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Apr 29, 2008

How Does “Like Cures Like” Apply to Cell Salts?

1.  Biochemistry vs Homeopathy - The biochemic cell salt remedies are homeopathic medicines. Since they more often apply to cases of deficiency than excess, the cell salts do offer an interesting challenge to homeopathy’s fundamental principle of Like Cures Like . The primary exception to this being the sea salt remedy, NATRUM MUR, which was proven by homeopathy’s founder, Samuel Hahnemann. Regardless of their adherence to rules, their long history of success prove that all the cell salts are a critical part of the whole of homeopathy and that they contribute to the healing potential of most other remedies.

2.  Does this mean cell salts are supplements?
Definitely not. Though made from the basic mineral compounds that the cells in our bodies depend on, cell salts are diluted and potentized like all homeopathic remedies. Thus they apply to issues of assimilation, access and utility of minerals, and should not be taken in place of a nutritious diet or nutritional supplements.

3.  The Symptom Picture - When choosing KALI PHOS or any remedy, you look for a certain pattern of symptoms that match the case: If KALI PHOS can help a case of nerves, it will work best if the patient’s nerves are hypersensitive, nervous, and quickly fatigued by any effort, plus there might be a need for rest and possibly an inclination for seeing the glass half empty.

4.  “Proving” remedies - In cases of some cell salts, including KALI PHOS, the symptoms and personality traits are linked to it by recordings of deficiencies rather than provings by excessive dosing. According to Dr. Scheussler who established the biochemic cell salts, KALI PHOS’ source, Potassium phosphate, “is contained in the cells of the brains, nerves, muscles, blood and intercellular fluids. A disturbance in the motions of its molecules produces: In Brain cells: Despondency, anxiety, fearfulness, home-sickness, suspiciousness, agoraphobia, with a weak memory... In Sensory nerves:
Pains with sensation of paralysis. In Motor nerves: Weakness of muscles and nerves even to paralysis. In trophic tissues of Sympathetic Nerve:
Retarded nutrition, even total arrest in a limited area of cells and then a softening.” - Robin Murphy, ND - Homeopathic Remedy Guide.

In other remedies - As the cell salts are part of our cells and tissues, they can be equally vital to certain plants and thus are part of the remedies we make from various plant sources. Some have been analyzed to confirm this with interesting results. COCCULUS, a great colic and cramp remedy, contains MAGNESIUM PHOSPHATE, the anti-spasmodic remedy useful for leg cramps, menstrual cramps, muscle spasms, backaches, etc. KALI PHOS was found in substantial quantity in PULSATILLA and CIMICIFUGA, two more very nervy or emotional remedies. KALI PHOS can be as gloomy and dark-sided as CIMICIFUGA or as anxious and moody as Pulsatilla. Of the other remedies tested, Baptisia, Rhus tox, Phytolacca, Hamamelis and more contained Kali phos. 


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Posted: Tuesday April 29, 2008, 1:00 am
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