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Aug 2, 2007

The article below from the Racing Post enrages me. Last year the Sunday Times exposed how David Smith in Seaham was killing greyhounds for £10 each. His father had done the same thing before him. At least 10,000 greyhounds had been buried in the field behind thier home. Greyhound racing trainers were identified who had taken  thier healthy animals to be killed. see links :
And this year a racer was found shot in the head by an airgun after losing a race where a lot of money was lost. The trainer claimed to have sold the dog just before it was found killed, ut refused to say to who. see link
So one would expect the chairman of the British Racing Board, Lord Lipsey, to discuss how such horrors could be stopped occuring again. Instead he ignores the facts and attacks activists who are fighting for the welfare of these animals, claiming all is well. Lord Lipsey should watch the news if he wants to know the Truth of his 'bloody' industry. Then again he already knows.


Lipsey leads battle against 'extremists'

The British Greyhound Racing Board has announced today that it is mounting a counter-offensive against the current campaign by the extremist groups who aim todamage the sport. This will involve proactive efforts to communicate the truth about greyhound racing to the media and refute the many false allegations of the antis.
The BGRB has prepared for its fight back by commissioning research to find out what those at the grass roots of racing wanted to see their industry organisations doing on behalf of the sport. The resulting feedback is now informing the development of a much more active approach to support the positive work being done by owners, trainers, promoters, homers and others, across the country to both defend against attack and to promote the significant achievements already made in recent years.

BGRB Chairman, Lord Lipsey, commented: “Welfare is at the heart of everything greyhound racing does. However, it is clear from the tone of unbalanced media coverage that has recently been reported, that more needs to be done to counter the emotive and wholly inaccurate arguments of the ‘anti racing' lobby. Those involved in this sport on a day-to-day basis, just do not recognise it from their crude propaganda.

“This initiative, like our efforts to improve the life of the greyhound at all stages in its career, is a long term commitment. Opinions will not change overnight, but we have to fight our detractors. We need to demonstrate the true facts about the sport, our investment in welfare and the care of the racing greyhound. People in racing love and respect their dogs – they are why we are all in the sport. The thrill and satisfaction of watching a fit dog do what it was bred to do – race – is at the heart of the welfare story.

“Five years ago, the critics may have had a point, not enough was being done.

Today, however, any objective observer would agree that greyhound racing has made giant strides forward. For example, homing by the official Retired Greyhound Trust has doubled and together with the many thousands of greyhounds who stay with their owners or are homed directly, the vast majority of greyhounds go on to live full and happy lives whentheir racing careers are over.”

Over the coming months, new initiatives will be put in place to counter the fabrications of the extreme anti-greyhound racing elements – and show the tactics they use. At the same time the BGRB will continue its dialogue with responsible welfare groups who make a valuable input into its work.

“We are under attack from people who do not understand – and in many cases are not interested in understanding – the real truth about the greyhound as a breed and racing and retirement in particular. At a time when there are so many challenges facing our sport we shall up our efforts to promote the great things that are being done and to vigorously defend the sport against unfounded and malicious attack. We ask that these extremistgroups are required to substantiate their wholly inaccurate propaganda in future.” Lipsey concluded.

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Posted: Thursday August 2, 2007, 12:55 pm
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