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May 14, 2006

Action Request:Visit - in person
Location:United States
Health Science 1 Workshop - May 19-21, 2006 in New Jersey
Presented by Dr. Timothy Trader, NMD (retired), PhD, DD

Are you ready to have the truth revealed?
Find out what the medical industries do not want you to know, and why.
See the evidence: treating illness is not working…but building health always works!

For those who are experienced health enthusiasts who want the evidence to show others real health,
For those who want to take their health practices up a notch or two,
For those who want to learn about true health and have no idea where to start,
Journey with Dr. Tim on a whirlwind weekend of science and knowledge— a multimedia experience that will Rock Your World!

If raw food is the healthiest diet on the planet, then why do so many raw foodists fail in health or fail to maintain their diet? Find out the truth that will set you free!
Explore the science: see the journal articles, textbooks, and newest research that doctors do not even know about!
* How does the digestive tract really work?
* Why cooked foods don’t work.
* Vitamins, minerals, and caloronutrients—what do they do in our bodies?
* The truth about what we do to our food and how it affects our health.
* How we unknowingly sabotage our health practices.
* What are the ignored nutrients?
* Protein: how much do you really need? Can too much harm you?
* What’s all the hype about enzymes?
* Supplements are not needed! That’s right…not needed!
* What poisons are in our “health foods”?
* Antioxidants, free radicals—what do they have to do with our food?
…and much MORE!

Be prepared for an entertaining and an accidentally educational time!
Return home with tools in hand to create Extreme Health in your own life.
With every subject presented, you will have the scientific proof to take home with you.
On Saturday, you will receive a workshop manual, with ample space for personal note-taking.

Times: Friday, May 19th, 7–9 pm
Saturday, May 20th, 9 am–5 pm;
Sunday, May 21st, 1–5 pm
Location: At the Ranzi family home, Ramsey, NJ. Address will be given to registrants.
40 minutes from New York City

Investment: $250. Includes lunch Saturday + a manual to take home.
Please pre-register! (We must have a lunch count!) Please ensure your check arrives by Tuesday, May 16th.
To register or for information, Call Karen Ranzi: 201-934-1758, or e-mail

Dr. Tim Trader is a retired naturopathic physician who has a doctorate in nutrition as well as other advanced degrees. Most of his education Dr. Trader has found to be false, disproven by the very textbooks that he was taught from—and by the leading edge of today’s science. Today, Dr. Trader no longer &ldquoractices medicine,” but he coaches “health partners” to recover their own health.

With the same methods he teaches in this workshop Dr. Tim long ago eradicated his own severe allergies and asthma. Today at 45 years old, as a 15-year “living foodist,” Tim can keep up with or outperform athletes half his age.

No treatment of disease is necessary; all we need to do is build health. Then, the body’s own intrinsic healing powers take over—repairing, rebuilding, reversing illness and trauma. There are no pills to pop, no tinctures to drink…just science, and common sense.
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Posted: Sunday May 14, 2006, 7:40 am
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