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Apr 28, 2013


when America was Created they were Masons. America was Founded as an expression and an experiment in masonic philosophy.  The Ideals of domocracy, Freedom of expression, freedom of religion, and equality are all fundamental masonic ideals.
When America was Created they were by no means Christian.

All of the Founding Fathers were Masons. Both the american revolution and the french revolution were engineered by the Masons. The Masons are generaly Deists were as general Christianity is Theist.

The idea that America was Originaly Christian came from the Masonic tendancy to espouse Christian views to support their actions. However, this was basically a Ruse.

America is a Masonic Experiment which at this point is not known to be a success or a failure. If Fundamental Christians continue to gain Power in this Country it will surely be a failure.

Our Founding Fathers

My Pledge is to My Country not to A God

Who I am is not History. I am how I am now. When I make a Pledge to my Country I do not want to make a pledge to a God I do not believe in.  The Pledge is to My Country, not to someone elses God.

Simply because you view 'God' as a Higher Power doesn't make it ok to force others to make some sort of Pledge that includeds a God of your viewpoint.

My God might be a Goddess. It maybe offensive to me to say God instead of Goddess. There is no reason to include anything reguarding any sort of God in this Pledge. This is a Pledge to a Nation. Everyone who feels an allegiance to this Country should be able to say this Pledge without having to say anything that is offensive to their Religious beliefs.

I understand that people feel that saying "Under God" doesn't hurt anyone. But it is & they are hurting. This is how you feel, not how everyone feels.

many people feel that this Phrase Violates the Spirit of the seperation of church and state. Even some people who do believe in God. 

Love & Light


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Posted: Sunday April 28, 2013, 9:40 am
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SLC L. (17)
Thursday October 20, 2005, 3:34 pm

Thanks for posting this. I just had a change of heart after I read this. I found it transforming!



Cynthia J. (58)
Friday October 21, 2005, 9:04 am
This has been a heavy subject of discussion in my home and I have fought for the word God to stay in all documents. However, I have had a severe change of heart on the matter. Your topic caught my eye and I wanted to share my views on this subject. I mean no disrepect toward anyone.


America has under gone many changes and some that were completely barbaric in nature but acceptable, until someone stood out from the rest to improve for the good of all. Just take into consideration medicine, surgery, mental illnesses, women's rights, slavery...we have come a long way and it is clear there is still a long way to go.

It is easy to look back and see how 'one way' things were and how far we have come to be proud of our diversity and on the road to fairness. Even so, when faced with the possibily of change people still cringe up.

On one hand I can understand people's fear. It is instilled, a fact of faith 'Will you deny him?'.
In this case, by not saying God in essence a Christian may believe they are dening their God. Simply because it is something that has always been, so why change it? If a Christian believes in equality, and wants to stand up for the rights of everyone to believe the way they wish to believe, they will be persecuted by their Church. It would be good for all to realize that Church is not 'God' any longer. Church is a buiding for MAN to prosper. A Christian's true church is within themselves and there is no need to fight for public display of faith to prove anything.

If one is a Christian and believes in God, I would say to them, God gives us brains and he does expect us to use them. It is more of a sin to NOT learn and question rather then allowing someone else to think for us. When we go on with our lives uneducated and refuse to hear or consider the opposing side... well, that is much more of a denial.

My God is gentle and subtle. He/She is not going to bellow out to anyone 'You must believe!'. It is with grace that my God fills my heart. Force is not the way in any means. Americans have proven over and over again they are in love with the notice. F O R C E seems to have some kind of an appeal.

When we educate ourselves on the matter we soon begin to see that Christianity was delveloped as a way to govern or 'keep everyone in line' so to speak, to prevent chaos. Any true Christian should WANT to seperate themselves from that altogether as a show of faith, that more does exist for them, more than MAN simply saying so.

We have stood in judgment far too long with far too many issues such as medicine and research, the death penalty, rather a woman can have the right to a safe abortion or removing a simple word from a document. Each of these have the stigma of religion behind them. We are a nation of diversity that each individually 'THINKS' they know what is best for everyone and that is more than wrong. It is a contradiction and a catastrophe. Part of a Christian's faith is 'Thou Shall Not Judge' and yet there are some that have souls persecuted before the details are even available. Infact, I say this with conviction, it is the Christians that are the worse at breaking their own commandment.

We are capable of making our own choices and we are in tune with our own faith. No one needs to be led in faith, everyone needs a path toward freedom. Whatever our choices or beliefs are in this life, we should not be directed by one man's view and that is why there should be seperation of church and state. The WORD God continues to merge these two factors, and perhaps the weakest link in a woven fabric of freedom.

Titania Starlight (284)
Saturday October 22, 2005, 10:23 am
Mari, thank you for sharing the truth. There is a magazine called the Free Inquiry that first enlightened me on this subject. I have nothing against those of different viewpoints. (Christians)However, it must be stressed that this country(USA) was not founded by Christians but by Freethinkers. I like free will and choice. Christian fundamentalist in this country have an intolerance with all other spiritual choices. I am 100% behind separation of chruch and state. I am not ready to be ruled by a one religion government. My spirtual choices are very sacred and private. I do not need to tear other beliefs systems down to give mine credibility. I believe God/Goddess is pressent in all religions in the form of "love" that is the one thing they all have in common. Fear, hate, intolerance does not belong in my belief system nor a God that looks down on my human fralities and judges in a harsh and cruel way. I guess that is why I began my own adventure on the spiritual path I am on. Asked if I am relgious I will reply emphatically, NO! If asked if I am spiritual , yes indeed. Thank you so much for sharing your light my dear friend Mari.
Love and healing Light,

Kathryn Slaughter (99)
Tuesday October 25, 2005, 5:25 am
Great post Mari. I feel you. I stopped saluting and pledging the flag back in '72 when I was in 1st grade. The "...and liberty and justice for all" lie got stuck in my throat and I found it impossible to utter it and impossible to stand for such a blatant untruth. Being of African and Native American descent, I was never allowed to dwell in the United State of Denial. I wrote a poem last year about how I came upon that stance at 6 years old - maybe I'll post it sometime. At any rate - it is a great topic for you to have broached!

Mari 's (1364)
Tuesday August 5, 2008, 8:24 am

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of Religion. or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedome of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for the redress of grievances.

~ First Amendment to the US Constitution....

Mari 's (1364)
Monday September 13, 2010, 7:38 am

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” Mahatma Gandhi

Mari 's (1364)
Tuesday October 29, 2013, 5:16 am
Thomas Jefferson received the biggest cheese ( yes cheese) as a gift for his stance on separation of church and state

"Daniel L. Dreisbach

On New Year’s Day, 1802, President Thomas Jefferson received a gift of mythic proportions. Amid great fanfare, a mammoth cheese was delivered to the White House by the itinerant Baptist preacher John Leland. It measured more than four feet in diameter, thirteen feet in circumference, and seventeen inches in height; once cured, it weighed 1,235 pounds.

The colossal cheese was made by the staunchly Republican, Baptist citizens of Cheshire, a small farming community in the Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts. The religious dissenters created the cheese to commemorate Jefferson’s long-standing devotion to religious liberty and to celebrate his recent electoral victory over Federalist rival John Adams."


Mari 's
female, age 44, married
Kennesaw, GA, USA
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