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Mar 22, 2008


When I tried to read this book for the first time, on 1998, I gave up. Found it a bit dull. But then, last year, Thomas Harris released HANNIBAL, and it gave me some input again because I wanted to read the sequel, and to read it, I didn't want to without reading the part one, last call it so.
Then, when I started reading it finally, I took only two days to read it. Though, I really saw no reason for this book to be that famous.

It's the kind of book you do enjoy reading. It has many detective and psychological elements that makes the reader want to know what's next.
Clarice Starling is a loving character, and Dr. Hannibal Lecter is really a complete enigma. He's so good you hate because he doesn't appear so much in the book as you'd like to. I think the book would be better if Dr. Lecter appeared more often in the plot.

Anyway, it's a very good reading. The kind of book you read fast and reaches the ending thinking you've just read a nice work. Thomas Harris is really a good author. But we have to admit, the wonderful movie based on this book was really what made the book in fact be so famous.
Though, THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS is really the kind of book for any lover of the genre to read. Even because this book was the first real
thriller ever written, that inspired many other books. You won't be disappointed. It's really worthwhile.


Wonderfully written, this book portraits you to a world unlike any other. That was the first book by Sidney Sheldon I read, a long time ago, and it's still my all time favorite.
The story, full of twists make you seat on the edge of the chair the whole time. You suffer, laugh, run and have fun with the characters. It's the kind of book that Mr. Sheldon seem to have forgotten how to write. The adorable scenarios in Spain are only a little thing of the whole that the book shows. Believe me, reading this book it's like watching a movie, like the ones we watch and never forget and want everyone we know to watch it too. That's the way I feel about that book and I guarantee you that's the way you will feel after taking this piece with you to bed.


about.. FLAWLESS - that's the best concept for this book!
Sidney Sheldon is not the same anymore. His latest books are not up to his real standard. That's not what happens with this 1994 wonderful book, though.
The plot, wonderfully conceived, is a real thriller of suspense. The characters, the very well-developed three main characters, are just as funny and smart as your best friend. And actually this is the kind of feeling you get from the three doctors you have the chance to meet on
this book.

From beginning to end, Sidney Sheldon hooks you until the very end! That's the kind of book you read, read, read and want it never to end, and, when it does, you miss a lot the places and people you've met. It's the kind of story that remains on your mind for many years. The kind of book you tell everyone to read, and that everyone just can't help but read and adore. That's what you feel when you read the books by Sidney Sheldon. And that one is one of his best works!


Michael Palmer: An Specialist! Of what? Read and discover!
If you've seen the movie based on this book, just don't think about it: buy and read this book. You'll see that the book is lots better than the movie. They changed the plot almost completely - Hollywood is terrible sometimes - and when you read the book, the first thing you realize in fact are two: the book is wonderful and Michael Palmer is a wonderful writer.
This book especifically, as are all his works, are full of twists, investigation, hatred, emotion, action, adventure, suspense and everything else you expect from this kind of reading.

Writing about Michael Palmer is almost impossible to separate him from Robin Cook, another incredible writer. And I have to say, this book is much better than many Cooks (though I don't doubt a single second how wonderful Cook is). After you finish reading this book, the sensation you get is that you've read a very well-written and one of the best medical thrillers ever. And, I must warn ya: Michael Palmer is a specialist.
He knows exactly how to entertain you and how to give you what you want from his books. If there's one feeling that don't show up when you finish reading one of his books is regret. Read his books and you'll know why. He's just incredible!


A great reading: be prepared for full emotions!

When it comes to books, I always give a second try. I give another "chance" to the authors I didn't like when I read the first time. That's the case of Michael Crichton.
After watching lots of wonderful movies based on his screeplays and books, I tried to read "AIRFRAME". What a disaster! Didn't like the book. But then time passed and TIMELINE came. So I thought: the subject (time travel) is cool, the plot seem interesting, then why not try to read it?
I bought it and started reading it the same night. When I glanced at my wristwatch, it was midnight, I had read more than 120 pages and didn't want to go to sleep!

Even being a little complicated sometimes (not the plot itself, but the explanations he gives for the things that happen, too tecnical) the book is a wonderful entertainment and make you wish for much more. The characters are well developed, the plot is very well-written
and you soon find out that Michael Crichton isn't probably the best author out there, but he certainly has something good to offer.

That's why it makes TIMELINE a great reading. Buy it, start reading, and be prepared to be hooked by this wonderful story!


Joy Fielding is the best author at her genre!

When I was looking for some good books of suspense on my usual bookshop, I never imagined I was going to buy the best suspense book I've ever read. This is because Joy Fielding was new to me (and soon I discovered she's MUCH BETTER than another famous author that writes in her same genre, Mary Higgins Clark), and MISSING PIECES was going to be my first try on her books. I started MISSING PIECES, and oh my Godness... it's completely wonderful. It's a book full of twists and it's also funny and becomes more and more interesting as the story develops. When I finished the book I was sad because it was over and I wanted it to never end. That's the feeling that you have when finish Joy's books. MISSING PIECES is no exception.
I'd also recommend: LIFE PENALTY, DON'T CRY NOW and other books by Joy.


Interesting, fun and fast-paced!

I read this book only because of the circunstances. And it's just wonderful that the circunstances exist.
The story is: I was reading some book summaries, you know, the plot of the book briefly told on the back of the book. And I found this book to have an interesting plot. I started reading it and loved how the author developed the scenarios, the characters and the plot itself. It was like reading a book by Sidney Sheldon. In fact, I've came to the conclusion that some of James Patterson's books are quite similar to Sheldon's.
Both of them know how to keep the reader's attention and how to develop an interesting story. Nowadays Patterson is one of my favorite authors, and I think that, after reading that one, he'll become one of your favorites too.


No. of times laughed!

When I read the first book about Bridget Jones, I loved it, even being a man. I laughed out loud and found the book to be very inventive. Other than that, even being a little crazy, she seemed like every other woman with high hormones.
In this one, Bridget Jones is just like a caricature. Although it's good to see Bridget in other places different than the others ones - like a travel to Tailand, she doesn't say a single line that doesn't seem to have been spoken by a crazy child, she is not serious in a single chapter and seem not to have the faintest idea of what the human being is as for their behavior and mind thinking. The book is not as funny as the first one. I didn't laugh in a single line and it's even dull sometimes. I think it's much better if Helen Fielding come up with another character,
because Bidget Jones is not as good as she used to be anymore. If she writes another book like that, I think she'll perceive that the life of Bridget Jones is not interesting to her readers as it was once. If you wanna try it under your own risk, do it. If you have nothing better else
to read... Just don't tell me that I didn't warn ya!



English people are known by their circumspection, seriousness and bravery... And this book was a complete surprise to me, since it was written by and Englishwoman. It was a surprise because I founf myself reading out loud with the dialogues, the way the plot was written
and the course the plot took.

Now all I want is to read book number two: THE EDGE OF REASON. I think it's as marvelous as the first one. Anyway, Helen Fielding is a nice writer. You'll love the characters if you are a person of this planet, there's no way to escape.


Kisses Sweet Sunshine Frances Mayes!!!  Excellent novel for me... my favorite life guide. One woman goes to the Northern Italy. before she only wants to rest, summer vacation and on holiday. But, she decides living there later. and very natural and peaceful life starts for the

She revels in the sunlight and the color, the long view of her valley, the warm homey architecture, the languor of the slow paced days, the vigor of working her garden and the intimacy of her dealings with the locals. Cooking, gardening, tiling and painting are never chores, but skills to be learned, arts to be practiced, and above all to be enjoyed....

This woman looks like me. I love this book and this movie!!!


A marvelous mind: that's David Baldacci!

After reading so many good books by authors with semi-italian names, like Lisa Scottoline (a wonderful, amazing author!), the name David Baldacci called my attention. Then, I took THE WINNER. That was my first try on his books.
The plot revolves around a woman called LuAnn, who is the mother of a baby and lives with a man who only cares for drinking, a vagabond.
Besides, she works has a waitress half the day to make only a very little money. Then, one day, a man called Jackson tells her she can win the national lottery. How? He has all the numbers of the next draw. LuAnn doesn't know, but if she say yes, she'll be one of the most rich women of the world. If she say no, she'll be a dead woman.

Decided to say no because she's not the kind of woman to accept illegal things, she arrives at home and finds a man decided to kill... the man she lives with. But the man is already dead. Then some things I'm not going to tell happen, and she start thinking she's the main suspect of the crime (both her "husband" and the man she found on her home (a trailer) are found dead). Trying to escape from the police, she accept Jackson's opportunity and goes to New York, where she wins the lottery. This is just the beginning of a wonderful book, one of the best thrillers I've ever read during my whole life (which is not a big time, but was lived with intensity), and I discovered one of the best writers of the world. He criated an adorable heroine, you just can't help but fall in love with LuAnn Tyler, and also one of the most terrible vilains of the modern literature, Mr. Jackson.

Now, all I'm looking forward to is to read the other books by David Baldacci. He's a marvelous writer. Believe me when I say it. Read Baldacci will be an habit now to me. Long life to David Baldacci! He deserves all the success he has been conquering. Just amazing!


The greatest modern book by Danielle Steel - unforgettable!

That was the first book by Danielle Steel I read, and one that I'll remember until the day I die, since his influence in me was so huge.
The story of Grace Adams is wonderful from beginning to end. You cry, you laugh, you be afraid... but most important, you FEEL. It seems that you are there with her, suffering with her when she has problems and celebrating with her when she wins. But what's really interesting
is the suspense of the book. It never stops. When Grace is escaping from a problem, another one comes and grab her... until she finds herself in love. But you will see that love doesn't means end of problems, much to the contrary, that they are only beginning.

Since I read MALICE, I could never forget Danielle Steel. I discovered that she's not an author only for women. Through her books I discovered all kinds of emotion, good or bad, but everytime I finish reading one of her books, one thing is certain: the sensation of having
read another excelent piece of writing. Long life to Danielle Steel! She really deserves all her success she has. Most of her books are unforgetable. MALICE is one of them. Get emotional you too through this book. You'll be another one to find this book one of her best!



For lovers of romantic books, this is a very nice piece. Barbara Taylor Bradford is not a perfect author. But then nobody's perfect, so why would I want perfection from her? But let's go back to the subject: this book is about lost, hate, vingeance, and obviously, love and how we
learn from these feelings.
The plot itself is not very cool. Barbara has a way of telling the story that sometimes make the reader wonder why he/she is still reading the book. But what's worth with her is exactly this: the up and downs of the book and the good sensation you get after reading her books.

Personally, I found this to be one of her best books. After reading it, you don't regret and, to the credit of Barbara - and to her cash also - you want to read another. Then you become a frequent reader of hers without realize it. Isn't that wonderful?


Wonderful reading, but unique original book by Anne Rice!
I don't like vampire tales much; I'd rather read witch stories. But when I started reading this one, I had to admit: Interview With the Vampire is really a very original book, something that readers of the genre were really in need since Bram Stoker's Dracula.
But there's a huge problem: Anne Rice hasn't done a single original vampire book since that one. They are only copies and copies of this one.
In other words, a shame. Though, if you like vampire tales, that one is just wonderful well-written and a very enjoyable reading.
Something you don't find anymore. This book is really a must-read. But don't go any further on Rice books. At least, don't expect to find the rest as interesting as that one. Because they are not. The witch books and the rest are as good, but the other vampire tales are not. So, in
order not to hate Rice, read that one, love that one. And stop with that one.


A very well-written novel by an almost undiscovered author!

If you haven't seen the movie yet, don't! The movie is very good, the book is much, much superior. The author, Andrew Neiderman, is also the ghost-writer of deceased V.C. Andrews, but his writing under his own name is much better than with hers in my opinion. Everytime I read a book by Andrew Neiderman I am always shocked by the way his characters are developed, and how he are always surprised by their atittudes.
More to his credit, I'd say that Andrew has one of the most incredible minds. None of his books are similar to others, and his crazy mind is always working on an intelligent thing.

THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE is just a display. It's the kind of book you read in only one seat. Believe me, Andrew is good. And this book is just wonderful.

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