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Oct 15, 2007

Dear Companion Pet Lovers ~ Hot off the press from Gongwer News Service, Inc... Mary O'Connor-Shaver Pet Consultant #462 Cell: 614-271-8248 Columbus Top Dogs (Shure Pets) There are 45 cats and dogs for every person born. Only 1 out of 10 dogs born ever get a home. Only 1 out of 12 cats born ever find a home. 800 dogs & cats are KILLED each HOUR in the U.S, because there are not enough homes for them. Opt to adopt. Don't buy from a pet store! I donate ALL profits from the sale of our premium products and accessories to local animal protection groups! P.S. You or someone you know has requested you be added to the Columbus Top Dogs email list. If you do not want to receive emails from, please reply and put "remove from list" in subject. Thank you! HB 223 DOG BREEDING (Hughes) To establish licensing requirements and standards of care for certain dog breeding kennels and dog intermediaries. The committee heard testimony from opponents who filled the hearing room, and spilled into and filled an adjacent room as well. Holmes County Commissioner Joe Miller voiced his board's strong opposition to the bill in its current form. The county in the heart of Amish country has 547 licensed kennels, and dog sales are a $9 million a year business. Mr. Miller predicted passage of the measure would close many kennels. "These new regulations will make it most difficult for our local kennel operators to abide by all the rules set forth," he said. "We're a small community, a small county ... these people don't ask for anything from the government. All they want is an opportunity," Commissioner Miller said. "These people work hard and play by the rules. In a small community like ours there's not as much industry as there is in larger places and our people have to be very creative." Rep. Skindell asked if commissioners had specific proposals for change in the bill that would ensure good operators were not severely impacted, while controlling operators who "are doing some inhumane things in raising dogs." Mr. Miller said many of the requirements in the proposal were "absolutely over the top about exercising dogs, walking dogs, how the water is given to the dogs." He offered to submit a list of specifics later. Reagan Tetreault, deputy dog warden in Holmes County, told Chairman Daniels she agreed with some parts of the legislation. "There are some great things about this bill, such as size of cage. There are requirements about having a certain amount of sunlight," she said, and maintaining a 40-degree temperature through winter months. She cited as objectionable proposed costs of licensing and bonding, and said mandatory fingerprinting and background checks were "a little bit too much for the good breeders we have." John Silva, president of the Ohio County Dog Wardens Association, said as "an obvious interested party" that the group would submit amendments to the bill. Mr. Silva, the chief dog warden in Cuyahoga County, cited the need for an equitable funding formula for existing local dog care and control authorities. "Counties currently receive 100% of the annual fee for registering a kennel of nine or more dogs," he said. "But (the bill) proposes that the state authority take over that licensing, and provide local governments with a minimum of 6% to 33% of the fees collected." Mr. Silva also pointed out that the bill exempts veterinarians, humane societies, and rescue groups from proposed standards of care, but there is no similar exemption for county dog shelters. Norma Woolf of Ohio Valley Dog Owners Inc. in Lebanon agreed with proponents that substandard kennels exist in the state and should be closed. "Our differences arise because we oppose legislation that harms responsible breeders with baseless edicts about dog housing and care ... ," Ms. Woolf said. "It is obvious that (the bill) was drafted without the participation of the breeders it attempts to regulate because it treats breeders like potential criminals and does not recognize the differences between customary and acceptable canine husbandry practices and neglect or abuse," she said. Ervin Raber, president of the Ohio Professional Dog Breeders Association, said the bill would burden kennels in part by requiring substantial sums of money be deposited into a fund to ensure compliance. "To create a new program, and the costs involved, will (also) place unnecessary burdens on the state of Ohio when merely enforcing the laws we already have in place will be plenty sufficient," Mr. Raber said. Polly Britton of the Ohio Association of Animal Owners objected to descriptions of the legislation as the "puppy mill bill." She said proponents were trying to paint commercial dog breeders "as profit hungry people who abuse dogs" in their attempts to make money. "We are not puppy millers. We are dog breeders. We are the responsible, voting, tax paying citizens of this state who love dogs and raise them with much sweat and tears to subsidize our families' incomes," Ms. Britton said. She said the bill has been "packaged and promoted" as a way to make life better for dogs and people who buy them. "We believe this bill is actually a very well thought-out plan to bankrupt the commercial dog breeders of Ohio." Gongwer News Service, Inc There's still time to sign this. I've already emailed the petition, but I will also print it out and snail mail it since so many of you have signed since. Let these breeders (who claim to "care" about these dogs and not just profiteering off of them) what you think. Remember 800 dogs and cats are killed EACH HOUR because of unethical business practices such as these.
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Posted: Monday October 15, 2007, 9:29 am
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