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Mar 12, 2008

Delhi’s prayer:
Delhi, I pray for your safe journey; unencumbered, light-footed and protected. I pray for your safe journey to where your spirit needs to go to.

On March 11/08
Our Dear Delhi had made her transition and has taken that long road to the "Rainbow Bridge"
What follows next, is tributes that people have written for Delhi during her few good years at TES and in her passing just today
I will add to this, as the dedications come through

March 13, 2008
A Message From Delhi
Weep not for me I leave of my own free will
To be with my sisters who once lived on this hill
I’ve had four years of freedom, the best times of my life
I leave with dignity and grace, free from worldly strife
I had some tough years this lifetime, as each of you know
In putting them behind me I have been able to grow
I learned elephant strength from my sisters and friends
And unconditional love, that truly knows of no ends
It is with wisdom and grace I know it’s now time to leave
I ask you to celebrate life and not my passing to grieve
These years have been blessings beyond all of my dreams
In a place where freedom means even more than it seems
Now as I rest and relax in my world filled with love
I hear the elephant angels beckon me from above
I leave soft footprints here, upon hearts and the earth
As I move on toward the light, understanding my worth
Submitted by:
Sherry Gail Heim
Albuquerque, New Mexico

For Delhi

Elephant  time  isn’t  measured

in  years , weeks  or days……..

it’s measured by  sunrises  and seasons,

raindrops on a sister while she plays.

It’s measured in nature’s rhythym,

windstorms  and the changing moon,

a time to be born and one to move on,

we know dear one that  time is soon.

Thank you for your many  teachings Delhi,

how to hope and when to play.

To treasure each family member ,

not worry about the minutes in the day.

Your time now  measured in caresses,

trunk touches and rumbles  fill the air,

warm sawdust  makes you rest a  little longer ,

cradled in your loving  family’s care.

Laura Linklater

Feb /21/08

Run Free, Be Free, Live Free
Joanna, Tina and all the others wait for you
You are forever in our thoughts
Namaste Dear Grand Lady

A Better Day

February 2004

In Celebration of Life
(dedicated to Delhi)

My blessings abound,
Can these be real?
My home in the hills,
Welcoming me?
My chains disappeared,
Playing for me?
My spirit renewed,
Is peace for me?
My keepers are here,
Their love for me?
My sisters smiling,
Trunks up for me?
My world turned topsy,
All this for me?
My blessings are real,
I feel so free!
My rescue most dear,
I can be me!

Barbara Borchardt
El Paso, TX

February 2004

She was a quiet girl, she knew not to complain
After all, it was the only life she'd known.
Living conditions were poor, and always in shackles and chains.
Even in a crowded room - she was alone.

The days turned to months, the months into years.
The food was improper, and the temperatures extreme.
Sometimes she cried, and yes there were tears.
Punished for no reason, or so it would seem.

Her body ached, her skin felt like leather.
Standing was painful as her feet throbbed and burned
This majestic creature became more weathered.
Survival depended on her spirit she learned.

It was terrifying to leave, on that November day
But when the truck stopped, and there were no harsh words,
Soft voices spoke her name "Delhi", reassuring her it was OK
Someday she will join the rest of the herd.

Heaven on Earth she lives now, to her it's all new.
Napping in the sun, warm baths, treats, and toys
Dreaming of the day when Lota comes here too.
No more sorrow for the girls here, TES brings only joy.

poem written by Lori

January 2004

For the New Girl

Take my hand and walk this way, to see what joys we will find today.
Through the door and out the gate, down the path we go. Your life begins today, a whole new world for you to know.
The grassy knolls, the sloping hills, the ponds they await you. Days like you have never had, and a peace that you have never known, all there, all brand new.
The special ones are here, ready at your beck and call. They wash, they sweep, they feed you, they care for you all.
Your sisters, you have a few, even though one of them is no longer here to greet you.
But she is near, her hill is not far, she waits for you, to pass her way, to chat, or just stand awhile and be with her and enjoy this wonderful day.
Oh hurry please, your sisters are waiting there, in this new big world that they want to share.
So, take my hand and walk this way, to see what joys we will find today.
Through the door, and out the gate, and down the path we go.  But hurry please, there are things to do, a whole new world just waits for you.
Merilee Newman
Tollhouse, CA

January 2004

December 17, 2003


Now is your time
Your time to live
Your time to be free
Your time to graze
Your time to just be

Now is your time
Your time to heal
Your time to roam
Your time to nap
To have a real home

It hurts to think you could never do these before
It hurts to think how many years you've been sore

Dear Delhi, Stay with us a while
You are deep in my heart and you make everyone smile

A lifetime of waiting just to be free
And not be sold rental property

As old as you are, we still watch you grow
We know very well you're not ready to go

For fifty some years, you did not feel
The love from your fans who will help you heal

You can now feel the fresh grass under you as you lay
November 22 is Independence Day

Congratulations Delhi, We love you so
Stay with us a while, you're not ready to go


IN MEMORY OF DELHI.........she passed on living ALIVE.
 Delhi napping with her toys

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Posted: Wednesday March 12, 2008, 11:32 am
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