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Dec 6, 2007

So... hello!

no i'm not dead yet, thanx for worrying
Back in aigues, we met arancha, a fruitarian wanna be!! She's a friend of rudolf & pretty cool i think. As we got back to his place, it was already night & there was no more wood to make fire. So arancha, rudolf & i went in the bottom of the garden to get & dead tree & turn hir into wood to warm us up! That was a funny trip. rudolf's garden is pretty huge & walking in the dark there can be dangerous lol! Big holes & pits! Anyway, we made it ok & got some warmth for the night.
The next day was market day in el campello. We first got to some healthfood store in an other village, then got to the huge market. On our way back, laurent, the dogs & i stopped on a beach. nanny had a good lot of fun. She found many pieces of wood, & i found some gorgeous waves to picture
In the evening, rubio came to the house & actually slept there. They wanted to make a party for us, but we wanted to go south the next day.
On the 29th, we left. laurent drove a lot. We first got to granada, then to malaga. i so much wanted to spend my birfday there, to sleep there on the seaport, then hangout the next day in the city. But laurent made it different. He didn't get in the city & drove along the coast. That was horrible! i really hate the spanish seashore. It's nothing but commercial centers & houses, you know, those huge buildings they make to pack tourists... hmm, i should say buildings, multiple housing. Really, really ugly! All new, all cracking shit! i didn't even know where he wanted to go. He either! ahah!! So we ended up in some mountains. Quite the usual landscape. After having dinner on a part of a mountain with view on a huge city, we drove to find a place to sleep. That was horrible. No path, no place to stop, except behind a building. Then we found those fields of clementines. A real hell! After arguing, he took us to marbella. A beach, we found a parking spot, that of a restaurant. Since it was 1 am, we found it empty We slept there & the next morning, the dogs had some fun in the sand, then we went to gibraltar. That was another place i wanted to spend some time. So we first stopped in la linea de la conception, then crossed the border to go to gibraltar (it is a bristish colony). The city is pretty, & once you reach the end of the coast, you have a great view on africa. It is amazing to see this other continent as if the other side of the road. IT was sunny & warm. Then we went back to the city & had a drive through it. After a few hours in there, we went back to
la linea de la conception. We found a nice hotel there, with view on a beach. Such a long time i hadn't been in a hotel! It was right before the beach. We found a part that was empty & had dinner there. We started arguing again... happy birfday pel!
The next morning was quite a surprise for me. December the 1st will stay in my mind forever i think. i woke up early morning, then went on the beach... there, i saw the most amazing thing ever! i was starring at the sea, then i noticed something red over one of the boats. i was wondering what it could be... guess what: THE SUN!! It was just completely RED!!! Like a flag or something. Then it reached a cloud, slowly passing through, & it turned orange. Ahah, like a magician would take out a rabbit from hir hat... Amazing, fantastic, magical! My vocabulary is not consistent enough to describe it!
Taking the dogs on the beach, i found a seagull lying in the sand. Well, to tell the truth, gyzmo first found hir. i did n ot dare catching hir right on, because of the strength of the beack, you know, i didn't want to get a finger cut! laurent joined us & i told him about the bird, i definitely wanted to take hir to a vet. So laurent got the courage to catch hir & put hir on my knees in the van. When we got there, we got the wonderful surprise that vets in spain are directly connected to the animal protection. So when someone brings them a hurt non human, they call the animal protection, then someone takes the non human! So we left this bird at the vet. We then went back to the beach & planned to go to the southest part of spain. We drove there, then... that was enough! i couldn't stand being there & arguying & all! So i asked laurent to head up back to paris. My sugar was low, i was tired of eating chemical fruit... i decided i wouldn't eat before paris. So the next 2 days were about driving again! We stopped in granada for one night, then zaragoza the next night. i had an early walk in both cities.
So the second day, we went through mountains to reach andorra. We needed to get a few things there. The taxes are very low, so it is worth buying whatever you need there. Spain is already cheaper then france, but andorra is more cheaper! We decided we would go back to perpignan, then laurent told me he couldn't drive anymore, he was too tired & wouldn't get back to paris the next day. i so much needed to get back home. He said i could still take the train the next morning... i hesitated, & after a walk in perpignan, i decided to stay with him there. He spent the day eating while watching tv. He asked me to stay with him, but i just didn't get the point of staying there doing nothing or watching him eating & watching tv... am i so wrong? Anyway, i decided to take the train early morning with nanny, on the 5th. i got back home around 1pm, went back home, then went grocery for nanny & i. i was so exhausted! My face was that of a living dead. So after cooking for nanny, i lyed down on the floor -my bed!- & fell asleep... it was not even 5pm. & i slept until 4am! When i woke up, my face looked rested. i felt a bit better & went for a walk wwith nanny. She had a good time, walking at night in paris is great! Then, i went to the swimming pool. After a month & a half... i can hardly tell how good it felt! The swimming pool was busy, but ok. i told a little about my trip to some of my friends there. It was nice to see them again. i talked to the housekeeper this morning. She was happy to see me again. Alain (a raw vegan friend) was excited to see me again, dominique told me he had been missing me so much all that time
So here is the end of my story... a long time, a lot of bad things. i'm so sad things didn't work out with laurent, but i'm so used to travel alone, i guess this is the reason why i cannot deal with being with someone 24/7. i cannot tell, but please my dear friends, next time i'm telling you i'm travelling with someone, just slap me in the face!
philippe, i'm very sorry i didn't get the chance to visit you, i would have loved to! But i might travel through france some time in the future, so, being by myself, i'll be able to come to see you!!
Pariss is grey, it's raining, & i have no idea what my life will be like next.
i guess i'll take nanny back to my mother's house, for the life in the city is not much fun for her. i so much love her & cannot imagine keeping her in the grey paris. i have no more energy, no more desires... i don't even feel like traveling again, but then, i just don't feel like being in paris anymore. i'm completely lost! Those of you who know me well, know this is not me. Please my dear friends, if you have any advice, tell me... i just have no more goals, nothing is left from the past & there is no perspective of any future... No place i want to go to, no place i want to be at... just nothing!
i hope you enjoy seeing all those pix i made. i hope to have your thoughts on it. Even though this trip was a nightmare, there were some good times, but other then this castle in the clouds, there is no place that thrilled me, no place i would have stayed forever... nothing left... i dunno...

be well & in peace.

PS: linx to france's pix
      linx to spain's pix

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Posted: Thursday December 6, 2007, 8:35 am
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Teresa del Castillo (1519)
Friday December 14, 2007, 8:58 am
I send you a hug Pel, and I am going to see the pics.


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