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Nov 3, 2007

Tearing down the structure of corruption

Please forward the following commentary as you feel is appropriate.

Regarding Political Corruption:

The problem isn't a person, or even a group of politicians.  The problem is the corrupt practices that are rewarded by special interest groups.  Pandering should be illegal for politicians to participate in.  Yet lobby groups and backdoor negotiations are sanctioned.

Condolessa Rice has an Oil Tanker named after her.  That is only a symptom.  The problem is that our political system structurally encourages politicians to indirectly accept bribes and not be accountable for their actions.

We need to Ethically Eliminate ALL Political Corruption!

The NSA is solely controlled by the Presidential Office.  The NSA needs to be controlled by US State elected doctors of science that have no significant special interests.  Which would include periodic lie detection testing.  Their job would be to ethically and systematically monitor everything for corruption, criminal activity, and dangerous research/processes that could endanger national security, at every level including city government, and the physicial well-being of its citizens.

The NSA would have NO DIRECT means of acting upon the information collected and analyzed; thereby requiring cooperation between law enforcement, the Senate, Congress, and the Executive branches.

Offending politicians and the people who attempt to corrupt them with corrupt activities would at first be notified and allowed to correct their deficiencies.

Failing to adequately respond to the warnings of the NSA, the NSA reports the activities to the Next higher political office with recommendations for corrective actions and notification to public media as to the need for full investigation.  In addition to the proof provided by the NSA, other corruption may surface during the investigation.

A current corrupt practice without the NSA:

A City Councilman negotiates a bribe with a local developer.  These are Backdoor negotiations hidden from public view, but money does not directly change hands.  The Counsilman champions rezoning a commercial area to residential, which lowers property values by half.  The developer purchases the desired lands and then rezones it for commercial use; saving many millions of dollars for the developer.  The developer purchases burial plots in the name of the City Councilman.  At a later date, the burial plots are sold by the counsilman who is now Governor of that State.  No one has any proof that anything corrupt took place.

The proposed scenario with the backing of the NSA:

Scenario 1) A City Councilman negotiates a bribe with a local developer.  The NSA reprimands both, the Councilman and Developer heed the warning and return to business as usual.  So long as this does not repeat, the careers of both are unhindered.

Scenario 2) A City Councilman negotiates a bribe with a local developer.  The NSA reprimands both, but the Councilman ignores the NSA warning.  The Counsilman begins to champion rezoning a commercial area to residential.  The City Manager/Mayor is informed.  The City Manager/Mayor blocks actions made by the Councilman and arranges for a full investigation, followed by impeachment hearings.  The Developer is investigated and may lose permits and licensing for any business venture they are involved in within that city, all who were involved with corrupt intent share in all the costs associated with managing corruption (wages for all people involved, costs for materials, and anyone harmed by the corrupt activity), and they may face criminal charges as well.

Scenario 3) A City Councilman negotiates a bribe with a local developer.  The NSA reprimands both, but the Councilman ignores the NSA warning.  The Counsilman begins to champion rezoning a commercial area to residential.  The City Manager/Mayor is informed.  The City Manager/Mayor either corruptly or negligently fails to take appropriate actions to eliminate the corrupt practices of the Councilman and Developer.  The Governor of the State is notified, as well as the FBI.  Pending the outcome of the formal investigation, either the Mayor appropriately runs impeachment hearings for the Councilman and removes business priveledges from the Developer, or every News agency is informed of the corrupt and negligent practices of every related politician and business person.  Prior to elections, a summary is published in all the news agencies to educate the public during elections.  The Better Business Bureau and Chamber of Commerce must publish the corrupt practices of the offending Developer and their business associates.  A mark would accompany the printed name of each person running for office that the NSA had found involved in unresolved or repeated corrupt practices. 

Scenario 3)  The Governor and FBI fail to respond responsibly.  The next level of controls would come into play; all linking back to keeping the public informed of which politicians and public servants are corruptly involved, as well as all of the people, factions, groups, corporations, ... with which they corruptly interact.  The people would vote out corrupt politicians and boycott businesses that support them.

The intent is to remove the secrecy that politicians enjoy for doing corrupt enterprise.

The NSA currently is only controlled by the Presidents Office.  Only a single corrupt judge is needed to issue warrants. As such, they arbitrarily collect confidential information for any purpose desired by the President, and are instructed to ignore any information that is contrary to the President's interests.  How else do you think it was possible for the President to lose over $12 Billion in Iraq reconstruction money and still not be accountable for those funds?

Putting the NSA under State control by doctors of science certified in ethical conduct, significantly improves the ethical relationships between the American People, Politicians, and Special Interest Groups/Individuals/Corporations.  Instead of a single corrupt judge issuing warrants, over 200 doctors representing every State must approve warrants and follow them up properly.

Please support and advocate the following proposal for modifying our political structure to include a Branch of Ethics, along with our Judicial, Legislative, and Executive Branches of Government.

Ethically Eliminate ALL Political Corruption: 

Corruption can not prosper without secrecy.

  1. Campaign contributions
  2. Lobby Groups dominating politician interactions
  3. Failure to understand ethics
  4. Greed
  5. Corporate By-laws promoting unethical behavior of employees
  6. Criminals in Office
  7. Public being uninformed
  8. Closed door negotiations contrary to the publics interests
  9. Extortion
10. Ignorance
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Posted: Saturday November 3, 2007, 9:47 am
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