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Peace survey  
What does the word peace mean to you. Do the survey and find out

1. Is peace possible for you? [required]
No, it's unattainable for me
Yes, it must be
I've never thought about it
Not in this life time
2. If a human being has a default position, what would yours be? [required]
how can I be happy when there are so many people suffering
Happy, content
3. Where is peace found? [required]
In a special place, on a beach, top of a mountain, a retreat
Being with friends, a loved one,
In you, a feeling, felt in your heart
With a calm individual
4. What sort of person can feel peace and fulfillment? [required]
It's a gift, you have to be born with it
You have to live in a peaceful country
You have to be financially secure
Anyone, irrespective of circumstances
5. When will you feel is the right time to look for peace in your life? [required]
When I retire and have the time
When I get a wake up call, nervous breakdown, near death experience
Now, today
I didn't know I had to look for it
6. How often do you think peace and fulfillment should be felt? [required]
Just once in my life
At some point every single day
All the time, I should never feel anger
When I feel I need it
7. Do you need help to find peace, like asking for directions when lost? [required]
No. I am self sufficient I can find my own way
Yes. I need help or I get lost
Sometimes I need help and sometimes I don't
Just show me the way and I won't need any more help
8. How high a priority do you give to feeling peace in your life? [required]
On a parr with my health and my family
After career, family and social life
Television and shoping come first
I am very busy, when I can find the time
9. A wise man was once asked 'When you die do you want your followers to come to your grave to find peace', and he replied, 'When I am ill I do not go to the grave of a famous doctor to be cured. I find a living doctor'. Can a person alive today, help you t [required]
10. When you find peace and contentment, what do you expect it to do for you [required]
I will be happy and calm
I will not lose my temper, nothing will phase me
I will generate an air of peace and tranquility
My life will not change but I will have found a place I can truly call home

Posted: Saturday November 10, 2007, 10:18 am

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Andy R.
male , committed relationship
York, Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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