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Oct 5, 2008

Type:Memorial (for the deceased)
To Honor:Pet(s)
Location:, United States

It has been one year exactly that I lost my beloved Nova, my little man of the house.  Some days I still think it is all a dream, that he isn't really gone.  I can still hear his voice, the meows that he used to do....I can still picture him wrestling with my kitty Sasha in the living room....I can still picture him walking me into my bedroom at night and settling in his usual spot, right by my left shoulder. I can still see him playing with his favorite toys, grabbing them with all four paws and kicking the hell out of them with his back feet. I can still picture him scoping out what made a sudden if he was the protector of the house, making sure everyone was safe from harm. I can still see those big eyes staring at me when the bottom of his food bowl started peeking the food, even though the bowl was not actually empty and in need of filling. He had a personality that was as close to being human as you could get.  When I think these thoughts, it brings that little pang of pain in my heart, that all too familiar empty feeling.  He has made his presence known however, in many forms....from feeling him rubbing on my ankles, feeling paws tap me as I sit in a chair....feeling a cat jump on the bed and walk up next to me, even though there is no cat visibly there.....and he even is in my dreams...which always end too quickly, but just seeing him gives me a sense of peace, knowing he is ok where he is.  I did have two psychic readings since his passing, and he always reassures me that Nova is thankful for me ending his suffering, and that he is always with me.  When I am upset and in bad situations, I often ask Nova to help me get through them.  I truly believe he does just that too.  I also believe it was him that sent kittens my two kittens have shown up that I have taken in and hope to add to my family.  I see visions of Nova in the little boy kitten especially......the long lanky legs just like Nova had (so tall!) and the way he loves kisses on his head....oh how I miss giving him those kisses.  I truly believe Nova is my guardian Angel, guiding me through my days and making sure I am alright.

On this one year anniversary of your passing......Nova, my sweet handsome boy, I want you to know that I have never stopped loving you and I always think of and all of my critters will always have a permanent place within my heart--always missed and never forgotten.  Not a day goes by that I don't think of you.  You could never EVER be matter how many kitties I have now or in my future.  May you continue to guide me through life until we ultimately meet again in heaven, and can be reunited. Please forgive me for all that you were put through in the last days of your life....I just didn't want to give up, I just wanted to make you all better....I never wanted to cause you so much pain and suffering.  We only had you 4 short years, but they were some of the best years I ever had, all because you were in my life.  I am so happy I took you in from outside, thank you for finding us and choosing us....we were truly blessed by your presence.  I wish you had found us sooner, because I have a feeling the years before you met us were not kind ones, we could have given you the love and care you deserved.

 I LOVE YOU, I MISS YOU, MY SWEET NOVERS.....and your kitty family misses you so much too............



Nova saying HI

Nova Smiling

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Posted: Sunday October 5, 2008, 1:45 pm
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Tracey Lawrence (269)
Sunday January 25, 2009, 5:34 am
It is something how these little beings get into our hearts. On your special Day, and always, I am thinking of you with love and blessings. For the Angel of Vineland! Bel Anniversaire! A Beautiful Birthday! Happy Birthday To You!


Tracy B.
female , committed relationship
Vineland, NJ, USA
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