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Nov 25, 2007

Dear friends,

I am very familiar with the plights of this group. I now have three blogs in hopes of reaching as many people as possible. Please look at the blogs and you will find among my group memberships people who are out there, willing to help. Visit the blogs of my friends (those who apply to your situation) as they offer insights and information you must have to fight against these injustices in our society. More and more families are falling victim to the dark side of our government and as the numbers of victims grow, we are seeing the corruption grow even beyond our borders. Almost every travesty we're witnessing today, from the so-called war on terror to 9-11, the stuggle over the Constitution to Parental Rights, and so on, are all tied together in a grotesque attempt to control us as if we were animals. In the end they expect us to accept the things we reject and fight against today. In the end we are expected to be docile and obedient regardless of how outrageous their demands. The fight for Parental Rights is what made me aware of the fact that we as a nation, have a real situation here. PR is also the toughest struggle there is.

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Posted: Sunday November 25, 2007, 5:25 pm
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Freedom WarFighter (5)
Sunday May 11, 2008, 12:38 pm
First, I suggest you look at my blog at

Watch ENDGAME. Bush is the forerunner to the greatest 'end-of-life as we know it', forked tongue rogue we've ever appointed to office. You know how they're saying that it doesn't matter who we elect now? It's true. They are all vying to play the same evil role of leading the North American Alliance, which is being forced upon us as I speak. For them, this is big. They would master not only the U.S., but Canada and South America too. That is, depending on how long it takes to establish a firm grip. The person we elect still won't be the absolute boss. That role is for an EVIL we have yet to experience. Meanwhile, the European Alliance will undergo a similar change and so will the Asian/African nations. Resistance will be futile and the loss of human life will be nothing to them as they mean to reduce world population to a more easily manageable number anyway. You see, Congress and the Senate aren't the only ones who are very afraid. The Mormons are desperate to be a part of this ongoing action. After all, they do not believe in the same God and Christ as we do as Christians. They have their people convinced that they will not die, but will evolve into gods, as they believe Yahweh did. Mitt Romney would have been the easiest way into the "Elite" class and all hell would have broken loose for the rest of us. If you are keeping up with us who are watching closely, you will see many religions vying to be The Religion of no choice, by showing that they can control their 'SHEEP' by convincing them to 'SUBMIT' and 'LOVE' their new SLAVE status. And they will be right in saying that "It is the will of God". Read the Book of Revelation. Through all of this, every religious faction is appeased by way of their 'faith' and the carnage that follows will be acceptable and 'justified' to all who fall in with them. Still, they ignore the rest of the Book of Revelation, which tells us how long before they meet their own end. That is because they have achieved the technology to extend their own lives. They believe the original LIE: that they will be able to live indefinitely thanks to this new technology. We have already seen glimpses of this technology. But the faith they put into it is unreasonable, because like all manmade products and machinery, there are flaws that reflect the nature of those who make it. At this point, we can only hope and trust in the TRUE God that He keeps his word, and mankind will be saved from becoming extinct.

As I have said before: We are fighting for our right to Exist. Since I started the FreedomWarFighter pseudo, I have experienced:
1.The kidnappings and captivity of three of my grandsons;
2.The loss of my bank accounts and months of problems/refusals cashing my payroll checks (they started cashing them when I asked if I had to take on the mark of the beast to do so);
3.My credit being shot to hell by means of lies and entrapments;
4.That, in turn, led to not being able to get the loans I need to repair my home (we've lived here for a decade now), acquire insurance, and pay the taxes due;
5.knowledge of the taxes in question was withheld from me until now.
6.My son and I are about to become homeless; as they have done all they can to assure that I cannot bale the house out of hock. I will be in the lowest position of being within the control of Beneficial/Household Finance and my more formidable enemies in the Salt Lake County government, who are in charge of CPS who took my grandsons in order to stay me from filing the lawsuit I've planned against them.
7.We experienced the shutdown of the utilities in my home, until I was willing to pay amounts above and beyond the actual bills issued to me, and our actual usage. Imagine four months without water, 2 years without hot water and heat, going through the harshest winter in my thirty years here, with only a cheap Wal-Mart space heater to warm your rooms.
My friends, the BEAST has awakened.

Sharon T. (0)
Friday July 4, 2008, 4:27 am
please help me im in a no win situation i wont to hate my children just so the s.s will leave me alone please help they have robed me and destroyed my children i have rote to john hemmings and gordon brown and lots of other people i ven have lots of everdence against them they tell lies please help

Sandra Bates (0)
Friday August 12, 2011, 10:11 pm
dcfs is corrupt and unfair, totally stealing my kids because I'm not rich


Freedom WarFighter
female, age 114, single, 3 children
Sandy, UT, USA
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