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Feb 17, 2008

 Every now and then most of us spend time with friends and family at their residences.  Just as tribes of old used to gather around great bonfires during late night conversations, many people in our society now light the room with electronic images of dramas and commercials when guests come over to visit.  The center piece of our ceremonial distraction now-a-days is the television set.

he TV seems to convey an atmosphere of community, belonging, but strangely invites everyone in the room to turn off and tune in.  From a scientific point of view, the television works much like a drug.  Just as THC in marijuana mimics euphoric causing endorphins in the brain, the TV locks the mind in an Alpha wave state between 7-12 hertz which usually occurs only when a person daydreams, or meditates during self-introspection.  Watching TV basicly halts the higher functions of the nervous system, altering an individual psychologically, and physiologically.  Just as moderation is advisable in most other things, moderate to low use of the TV is also advisable.  Long term use might lead to changes in both your body, and mind, which would be undesirable.

Just over a year ago I made a decision to stop watching TV.  I kept my television though, since I invested in many DVD movies, and thought that periodic one to two hour viewing of movies is much better than several hours of watching network cable TV.  In addition, I do enjoy watching movies, but despise commercials for their obvious manipulating motives.

When we enter Alpha brain wave states while watching TV, commercials pop in and out in between movies we watch leaving impressions that stay with us.  This leads us to a discussion of subconscious theories which are hard to prove or disprove, but not knowing the effects these commercials have, make viewing them a risky business which corporations seem to think are worth the risk of billions of dollars every year on marketing.  I have noticed that when I shop for items in the store now, name brands do not lure me as much.  I instead focus on the list of ingredients on the back of the label, or look for where the item was manufactured.  Some items like soaps and other common household products I now manufacture myself using herbs and other raw ingredients.  I feel like returning to a lifestyle that is somewhat antiquated, but much more healthier for our mind, body, and spirit.

So, I invite whoever has had the curiosity to read this far into this blog to try the same thing.  Unplug your cable or satellite box for a week and instead watch DVD movies, or go outside.  If you enjoy the transition, or feel different in a good way, cancel the account with the cable or satellite company and save some money.  Eventually, you may even decide to tell a friend or two, and hopefully spread the lifestyle of being awake and aware, instead of turned off, and tuned in.
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Posted: Sunday February 17, 2008, 6:09 pm
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