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Oct 26, 2012

" Charity... any kind of action that relieves people's distress just a little bit without changing the system maintains the system."    -- Howard Zinn  in Psywar (2010)

" Activism is my rent for living on the planet. " -- Alice Walker

" If you knew the effects of generosity, you would not miss out on one chance to share.
Wenn ihr die Wirkung der Freigiebigkeit kennen wuerdet,
so wuerdet ihr keine Gelegenheit mehr auslassen zu teilen. "

             -- Buddha Siddharta Gautama (?563-483 BC)

(I know. I do. And unless you have practised it for years, you cannot know how much pleasure/fun/satisfaction it gives!)

The practice of generosity or giving in Buddhism (& other Dharmic Religions) is called  "DANA" (or "DAANA")


below is my attempt at a translation of

Förderung des Wandels oder Nothilfe?

--- --- German: --- ---  (English: )

With donations there's always the question: What effect will the money have? Will it finance a fundamental Change or just (first)aid? Will it be used for Change or just for a handout? advocates putting (your) money where it will effect fundamental Changes towards social justice and ethical principles; and points out that supporting such "Changes" will automatically also bring about "Charity" [whereas the reverse does NOT hold true!]. If, for example, the political conditions for poverty are abolished, single cases of poverty will also disappear. Financial support of peace, human rights, social justice, or environment protection will necessarily lead to better chances for survival and better living conditions for all.

Poverty, on the rise globally, demonstrates how little is changed [by Charity alone] and how much alms just seep away. It just does not work this way: If (financially)poor are given some aid/a handout, the determining political conditions for poverty are not abolished. A donation to alleviate neediness can only improve the lot of a few, but does not result in better living conditions for all.

But then donations for alleviating personal hardship usually receive more gratefulness and acknowledgement than investing money into "Change-projects". It should not be overlooked, that in most cases here this 'acknowledgement' is only superficial, and sometimes perverted/degraded to nothing but marketing. The organisations which collect donations know that pity tends to open many a purse; and therefore many have included misery strikingly and consequently into their PR. And opulent "thanks" for donations is part of this approach as is the rolling-out of misery in their advertizing.

Furthermore, when aiming at fundamental Change there is no fast success. Change-projects are virtually always tedious, strenuous, dry, complicated and difficult to place; and often they are outright excluded from public discourse.

Add to this that with Change-projects there is often a fear that they might be "(too) radical"; a fear which is fed by all those who --like state, media, or administration-- do not want to see Change. Those have also put the term "radical" into a bad light. Actually "radical" is a completely positive term, which only signifies "fundamental" and "going to the very roots" [from Lat. 'radix'=root]. And it is exactly projects which tackled the causes and the roots that have changed and are changing our world to the best for all. And it's particularly these projects which offer alternatives to the dominating misery-producing circumstances. Thus ETHECON defines itself not only as a project aiming for Change, but also as a radical project.

Of course there's always poverty and misery which require direct and fast relief. This shouldn't be overlooked or dismissed at all. It is an elemantary act of human solidarity to help the suffering directly. Only all-too often fundamental help is left out of the emergency-alleviation; and the first-help thus looses it's effect, at least in the long run. Hence working on the roots and causes, and working outside of the dominating structures is in urgent need of more emphasis.

In Germany more than 90% of all donations go to (and usually to quite emotionally loaded) Charity-campaigns. Projects which work consequently and arduously towards a Change in society, towards peace, social justice, environmental conservation and human right have to put up with the rest, which is between little and nothing. At the same time these very projects would need the money really urgently, for they --unlike "Charity-projects"-- have no hope at all for support by institutions or the state.

A better future and a life really worth living will not come of nothing. Time and commitment alone are not sufficient. Financial support of projects-for-Change is existentially necessary.

--- --- end of --- ---


Instead of "donation", I often prefer terms&concepts like "DANA" or "DAANA" and "umFairTeilung" (= fair (re)distribution, as in FairTrade), "putting your money where your heart is", and "voluntary self-taxation"

" Are you willing ... to own, that probably the only good reason for your existence is not what you are going to get out of life, but what you are going to give to life; to close your book of complaints against the management of the universe and look around you for a place where you can sow a few seeds of happiness ... to make a grave for your ugly thoughts and a garden for your kindly feelings ...?  " -- Henry van Dyke, Keeping Christmas

" Worth means that you leave the world better than when you found it..  ..there are no absolutes..'s not what you end up with, it's what you end up with compared with what you started with. "

" Are You worthy? i.e Do you think the world is a better place with you in it? - And please do us the courtesy of actually thinking about your answer instead of pulling it out of the 'affronted' rack! "

--  Terry Pratchett - "Unseen Academicals" 2009


   -- Albert Pine (+1851)
   -- -- quoted on


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Oct 15, 2012

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It was the end of the school year, and a kindergarten teacher was receiving gifts from her pupils. The florist's son handed her a gift. She shook it, held it overhead, and said, "I bet I know what it is. Flowers." "That's right!" the boy said, "But, how did you know?" "Oh, just a wild guess," she said. The next pupil was the sweet shop owner's daughter. The teacher held her gift overhead, shook it, and said, "I bet I can guess what it is. A box of sweets." "That's right, but how did you know?" asked the girl. "Oh, just a wild guess," said the teacher. The next gift was from the son of the liquor storeowner. The teacher held he package overhead, but it was leaking. She touched a drop off the leakage with her finger and put it to her tongue. "Is it wine?" she asked. "No," the boy replied, with some excitement. The teacher repeated the process, tasting a larger drop of the leakage. "Is it champagne?" she asked. "No," the boy replied, with more excitement. The teacher took one more big taste before declaring, "I give up, what is it?" With great glee, the boy replied, "Surprise, SURPRISE! ... It's a puppy!"

There's a man sitting at a bar just looking at his drink. He stays like that for half an hour. Then, a big trouble-making truck driver steps next to him, takes the drink from the guy, and just drinks it all down.
The poor man starts crying. The truck driver says, "Come on man, I was just joking. Here, I'll buy you another drink. I just can't stand seeing a man crying."
"No, it's not that. This day is the worst of my life. First, I fall asleep, and I'm late to my office. My boss, in an outrage, fires me. When I leave the building to my car, I found out it was stolen. The police say they can do nothing. I get a cab to return home and when I leave it, I remember I left my wallet and credit cards there. The cab driver just drives away. I go home and when I get there, I find my wife sleeping with the gardener. I leave home and come to this bar. And when I was thinking about putting an end to my life, you show up and drink my poison."

Heaven is a place where the police are English; the chefs are Italian; the car mechanics are German; the lovers are French and it's all organized by the Swiss.
Hell is a place where the police are German; the chefs are English; the car mechanics are French; the lovers are Swiss and it's all organized by the Italians.


Judge: "Are you related to the defendant by birth or by marriage?"
Woman: "Yes, your honor. I have a son by him, and two daughters by the son."
Judge (taken aback): "Er. What??..."
Woman: "Well, you see, he's my stepfather."

"[P]eople laugh...because it hurts,.. because it's the only thing that'll make it stop hurting." -- Robert A. Heinlein, STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND, 1961

"Earnestness never is as remote from us and our jokes as we'd like." -- Hermann Hesse, 1933 (my transl.)

ADULT:  A person who has stopped growing at both ends and is now growing in the middle.
BEAUTY PARLOR:  A place where women curl up and dye.
CHICKENS:  The only animals you eat before they are born and after they are dead.
COMMITTEE:  A body that keeps minutes and wastes hours.
DUST:  Mud with the juice squeezed out.
EGOTIST:  Someone who is usually me-deep in conversation.
HANDKERCHIEF:  Cold Storage.
INFLATION:  Cutting money in half without damaging the paper.
MOSQUITO:  An insect that makes you like flies better.
RAISIN:  A grape with a sunburn.
SECRET:  Something you tell to one person at a time.
SKELETON:  A bunch of bones with the person scraped off.
TOOTHACHE:  The pain that drives you to extraction.
TOMORROW:  One of the greatest labor saving devices of today.
YAWN:  An honest opinion openly expressed.
WRINKLES:  Something other people have, similar to my character lines.

The Old Man and the Sea
A seaman meets a pirate in a bar, and they take turns to tell their adventures on the seas. The seaman notes that the pirate has a peg leg, hook, and an eye patch. Curious, the seaman asks "So, how did you end up with the peg-leg?"
The pirate replies "I was swept overboard into a school of sharks. Just as my men were pulling me out, a shark bit my leg off".
"Wow!" said the seaman. "What about the hook"?
"Well...", replied the pirate, "We were boarding an enemy ship and were battling the other sailors with swords. One of the enemy cut my hand clean off."
"Incredible!" remarked the seaman. "How did you get the eye patch"?
"A seagull dropping fell into my eye", replied the pirate.
"What? You lost your eye to a seagull dropping?" the sailor asked.
"Well..." said the pirate, "That was my first day with the hook." 

" Lady, this vacuum cleaner will cut your work in half. "
" Good. I’ll take two of them. "


"Do you hate people?"

"I don't hate them...I just feel better when they're not around."

                          -- Charles Bukowski (1920-1994), Barfly

In einer Bank werden 5 Kannibalen als Programmierer angestellt. Bei der Begrüßung der Kannibalen sagt der CEO: "Ihr könnt jetzt hier arbeiten, verdient gutes Geld und könnt zum Essen in unsere Kantine gehen. Also lasst die anderen Mitarbeiter in Ruhe."
Die Kannibalen geloben, keine Kollegen zu belästigen.
Nach vier Wochen kommt der CEO wieder und sagt: "Ihr arbeitet sehr gut. Allerdings fehlt uns eine Putzfrau, wisst Ihr was aus der geworden ist?"
Die Kannibalen antworten alle mit "nein" und schwören, mit der Sache nichts zu tun zu haben.
Als der CEO wieder weg ist, fragt der Boss der Kannibalen: "Wer von Euch Affen hat die Putzfrau gefressen?"
Meldet sich hinten der letzte ganz kleinlaut: "Das war ich."
Kannibalen-Boss, ärgerlich: "Du Idiot, jetzt ernähren wir uns seit vier Wochen ausschließlich von Teamleitern, Abteilungsleitern und Projekt-Managern, damit keiner etwas merkt, und Du Depp musst die Putzfrau fressen!"

The children had all been photographed, and the teacher was trying to persuade them each to buy a copy of the group picture. "Just think how nice it will be to look at it when you are all grown up and say, 'There's Jennifer.. she's a lawyer,' or 'That's Michael, he's a doctor.'"
A small voice at the back of the room rang out, "And there's the teacher. She's dead."

Government Philosophy: If it ain't broke, fix it 'till it is.

A police recruit was asked during the exam, "What would you do if you had to arrest your own mother?"
He said: "Call for backup."

The economy is so bad that .. .. The Mafia is now laying off judges !

What do you call a KKK member? A moderate Republican.

The photographer for a national magazine was assigned to get photos of a great forest fire. Smoke at the scene was too thick to get any good shots, so he frantically called his home office to hire a plane. "It will be waiting for you at the airport!" he was assured by his editor. As soon as he got to the small, rural airport, sure enough, a plane was warming up near the runway. He jumped in with his equipment and yelled, "Let's go! Let's go! GO!" The pilot swung the plane into the wind and they took off, a bit wobbly. "Fly over the north side of the fire," said the photographer, "and make three or four low level passes." "What?" asked the pilot, "Why?" "Because I'm going to take pictures! I'm a photographer, and photographers take pictures!" said the photographer with great exasperation. After a long pause the pilot said, "You-, you mean you're not the instructor?"

A lawyer was cross-examining the doctor about whether or not he had checked the pulse of the deceased before he signed the death certificate. "No," the doctor said. "I did not check his pulse." "And did you listen for a heartbeat?" asked the lawyer. "No I did not," the doctor said. "So," said the lawyer, "when you signed the death certificate, you had not taken steps to make sure he was dead." The doctor said, "Well, let me put it this way. The man's brain was in a jar on my desk but, for all I know, he could be out practicing law somewhere."

An evil Atheist explorer in the depths of the Amazon suddenly finds himself
surrounded by a bloodthirsty group of natives. Upon surveying the situation, he says quietly to himself "Oh God, I'm  screwed!!!!!"
A ray of light shines down from heaven and a voice booms out: "No, you are NOT
screwed. Pick up that stone at your feet and bash in the head of the chief standing in front of you."
So, the explorer picks up the stone and proceeds to bash the living heck out of the chief.
As he stands above the lifeless body, breathing heavily, surrounded by 100 natives with a look of shock on their faces, God's voice booms out again: "Okay ..... NOW you're screwed."
He:  "What could I give you for Christmas?"
She: "To be honest, what I would like most is a divorce."
He:  "To be honest, I wasn't planning to spend that much."

Two husbands were discussing their married lives. Although happily married, both admitted that there were arguments sometimes.
"I've made one great discovery. I know how to always have the last word." A said.
"Wow!" said B, "how did you manage that?"
"It's easy," replied A. "My last word is always 'Yes, Dear.'"

Wife: "There’s trouble with the car. It has water in the carburetor."
Husband: "Water in the carburetor? That’s ridiculous."
Wife: "I tell you the car has water in the carburetor."
Husband: "You don’t even know what a carburetor is. Where’s the car?"
Wife: "In the swimming pool."

An elderly couple stood before the family court judge after a long divorce trial. The judge asked why they wanted a divorce after having been married for nearly 70 years. They answered: "We wanted to wait, till after the kids had died."

" If you were my husband I would poison your coffee. "
" If you were my wife I would drink it gladly. "

Do not steal ! -- The government abhors competition.

A man visiting a graveyard saw a tombstone that read: "Here lies John Smith, a lawyer and an honest man."
“Fancy that!” he exclaimed. "They’ve got three people buried in one grave here!"

A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.

An 85-year-old widow went on a blind date with a 90-year-old man. When she returned to her daughter's house later that night, she seemed upset.
"What happened, Mother?" the daughter asked.
"I had to slap his face three times!"
"You mean he got fresh?"
"No," she answered. "I thought he was dead!"

It's only ~99 percent of lawyers who give the rest a bad name.

On the first day of college, the Dean addressed the students: "The female dormitory is out-of-bounds for all male students, and the male dormitory for the female students. Anybody caught breaking this rule will be fined $20 the first time. The second time you will be fined $60. A third time will cost you a fine of $180. Are there any questions?"
One student inquired, "How much for a season pass?"

Computers are like air conditioners. They work fine until you start opening windows.

A grizzled old man was eating in a truck stop when three large, leathered bikers walked in. The first walked up to the old man, pushed his cigarette into the old man's pie and then took a seat at the counter. The second walked up to the old man, spat into the old man's milk and then he too took a seat at the counter. The third walked up to the old man, turned over his plate, and then took a seat at the counter.
Without a word of protest, the old man quietly left the diner. Shortly thereafter, one of the bikers said to the waitress, "Humph, not much of a man, was he?"
The waitress replied, "Not much of a truck driver either. Just backed his big-rig over three motorcycles."

There are more important things than money, but they won’t date you if you don’t have any

Teacher: Now, Sam, tell me frankly do you say prayers before eating?
Sam: No sir, we don't have to, my mom is a good cook.

A Saudi Prince went to Germany to study.
A month later, he sends a letter to his dad saying: "Berlin is wonderful, people are nice and I really like it here, but I'm a bit ashamed to arrive to school with my gold Mercedes when all my teachers travel by train."
Sometime later he gets a letter from his dad with a blanco-check saying: "Stop embarrassing us, go and get yourself a train too!"

Treffen sich zwei Kriegsveteranen und reden über alte Zeiten.
"Ich habe damals in Polen einen Panzer mit meinem Säbel auseinandergenommen!",
sagt der eine.
"Das ist noch gar nichts",  meinte der andere, "ich habe mit einer Mistgabel
einen Flieger runtergeholt!".
"Waaas??",  sagt der erste, "vom Himmel???"
"Ne, von meiner Alten!"


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Q: How do the brain-cells of blondes die?
A: In solitude.
Q: What do you call a man who just lost his brain?
A: Divorced.
Q: What's a blonde with 2 (two) brain-cells?
A: Pregnant.

CEO -- Chief Embezzlement Officer.

An engineer dies and reports to the pearly gates. St. Peter checks his dossier and says, "Ah, you're an engineer — you're in the wrong place." So the engineer reports to the gates of hell and is let in. Pretty soon, the engineer gets dissatisfied with the level of comfort in hell, and starts designing and building improvements. After a while, they've got air conditioning, flush toilets and escalators, and the engineer is becoming a pretty popular guy. One day God calls Satan up on the telephone and asks with a sneer, "So, how's it going down there in hell?" Satan replies, "Hey, things are going great. We've got air conditioning, flush toilets and escalators, and there's no telling what this engineer is going to come up with next." God replies, "What??? You've got an engineer? That's a mistake — he should never have gotten down there; send him up here." Satan says, "No way! I like having an engineer on the staff, and I'm keeping him." God says, "Send him back up here or I'll sue." Satan laughs uproariously and answers, "Yeah right. And just where are YOU going to get a lawyer?"
Q: what's 500 lawyers chained to the bottom of the sea?
A: downbelow

Computers can never replace humans. They may become capable of artificial intelligence, but they will never master real stupidity.

there is (KHK's) 3 ways to ruin a cooperation completely:
     1) women (the most exciting one)
       2) gambling (the fastest one)
            3) computers (the safest one)

A student burst into his professor’s office and says; "Professor Stigler, I don't believe I deserve this F you've given me."

To which Stigler replied, "I agree, but unfortunately it is the lowest grade the University will allow me to award."

Once upon a time there was a famous sea captain. This captain was very successful at what he did; for years he guided merchant ships all over the world. Never did stormy seas or pirates get the best of him. He was admired by his crew and fellow captains. However, there was one thing different about this captain. Every morning he went through a strange ritual. He would lock himself in his quarters and open a small safe. In the safe was an envelope with a piece of paper inside. He would stare at the paper for a minute, and then lock it back up. Afterwards, he would go about his daily duties. For years this went on, and his crew became very curious. Was it a treasure map? Was it a letter from a long lost love? Everyone speculated about the contents of the strange envelope.

One day the captain died at sea. After laying the captain's body to rest, the first mate led the entire crew into the captain’s quarters. He opened the safe, got the envelope, and opened it and... The first mate turned pale and showed the paper to the others. Four words were on the paper; two lines with two words each:

Port Left
Starboard Right

A Little PLANE FUN ...

A DC-10 had come in a little hot and thus had an exceedingly long roll out after touching down.
San Jose Tower noted: "American 751, make a hard right turn at the end of the runway, if you are able.
If you are not able, take the Guadeloupe exit off Highway 101, make a right at the lights and return to the airport."

    American 1204: Approach, what's this aircraft doing at my altitude?
    Tower: What makes you think it's YOUR altitude, Captain?

Tower: "Eastern 702, cleared for takeoff, contact Departure on frequency 124.7"
Eastern 702: "Eastern 702 switching to Departure. By the way, after we lifted off we saw some kind of dead animal on the far end of the runway."
Tower: "Continental 635, cleared for takeoff behind Eastern 702, contact Departure on frequency 124.7 Did you copy that report from Eastern 702?"
Continental 635: "Continental 635, cleared for takeoff, roger; and yes, we copied Eastern ... we've already notified our caterers."

    Tower: "Delta 351, you have traffic at 10 o'clock, 6 miles!"
    Delta 351: "Give us another hint! We have digital watches!"

      Laughter is better than pills for whatever ails you.
          -- J. Michael Straczynski, Babylon 5, #2.6


Right and Left
War does not determine who is right
- only who is left


A man awoke one evening to discover prowlers in his storage shed. He immediately called 911, gave his address, to report the prowlers and possible burglary. The operator at the other end said "Are they in your house?" He said they were not, only in his storage shed in back of the house. The operator said there were no cars available at that time. He thanked the operator, hung up the phone and counted to 30 and called again. "I just called you about prowlers in my storage shed. Well you do not have to worry, as I just shot them all dead!" Within seconds there were 3 police cars, an ambulance and fire engine at the scene. After capturing the prowlers red-handed, the policeman asked the caller, "I thought you said you had shot them all!" The man answered, "I thought you said there were no police available!"

  All humor is gallows humor.    ( Steppenwolf )

backup of some more of my favorite jokes

A(lawyers) A modest but promising start.

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Posted: Oct 15, 2012 12:12am
Oct 8, 2012

According to the ICJ *unambiguously*, "All of the West Bank, all of Gaza, and all of East Jerusalem are occupied Palestinian territory... And each and every one of those settlements is illegal, a flagrant violation of international law... The Israeli leave all the territory they conquered in June 1967." (d'accord) (seems there isn't many who (dare) enunciate this)
-- Norman Finkelstein in "Jewish American Relationship with Israel at the Crossroads | The New School"

" Settlers are now mandated to carry weapons with them. " -- Nora Barrows-Friedman  in "Earth at Risk" (2011)

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Posted: Oct 8, 2012 6:33pm
Sep 25, 2012

Stohl 2012, acp.    >>

" Regarding 133Xe, we find a total release of 15.3 (uncertainty range 12.2–18.3) EBq, which is more than twice as high as the total release from Chernobyl... The entire noble gas inventory of reactor units 1–3 was set free into the atmosphere between 11 and 15 March 2011. "

= There was complete (ie.. affecting all fuel assemblies) meltdown of units 1–3 and total containment failure by 2011-03-15; with combined reactor-inventory (ie. radionuclides present at time of accident, units 1-3, no SFP) about twice that of Chernobyl-IV-1986.

The release was somewhat less violent than Ch'86 and total releases (of Cs, Sr, ..) from Fuk'11 smaller than those from Ch'86, but fallout (~20% over Japan, ~2% other land, ~78% into ocean) affected a more populated area.

SFP#4: 1535 fuel bundles = 2 core loads, and unit#4 had been shut-down on 2010-11-29. After at least 19 months spent fuel assemblies are transferred into a common larger SFP, outside at ground level. This common SFP contained 6374 assemblies.

This and other valuable data (best) found in:

"Xenon-133 and caesium-137 releases into the atmosphere from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant: determination of the source term, atmospheric dispersion, and deposition" Stohl &al, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 12, 2313–2343, 2012

Cs-137 INVENTORY of Fuk.Dai-ichi 1+2+3 reactor cores (no spent fuel) calculated from electricity-data from wikipedia, using Eisenbud & Gesell, 4th ed. (1997)] = 390 PBq.

Cs-137 RELEASED (according to Stohl&al): 36 PBq  "also from the spent-fuel pool of unit 4"

Cs-137 INVENTORY of RBMK-1000 = 200-284 PBq (assuming it ran on 70-100% of power rating; Dai-ichi(1-3) ran at 68% of rating in 2009-2010), of which RELEASE = 85 PBq  (according to wiki, and release= 100% of Xe, 55% of I, 3.5 % of fuel ... about 1/3 for Cs seems plausible; as Cs is less volatile than I and more than fuel)

YIELD=RELEASE from atmospheric tests 1945-1980 (=~200Mt fission):  1184 PBq

( Details available, in xls-format )

2011-11-02:  Nuclear Fission Detected at Fukushima

Tepco, began spraying boric acid on the No. 2 reactor at 2:48 a.m. Japan time to prevent [FURTHER] accidental chain reactions. ...

as pointed out by Prof. Chris. Busby, in "Chris Busby on radioactivity displacing supplements" at 4:00 (and this is a very-probably-valid and hugely important point):
although the radio-nuclide-emissions from Fu.Dai-ichi'11 are (still) somewhat less than those from Chernobyl'86, the health implications are probably bigger, maybe way bigger, as many more people are affected. -- So, considering damage to human health, Fuk.Dai-ichi MAY(correctly) be considered 'worse than Chernobyl'

release of Cs-137

by Windscale 1957 .........        22 TBq
by Little Boy  ..............      89 TBq
by Fuk.Dai-ichi 2011 .... (15-)35,000 TBq (1a, 1b)
.............................  36,000 TBq (3)
by Chernobyl 1986 .........    85,000 TBq (2)

1a) according to Tokyo Shimbun, based on government data

1b) according to

2)  according to wiki/Chernobyl_catastrophe
Japan’s Fukushima catastrophe brings big radiation spikes to B.C.

3) Stohl & al; Atmos. Chem. Phys. Discuss., 11, 28319-28394, 2011

Canada allows 6 Bq/l of I-131 in drinking water—or 54 times more than the EPA ( => EPA: ~ 0.1 mBq/l )
some rainwater in N-Am > 10 Bq/l

I-131 in air: background < = 0.01 mBq/m**3; peaked in Sidney(Can) on 2011-03-20 at 3.6 mBq/m**3


Dresden, 13.2.1945 22h - 15.02.1945;  ~ 2 kt explosives + ~ 2 kt incendiaries
Tokyo, 9.-10.3.1945; "only" ~ 1.7 kt bombs needed for the most destructive bombing
Hiroshima, 1945-08-06 08:15 ; ~ 15 kt(TNT) U (bullet-type)
Nagasaki, 1945-08-09 11:02 ; ~ 21 kt(TNT) Pu (implosion)
((according 2 wiki; localtime))


Huge radiation release led to severity hike

According to the Cabinet Office's Nuclear Safety Commission, about one TBq/h is currently being discharged into the air... The commission concluded that the total amount released was 630 PBq of I-131 + Cs-137.

The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency concluded that 370 PBq of radioactive I and Cs have been released.

Junichi Matsumoto, acting head of Tokyo Electric Power Co.'s Nuclear Power & Plant Siting Division, acknowledged [that] from the standpoint of how much radiation has been released, [Fukushima] is equal to or more serious than Chernobyl."


'Melt-through' at Fukushima? / Govt report to IAEA suggests situation worse than meltdown

Fukushima nuclear plant may have suffered 'melt-through', Japan admits

2011-06-07: Japan doubles radiation leak estimate

" 770 PBq escaped into the atmosphere in the first week"

June: Fukushima radioactive water could overflow soon

Fuk.Dai-ichi: water onsite: 720 PBq
(admitted) atmospheric release: 370-630 PBq
(admitted) release into ocean: ~ 5 PBq

Chernobyl'86 total atmospheric release: 5200 PBq

Confirmed: 3 Meltdowns and 3 pressure-vessels damaged.
Meltdown Speed Varied By Reactor And it IS (the Zirkonium from) the fuel-casings that, reacting with water when hot enough, produce (mostof/all?)the Hydrogen.

In May TEPCO finally admitted meltdown of reactor#1 ... and

Meltdown Also Likely Occurred at No.2, No.3 Reactors of Fukushima Plant

MeltDown  --  images from Chernobyl'86

Gesundheitliche Folgen von Tschernobyl - 25 Jahre nach der Reaktorkatastrophe

April 2011,  IPPNW + Gesellschaft für Strahlenschutz

New Book Concludes..Chernobyl Death Toll: 985,000 / IAEA:"4000" (harharhar!)

" Casualties of war can be counted immediately. But the effects of the reactor-disaster will be felt for generations. "
-- school principal of "Almani(?)", district of Stolin, ca. 220 km west of Chernobyl  (in "Am Schauplatz - NACH DER HÖLLE" ; my transl.)

NHK (5.4.011)
>> The utility firm said samples of water taken near the water intake of the No. 2 reactor at 11:50 AM Saturday contained 300,000 becquerels of iodine 131 per cubic centimeter, or 7.5 million times the legal limit.
so, presumably, The Limit refers to I-131 (only) and is
I-131:  300,000 / 7.5E6  Bq/ml = 40 Bq/l

ZAMG: Fukushima (Update: 4. April 2011 12:00)
" traces of I-131 and Cs-137 are now being detected virtually everywhere in the northern hemisphere, including the Arctic. In parts of USA it's > 1mBq/m**3 I-131. Nowhere does this pose an immediate health risk. "

+++++ 16.7.1945 +++ 6+9.8.1945 ++...++ 26.4.1986 +++ 11.3.2011 +++++

ZAMG: ...Fukushima (Update: 2. April 2011 12:00 [CET])
Sum of emissions in the first week [12.-19.03.011] is between 10 PBq and 700 PBq I-131 and between 1 PBq and 70 PBq Cs-137 [a little below Ch'86] where the estimate for the lower boundary is extremely conservative

Chernobyl'86:  1760 PBq I-131  +  85  PBq Cs-137   (wiki)

LittleBoy'45:    60 PBq I-131  +  0.1 PBq Cs-137   (*)

IvyMike'52:   32000 PBq I-131  +  53  PBq Cs-137   (**)
CastleBravo'54   ???   maybe > IvyMike !
TsarBomb'61:   6000 PBq I-131  +  10 PBq  Cs-137   (**)

*) my GUESStimates (see below)

ZAMG (30.3.)  " ~ 100 PBq I-131 / DAY "

ZAMG: Fukushima (Update: 26. März 2011 10:00)
Nach unseren Abschätzungen gehen wir derzeit von Jod-131 Emissionen in der Größenordnung von 1017 Bq pro Tag aus, sowie von Cäsium-137 Freisetzungen zwischen 5 1015 und 5 1016 Bq pro Tag. Hochgerechnet auf die Dauer des Unfalles ergeben sich für diese flüchtigen Isotope Summen, die mit der Reaktorkatastrophe von Chernobyl vergleichbar sind.

ZAMG: Fukushima (Update: 24. März 2011 12:00 [CET])
" estimated emissions for Fukushima.Daiichi IN FIRST THREE DAYS
  =~ 20% Chernobyl for I-131, 20-60% Ch'yl for Cs-137

12.+13.3.:      260 PBq I-131  +  10 PBq Cs-137
14.+15.3.:      240 PBq I-131  + ?80 PBq Cs-137;  " 5-50 PBq/day "

Chernobyl'86:  1760 PBq I-131  +  85 PBq Cs-137

"Little Boy"  (roughly) 60 PBq I-131  +  0.1 PBq Cs-137 [my guesstimate, which I arrived at like this:  >>
yield of Cs-137 = 6.337 %   ( T = 30 years )
yield of I-129  = 0.841 %  >>
I-131 [comprises] nearly 3% of the total products of fission
say:  I-131 =~ 3 %  ( T = 8 days )
... call that PFP (PercentFissionProduct)

"Little Boy"
38.5 kg U-235; ~2% fissioned
# U-235 split by LB =~ 38.5 kg * 2% / 235 g/mol * 6E23 atoms/mol =~ 2E24
N(t) = N0 * 0.5**(t/T) = N0 * exp(t * ln(2) / T) ;
T := half-life-time
A(t=0) = dN/dt(0) = N0 * ln(2) / T

LittleBoy:  N0(x) =~  2E24 * PFP(x) ; A0(x) =~  2E24 * PFP(x) * ln(2) / T(x)

I-131:  2E24 * 3% * ln(2) / (8*24*3600s) =~  60 PBq
Cs-137: 2E24 * 6.3% * ln(2) / (30*365*24*3600s) =~ 0.1 PBq


Ivy Mike  (1952-11-01)  10.4 Mt(TNT) >= 77% fission = ~8000 kt(TNTfromFission) =~ 534 "LittleBoy"s

Castle Bravo  (1954-03-01 "fission reactions of the natural uranium tamper were quite dirty") 15 Mt(TNT)  "a substantial fraction" ?%? fission?

Tsar Bomb (1961-10-30 "three-stage design", one of the "cleanest" nuclear bombs) 50 Mt(TNT) 3% fission (97% fusion)
=~ 1500 kt(TNTfromFission) =~ 100 "LittleBoy"s =>


Animated map of nuclear explosions, 1945-1998

Interactive Maps: Worldwide Nuclear Power

ZAMG: Fukushima (Update: 21. März 2011 11:00)
I-131 (half-life= 8 days), Cs-137 (30 years), Xe-133 (5.2 days)

ZAMG:  Fukushima: Ausbreitung von Radioaktivität
spread of radioactivity, esp. I-131 (half-life= 8 days), Cs-137 (=30 years); German; +animated maps
ZAMG (Ger.) = Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics

Fukushima Nuclear, 9 Day Weather Forecast

       Japan: max. radiation per prefecture
       wiki/Gray >>  1 Gy =~ 115 R   /   1Gy ~~ 1[.1] Sv

geiger-counter-chiba.livestream    (?offline since 2011-03-25)

radiation readings in ibaraki prefecture   (Japanese page, but values in nGy/h readable-4me)

IAEA: Fukushima..Update (25 March 2011, 05.15 UTC)
injection of (sea)water into reactor pressure vessels of #1,2&3 continues
the spent fuel pool of #4 was sprayed with ~150 t of water using concrete pump truck on 24 March
120 t of seawater was injected in the spent fuel pool of #3 on 23+24 March

IAEA: Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Accident Update (23 March, 1:10 UTC)


HOWMUCH  U  split .. in "Hiroshima"-units ?
Fukushima (700 MW) x 1 year ?

"Little Boy" >>
 ~15 kt(TNT) =~ 0.6 g

E = m * c**2 ;  c = 300,000 km/s = 3E8 m/s
1 W = 1 kg*m**2/s**3 )

3(th/el)*700 MW(el) * 300*24*3600 s / ( 3E8 m/s )**2 = 0.6 kg

1000  "Little Boy"s / year   !!! >>  38.5 kg U-235, ~2% fissioned; ~ 15kt(TNT) ~ 63 TJ (^=0.7g) , "0.6 g"    >>    6.2 kg Pu-239(&240), 20% fissioned; ~ 21 kt(TNT)  >>

nuclear fuel in the Chernobyl 4 reactor that exploded in 1986: 190 t

Estimated nuclear fuel and fission by-products released into the atmosphere during Chernobyl disaster: 25 to 57 t

Approximate amount of nuclear fuel in each crippled Fukushima Daiichi reactor: 70 to 100 t


H2O( fluid,cold->100°gas )
H2O( 0°->100° )... 418 J/g
H2O( fl->g )..... 2250 J/g
H2O( 0°fl->100°g ) ... 2668 J/g
1 MW -> 0,37 kg/s = 1,3 t/h >>
decayheat(1W after shutdown) = ~0.2%
0.2% * 3(th/el)*700 MW(el) = 4,2 MW ~~ 5 t/h H2O( cold->100°g )

WHEN was reactor #4 shut down ?  ... November 2010 (?)

       data on spent fuel storage (pdf)



Sievert = unit of dosage equivalent   ( 1 Gy =~ 1 Sv = 100 rem )

" 15-second-long [TSA "full body"] scan is equal to about an hour of normal background radiation "
wiki>> The worldwide average background about 2.4 millisievert (mSv) per year
2.4 mSv / y * 1 h = 2.7E-4 mSv

* wiki/Banana_equivalent_dose ...... 0.0001  mSv = 0.1 µSv
TSA-scan:           2.7E-4 mSv     = 0.00027 mSv = 2.7 BED
# smoking 1 cigarette = 1.2E-3 mSv = 0.0012  mSv = 12 BED =~ 4 TSA-scans
# Dental radiography, typical .....   = 0.005   mSv
# smoking 1 pack (20 cigarettes)   = 0.024   mSv

VIE.UKH-Meidling: " 1 LungenRÖ =~ Flug VIE-NY ; 1 CT = viele LuRÖ "
VIE.UKH-Meidling: " 1 Lungen-CT =  2226 mAs ( * ?? V) "

# Chest x-ray = 0.04 mSv
* flight NY-Tokyo = 0.1 mSv  ( )
TWO TSA-scans 365 times =>  0.2 mSv
# Mammogram = 0.30 mSv
# Smoking 1.5 packs/day = 13 mSv/year
#...from wiki/Sievert#Dose_Benchmarks, and wiki/ISS

# airliner (10 km)    # Living near a[N ACCIDENT-FREE] nuclear power station = less than 0.01 mSv/year
     BUT this is *external* radiation ONLY; ingestion of radionuclides NOT considered
# Chest x-ray = 0.04 mSv
# airliner (10 km)                         ~ 0.2  mSv/day
# Cosmic radiation (from sky) at sea level = 0.24 mSv/year
# Terrestrial radiation (from ground) = 0.28 mSv/year
# Mammogram = 0.30 mSv
# Natural radiation in the human body = 0.40 mSv/year
# Radon in the average US home = 2 mSv/year
#  1 µSv/hour = 8.76 mSv/year
# Smoking 1.5 packs/day = 13 mSv/year
! allowed dose for Fukushima's workers was increased to 250 mSv (normally 20 mSv per year)
# ISS, LEO: 380-400km:  ~ 1 mSv/day =~ 360 mSv/year

Effects to humans of acute radiation (within one day:
# 0–0.25 Sv: None
# 0.25–1 Sv: ...nausea...; bone marrow, lymph nodes, spleen damaged
# 3–6 Sv: ... death if untreated
# 6–10 Sv: ... death expected
# Above 10 Sv: Incapacitation and death

allowed dose for Fukushima's workers was increased to 250 mSv (normally 20 mSv per year)

Fukushima.Dai-ichi inside #2 reactor housing(18.04.2011) ... 4.1 mSv/h
Fukushima.Dai-ichi inside ##1,3 reactor buildings (04/011) ... 10-60 mSv/h
Fukushima.Dai-ichi "water in and around the #2 turbine building" (04/011) ...  > 1 Sv/h

Chernobyl-meltdown(measured near 'elefant-foot', 1986) ...  > 10,000 R/h =~ 100 Sv/h


U$A :  >>  Decades-old nuclear power plants are currently being relicensed for years of further use, even as they fail to meet today's safety standards...The plants are also obtaining permission to forgo routine maintenance. This leads to near-disasters such as the Ohio plant that just happened to discover a football-size hole in a containment vessel.

     short (re-direct) URL for this =

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Posted: Sep 25, 2012 12:12am
Sep 21, 2012

We're past Autumnal Equinox which occurred on 2012-09-22 14:48 (UTC). Upcoming: a total solar eclipse on 2012-11-13 and a penumbral lunar eclipse on 2012-11-28.

  now the weather: it's fucked. it's getting worse. and it's your fault. have a nice end.

***    SEASONS GREETINGS - 2139  (2012/05)  ***

((  (unverified)draft/Entwurf, inArbeit.  Corrections welcome !  ))

nach meiner Schaetzung  schreiben wir für den Grossteil des gregorianischen Jahres 2012 das Jahr- / i'd estimate that in most of the gregorian 2012 it's the year-
5773 Hebraic (Jewish) ("creation" 3761 'BeforeChrist')
5125 Mayan
4711 Chinese(one of)
2139 Tibetan (Dragon/Water) (#1)
2012 gregorian
1433 Islamic (?. prophet: ?570-632 A.D.)
138  Pataphysical
108  Thelemic (liber AL, 1904 e.v. )
67   Atomic (1945)

After LOSAR on 23.03. it is now the year 2139, a year of Water/Dragon, according to the royal Tibetal calendar.

#1) Tibetan year-count starts with the crowning of Nyatri Tsenpo as the first Tibetan King in 127 "B.C." -  and the official Tibetan New Year, Losar, is celebrated on the first day of the first month of the Tibetan lunar calendar and it falls around the February new moon. The first month is called Hor-zla (Mongolian month) because of their Mongolian connection. -- Losar 2138 was on 5th of March "2011"; Losar 2139 will be celebrated on February 22, and 2139 will be a year of Water/Dragon.

'New year' of the gregorian calendar was copied from Roman calender(s), --probably marking the start of a session-period in the Roman Senate!-- and seems totally arbitrary nowadays; imho this alone is sufficient reason for getting rid of "pope gregor's" calendar. The chauvinism of using the alleged birth-year of some mythical figure as year '1' another sufficient reason.

There was a total lunar eclipse on 2010-12-21 (time-lapse-vid on utube ) and  a partial solar eclipse on 2011-01-04  ( images )

Earth passed through perihelion on 2011-01-03 at 18:31 GMT (at a distance of ca. 0.9833 AU), saw a (total) LUNAR ECLIPSE on  2011-06-15; passed through aphelion on 2011-07-04 at 14:52 GMT (at a distance of ca. 1.0167 AU); is past VERNAL EQUINOX : 2011-03-20 23:20 GMT (dist.:  0.996 AU)  and  we're past WINTER SOLSTICE : 2011-12-22 05:29 (UTC) and past perihelion on 2011-01-05 at 00:31 GMT (at a distance of ca. 0.9833 AU). As Earths orbital velocity then is at maximum, winter(on N-hemisphere) in the shortest season.

We're past SUMMER SOLSTICE ( June 20, at 23:08 UTC ).

... tbc. ...

work in progress

CETERUM CENSEO [and I still do think:]
we should/have-to(if we want it to survive) heal humanity of christianity and similar anti-rational dis-eases; and -amongst others- get rid of  XXXme$$ and "pope gregor's" calendar.

           IMAGINE a world without religion !



* PRACTISE random ACTs of kindness and ACTs of senseless beauty *

* PRACTISE random ACTs of kindness and ACTs of senseless beauty *

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Posted: Sep 21, 2012 12:12am
Sep 8, 2012

Lifestyleism  n., from Lifestyle + ism (as in racism, speciesism, cosmeticism); 21st cent.; not in my 1994 Collins, and not yet in en.wikipedia (or is it?), so I'll work on putting together some description / definition:

Lifestyleism (as defined by Derrick Jensen) is the believe that personal lifestyle changes are sufficient to create significant social changes. The most virulent forms of this are actively opposed to organized political action. 

" To ever get free from all the oppressions and wrongs heaped upon us, we must pay for their removal. We must do this by labor, by suffering, by sacrifice, and, if needs be, by our lives, and the lives of others. " -- Frederick Douglass (1818-1895)

At the beginning of the "21st century"  Lifestyleism and Cosmeticism (which often occur together) are sharply on the rise, and are (among) those wonderful "Bright Green Lies" [= title of an upcoming book by D.Jensen] that allow (all-too-many of) us (ie. humankind) to continue the

Dance of World Destruction

In order for us to maintain our way of living, we must...tell LIES to each other, and especially to ourselves. It is not necessary that the lies be particularly believable. The lies act as barriers to truth. These barriers to truth are necessary because without them many deplorable acts would become impossibilities. Truth must at all costs be avoided. ... And so we avoid these truths, these self-evident truths, and continue the dance of world destruction. (from "A Language Older than Words", 2000, by Derrick Jensen)

Lifestyleism as such is a huge and horrible dead-end that environmentalism has gone down. It is very harmful and it serves capitalism in many ways. One of which is that capitalism wants for us to be atomized but there are no personal solutions for social problems. Capitalism teaches that there are and also, the 1980s were the first time where corporate newspapers called human beings consumers more than it called them citizens. That is huge. If they can convince us that we are consumers and not citizens it reduces our range of possible resistance actions. If you are a consumer, you can buy or not buy. If you  are a citizen, you can buy or not buy, or you can organize to boycott, you can organize for a bunch of other reasons or when a government becomes destructive in the pursuit of life, liberty or happiness it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it. You can revolt. There is another transformation that has taken place that is just as wrenching which was few thousand years ago. When we were converted from human animals who needed community and who need habitat into citizens. One of the exchanges sociologist generally agree happens when you become a citizen is you grant the state a monopoly on violence. We are human animals who have teeth and have claws and we have relatives who are being killed. So one of the things we need to do in decolonizing is to move back and back and back, retransform back from being consumers, to citizens and citizens to human animals who need habitat. A couple of things real quickly I should have ended on that because that is really stirring. A couple of other things about the whole consumerism thing is one is it is simply ineffective. I did the math on this several years ago actually Aric McBay and I did the math. If you reduce your trash consumption to zero, so you produce zero trash. The average person in the United States produces about 2,600 pounds of trash per year. So you reduce it to zero, you wear tennis shoes until they fall off, you repair your toaster, you don't buy anything that doesn't have any packaging-- blah, blah, blah. Bad news the average per capita trash production is the United States is actually 26 tons. Ninety seven percent is actually by industry. You know those magic tricks where-- look over here, look over here, the real action is over here. That's what's happening is they are getting you to focus on-- I gotta reduce my trash, I gotta reduce my trash when that is 3% of the whole pie. Same with water, they say shorter showers, gotta take shorter showers it's going to save the world, the world is running out of water. Fucking bullshit. Ninety percent of the water used by human beings is used for agriculture and industry. Only 10% is used by human beings. Municipal human beings use the same amount of water as municipal golf courses. If you take shorter showers, all it is going to do is wreck your social life. Completely irrelevant to social change. That is a dead-end we need not go down. We need to organize and we need to take down the oppressive systems. Thank you!!!

-- Derrick Jensen,  in "Michigan, March 2 [2012] Talk edited"

recommended related reading (and great present for youngsters, imo)

"As the World Burns: 50 Simple Things You Can Do to Stay in Denial", 2007, a graphic novel by  Derrck Jensen & Stephanie McMillan

recommended related reading:  "Forget Shorter Showers - Why personal change does not equal political change" -- by Derrick Jensen, Orion Mag., 2009

          The Truth may hurt. Lies do kill.

          Truth only hurts when it should.

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Posted: Sep 8, 2012 12:12am
May 28, 2012

as to what prompted me to start these notes, see my comment on "does C2 care to help" down below ! 

-- severe --

(A-00) Fixing bugs or implementing simple, obvious improvements (like A-1, below) take WAY too long => care2's 'workflow' is in dire need of improvement.

(A-0) [ the "accounts-disappear'-bug ought be fixed for good.

(A-1) [since 'forever'] When spammers profiles are deleted their spam-postings ought be deleted, too, (semi-) automatically. This can be implemented with little effort and certainly would discourange spamming. (If there's any difficulty with *deleting* posts, alternatively, these posts could be marked-as-spam-for-every-user, so theey would be loaded, but their display suppressed.) -- 12/2010: There's some improvement with spamming in C2NN. But there's still posts by posters-who(se profile)-have-already-been-deleted. Same so in 03/2012. Same so at end of 04/2012.

(A-2) [12/2010] (many of my) comments-on-C2NN-disappear, repeatedly, some after I had received GreenStars for them. (this happened on at least 3 different occasions(days); while other comments on the same C2NN-posts did not disappear) -- this continues to happen, to several users, e.g. in Jan. 2011 ... and continues to happen, to several users, e.g. in April 2012. And again with many of my comments between 25.-28.04.2012.

This was reported to care2, by different users, again and again; Me alone reported/asked-for-repair at least 10 times (over many months; and quite carefully, precisely, providing accurate details) but never got any reply (other than the " ### AutoReply" msg). e.g., once more,  #734133: C2S: Safety Concerns - Cyberbullying - Wed, Mai 2, 2012 10:25.

(A-3) (2011...) 04/2012 care2-messaging is a mess. Deleted messages sometimes re-appear. Deleted messages do not appear in Trash. "Saved" message does not apear in SAVED-order, etc. etc --- makes me wonder: do care2-programmers know what a "commit" is?

--  medium --

(B-1a) ...2010: Billboard-Editor adds extra, unwanted linebreaks (so that after only [edit]+[save], with NO changes made billboard appears changed.) 

(B-1b) 10/2011 same now with blog-SHARE-Editor: adds extra, unwanted linebreaks -- 12/2011: not only NOT fixed, but seems to be getting worse. -- Bug is alive and thriving in 04/2012

(B-2) [My Care2 > Personal Messaging > Inbox > Message Detail
>> [REPLY]
sender is NOT used for To:
AND [click here to select names] does not work

(B-3) [when editing a (blog-)share the "Photo" is lost, very reliably.

(a least since 01/2010, well preserved 12/2011) /c2c/photos/view ...
[Make my Profile Photo] => NO all, there ought to be feedback
[Make my Album Cover]   => "Use this photo for the cover of its Album?" = (inconsistent and)superfluous

(B-5) and give different displays, should better be unified.

(B-6) (a least since 01/2010, bug well preserved 12/2011) [credits displayed (on myPage) seems sometimes wrong (despite reloading page); and redeemingcredits often does not work with FM "Sorry, your transaction could not be completed."

(B-7) [
(B-8) [2010,2011] old profile image is still used days after profile image has been changed.

(B-9) tags are not displayed in preview of C2NN-posts

(B-9) 10/2011: This text is mutilated (see e.g. B-7, above; C-2, below)

--  trifles --

(D-1)  04/2012...  the "New" in "New: Video on C2NN!  The little green camer.." ought to have been deleted a couple of years ago.

(D-2) 2010..2012  at  there ought be a hint "NO html" for the Description at "Submit a News Story to C2NN"

Submit a News Story to C2NN

-- nice-2-haves --

(C-1) [News-posts (and comments, too) should be (edit- or) delete-able by their author - so as to enable (retraction and) correction.

(C-2)  [or, even better: use the "Rearrange Album"-display also for "delete photos"

(C-3) [03/2011]  allow [a name="xyx"] in blog-shares

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Posted: May 28, 2012 12:12am
May 19, 2012

(more of) my playlists @  U2B

Bongwater - The Power of Pussy (1991)

australia : SOUND of the EARTH


John C. Lilly - ECCO (Earth Coincidence Control Office) (1994)

Van der Graaf Generator -- PAWN HEARTS (1971)

VdGG - H to He (WHO AM THE ONLY ONE) (1970; with bonus tracks)

minus delta t - OPERA DEATH  (1987)

courtesy of Canyon Records,

Robert Julian Horky - Tales of Power (1984)

Robert Julian Horky - WOODEN FLUTE

courtesy of Canyon Records,

some/most of following got destroyed by YouTube ...

... rebuilding (slowly) ...

Tangerine Dream - TYGER


+ Christopher Franke's  BABYLON 5 SUITE

Many of my playlists got destroyed by u2b; most are restored. 

The care2-blog-editor being quite cumbersome if not painful to use, AND u2b now displaying a usefully designed list of playlists, I don't invest much work into this here page, but will continue working on

my playlists @  U2B

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Posted: May 19, 2012 12:12pm
May 12, 2012


(1) at any time, indulgence in spectacles like sport-events/"Zuschauer-Sport" is NOT a 'harmless' amusement - it is always escapism: a distraction from everything that would really matter, and often an exercise in "irratonal jingoism" (as pointed out by Noam Chomsky ); and it is a major part of the now global system of stupidification and oppression, known already to the Romans, as  "panem et circenses"

Pretty much the same applies e.g. to 'fashion'.

(2) right now, humankind is facing a --possibly  fatal   (for our species)-- crisis, we are in a state of *emergency*, it's "All hands on deck! - time", and "Not only is it  The 11th hour , it's 11:59 and 59 seconds" -- and (at least imho) activities that could be considered 'harmless distractions' in other times are out-of-place right now, and indulgence therein ought be treated like any other (contagious!) sickness.

(( and i think that promoting any of it is definitely *not* worthy for care2, which is a site for *socially conscious* news ))

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Posted: May 12, 2012 12:13am
Feb 26, 2012


When I use the term Bullshit or Bull$hit I'm referring to something that's similar to what's described by this "Definition of Bullshit" except that I would stress the point of it being *deliberate* somewhat less, as nowadays much of BS is spread not-deliberately, and some of it even produced non-deliberately or at least by someone who would never admit to the intention.

Furthermore, I use "Bull$hit" (as opposed to, say "nonsense", "falsehood", or "error" -- things which I would try to point out and (where I can do so) correct) for something that I do not want to dig in, consider not-worthy of discussion, and want to warn others away from so that they can spare themselves.

And, obviosly, the spelling Bull$hit applies especially to the kind of BS which blatantly serves the interests of the financial-(industrial-military-fascistic)-complex.

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Posted: Feb 26, 2012 6:13am


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\\n\\n\\n\\n\\n3/18/11: \\\"The source term provided to NARAC was: (1) 25% of the total fuel in unit 2 (SFP) released to the atmosphere, (2) 50% of the total spent fuel from unit 3 (SFP) was released to the atmosphere, and (3) 100% of the total spent fuel wa...
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\\nThe HORD has begun its own orphanage Primary School in March 2010 in the rural Bussiwa village in kamuli district.  People live in small grass hatched houses, often large families in one room.  The people who live in these rural villages a...
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\\n \\n Every nuclear reactor is a military industrial complex stocked up with 1300 weapons of mass destruction that if released for ANY reason, can wipe out all life on the planet, from just ONE nuclear reactor. If a Carrington Event happens, whic...
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\\n \\n \\n http://www.agreenroadproj A nuclear subcontractor ordered workers at Fukushima to cover their dosimeters with lead to lower official levels of radiation would be reported; allowing workers to work longer hours inside the plant. By...