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Jun 5, 2008

Having started my course on organic horticulture and farming, I found myself pondering how to keep my crop growing healthy and undamaged. I do love animals and am not too deeply selfish either. However! I did begrudge insects helping themselves to my vegetables before I could delight in picking them up and ... Eat them of course!

My garden had been abandoned for over 7 years so yuo can imagine how bad it was. Then there was a national road just outside. Noise and pollution had seen birds fly away to safety. It took me seven months to reclaim the garden! Seven months spent working hard, under the watchful eyes of wild birds pausing to watch me. Taking a rest from digging and working at the soil, I had bird tables placed in the garden. High enough for the dogs not to reach if not too high because I am a little afraid of heights. Next step was to buy peanuts, black and mixed seeds and hope for the best!

I also planted teazel in the garden. Then, as I looked around for something else for 'My' Birds, discovered a little useful gadget. You put an apple in it and leave it for the birds! I do believe that my observers decided the garden would be worth a try. Over the past few months I found myself become a pretty popular hostess to such an extent that I have renamed my garden 'The birdies garden'.

I had starlings nest, now it is swallows. Whereby many people can only dream of a visiting gold finch, I do believe I have a full clan! Wild birds they are if they prove less untamed than one would think. Imagine planting the fork in the soil, time to wipe one's eyebrow to discover a gold finch perched on your fork? Indeed it happened to me!

As time went by i learnt to read birds language. Oh no I do not, would never pertain to understand tweet songs if I know signs. Should a feeder be left to hang off the table then I know that is is empty and need a refill! Should the water dish fall on the ground with a clang then I know! My birds need more water.

They have become so accustomed to me and dogs that they go about their garden while we're in it regardless.  I do believe they saved my young carrots from the May fly! And as i write this, a quick glance outside tells me that the finches are paying for their digs. Oh no! No birdies money for their hostess but scrumptious insects and flies being consumed that will allow me to enjoy my crop!

I used to wake up to the tune of my clock radio. Nowadays i wake up to birds songs. And whereas I would walk sleepily to the kitchen make a cup of coffee, then sit and mope like all proper insomniacs do after too little sleep  ... Yes I am one of those!  I  now rush to make coffee that i take to the garden, watching my birds, enjoying their gorgeous songs and you know what? It never fails to put a smile on my face. So there you go ... Wild birds! Not onyl therapeutic to one's garden but also to one's mood. Now you can understand why i call them 'My' Birds!

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Posted: Thursday June 5, 2008, 12:02 am
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