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Oct 4, 2008

Im looking for contributors to these ongoing Multi-Belief International Global Peace Festivals culminating by 2012,ANY OFFER OF publicity,media,TV,promoting these events would be fantastic,TO UNITE ALL humanitarian organisations,Green Peace,Unicef,Bob Geldof,LIVE8 INVITE THEM ALL to the 22 november festival would have a huge inffluence to change the world overnight,WHY WAIT FOR SLOW PROGRESS,lets do it all NOW,as John Lennon attempted to do.------------------------------------------------------ THIS IS MY WEBSITE. On my BLOGS page titled (Korean War Veterans - Rev.Moon Messiah - WWII 1945) info about Hitler,Stalin,Jesus and most kings,presidents,leaders from history in the spirit world now follow Rev.Moon as the Messiah KING of KINGS and even Satan the angel but not everyone connected to him surrendered in 1999 and now follows Rev.Moon but you would need a spiritualist to proove this. ------------------------------------------------------- On my BLOGS page on title Korean War Veterans there are speech's of Rev.Moon giving providential reasons for WWII,Korean War and all wars since Cain killed Abel which is where all wars and killing began on a physical level. The Communist and Democratic Empires were Cain And Abel on a worlwide level who must be restored and united to end all killing forever,thats what Rev.Moon teaches. ----------------------------------------------------- This is the 1960s,PEACE/LOVE revival with 100% chance to succeed this time.--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Global Peace Festivals,aug 9,USA-nov 22,U.K.,2008 Muslims,Jewish,Christians,Buddhists,Native American Indians or all beliefs will be attending including politicians,senators,leaders.------------------------------------- Main FFWPU website.----------------------------------------------- The Second Coming of Christ Interview with Archbishop George Augustus Stallings, Jr., Founder of Imani Temple African-American Catholic Congregation of Washington, D.C.----------------------------------------------------- Archbishop George Stallings,Pastors testimonies on Rev.Moons 2006 World Tour.------------------------------------------------ Testimonies from Pastors,Senator Donzella James.---------------------------------- Strategies for Transforming Gang Culture------------------------------------------ Interview with Gayokla Nichi, Native American Traditional Healer & Executive Council Member of the Native American Leadership Alliance.------------------------------------------ Interview with Michael Brown, author of "The Presence Process: A Healing Journey into Present Moment Awareness.------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Im trying to revive the late 1960s period which will culminate on JANUARY 2013 when the messiah and perfected Adam and Eve will be announced worldwide by political and religious leaders,this should of happened by the late 1960s but failed to happen mainly because of disbelief.----------------------------------------------------- ((((THE GREATER PURPOSE OF FAMOUS PEOPLE))))------------------- GOD ORIGINALY PLANNED FOR ALL FAMOUS PEOPLE TO BECOME FAMOUS to meet the Messiah after 1952 to 1960s,1970s so that they could lead the world masses to be married by God through Rev.Moon back into THE TRUE LINEAGE OF GOD,this perfect lineage will produce perfect beautiful exotic children free of disease and illness,but this failed to happen and was postponed until after JANUARY 2013,THIS WAS THE GREATER PURPOSE OF people like Elvis Presley,The Beatles,Eric Clapton,Jimi Hendrix,Jim Morrison,The Who,Led Zeppelin,etc and all famous people,THEY WERE LEADING THE LINEAGE OF GOD (but not fully aware of it) but the Messiah Rev.Moon WHO IS FULLY CONNECTED WITH GOD was postponed from connecting with them because Rev.Moon was not accepted by the NECCESARY political and religious leaders of the 1950s,1960s WHO WERE PREPAIRED BY GOD to then be accepted by other famous people in the USA,Europe and the rest of the world.((THIS WAS THERE GREATER PURPOSE)) and the reason most of them are dead is because they were possibly sacrificed by God for the 1960s revival which I TOTALY ASSURE YOU 100% gauranteed by God will happen after 2012 which is the end of the Mayan calendar.

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Posted: Saturday October 4, 2008, 5:00 am
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Messianic Muir
male, age 51, single
Aberdeen, United Kingdom
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Im looking for contributors to these ongoing Multi-Belief International Global Peace Festivals culminating by 2012,ANY OFFER OF publicity,media,TV,promot ing these events would be fantastic,TO UNITE ALL humanitarian organisations,Green Peace,Unicef,Bob...
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\r\n\r\n\r\nThis is the 1960s,PEACE/LOVE revival with 100% chance to succeedthis time.\r\n \r\nGloba Peace Festivals,aug 9,USA-nov 22,U.K.,2008Muslims,Jewis h,Christians,Buddhists,Na tive American Indians or allbeliefs will be attending including politician...
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How does this networking function?? where will my message appear???? where is the main viewing board where people recieve messages????

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\\nReligious conservatives know they are losing the marriage equality fight, but they have a plan so they can keep discriminating against gay couples and it involves our old friend “religious freedom.” The Religious Right is still in a spin...
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\\nWatching Russia’s roll-back on gay rights unfold, one strand has started to emerge: it’s apparently all about the children. Why is this, and why is it so dangerous? Last week Russia’s President Vadimir Putin attempted to soothe fea...
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\\nAnimal welfare advocates cheered when US officials appeared to take a tough stance against the shark finning industry during an environmental trade agreement talk between international leaders in Bangkok in March of 2013. Now, that stance may be und...
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\\nTwo recently released independent studies appear to demonstrate that reality shows like 16 and Pregnant, that are supposed to lift the lid on what it’s like to be teenage parents, may affect views on teenage parenting and even drive down teena...

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