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Jun 22, 2008

He's the cutest thing on four legs and at 67.5cm(27 inches) he's only expected to grow another three or four inches.
Spot (or his show name Achnacarry LTC Spot On) is just over five months old and was bought bya local Napier paper's account manager, Mel Kohlis and her husband Jaren as a companion for Mel's mare Sally.
"It took only a couple of days for the two to become firm friends and now when I take him out of the paddock, Sally gets a little tense and pricks her ears forward as if to say 'where are you taking my friend without me'."
"Sally was always a nice natured horse but with this little fella, she has become even more sweet and 'mummy-like'," Mel says.
"When the neighbours big stock horse first met him she was rather frightened-I think because he smelt like a horse but didn't look like one."
Mel has not thought of showing Spot but believes it could come in the future.
"My husband is going to teach him a few tricks like rolling over, bowing and such things."
Mel and Jaren had a hard time naming him but finally settled on Spot "because he has a cute little round brown spot about the size of the old 20 cent piece."
Spot is a gelding Catergory A minature horse and was born on December 30 at Achnacarry Minature Horse Stud, near Fielding (mid-lower North Island). His dam(mum) is Achnacarry Blaze of Glory and sire(dad) is Longwoods Snippets True Colours. A Category A minature is below 34 inches and Category B between 34 and 38 inches.
"Both Spot's mum and dad are around 31 inches so he will definitely mature at the small end of Category A," Mel says.
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Posted: Sunday June 22, 2008, 8:30 pm
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