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{ else } Tribute: Goodbye Sweet Dermott
by Kathy G. on Mon 10:02 am -- I am ever grateful I had the opportunity to meet and get to know a one in a million dog...don\\\'t get me wrong-EVERY dog and animal is precious in their own right, but there was just something about Mister Dermott that has no words to d... more    
by Jessie C. on Sat 2:25 am -- This is a heartfelt tribute to my friend Skip Shea -please read and visit Skip\\\'s profile and, if you are lucky enough to be in the area, you could go to this reading and book signing!CATHOLIC (SURVIVING ABUSE & OTHER DEAD END ROADS) THE POEMSA Re... more    
Tribute: i wonder if you could know
by Brighten Ray I. on Tue 5:38 am -- Dear Robert,i often looked at your profile photo when i am on care2, but i have not visited your page till now. Yes now, i am looking at your face after i knew you are no longer here.For the first time i see your face, because your profile p... more    
Tribute: The Real Coretta Scott King
by pElAgUS h. on Sun 8:27 am -- The Real Coretta Scott King By Barbara A. Reynolds Saturday, February 4, 2006; Page A17 It was, of course, accurate to label Coretta Scott King t... more    
Tribute: Whale rescue
by angela b. on Sat 11:27 am -- This tribute is to all the people who tried their very best to rescue the  Whale that was  in distress in the Thames river in London .U.K.  they tried really hard and  put themselves at  great risk and I feel that  they s... more    
{ else } Tribute: Martin Luther King, Jr Day
by Past Member . on Mon 9:14 am -- "I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.” I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia ... more    
{ else } Tribute: This Man
by Becky A. on Sun 7:04 am --                                           ... more    
{ else } Tribute: To My WIfe
by Steve A. on Fri 9:45 pm -- Becky Sundholm Ayers has done more than most women would have when faced with the difficult task of holding together a marriage in the face of combat related PTSD.When I came home from Beirut I didnt feel any different but I was, she saw it right away... more    
Tribute: Tribute To the Coal Miners Lost....
by Barbara P. on Thu 4:04 pm -- A personal tribute to my brother-in-law (Johnny Lipford) who died in the mines in Harlan Kentucky in 1984.In Loving Memory Of John Joseph Quann Jr. 1922 - 1996and all miners who lost their lives to support their families in the mines. Recorded in... more    
{ else } Tribute: The Fallen of the 1983 Beirut Bombing
by Becky A. on Thu 5:17 am -- In honor of all the fallen men of the 1983 Beirut Bombing, I have made a movie. The movie is a shocking view into the aftermath of the explosion that took the lives of 241 sleeping marines. Please be advised that if you lost a loved one in this event,... more    


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