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Are Negative Campaign Ads Effective?  
We've all seen them and heard them: Candidates for public office telling us why we shouldn't vote for their opponent...what their opponent has done in the past that's "bad" for the voters he or she wants to represent.  But why?  Are the ads themselves effective in convincing voters?  Or are politicians just trying to deflect negatives from themselves?

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1. When you see a negative ad from one candidate about another candidate, does it change how you feel about the candidates in question?
Yes, if the claim is verifiable and truthful, it makes me less likely to vote for the one who did wrong.
Yes, it makes me more likely to vote for the candidate being dissed.
Yes, if it's not relevent to the issues, it makes me less likely to vote for the person sponsoring the ads.
No, I don't pay any attention to negative ads.
2. Does it make a difference if the negative ad is being sponsored by a group "not associated or endorsed by any candidate or candidate's campaign", rather than by another candidate?
Yes, independent groups are more likely to be truthful
Yes, if the truth of the statements made can be verified.
No, a negative ad is a negative ad.
Not if I don't agree with the group sponsoring the ad.
3. If a candidate tried to run only positive ads, talking about what he/she will do if elected, and giving reasons why he/she is qualified for the position, are you more or less likely to vote for them?
More likely to vote for them.
Less likely to vote for them.

Posted: Saturday February 2, 2008, 7:44 pm

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Nancy L.
female , married
Dunbarton, NH, USA
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