun's Natural Power and can be Easily Used.
- Sweetgrass: For Calling Spirits.
- Sweetpea: For Friendship, Chastity, Courage and Strength.
- Tamarind: For Love.
- Tamarisk: For Protection and Exorcism.
- Tansy: For Health and Longevity.
- Tea: Riches, Courage and Strength.
- Thistle: For Strength, Protection, Healing and Hex-Breaking.
- Thistle/Holy: For Purification and Hex-Breaking.
- Thistle/Milk: For Snake Enraging.
- Thyme: Health, Healing, Love, Purification, and Courage. Induces Sleep. Increases Psychic Powers.
- Ti: Protection and Healing.
- Toadflax: Protection,Hex Breaking.
- Toadstool: For Rain Making.
- Tobacco: For Healing and Purification.
- Turmeric: For Purification.
- Uva Ursa: Psychic Workings
- Valerian: For Love, Sleep, Purification and Protection.
- Vanilla Beans: Excellent for Love and Lust. Increases Mental Powers. When Carried, can Improve Energy Levels and Thought Processes.
- Venus Flytrap: For Protection and Love.
- Vetch/Giant: Fidelity
- Vervain: Love, Healing, Protection, Peace, Purification, Chastity, Youth, Money and Sleep.
- Vetivert: For Love, Luck, Money, Hex-Breaking and Protection against Theft.
- Violet Leaf: For Protection, Peace, Healing, Luck, Love, Lust and Wishes. Great for Contacting Animal Guides.
- Wahoo: Hex-breaking, Courage, Success.
- Walnut: For Health, Infertility and Wishes. Increases Mental Powers.
- Wax Plant: For Protection.
- Wheat: Fertility and Money.
- White Sage: Also Called GrandFather Sage. A fantastic Herb for Purification, Cleansing, and Protection. (Some Native American Smoking Blends include this Herb).
- White Willow Bark: For Love, Protection, Healing and Love Divination.
- Wild Cherry Bark: For Protection and Love Divinations.
- Wild Lettuce: For Love Divination, Protection, Chastity, and Sleep. (Many Native American Smoking Blends call for this Herb).
- Wintergreen: For Protection, Healing and Hex-Breaking. Place in a Child's Pillows to Protect them and Bring them Good Fortune throughout their Lives.
- Winter's Bark: For Success.
- Witch Grass: For Happiness, Lust, Love and Exorcism.
- Witch Hazel Leaf or Bark: For Protection, Healing and Chastity.
- Wolf's Bane: For Protection and Invisibility.
- Wood Betony: Good for Protection, Purification and Love.
- Wood Rose: For Luck.
- Woodruff: For Victory, Protection, and Money.
- Wormwood: Excellent for Protection, Love and Calling Spirits. Increases Psychic Powers.
- Yarrow Flowers: Great for Courage, Love and Exorcism. Increases Psychic Powers.
- Yellow Evening Primrose: For Hunting.
- Yerba Mate: For Fidelity, Love and Lust.
- Yerba Santa: For Beauty, Healing and Protection Spells. Increases Psychic Powers.
- Yew: For Raising the Dead.
- Yohimbe: Love and Lust
- Yucca: For Transmutation, Protection, and Purification.
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Posted: Tuesday June 19, 2007, 10:03 pm
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Dani Jo Kouse (0)
Tuesday July 10, 2007, 1:53 pm
thank you! this list was more helpfull than you could imagine- i've had a hard time finding a good list of herb meanings. blessed be!

Linda C. (40)
Tuesday January 8, 2008, 10:46 pm
I need to join again, something strange happened and I'n not receiving group news anymore, plese reinstate me I love the Herbal Group :}


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\\n\\r\\nPUEBLO, COLO. -- Pueblo authorities have now issued an Amber Alert for a 9-year-old girl missing since Thursday afternoon.The search continues for Calysta Cordova after she never made it home from Columbian Elementary where she attended school.\\...
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\\n\\\"Police said the infant, Naveah Lopez, was taken at about 7:30 p.m. in the 3800 block of South Grove Street when a man drove off with the baby in a 2005 white Ford Focus belonging to the child\\\'s mother.\\\" \\r\\nAn Amber Alert was issued on Sunday Fe...
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\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\ \r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\ r\\n\\r\\nDescription:&nb sp;The Lindsay Foundation\\\'s primary goal is to assist families with resources necessary to provide medical treatments, therapies, supplies and rehabilitative equipment in order to improve the qua...

Mar 31
Blog: How to Extend the Life of your TRIAD Boilers by Kayleigh L.
(0 comments  |  discussions ) — \\nHow to Extend the Life of your TRIAD Boilers \\r\\n \\r\\nCorliss Engine Review\\r\\nEvery user desires to prolong the life of a unit. TRIAD assists their clients in achieving this important objective by informing them of ways they can avoid problems... more
Feb 27
Blog: Dr Oz Weight Loss - The 100% Natural And Very Efficient Diet Pill by Debra S.
(0 comments  |  discussions ) — \\nYes, Dr. Oz called Garcinia Cambogia Extract (HCA) the Holy Grail of Weight Loss. He went on to say, “Anytime I see a scientist get this excited about something like Garcinia Cambogia Extract and when I looked through some of this research and... more
Blog: My Favorite Websites by krysta I.
(0 comments  |  discussions ) — \\nIFAW:\\r\\nOCEANA:\\r\\nPETA:\\r\\nEARTH 911:\\r\\nANI MALs ASIA:\\r\\n \\r\\n\\r\\n\\n more
Feb 21
Blog: testing one two three by Geoff M.
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Blog: Garcinia Cambogia Reviews From Actual People Garcinia Pure Extract Is A Huge Success February 20 by Dany M.
(0 comments  |  0 discussions ) — \\nGarcinia Cambogia Reviews From Actual People Garcinia Pure Extract Is A Huge Success February 20\\r\\nGarcinia Cambogia System The Dr. Oz Lose Weight Quick Process Without Having Side Effects\\r\\nHe went on to say, “At any time I see a researcher... more
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