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Mar 20, 2008

Focus:Animal Welfare
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Location:United States
Tiger Ranch, a cat sanctuary and rescue, was raided last week.  The owner, Linda Marie Bruno (known as Lin Marie, or more affectionately, Lin), was arrested and charged with animal abuse.  The cats, her dogs, horses and goat were removed, as were most of her supplies.  She was demonized in the press, and many very skewed stories have popped up everywhere.

Most of the facts were taken out of context to make the situation sound horrible. Armed with only the bare facts and none of the circumstances, many wonderful animal lovers believe Tiger Ranch was a death camp where cats were tortured and neglected by an irresponsible hoarder.

Nothing is further from the truth, and animal welfare activists as well as animal rights activists are speaking out on behalf of Tiger Ranch and Lin to help the public understand what was going on and what is happening in the case.

Before you make up your mind, please open your mind to the whole truth.

Tiger Ranch is a 300 acre rescue/sanctuary that accepted cats that literally had no other alternatives.  Many of the cats she accepted were terminally ill and sick before they arrived at Tiger Ranch.  All of the cats received veterinary care (unless they were already so far gone that they died soon after arrival), and the cats who could not be cured were treated for symptoms and pain as much as possible.  Since Tiger Ranch accepted terminally ill cats and even accepted dead cats from the community for disposal, cats were burried on the property.  Since it is winter in Pennsylvania and immediate burial is not always possible, Lin did what other shelters and veterinary offices do by storing the dead cats in freezers until they could be burried.  Since Tiger Ranch was such a large sanctuary and so many of the cats were terminally ill, there were many dead and dying cats.  Tiger Ranch has been open for over 14 years, so there are mass graves.  Animal control, veterinarians, and animal organizations have inspected Tiger Ranch over the years, and none of them reported abuse or neglect.  At most, they suggested minor improvements, and Lin and her team of volunteers responded to those suggestions.

The true controversy is whether it is humane to euthanize terminally ill cats near the end stages of life or whether it is immoral to kill them for any reason.  Lin, and many others who believe killing for any reason, did not euthanize cats.  She believes it is everyone's right to die a natural death.  This is America's legal view of euthanizing terminally ill humans, yet it is exactly the opposite for animals.  Most people, whether they believe in the right to end life or not, believe it is humane to euthanize a dying animal when the quality of life is gone.  Because of these beliefs, cats that were suffering were given pain and symptom treatment and allowed to die naturally.  Although I am for euthanizing the terminally ill when all quality of life is obviously gone, I support Lin's moral view and her decision to refuse euthanasia on the grounds that she DID make the cats as comfortable as she possibly could, and those same cats would have died under much worse conditions had they not been accepted at Tiger Ranch.  Many of those cats were feral and would have suffered much more if they had been handled by humans.  Others were allowed at least a brief taste of love, compassion, dignity and freedom.  Although there were few cages (some were necessary for intake, veterinary care, and special circumstances), most cats were allowed to roam "free" in contained areas.  Sick cats had their own communities of cats with the same illnesses.  Healthy cats had their own communities.  Old cats had their areas, as did kittens and nursing mothers.

So yes, there were dead and dying cats.  Yes, there were bodies in the freezers.  And yes, there were mass graves.  There were also thousands of healthy, altered and vaccinated cats that were adopted and living all over the USA because of Tiger Ranch.  Meanwhile, PSPCA euthized all of the terminal and even many treatable cats.  The healthy cats (with the exception of some ferals who escaped the raid) are now being warehoused in a make-shift building awaiting the litigation ahead.  Who knows where Lin's dogs, horses and goat are?

For those of you who just can't understand why people who love animals would support Tiger Ranch in view of the terrible stories you've been hearing, please investigate the facts for yourself.  Weigh the evidence carefully before you condemn Linda and those of us who support her.
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Posted: Thursday March 20, 2008, 12:51 pm
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Jeanne M. (84)
Saturday March 22, 2008, 3:40 pm
Anyone who would swallow whole any story from the media these days just hasn't been paying attention. If there's a petition to support her, drop a comment onto my page - animal refuges aren't so plentiful that we can allow misrepresentation and media frenzy to shut one down.

Christine Diianni (5)
Tuesday March 25, 2008, 7:37 am
Ahh, that is the rub. OK for animals to be KILLED (or as some people like to say because it makes them feel less guilty "Put to sleep") but not for people. How mixed up is this? Every humane shelter in this country (some may be no-kill now) have killed healthy adoptable animals for years with no public outrage. Yes, people need to know the facts not the facts they see and hear on TV. I've been to Tiger Ranch on many occasions. Lin had the operation running smoothly. Now the ASPCA has to ask the public for donations to care for the cats when if they had just stayed out of it, there would be no need for donations. I suspect this has everything to do with the Shippenville facility which was closed (according to local papers) on 1/31/08 due to poor fund-raising efforts. And then to have Animal Planet on site to video the "raid". It's obvious it was staged for TV ratings. Shame, shame shame. And to kill all the FELV and FIV cats. Atrocious. My 1st FELV cat (I spayed her in spite of the FELV) just died from FELV related cancer after a healthy 5 years I currently have a FIV cat for 4 years now. He was neutered in spite of FIV positive. He doing very well. Yes, she had a shorter life than I would have liked but she had a full life for the time she had. I despise the name humane shelter: nothing humane there. If Lin needs any help on any level, please advise. She's the best. That Debbie gave me such good trapping tips for some feral cats, I was shocked to hear her tell me on the phone that she was undercover. I took 32 cats/kittens to Tiger Ranch last summer. If Tiger Ranch was such a horrible place, why did she provide such good trapping tips and continue to encourage me to get the ferals off the street?

Lori Szerensci (0)
Saturday April 5, 2008, 7:40 am
When I recently heard the stories about Tiger Ranch from my father I cried for days. Three years ago due to circumstances I took 16 of my own cats to Tiger Ranch. For several years prior I had rescued cats and kittens in and around my hometown( appx. 70 miles south of Tiger Ranch). I found homes for many of them and others I kept. Each of my cats were spayed or neutered. I prayed that my cats were placed in good homes and thoughts of them suffering broke my heart. I was shocked by the allegations in the news. Thank you for telling us what the media left out.

Past Member (0)
Friday April 18, 2008, 8:40 pm
Here is the like to the petition.

Andrew Sawyer (0)
Sunday May 11, 2008, 9:54 pm
This is almost impossible to read due to the background.

Tara W. (0)
Tuesday February 23, 2010, 7:20 am
You only need to look at the before and after pictures of these poor kitties to know that for many many of them, their suffering was both PREVENTABLE and TREATABLE. Anyone who calls themself a cat lover would not be able to look at the suffering that Linda witnessed each and every day. If these cats received the veterinary care this article suggests, why were they emaciated, staving, and ill? My mom unfortunately took one of our cats to Tiger Ranch in a last ditch effort to find her a loving home, and I can only imagine how much she may have suffered. We did not want to run the risk of giving her to a shelter and her being euthanized, but, as awful as it is to think about, if that were the case, at least she may not have suffered as she most likely did. This was an otherwise healthy cat who was not found among the living, so it is pretty clear what happened to her. Anyone who actually supports this woman is insane. If you really want to help animals, spend your money wisely and donate to your local humane society or an anmal rights organization.

Eve N. (0)
Thursday November 18, 2010, 10:13 am
This woman SHOULD NOT be supported. She belongs in jail. The SPCA had volunteers go undercover at Tiger Ranch before seizing the animals. They lived in filthy conditions. The sick animals WERE NOT being cared for medically! She had freezers full of dead animals that she would back hoe in mass graves!!! This woman has no idea how to properly care for animals and should be ENJOINED by the state of PA from EVER owning another animal or trying to run another shelter!! The videos I saw on Animal Planet of the conditions of those animals seized and the filth they were forced to live in was heartbreaking!!!


Susan Moody
female, age 49, married
Indianapolis, IN, USA
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