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Sep 13, 2008

Dear friends,

since two and a half months I try to spread a worldwide meditation in care 2. This meditation is really very important for mother earth for us  and for everything on earth ! My vision is to build a net of light around the whole world to get as much energy in this meditation as possible. I aske all lightworker for help. If you got any interest in meditation please help.

For more information please read the meditation or send me a mail to :

The meditation:

Thanks for your help.

Love and Light



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10. worldwide meditation
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Posted: Saturday September 13, 2008, 7:31 am
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Eckart F.
male, age 68, married
Eckersdorf, Germany
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\nDear Friends,\r\nit is again the time for our WORLDWIDE MEDITATION. \r\nwww.worldwidemeditati \r\nThis meditation is for the whales,dolphines,mother earth and all animals on earth.\r\nThe meditation takes place on December 14th  2008 at 9am New ...
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\nDear Friends,\r\nthe earth and all beings are in transformation to go to a higher dimension.But it still takes a little time to go there and the whales,dolphines and mother earth need our help to complete this journey.\r\nIf you feel like helping please ...
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\nDear friends,\r\nI´d like to announce our worldwide meditation,because the next  date of meditation is september the 7th. \r\nI would be happy if as many as possible would join this energy work (lightwork).\r\\r\nI f t...

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by Rob D.
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\\n\\nTalk about \\\'brain dead\\\'.  Who puts a cook up on their head??????
by Rob D.
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\\n And this is FUN?   10,000 people take part in this each year.  Some weird place in Minnesota.This snap give a whole new meaning to sitting on the beach.
by Rob D.
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