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What is Care2 Share?
The easiest way to post and share stories, activist alerts, recipes, tributes, photos and more!

Who will see my "shares"?
It's up to you. You can share just with your family and friends, share with all 9 million members of Care2, or syndicate your shares for anyone using Yahoo or Google to see!

How do I share?
Simply type in whatever you want to share, set the "visibility" level (i.e. determine who should see it) and we'll automatically distribute it.

How can all of this be free?
It's free because our mission is to help people make a positive impact on the world. We believe that giving individuals the voice and distribution reach of mainstream media will change the world.

Why share?
Because you can make a difference - but only if you speak up, take action, and share your thoughts with the world. Sharing on Care2 can help you:

What can I share?
Almost anything. You can share ideas, rant about politics, rave about a local vegetarian restaurant, share wedding photos with your friends, write a newsletter to support a local homeless shelter, keep a personal journal... share whatever you want!

Compose "Templates" To make things easy, we've set up a variety of "templates" to help you compose, categorize and share.

Blog Entry — The word "blog" comes from "web log" as in a "personal online journal." People blog about whatever is on their mind - their thoughts on politics, noteworthy things they've recently read, what they ate for breakfast... it's your journal, so write whatever you want.
Already blog? No problem see the "My Sharebook Settings" link at top for easy instructions on how to auto-import it to Care2.

Activist Alert — This template is set up with activist menus to help you share alerts. You can categorize your call to action so it is most likely to be seen by people who care about Human Rights, or Animal Welfare, or AIDS, etc.

Photo Album — Share your photo album or just a single photo.

Poll — It's easy to create polls for fun or serious research with this template.

Recipe — If you believe the stomach is the shortest path to happiness, then spread the joy with your favorite recipes.

Top Ten Lists — People love lists, whether it's a list of your favorite places, or the ten reasons you think Peace is the Answer.

Tribute / Memorial — Has someone inspired you? Honor them with a Tribute page (for the living) or a Memorial page (for the deceased). Pass along that inspiration!

Network Message — If none of the above Share types seems like a good fit for what you want to share, then send it as a Network Message. Poems, quotes, stories, newsletters, and other items you think your network will find of interest all make great Network Messages. For great results, please use your best judgment and only share high quality items!

My Sharebook
Your "Sharebook" is kind of like your personal scrapbook where everything you share is saved. You can edit or delete your shares here.

My Share Network
Your Friends, and Friends of Friends, are all part of your share network. Here you'll automatically receive new shares posted by members of your network. You can think of it as a magically updating scrapbook or newsletter from your friends.

Getting Started
It's easy to share. Start by sharing something simple - maybe post about a recent experience that made you feel good, or share your favorite poem or quote. It doesn't need to be profound - sharing brings people closer together, so have fun and share whatever you want. Click "Create a Share" or click on one of the share type links below to get started.