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Oct 12, 2007

I am communicating my thoughts on the sesitivity of prop.215 (mecical marijuana innitiative) voted in by a majority, now close to 11 years ago by the voice of California voters. My thoughts also cover its relations as to the handleing of this poorly binded initiative, which I suppose falls under the jurisdiction of the siskiyou County Sheriffs Department.........And I assure you my thoughts I convey are not a deliberate attempt to undermind, nor ridicule the Sheriffs Office for their stance on the issue. Even though being on the other side of the fence so to speak for many years has allowed me to witness more positive then negative directions by far, on how this Department handles it affairs. There is a good deal of earthiness and understanding with the majority of the Deputies they employee.........But with this said, I disagree, and strongly oppose the management, and directives being used to over see the placement of the medical marijuana program here I Siskiyou County.........For one I see a lack of professional attitude, and commpasion for the subject.  But this absence is not one that cannot be adjusted, to conform with the greater part of California in its handleing of the issue. The medical marijuana initiative was  was brought into reality and quite simply directed for those of the State with serious health problems., and with the recomendations of a State liscensed  Physician. This insert as a part of the initiative seems to be well undrstood and agreed on with all parties concerned.........As a patient and without any state or county dispensary we are allowed to plant. tend, and harvest 6 plants maximum, with the completed product at a dry weight not to exceed 1/2lb.  Even with the far cry of individual needs which fall out of context with reality, or the six plants needed that will far out weigh the 1/2lb. maximum allowed the complexity begains to grow. But then this begaining of the confussion isnt my main concern of dissatisfaction or for my call of fowl. I would be more then happy to offer any overage of my harvest to any patient less fortunate who does not have the means for their own cultivation. There are those who in this age still have to rely on high blackmarket prices, or so they can bypass the ever rising prices of many dispencaries even with the threat of breaking state laws,  I would be more then happy to meet any one half way in earnest to ease this issue ,if given the chance.This is a element of greed and it seems to follow the same foot steps of the big Pharmaceutical trade in our nation which is supposedly monitored by the FDA. But my ideals of who is monitoring who is of a different issue but non the less worth mentioning........My main rebuttal and disatisfaction envolves the guide lines, and the monitoing, and with those who dispense these duties to the Deputies who over see and relay the conformity to stay wihin the guide lines with direction........The top priority of most patients is communication with law enforcement through start to finish of the growing season, to eliviate any problems of concern. There simply isnt enough Deputies on hand who have all of the answers when asked for, but most try to comply within the realm of their own knowledge, but at times not always quite sure. But they do convey this needed information in earnest........ These rules and guidelines and their intireity seem to be 100% understood by only a small minority of Officials as I can understand it. And I think a bigger effort to educate patients as well as Deputies would only would certainly enhance the success of prop.215 in Siskiyou, as well as being a model for other counties to follow....... A more appropriate link with The Health Department could be a suggestion to start. Approach by phone to this department leaves only the oppurtunity to leave a name and phone number, and at no fault of their own. We need the initiative for a certifacation, or registration requiremet of such with the County Health Department. All this information needs to be filed, and at hand, and also leaves the patient a secure knowledge of his legal standings, as well as eleviate pressure on the Deputies in the field to tackle other matters of greater importance..........As it is there is a great amount of distrust between the Siskiyiu County Sheriffs Department, and the patients legal in standing of prop,215, and the county guidelines for cultivation of marijuana. A big amount of this distrust is nurtured by search warrants, and (or) arrests for other charges with bigger penalties, brought on only for being a certified patient, and simply for being out of conformity of compliance in the first place. Noncomformity is a simple issue that takes little language to dispute and comply with. There can be penalties for gross Nonconformity especially with prior circumstance. Thats an understandable issue. But how do you honestly justify warrants of search and seizure, as well as the accompiontment of Child Protective Services to the address in mention  (patients having children in the house holds) when the main objective was being over and non compliance ith the guide lines. This manuever shows me that other charges of more importace are the main objective other then complications of prop.215 and how they stand in this county....... Being a certified patient with a doctors recommendation is not excuse enough for being made to feel like a criminal, nor a bad parent. There are poor examples of parenthood all over the nation, being a patient of medical marijuana doesnt deserve this reputation in all terms of the word.
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Posted: Friday October 12, 2007, 1:06 pm
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