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Jun 21, 2007


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Top Ten

Natural Wonders

Of The World:

These are some of Nature's
most magnificent

They are the
Natural Wonders
of The World.

They are places you can
actually visit - things you can
actually see.

You must visit them!
They will enrich your life...............................


#1. Uluru

(The Living Rock) also known as Ayers Rock, is a mystical, magical sandstone outcrop in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, 440 km southwest of Alice Springs in the Australian Outback. It has many springs, water-holes, rock caves and ancient paintings. It is sacred to the Aboriginal people of the area. It is listed twice as a World Heritage Site - for its natural beauty and its paintings. It is one of Australia's best known natural wonders and tourist sites. Despite its isolated location it is a must-visit for anybody travelling to Australia.


            On the Zambezi River, forming the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe in southern Africa. A mile wide and 420 ft high, they are far bigger than North America's Niagara Falls, forming the largest vertical sheet of water in the world. They were "discovered" by David Livingstone in 1855 and named for Queen Victoria.

# 3. Mount Everest

        You may not be young enough, fit enough or crazy enough to climb Mount Everest -but there's no reason you shouldn't visit base-camp and take a close-up look at the highest mountain on Earth.It's an unforgettable adventure, and it's a lot cheaper than you might expect -Three-weeks in the Himalayas will you cost less than a week on a Mediterranean cruise-ship!

 #4.  The Grand Canyon
Carved by the Colorado River over millions of years, the canyon is around 277 miles (446 km) long.... so huge and so spectacular that it is impossible to do it justice with a few photographs. Words cannot convey its majesty either! You simply have to go there and experience it for yourself!

 #5. Humpback Whales

            The sheer majesty of a 52 foot, 50 ton creature leaping clear out
of the ocean is something that simply cannot be described in words.

Snow-capped mountains, tropical beaches, raging rivers, majestic fjords, steaming hot-springs, dense forests, spectacular caves - New Zealand has them all! This entire country is a natural wonder!

New Zealand

The Falls can be viewed from both America and Canada.
Each side offers a different perspective. The American side has great views of Horseshoe falls and the skyline on the Canadian side. The Canadian side has views of American and Horseshoe Falls.

  Niagra Falls

 #8. The Aurora Borealis is a bright, often colourful light show in the northern polar sky. It is caused (to put it simply) when the solar wind from the sun collides with the Earth's outer magnetic atmosphere. The Aurora Borealis flickers across the northern sky on a regular basis, day and night, all year. But, like the moon and stars, it is only visible when the sky is dark. The northern skies don't get dark in summer - so the best time to see The Aurora is on a clear winter's night.

 #9.  The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is the world's largest coral reef system. Made up of around 3,000 individual reefs and over 900 islands, it stretches for more  than 1,600 miles,


       Mulu National Park Caves

This is Eco-Tourism at its finest! Mulu is a truly wondrous place - you really must go there! Many of the caves are illuminated, and visitors can marvel at 600-foot "indoor" waterfalls. You will also marvel (and possibly shudder) every evening, when more than a million bats stream from  the caves like a dense black cloud, to spend the night gorging on Mulu's rich insect population.


The caves and the bats are a must-see! But Mulu has a great deal more to make you gawp in amazement. Like the 1500+ species of flowering plants - including nearly 200 types of orchids. Or the 67 species of mammals, 260 species of birds, 74 species of frogs, and 281 species of butterflies!

        There are also towering mountains, unexplored rivers and the         sheer majesty of Borneo's rain-forest.
  1. Uluru (Ayers Rock)
  2. Victoria Falls
  3. Mount Everest
  4. The Grand Canyon
  5. Humpback Whales
  6. New Zealand
  7. Niagara Falls
  8. The Aurora Borealis
  9. The Great Barrier Reef
10. Mulu National Park Caves
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Posted: Thursday June 21, 2007, 5:36 am
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