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Aug 25, 2008

Yoga Today Upcoming Yoga

Todays Episode | Monday, August 25, with Neesha Zollinger View Class Core Strength Level: Intermediate When we're strong in our core we establish the stability needed to move deeper into poses and truly celebrate our body. In this class, Neesha leads a sequence that will work the deep muscles of the entire torso, setting the groundwork for more powerful movements of the extremities.
Neesha ZollingerTuesday, August 26, with Sarah Kline
Basic Sun Salutations Level: Beginner Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskara in Sanskrit) are the core of a Vinyasa style yoga practice. Warm up the body with Sarah as she illuminates the basic components of sun salutations in this beginners Vinyasa.
Sarah KlineWednesday, August 27, with Adi Amar
Core Strengthening Level: All Levels Strengthen the core of the body in this all-levels Ashtanga sequence with Adi that focuses on the 3 lower Chakras, or energy centers; where the roots of stability, strength, and self confidence live.
Adi AmarThursday, August 28, with Neesha Zollinger
Cultivating Friendliness with Twisting Postures Level: All Levels Embody and live the virtue of friendliness through Neesha's cooling and cleansing Anusara practice for all yogis.
Neesha ZollingerFriday, August 29, with Sarah Kline
Core Stabilization Level: All Levels Mula Bandha (root lock) and Uddiyana Bandha (abdominal lock) are interior body locks used to control the flow of energy. Tone, cleanse and energize the interior body and organs in this all-levels class with Sarah focused on core stabilization.
Sarah KlineSaturday, August 30, with Adi Amar
Heart Opening Backbends Level: Intermediate Explore heart opening exercises with Adi as she illuminates the heart through playful backbends in this intermediate-level Ashtanga sequence.
Adi AmarSunday, August 31, with Neesha Zollinger
A Caffeine Free Energizing Class Level: Beginner Wake up and energize your body without reaching for that second cup of coffee! Neesha will lead you through a series of poses that will increase alertness the natural way. Open the front of your body, expand your lung capacity, improve circulation and stimulate the release of adrenaline through a series of backbending postures.
Neesha Zollinger

If you can find time to do just one of these classes this week I'd like to suggest Tuesday's Sun Salutation for  beginners. As a matter of fact if I had to suggest just one single yoga set it would be Sun Salutation! 
Come on guys... get on the mat!
Namaste'... xxx ooo
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Posted: Monday August 25, 2008, 10:48 am
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