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Mar 26, 2006

Focus:Human Rights
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Location:United States
Join the American Rights Association- please read this first so you know our values!

The American Rights Association is founded on, and defends, the true American values, among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We will defend anyone being wronged in the world, as well as in the United States. Members are opposed to war, corruption, racism, violence, blind traditionalism, government lies, and discriminating of any sort, and have organized to help combat injustice and these issues. While some of our beliefs may seem unorthodox or unimportant to some people, we stress that this is why we are setting up the ARA- to bring NEW issues to light. The ARA promotes, among other things:

* racial equality
* more even distribution of wealth
* sexual equality
* better controlling of monopolies and huge corporations
* gay rights
* end of age stereotyping
* anti-war action
* fighting of disease and poverty
* protection of nature and the environment
* friendly international relations/immigrant rights
* better social education for public
* human rights/personal freedom
* logical philosophy

*inform the rest of the ARA of news events that include injustice requiring protest or making of statement
* help organize protests in reaction to events/happenings
* help recruit new members/advertise for ARA
* ensure that there are members in various global locations and members in areas correspondent to happenings of interest (f.e. death penalty case in California, recruit new members from California)
* get the attention of influential people to strengthen organization
* provide as much information on news events as possible to keep the ARA up to date on events that need attention
* have fun- no one said saving the world had to be serious!

We are here to protest things and help educate the people of the world, but if we have very many members, then we will have enough influence to actually directly help people who are being wronged. We may be able to influence the outcome of actual events if we gain enough members.

Issues in the news:
· Defend Station Nightclub fireworks lighter- protest
· Any death penalty cases- protest
· ACI jail abuse scandal (RI)- protest
· US prison scandals- protest/petition
· Defend Holocaust denier- petition
· Boy beaten to death at boot camp- protest
· Iraq War

ARA Assignments:
· Organize anti- gun rally
· Help doctors/scientists to invent new medical miracles (petition to gov. for more funding)
· Promote health awareness
· Support charities and homeless people
· Get public apologies for:
1. Families of death penalty victims
2. Cindy Sheehan
3. Michael Jackson
4. war veterans/families
5. abused prisoners anywhere
6. family of Martin Anderson (beaten to death at boot camp)
7. Woman who had baby with student

Ways to help this organization:
· Get attention of/recruit influentials
· Get media attention
· List where members are located
· Help clearly state our beliefs and values to the people

How and Why We React to Certain Situations:

1. Proposed bans on gay marriage:
Why we react: According to the Constitution of the United States of America, everyone who lives here has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, gays included.
How we react: Organized protests are always a good idea, and really effective, but we need to conduct them outside a famous place (for attention) or outside the dwelling place of an anti-gay politician. Also, get the attention of the media and entertainment system (look at the new shows out there, I think we may have a pretty good shot at that one!). And finally, petitions are always a good way to go- when it has been signed by enough people, send it to a politician.

2. Death Penalty:
Why we react: Can it be any more obvious? Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness.
How we react: Protest outside executions, send letters/petitions to government, or even demonstrate when there is no death sentencing, so it may get abolished even when there is no one being executed at the time.
3. War
Why we react: Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness
How we react: Protest, contact politicians with letters/petitions, get attention of influential anti-wars, such as Cindy Sheehan, get together groups of people personally touched by a war so the message will be believed

4. Traditionalism/Blind Conformity
Why we react: People need to be free from anything controlling their minds.
How we react: Protest, get attention of entertainment system, help bring back another 60’s style revolution by getting attention of entertainers and new radicals

*Note* Not all ARA members have to be active protestors- some may just help out with organization or advertisement or just join to find people who think like them.


· Sex Equality/Cultural Stereotyping
We not only believe in sexual equality, but also in not grouping “men” and “women” into separate groups at all, such as that we will not make statements like, “Women like Jane Austen,” or, “Men like sports.” We dislike ideas such as that women are weak and compassionate by nature because it is a presumption and because people should not be seen as robots, programmed to think a certain way.
We will also fight against the surprising but very real fact that some women are still not always paid equally or considered equally for jobs, and also how sexual stereotypes are taking over how we think and act.
We want to lessen the need for separation between the sexes, and eventually abolish things like separate- sex bathrooms. An open and healthy attitude about sex, the body, and relationships should be established.
Many people believe that sexual discrimination begins with denying one of the sexes certain rights or privileges, but the spark that ignites sexism really lies within the willingness to see members of a certain sex as the same, rather than the sexes just not being equal. Equality without freedom from stereotype means nothing.

· Age Rights/Stereotyping
One of the more unorthodox things we believe in is putting an end to stereotyping and laws based upon age. The ARA thinks that, instead of setting up a universal age to determine adulthood, citizens should have to pass a certain “maturity test” to become adult. Currently underage (this word can actually be offensive to some people) citizens should be allowed all access to previously denied products and services- liquor, cigarettes, pornos, etc. Not only do the raw age laws do nothing to keep immature people from buying things- can’t a 23- year- old be less mature than a 17- year- old?- they also can be offensive. For example, if a 16-year-old asks to buy a power tool (the actual cutoff age for this seems high even if you did stereotype by age!) and the shopkeeper refuses, the boy may ask why. It would come across as rude for the shopkeeper to say, “You’re not 18- you’re not mature enough.” This is because it is logically incorrect to measure maturity by counting how many times the earth has gone around the sun since a person was born, and even more so because it is presumptuous.
However, the real shock is the ARA’s refusal to condemn “statutory rape”. Why do we not condemn this? Because:
A- It is ridiculous to say that a 17- year- old would be harmed by sex with a 30-year-old, but that an 18- year-old would be completely undamaged.
B- It is logically incorrect to assume that a certain person is too immature for another without knowing the particular person and circumstances. Why can’t each individual case be looked into? Robbery and murder cases can get analyzed to death!
C- It is NONE OF THE GOVERNMENT’S BUSINESS. If there is a problem, THEN you can notify the authorities.
Like sexual stereotyping, age stereotyping is rampant and needs to end. What makes it different, though, is how hidden this issue is and how most people have never even thought to question it. Very well, then- this is what our kind of groups are for- to show new issues to the people.

· Religion/Traditionalism
Blind traditionalism seems to, once again (like in the 50’s), have an almost stranglehold on American life, values, and culture. Heavy belief orientated thought needs to be stamped out before people forget how to think using their own minds. Too many people sacrifice knowledge for belief and this prevents the mind from thinking clearly and being able to recognize problems. Since these people have automatically sworn to the religion of belief system they were born into, they have not really decided what belief system truly suits them best. They can become incapable of opening their minds to any kind of new information that happens to fall out of the circle of things they already believed.
Also, many heavily religious people are unable to accept other religions as being valid. They act as if they have no choice but to stay in the religion they were born into.
Religion itself is not bad, but logical philosophy, rather than belief in things which may or may not be true, must be used when the situation becomes important.

· Personal Freedom/Medical Freedom/Power
People, as beings with minds and feelings, should never have anything forced on them in any way. A doctor should not order ANYTHING done on a patient until the patient is notified of the consequences of having and not having the procedure done, and then agrees. We also support the right to die, but strongly suggest that the patient discuss with his family and friends first before making any decisions.
The government has no right to take away your house for any reason, or your personal freedom, and all citizens have the right to privacy, making wiretapping illegal.
Voting rights are given to all ages, sexes, races, criminals, gays, etc., but people should first take a test showing that they know what each candidate stands for. You shouldn’t vote if you don’t know anything about your candidate.

· Gay Rights/Sexuality Theory
There is nothing wrong with homosexuality, period. We do not make fun of people for preferring baseball to ice skating, or pasta to steak, or Frank Sinatra to Joni Mitchell- why are we allowed to not only ridicule, but legally inhibit people who prefer partners who have the same body parts as they do? If homosexuality is wrong because it is unnatural, then isn’t using fossil fuels wrong, too? Will it really ruin the sanctity of YOUR marriage if someone you don’t even know gets married to whom they choose? Is your marriage to four different women in one year, all of whom, coincidentally, were well endowed “upstairs”, really as sanctuous and god-fearing as the partnership of two men who truly love each other and want so badly just to have rights so they can adopt children? We didn’t think so.
In the future, saying, “I’m gay,” will have the same shock impact as saying, “I like the Beatles.” This is because people will eventually see that it is not unnatural and definitely not immoral to prefer someone of the same sex. However, if we want to get to this future, we need to be aware of the issues surrounding gay people, such as, just like age and sex, stereotyping and separation.
Sexuality is probably not determined by anything cold and heavily scientific like genetics because it doesn’t make sense to link the mind and the body so closely together, and because people feel offended by this heartless approach to studying their feelings and emotions. It is not a genetic or psychological malfunction that determines whether someone is gay. It is not an unnatural “malfunction” at all! If scientists want to say that people crave hetero- sex to procreate, then maybe they can at least be respectful to gays by saying that this keeps the population under control. However, we do not assume that most gays choose to be gay, either. While we should be open to the idea the some people may very well be able to choose, we don’t believe that most people would actually CHOOSE to be gay in this day and age!
People are not “wired to think about sex constantly”, because we are not robots- we have minds of our own. There is no excuse for lack of self control. Also, this statement is offensive because it accuses all people of being sex-machines without regard to their individual personalities and interests.

· Drugs/Abortion
It is not “bad” to do drugs, unless you decide it is not for you. All drugs should be legal, and there should be more rehab and education centers set up, instead. Punishing people for having a problem does nothing but make more trouble. Also, we should be aware that less “hard” drugs such as marijuana are actually found to be less dangerous than cigarettes and alcohol, and have probably become illegal because they were associated with hippies.
Abortion should at least be legal some of the time, because the most important to let people choose what to do with their bodies. Also, why would you want to force life on a baby if it’s going to grow up in a slum or an abusive family?

· Humanity/Human Rights
No human being should be forced to do something he doesn’t want to do. Jails and correctional institutions should provide privacy and comfort to all their inhabitants, and soon we may be able to replace jails with “guidance institutions”.
Torture is never, ever acceptable, and the death penalty should be completely abolished. Victimless crimes such as prostitution should be made legal, and the police force should be equipped with nonfatal, harmless tranquilizers, instead of guns. It is not okay for overseers and army officers to be rude, abusive, and cruel, and no soldier shall be punished for deserting out of fear. The draft should be abolished. A boss should not be allowed to fire you for reasons unrelated to work.

· Race/Immigrants/War/Relations
No war shall ever be waged again, and an alternative to military policing could be a rights group armed with harmless tranquilizers. Illegal immigrants who have crossed the borders because of oppression or for medical treatment should not be denied help and should be allowed to stay in the US as long as they need to. Racism and prejudice are, of course, discouraged in this organization. There are still race problems in the US today that we need to combat.

· Logic/Philosophy
We strongly support the use of simple, mathematical logic in discussion and decision making. Falling under the influence of religion or traditionalism can weaken the ability to think and philosophize clearly. We are irritated by statements such as, “Why don’t we burn the CD’s of that artist we don’t like?” or, “That bad guy should have been given a bad funeral,” and other emotional statements that make no sense or call for unnecessary action. People should be strongly encouraged to use fact rather than opinions in decision making and philosophy, and to always think before we act, especially when our actions concern others.

· American Culture
America has become shallow, materialistic, and socially unaware, on the whole. Our job, as an organization of rights and philosophy, is to educate the country and the whole world of problems that are more real than any of us can imagine, such as poverty and disease, problems that don’t seem real until they happen to you.
Capitalism has gone out of control, provoking tacky and faulty products, killing creativity in the entertainment system, and, since people are too focused on concentrating wealth for themselves, the lives of the poor and sick are many times ignored. This seems unlikely, given the number of charities and welfare programs instituted, but in reality, too many regular citizens turn a blind eye to poverty, and charities may fail.
America’s intellectual mind is suffering because of its obsession with shallow, unimportant entertainment topics such as runaway brides, makeover shows, and countless “shocking” media articles. Brad and Jen will not seem like a big deal when you read news articles about children in Africa starving, or disease epidemics spreading through 3rd world countries! The Iraq War and protestors of the war have heated things up more than ever, yet, rather than witness the history that is being made, many people will sit at home watching sitcoms and ball games rather than actively oppose or support the war. Instead of watching brain-rotting entertainment, the arts should be appreciated and funded in schools.
American citizens should work to exercise their minds and souls more.

· Environment/Nature
Few realize how important and how urgent environmental laws and regulations are. If the plants and animals of the world die out, then life will be noticeably harder for humans. Then we will notice! But it will be too late. Many people are simply unable to respect the natural world and all it has done for us, and not only are forests being destroyed, but the beings who live there are now without a home. Also a problem is animal abuse. Companies should not be allowed to test products on animals- it shouldn’t just be a little caption written at the bottom of a shampoo bottle. We also want to work on developing very good meat imitations or substitutions so animals do not have to go to the slaughterhouse anymore. Don’t even mention leather designer jackets.

· Equality/Fairness
All people, regardless of sex, race, age, legal guilt, religion, etc. have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
We encourage money to be divided a little more evenly and see no place for mega corporations who work their employees overtime.
Under no circumstances should anyone be subject to torture or rough interrogation.
Discrimination is not allowed.
While the death penalty still remains legal, until we are able to do away with it, no one shall be painfully executed. Any emotional, loud-mouthed families of murder victims shall have no say whatsoever in the fate of the defendant- logical debate, no emotional opinions accepted in something as important as court.
Clear, cool thinking must always be used in decision- making, and philosophy should be studied more often.
The public must be socially educated of the problems the world faces, so people can help make a difference. And that is what this you are reading is for.

Those are our values and beliefs.

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Posted: Sunday March 26, 2006, 12:53 pm
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