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Nov 22, 2007


The men listed below are a cross-section of the survivors of

the Third Reich. Some are in hiding, some under arrest; some

have "lived down" their past—or have been forgotten by an

over-indulgent world. The reader may find it instructive to

look for their names in the news stories of the next few


1. ADAM, Otto, Dr.—medical experiments at Buchenwald, Sach-

senhausen; arrested in Germany.

2. AGH, Laszlo—Hungarian Nazi, labor camp commander; now

living in USA, deportation ordered.

3. ARAJS, Viktor, Major—Head of pro-Nazi Latvian "Perkon-

krust" party in Riga, helped organize Riga massacres; alive in


4. ARTUKOVIC, Andrija—Minister of Interior in pro-Nazi gov-

ernment of Croatia; now living in USA.

5. AXMANN, Artur—Reich Youth. Leader; now executive of

China Trade Society, active in attempts to revive Nazism in Ger-


6. BAER, Richard—Last commandant of Auschwitz, found work-

ing as forester in Germany, arrested for war crimes.

7. BARGEN, Werner von—Nazi Foreign Office official in Bel-

gium; employed in Bonn Foreign Office until Nazi past disclosed in


8. BENE, Otto—Nazi Foreign Office official in Holland; employed

by Bonn Foreign Office after war.

9. BEINERT, Berthold—Nazi Foreign Office official in Barcelona,

induced Jews to return to Germany; now director of Interpreters'

Institute, Heidelberg University.

1 0 . BENDER, August, Dr.—Buchenwald selection doctor; sen-

tenced to death, commuted to 10 years, now free.

11. BERGER, Gottlob, Waffen S.S. General—chief of S.S. Main

Office; sentenced to 25 years, released 1951, still active in neo-Nazi


12. BEST, Karl Werner—Reich Plenipotentiary in Denmark; sen-

tenced to death; now living prosperously in Germany,

13. BIBERSTEIN, Ernst, S.S. Lt. Col.—Commander Einsatzkom-

mando 6; of Einsatzgruppe C; sentenced to death, commuted to life,

released in 1958.

14. BICKENBACH, Otto, Dr.—S.S. doctor in Netzweiler and

Struthof camps; alive in Germany.

15. BIRGEL, Werner—Former S.S. leader, Leipzig; now in United

Arab Republic.

16. BLUM, Walter, S.S. Colonel—Commander Sonderkommando

7a of Einsatzgruppe B; sentence, hanging; alive in Germany.

17. BOECKELER, Wilhelm, S.S. Captain—Participated in liquida-

tion of Warsaw Ghetto; now in UAR.

18. BORMANN, Martin, S.S. General—Deputy Fuehrer, chief of

Party Chancellory; escaped from Berlin after Hitler's death; now

hiding in South America.

19. BRAEUTIGAM, Otto—Nazi Foreign Office official; joined

postwar Bonn Foreign Office, West German Consul General in


20. BUDEIASZEK, Stefan, Dr.—S.S. physician at Auschwitz; prac-

tiring in Germany under alias of Buthner.

21. BUENZ, Erich—S.S. officer, now in UAR.

22. CAPESIUS, Viktor, Dr.—Head of Auschwitz pharmacy, ad-

ministrator of Zyklon B gas supplies; alive in Germany.

23. GLAUBERG, Karl, Dr.— Medical experiments, sterilization

expert; back in Germany after prison term in Soviet Union.

24. CUKURS, Herbert—Latvian Nazi, participant in Riga massa-

cres; now in Brazil.

25. DANNECKER, Theodor, S.S. Captain—Eichmann's deputy in

France, Bulgaria, Italy; disappeared after war, reported in Syria.

26. DELMONTE, Hans, Dr.—Head of Auschwitz clinic, medical

experiments, mass murder; missing since the war.

27. DEHRING (or DOEHRING), Wladyslaw, Dr.; Auschwitz

physician, medical experiments; hospital director in British Somali-


28. DIRLEWANGER, Oskar, S.S. General; head of Dirlewanger

Brigade; convicted sex pervert; responsible for massacres in Poland,

White Russia; missing since war, reported alive in UAR.

29. DOENITZ, Karl, Admiral—Wartime Commander of German

Navy; Hitler's successor; sentenced to 10 Years, released in 1956.

30. DURCANSKY, Ferdinand—Foreign Minister of pro-Nazi

Slovakia; accused of war crimes; now living in Munich, active in

international Nazi circles.

31. EHRLINGER, Erich, S.S. General—Einsatzgruppe com-

mander, massacres on Russian front; arrested 1961 for trial in Ger-


32. EICKE, Theodor—Inspector of Concentration Camps; missing

since war.

33. EIRENSCHMALZ, Franz—S.S. officer in charge of construc-

tion, maintenance of Auschwitz-Birkenau gas chambers; sentence,

hanging; now free in Germany.

34. EISELE, Hans, Dr.—S.S. physician at Dachau, medical ex-

periments; now in UAR.

35. ELLENBECK, H.D., Dr.—S.S. physician, Buchenwald; alive

in Germany.

36. ELIAS, Hendrik—Belgian Nazi leader, chief of Flemish Na-

tionalist Movement; sentenced to death by Belgium, released in


37. FALKENHAUSEN, Alexander von, General—Convicted of

war crimes by Brussels court, sentenced to 12 years, released after

few weeks, alive in Germany.

38. FLICK, Friedrich; Nazi industrialist; used slave labor, confis-

cated foreign properties; released from prison 1950; sow billionaire,

head of industrial empire.

39. FRANK, Willi, Dr.—Chief of Auschwitz dental clinic, re-

moval of gold from teeth of gas chamber victims; practicing in Ger-


40. FRTTSCH, Karl, S.S. Captain—Commander of Auschwitz

prison camp, deputy of Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Hoess;

missing since 1945.

41. FUNK, Walter—Reich Minister of Economics, Reichsbank

president; sentence, life imprisonment; released 1957.

42. GERSTEIN, Kurt, S.S. Lieut.—Official in S.S. Health Institute,

supplied Zyklon B gas to death camps; escaped from Allied custody

in 1956; still missing.

43. GLOBOCNIK, Odilo, S.S. General—Higher S.S. and Police

Leader, Lublin; Gauleiter of Vienna; responsible for 2 million

deaths; missing since war, death reports unsubstantiated.

44. GLUECKS, Richard, S.S. General—Inspector General of Con-

centration Camps; missing since war, may be in UAR; suicide re-

port doubtful.

45. GORGASZ, Hans Bodo, Dr.—Director Hadamar Sanatorium,

euthanasia expert; sentence, hanging; commuted to life, released

1958; now living in Frankfurt.

46. GROSSMANN, Ernst—Former officer in S.S. Death's Head

unit; now adviser to East German dictator Walter Ulbricht.

47. GRUENWALD, Wilhelm, Dr.—Medical experiments, Ausch-

missing since war.

48. GUENTHER, Rolf, S.S. Major—Eichmann's deputy; reward

offered by Bonn 1961.

49. GUENTHER, Hans, S.S. Captain—Brother of Rolf; Eich-

mann's agent in Prague; reward offered by West German govern-

ment 1961.

50. HAHN, Ludwig, S.S. Colonel—Security Police Commander in

Warsaw Ghetto; arrested in Germany.

51. HARSTER, Wilbelm, S.S. Colonel—Security Police Com-

mander in Holland and Italy; sentenced to 12 years in Holland

but released.

52. HELLWEIG, Guenter—S.S. and S.D. officer; now police official

in Germany.

53. HIRT, August, Prof.—Director Anatomical Institute of Stras-

bourg; collected skulls of Jews, Russians for "scientific research;"

missing since war,

54. HOEFLE, Hans, S.S. Colonel—Globocnik's Chief of Staff; es-

caped from Austrian custody 1947; rearrested in Austria 1961.

55. HOETTL, Willi (Walter Hagen), S.S. Lt.-Colonel—Deputy

chief of Himmler's Foreign Intelligence Service; later US agent;

now high school principal in Austria.

56. HUNSCHE, Otto—Eichmann's aide in Hungary; arrested for

trial in Germany.

57. JOST, Heinz, S.S. General—Commander Einsatzgruppe A;

sentenced to life imprisonment; now free in Germany.

58. JUETTNER, Max, S.S. General—Chief of S.S. Leadership Of-

fice; Himmler's personal adjutant; at liberty in Germany.

59. KAESSLER, Anton, S.S. Colonel—Commander of Sachsenhau-

sen camp; alive in Germany.

60. KAMMLER, Heinz, S.S. General—Chief of S.S. Construction

Department; built gas chambers, crematories, underground war

plants; disappeared during Battle of Berlin, believed to be working

for Soviet Union.

61. KATZMANN, Fritz, S.S. General—Higher S.S. and Police

Leader, Lvov area; responsible for massacre of 400,000 Jews; re-

ported living in UAR.

62. KLINGELHOFER, Waldemar, S.S. Major—Officer of Sonder-

kommando 7b of Einsatzgruppe B; sentence, hanging; now at lib-


63. KLINGENFUSS, Karl—Official in Jewish section of Nazi For-

eign Office; "now head of German-Argentine Chamber of Commerce

in Buenos Aires.

64. KNOP, Fritz—Chief Criminal Commissioner for the Ukraine;

sentenced to seven years by West Berlin court for mass murders.

65. KNOCHEN, Helmuth, S.S. Colonel—Security Police Comman-

der Northern France-Belgium; sentenced to death by Britain, France

but sentence commuted.

66. KOENIG, Hans Wilhelm, Dr.—S.S. physician, Auschwitz

selections; vanished after war.

67. KREMER, Johann Paul Hermann, Dr.—S.S. physician, Ausch-

witz-Birkenau; released from Polish prison; sentenced to 7 years in

German prison.

68. KRUPP, von Bohlen und Halbach, Alfred Felix Alwyn—owner

of Krupp industrial empire, charged with responsibility for deaths

of thousands of slave workers; released from prison in 1951; now

bigger, richer than ever.

69. KVATERNIK, Dido—Commander of Ustashi Gestapo in pro-

Nazi Croatia; mass murders of Serbs, Jews; now in


70. LAMMERDING, Bernhard, S.S. General—Sentenced to death

in absentia by French court in 1951 for Oradour massacre, but

never apprehended, alive in Germany.

71. LANGE, Kurt, S.S. Lt.-Colonel—High Gestapo and Kripo offi-

cer, adjutant to Gestapo Commander Mueller; now high official in

East German Ministry for State Security, "Red Gestapo."

72. LANGE, Fritz—-S.S. Major—Commander Security Police in

Latvia; escaped from German custody after 1949.

73. LOHSE, Heinrich—Reichskommissar for Occupied Eastern

Territories; sentenced to 10 years, released 1951; awarded federal

pension by Bonn government.

74. LOERNER, George, S.S. General—Deputy Chief S.S. Main

Economic and Administrative Office; sentence, hanging; now at


75. LOLLING, Enno, S.S. Colonel—Inspector of Concentration

Camps missing since 1945.

76. MANSTEIN, Erich von, Field Marshal—Sentenced to 18 years

for war crimes; released 1952; now adviser to West German Defense


77. MASSFELDER, Franz—Nazi Interior Ministry, castration of

Jews with mixed blood; now in Bonn Justice Ministry.

78. MENGELE, Josef, Dr.—-Auschwitz selections, medical experi-

ments; alive in South America.

79. MEYER, Kurt, Waffen S.S. General—Sentence, hanging; re-

leased 1954.

80. MOHR, Robert, S.S. Colonel; Gestapo Chief of Darmstadt; es

caped from British custody 1947; now under investigation in Ger-


81. MUELLER, Heinrich, S.S. General—Gestapo Commander; de-

serted to Russia in 1945.

82. MUENSCH, Hans, Dr.—Auschwitz physician; alive in Ger-


83. NAUMANN, Werner—Deputy Director Nazi Propaganda

Ministry; Goebbels' successor; now manager German chemical

firm; still active in Nazi circles.

84. NAUJOCKS, Alfred, S.S. and S.D. Major—Carried out Polish

border plot that started World War II; kidnapped British agents in

Holland; now secret agent for Nazi underground.

85. NOVAK, Franz, S.S. Captain—Eichmann's Transport Officer;

arrested in Vienna 1961.

86. OTT, Adolf, S.S. Lt-Colonel—Commander Sonderkommando

7b of Einsatzgruppe B; sentence, hanging; released 1958.

87. PEIPER, Joachim, Colonel—Malmedy massacre triggerman;

sentence, death; paroled in 1955; once again active in neo-Nazi


88. PETERS, Gerhard—Manager of DEGESCH chemical firm

that supplied Zkklon B gas to S.S. Health Office; sentenced to

five years; now back in chemical business.

89. RADEMACHER, Franz—Chief of Jewish Section of Nazi

Foreign Office; escaped from Germany while awaiting appeal of

prison sentence, fled to Egypt; now roving ambassador of Nazi


90. ROETHKE, Heinz, S.S. Captain—Eichmann's deputy in

Paris; missing since war, believed to have escaped to UAR.

91. REMER, Otto, S.S. General—Saved Hitler in 1944 plot;

awarded pension by Bonn government; extremely active in postwar

Nazi politics.

92. REINEFARTH, Heinz, S.S. General—Suppressed 1944 War-

saw uprising; now Mayor of Westerland, Island of Sylt.

93. RUFF, Siegfried, Dr.—Director Aviation Medicine Department

of Experimental Institute for Aviation, medical experiments; now

professor of aviaton medicine.

94. SANDBERGER, Martin, S.S. Colonel—Commander Einsatz-

kommando la of Einsatzgruppe C; sentence, hanging; released


95. SCHACHT, Hjalmar H.G.—Hitler's Economics Minister,

Reichsbank President; acquitted of war crimes; now runs Dussel-

dorf import-export bank, China Trade Society.

96. SCHLEGELBERGER, Franz—Hitler's last Justice Minister;

sentenced to life, released 1950; awarded state pension in Schleswig


97. SCHROEDER, Oskar, S.S. General—Chief of Staff Luftwaffe

Medical Service, high pressure experiments; sentenced to life, now

at liberty.

98. SUHREN, Fritz, S.S. Lt-Colonel—Commandant Ravensbrueck;

escaped from Allied internment camp, not apprehended.

99. THIELEMANN, Albert, S.S. Major—Now in Nasser's "De-

partment Israel."

100. WILLHAUS, Gustav—Commandant Janow death camp; re-

ported seen in UAR.


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