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Sep 13, 2007

Just wanted to give some details on Ella's progress. Ella was released to us on August 11th and arrived home around 7 pm. She is in good spirits and seems VERY happy to be back at home with her feline companions and us.
Ella has successfully completed major oral surgery by Dr. DeForge at Silver Sands Veterinary Clinic. All teeth except #304 #404 and #104/204 have had to be sacrificed because they were
involved in advanced sclerosing osteomyelitis. Her Feline Bartonella Test was a +1. Her basis diagnosis was end stage Advanced Periodontitis with multiple areas of sclerosing osteomyelitis and root abscessation. She under went the following:

Digital Oral X-ray Diagnostics
Osteoplasty based on digital oral x-ray diagnostics
Exodontics based on digital oral x-ray diagnostics with full thickness mucoperiosteal flap surgery
Guided tissue regeneration with bone alloplast (bone augmentation/grafting) 

Ella went for her recheck on 9-10-07 and she was given general inhalation anesthesia-analgesia with Dr. DeForge in order to remove sutures and check the bone grafting sites, and evaluate the Stomasurgery healing process. She is doing very well. Now we are concentrating on her URI and its chronic nature. The chronic respiratory infection is a concern and we were told to seek out a consultation from a specialist in Norwalk who will then consult with Dr DeForge. We are also going to consult with two other doctors, Dr. Lindsay in North Andover and Dr. Lambert here in CT and a close friend of Petals. The suggestion thus far is to have a transtracheal wash – cytology, culture and sensitive secretions conducted in order to determine actual cause of the chronic URI condition.

So far Ella has been much better in terms of her overall cooperation with her daily medications (5 meds some twice a day) in the morning and evening, as many of you know who have worked with Ella she is NOT a fan of meds and will let you know it in every possible way that she can. We have gotten past the initial “spazzing out” resulting in one or both of us bleeding and begging her to just take the med for her own benefit. Lol. She is so loving and sweet that it is difficult to get annoyed with her, and she is always rubbing on you, giving kisses and “trying” to meow the best she can. In time we are confident she will become used to some of her meds, she has the life long heart meds and oral rinses ahead of her. Her and Yum-Yum are best friends...good thing since both of them spend a good part of the day getting their meds together Lol.

We just want to thank ALL of you who have helped make this possible and Ella thanks you too. Without the donations we received we would not have gotten this far. We will keep you posted on her progress and any donations will be welcomed for the remaining medical costs to address her chronic URI and her 6-month review of her last 4 teeth. The Firstgiving Site is still up at and we will welcome mailed donations as well to if you would rather do that, we were given a bit of a hard time by the Silver Sands Vet Center about third party checks and were told that in the future they would prefer we not do that and that their accountant was not happy, needless to say we were happy and so was Ella and we weren't thinking about their accountant. Lol. Again we thank you all so much for caring and sending your positive thoughts and prayers our way. You all know how much ALL our cats mean to us and that each of their medical, behavioral and emotional conditions are very different, as well as their levels of care, yet we love them ALL unconditionally…and now we know just how much others do too. Thanks again.
Much Love,Kim and Liz  
Kim Fleck/Liz Mugavero
 PO Box 167
Norwich CT 06360
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Posted: Thursday September 13, 2007, 3:20 pm
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