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Nov 14, 2007

At the Hillside SPCA in Pottsville, PA:

Ziggy Star Dust came into the shelter when their home became unfriendly for felines.

Rory came into the shelter with another cat named Laureli as strays.

Ellie Mae is such a sweet girl. She came in as a stray, and whoever lost her is missing out on a wonderful dog! She is about 2 to 3 years old, and already spayed and housebroken. Ellie is normally pretty laid back, but once she sees a leash she lets you know what she wants! She loves walks, and she just LOVES playing with toys. Come fall in love with this gorgeous girl today!

Poor Chelsea had to come to the shelter when her owner went to the hospital. She's such a sweet girl, but the shelter is no place for an older girl like her and she's so depressed here. Chelsea went from her home of 10 years to a room full of dogs, so naturally she is a little upset. We would like to find this pretty girl a home as soon as possible. She is already spayed and housebroken, and good with people and other dogs.

At the Humane Society of Harrisburg Area, Harrisburg, PA:

Kayla is a black and white tuxedo cat with green eyes. She is a plus sized girl who is quiet and easygoing. She likes people and is affectionate. Kayla likes to be petted, held and brushed. She is a friendly calm girl who loves attention. Kayla likes to play with her food, and she will take one piece at a time out of her dish then eat it. She is unusual in that she has a stubby tail ? a little longer than a bobtail cat's but not by much! If you would like to meet Kayla, she is cat A02359397.

Crocodile is a young black and white cat with light green eyes. She is a quiet cat who is friendly and easygoing. Crocodile likes attention and likes to be petted and held, although she is a bit nervous about coming out of her cage. She will purr and knead against you while you hold her. Crocodile likes to sleep in a cat bed. If you would like to meet this friendly girl, Crocodile is cat A03067117.

Terrier [Mix]
Sex: Male
Age: Senior
Size: Small

Breed: Shar Pei
Sex: Female
Age: Adult
Size: Small
ID: a03346915

Mr. ClydeThis older gentleman would make a lovely companion for any older adult like him. He is very sweet, friendly (always wagging his tail), and gentle. Can't say enough about him, just a very nice boy.

Nice little gal who has a slight gimp due to an old healed front leg injury. However, this does not slow her down . If you can give this gal with a big smile a forever home, please come in and meet her today! She is in "A" kennel waiting.

Other local available pets:

Posted 10/03/06

Snoop has had his share of ups and downs lately. For the first six years of his life he had a home and an owner that cared about him. Then the new puppy came and his owner moved and Snoop was left behind.

He had never known any other home, so he stuck around, waiting for someone to come back for him. Well, that did not happen and soon someone else moved into the house. That man did not want Snoop in his house so he eventually got chained to an old car.

Luckily, Snoop did have someone who cared what happened to him. There was one kind person who would come and feed him and see that he had fresh water to drink. That person contacted another, who contacted another, etc. and soon we were on a mission to save Snoop.

Snoop was rescued from his chain last week and now has a somewhat more comfortable home in a horse barn. He loved to run and play and fetch his rope and is so happy to have some human interaction again.

The only problem is that Snoop likes to chase cats, so he can't go in the house. Winter is coming and we really need to find Snoop a home of his own.

Well, he went to the vet this morning for his shots and blood tests and we found out he has Lyme disease. It was caught early and he will be on antibiotics help his body fight it off and he should be fine.

Through all this, Snoop has been absolutely the best dog. He is sweet and friendly and good with other dogs and just the most huggable thing you can imagine. He listens well and walks great on a leash. We really need to find him a great home to spend the rest of his days in.

POSTED 7/23/05

Mariner the Jester.....

Mariner really needs a home of his own, he is getting rammy in our small shelter, he needs room to run and play!!

Cute black shorthaired kitty who wants to be loved!

He is charming, playful and sweet. Here he is playing with Tizel,who was already adopted.

This cat was FIV/FeLV tested and brought up to date on vaccines when entering our shelter. Also, if this cat is over 5 months old it is already spayed/neutered already.

Poor Anna is a scruffy little dog right now, in need of a good bath and grooming to turn her into the beautiful dog that she can be. She is a stray so we do not know to much about her however she does look to be a senoir dog due to her teeth. If you are interested in this dog and want more information, please call the shelter at (570)544-2920 we are open daily between 10 am and 3 pm We would be glad to answer your questions, and we can give you directions to the shelter.

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Posted: Wednesday November 14, 2007, 8:24 pm
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Ashley is our middle cat and only female...She died 11:48 a.m. Thursday, 9 May 2013 at home in a valiant battle against agressive lung cancer.
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Ashley is our middle cat and only female.At 11:48 a.m. Thursday, 9 May 2013 in a valiant battle against agressive lung cancer, Ashley died at home.

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