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May 21, 2008



The planet is continuing its process of turning inside out as it strives to align with a higher vibration or with new ways of living and being within a very new reality.

Much which existed in realities of the past, or within a lower vibrating dimension are becoming merely an illusion now as there is very little left to hold onto. In years past we may have imagined a higher vibrating world or reality for ourselves, and hence, this was the seeming illusion at that time. Now, the illusion is what is left of the old world, or the old ways of living and being, the old structures, and the old systems of survival. There is nothing left for them to adhere to and thus, they only really exist within our imaginations.

Yes, as we progress further and further into the higher realms, we have less and less of the old to hold onto. This can create a feeling of falling down a deep hole with nothing to grasp onto, or no apparent anchor. We may feel as though there is not much surrounding us now which feels remotely right or good, or even perhaps that we are existing in a vacuum all by ourselves…some kind of vortex of emptiness and detachment with no apparent connections to much of anything else.

I can assure you, all is right on track with our spiritual evolutionary process. All is right where in needs to be for this phase of the amazing ascension process we have chosen to undertake. And this current situation is only present because we have made so much progress thus far.

In the old 3D reality, dying involves letting go of much, a great and intense release, and then whoooosh!...we are in the higher realms. After we arrive, many times we immediately connect with our loved ones or those who give us comfort as we attempt to re-connect to a new reality in a very new place. At first we may not know where we are and may feel confused. But then a loved one or manifestation which brings us comfort arrives and we feel oh so much better. And after awhile, we regain our bearings and are then able to progress in a very new way with much more ease.

And this is what is occurring now. As the ascension process involves dying while we are alive, only in smaller stages which are palpable, we are now fully residing in a higher dimension as we have completed our journey through the tunnel and onto the other side of this current phase. So then, many are finding themselves re-connecting with friends and loved ones and re-establishing connections that make one feel oh so much better, or at least able to find some kind of shore or anchor to hold onto while we seemingly exist in the emptiness.

This is an important part of the process. If you have not yet had this experience in the physical, you may be having it during your dreamtime. Re-connecting with the old, or with energies which make us feel good again, involves the first stage of the re-connection process for our new existence in the higher realms. With much else having fallen away or no longer working for us, connecting to others involving the energy of love always works. And this brings us to our next evolutionary stage as well.

Here in the US we are experiencing a recession. Food and gas prices are becoming unmanageable and are beginning to affect many. This is part of the plan. Nothing is wrong here. The US has always been the forerunner and the superpower, and now it is re-defining and re-setting itself as it begins its alignment more fully with the higher realms.

We are thus entering the stage where we will be connecting much more fully with our brothers and sisters, our neighbors, and our loved ones. These seemingly unmanageable conditions are creating the need for unity. There has been a severe lack of unity on this planet for a very long time, and it is about to begin the process of change. Going it alone, taking care of oneself only, and having to do it all are ways which do not exist in the higher realms.

And because of this, it can be easy to see who will be our next President here in the US. This is where the planet is vibrating and he will be a match. All in divine and perfect order.

Because of this new unity that currently exists with the new energies, it can feel downright unbearable when it does not manifest in form. Many are vibrating there within right now, and when the outside manifestations do not match the inside vibrations, we can literally feel sick inside as we are not a match for our environment. This has always been one of the challenges of the ascension process….not matching our outside reality as it has not yet caught up. And depression is many times the outcome, but only for temporary and brief periods (if you are one who has experienced depression for long periods of time, I would encourage you to seek help, as it is readily available and may not always be attributed to the ascension process).

These current economic conditions we may be finding ourselves in are only serving to encourage us to speak to our neighbors face to face…to be there for each other….to help and support each other…and to connect more fully to our area of immediate location….our community. This does not mean that we need never tend to the planet as a whole. Quite the contrary as unity has many boundaries and many levels.

As we have succeeded in emptying out so much, we are now poised to re-connect once again. And what we re-connect to will be very different than what we have connected to before. This is because we are vibrating higher now and will attract much more pleasant and incredible experiences for ourselves.

Now, in addition, we are being greatly encouraged to connect with each other. As the Hopi quite eloquently have said, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.” These current planetary conditions may feel downright awful, but they are here for a reason and very much a part of the process.


As June arrives, so will more of our new connections. With things finally calming down a bit for many, as we have aligned more readily now with the new, it can be a good time in latter May and into June to begin the process of tying up loose ends and readying for our new endeavors and new connections. We may now have the time to get the things done which we could not before, as too much had landed upon us during the overload of energy phase we most recently experienced in April and the first half of May. And with the advent of Mercury turning retrograde from May 26 to June 19 or 20, we will be assisted in this process.

Much more will come for us in June. Things will be lining up. We will connect with new people and new things. Our new beginnings will finally begin beginning! We will come together much more as a whole. We will unite with those who match us in better ways.

With the current emptiness we may find ourselves in, it may seem that much is in dire straits, but what we are seeing is simply the emptiness. There is nothing really there yet to see or to connect to. We are neither here nor there. Our new connections have yet to be established, and the theme of this new, again, is a connection to each other.


There has been much energy and focus floating around about the year 2012. Many might say it marks the end of the world. And many are focusing on this event instead of focusing on where they are now.

2012 will simply mark the end of an era or reality. The planets will be positioned in such a way that a signal or benchmark will have been reached. For many of us who are sensitive, we may feel this event very intensely within ourselves. It will mean that a completion has occurred, and we are right on track with this benchmark. So then, from now until 2012, we will be experiencing a step-by-step process of releasing the old and arriving in the new.

When 2012 arrives, there will be no catastrophes, dire events, or great suffering. We will already be where we need to be, and this event will simply validate the fact that we have done what we needed to do as a planet and thus arrived here at this time. And it will be then that the beginning of the new, or the rebuilding of the planet will be put into play in full force. And by then, each and every one of us will know exactly what we are doing and what is indeed occurring.

Until then, we will be moving ahead in steps, being right where each of us needs to be, introducing the new, and staying safe and secure while the planet continues with its fall. The re-building of the planet will really begin in earnest after December of 2012. So then, we are not quite there yet. But by the time 2012 arrives, we will have become much more connected to our souls or higher selves and will then really and truly know what it is that we came to create and who we are in regard to our own special contribution.

There are many different stages that each of us can find ourselves in. Some are ready now, and others are climbing up the rungs of the ladder to heaven. All rightly so. If things had shifted over in one big whoooosh!, we would be much too traumatized and would certainly not be able to handle something like this. And in addition, we are the ultimate creators and we get to choose what we want things to look like!

So for now, know that our new connections are about to begin, change is about to occur on an intense level, we are about to become very involved in ushering in the new and taking a stand, and many of us will begin the life of our dreams.

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times...

Until next time,

Karen Evolution glyph swirl


infinite Love, light and blessings to all


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Posted: Wednesday May 21, 2008, 12:35 am
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JustaHuman Here (53)
Wednesday May 21, 2008, 7:00 am
Sounds to good to be true. I see the world, and the world is in a very bad state. The situation is going into a catastrophe even by the simple number of humans living on this planet. The nature is starving, the climatate destroyed by pollution. These things are cooking a brew that very fast will cook over. 1012 or not, this is a fact. Beside that I do not see any positive progress on that planet that could give me a hint that people are turing into anything better. I wish I could see that. But what I see is the opposite. Maybe I am too stupid to understand all that. But I feel like being stranded on a planet of dangerous, greedy egoists.


Tania N.
female , single
Beirut, Lebanon
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