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Jun 11, 2006
Focus: Health
Action Request: Boycott
Location: United States
Please do NOT sign this petition, or any other petition like it! It is calling for the licensure of Naturopathic Doctors. There is more to this story than appears on the surface. I am a Naturopathic Doctor...I know! (PLEASE DO NOT SIGN!!!!!!!!!! I am calling for a BOYCOTT of petitions like this! PLEASE do NOT support licensure for naturopaths!!!)

Licensure does have it's benefits, yes. But to whom? To the consumer? Well...........not really. The consumer is losing out, because they are trying to arrange it so that true naturopathic medicine is no longer a choice.

It is fine if someone wants complementary care treatment...This is a real valid choice, and one that I would venture to say is most likely becoming the most popular choice in the world. The National Institute of Health estimates that 36% of Americans are using some form of complementary medicine. I applaud these people AND the conventional medical practice for embracing a more natural approach to health in this way! I think it's a much "healthier" choice!

However...It is not the only choice!!!

ALTERNATIVE medicine means OTHER THAN. Other than conventional. That means different, as in not the same.
Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary

One entry found for alternative medicine.

Main Entry: alternative medicine - any of various systems of healing or treating disease (as homeopathy, chiropractic, naturopathy, Ayurveda, or faith healing) that are not included in the traditional curricula taught in medical schools of the United States and Britain.

Think about it...If it is not the same, then why should the same Board make the decisions? Why should the same standards and practices be applied when they are not the same at all?

If someone wants alternative medicine, then let the experts in ALTERNATIVE medicine decide what is best and how practices ought to be done. We are the ones who have carried the naturopathic traditions down through the ages and taught them in schools all these years! We have our own professional standards! Why should we want to follow theirs?

People deserve to have choices
. Licensure takes that away. Licensure puts into the hands of legislators what the field of natural health ought to be.

Read the wording very carefully please: (The words in red are mine...)

We, the undersigned, are calling on you and the other members of Committee for Consumer Protection (again...protecting the consumers from what? Making choices in accordance with their own beliefs and preferences?) and Professional Licensure, to introduce legislation to license naturopathic physicians (naturopathic physicians are not the same as naturopathic doctors, but the two are being referred to as if they were the same...) in
Pennsylvania. (PLEASE DO NOT SIGN!!!!!)

With today’s ever-rising health care costs (when nature has provided all we need in the air, food, water, sunshine and herbs, as well as through exercise, artistic expression, emotional release, love and prayer for free since the beginning of time!) and increasing instances of chronic disease in our country, there is a renewed interest by the public, government, and health care institutionsPhysicians in the development of patient-centered systems of health care directed to improve the health of individuals and communities while also preventing illness. Licensure of Naturopathic Physicians (Licensure of Naturopathic Physicians is fine...But Naturopathic Physicians and Naturopathic Doctors are not the same thing! The terms are not interchangeable!) provides the public with just such a natural health care option. (TRADITIONAL NATUROPATHS, HOLISTIC HEALERS, AND OTHER NATURAL HEALTH PRACTIONERS HAVE BEEN SAYING THIS FOR AGES, AND CONVENTIONAL MEDICINE DID NOTHING BUT RIDICULE US AND HOLD US BACK AS A PROFESSION! NOW THEY WANT US TO MEET THEIR REQUIREMENTS WHEN THEY TOLD US WE WERE WRONG ALL ALONG ABOUT THE POWER OF NATURE TO HEAL??? SUDDENLY IT'S THEIR IDEA?! THEY WANT TO PROFIT and CONTROL US, THAT'S ALL!)
Contemporary Naturopathic Physicians (N.D.s) (N.D.s are NOT physicians...They are suggesting that it be required that N.D.s are licensed medical doctors before they can become N.D.s) are trained in medical science and conventional diagnostic techniques (Why do we need to be trained in “MEDICAL” science and “CONVENTIONAL” diagnostic techniques? Those are completely different approaches from what naturopaths practice, although many naturopaths do choose to become certified in medical disciplines in order to participate more fully in COMPLEMENTARY care, so again, the profession has addressed this need...Overall, however, we have much different ways which we greatly prefer...), and are qualified (by the standards of the profession or by the standards of legislators?) to apply natural therapies in treating and preventing disease (Naturopaths work in the realm of wellness...we support the body in treating itself the way nature intended...we do not directly treat any specific disease...we support the body's efforts to heal itself…we work to educate the consumer and to facilitate the process of healing…Naturopaths do not treat disease!) as well as restoring and maintaining health. Pennsylvania citizens have the right to know that the people offering such services are competent (naturopathic doctors are graduates of accredited naturopathic degree programs through accredited schools and are certified by professional boards) and licensed as physicians (we are not licensed, nor do we as a profession wish to be licensed in medical disciplines...they are two distinct and separate approaches…nor do we, as a profession, desire to seek government accreditation), and will be held accountable for their professional activities and outcomes (we ARE our professional boards and to the laws of the state already). Licensure of N.D.s will ensure that practitioners are reliable and properly educated (according to conventional standards...we have our own standards of practice already in place), and that there would be oversight (by the State...government control) to ensure that all N.D.s are practicing properly and maintaining professional standards. (We have standards as set by our profession in place!) Since Licensed N.D.s would be required to work under set standards and competency requirements (as dictated by a different profession), other health care professionals would be able to engage them in dialog, refer patients and integrate their own methods with standard natural techniques. ALL OF THIS DESCRIBES COMPLENTARY CARE AND NONE OF IT COMES CLOSE TO ALTERNATIVE CARE. THEY ARE USING THIS TO TAKE THE OPTION OF ALTERNATIVE CARE AWAY FROM THE PEOPLE!!!! WE ALREADY HAVE STANDARDS IN PLACE WHICH ARE SPECIFIC TO OUR FIELD OF EXPERTISE!


How in the world can another discipline attempt to tell US what WE are?!?!? We don't do the same thing as them! It's like telling apples they have to be pears!!!

Naturopaths do not: perform surgery, use pharmaceutical drugs, diagnose, prescribe, or treat disease! This is simply not what we do.

Part of the confusion stems from the fact that there are two distinct professional groups of naturopaths. There are those who are engaging in practices which are not part of the scope of traditional naturopathy, such as the use of certain chemical drugs and surgical procedures at times. THESE groups are mainly represented by the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. This is mainly the group which is pressing for licensure! Not TRADITIONAL NATUROPATHS!


Please consider this an extremely urgent matter and be aware of tactics like these! This is how things sometimes happen...
The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing is NOT to be let in the gate!!!

Please read some of my own personal story. I have worked toward my goals of becoming a holistic healer beginning at the time I was 12-years-old. DILEGENTLY. I have devoted my life to this work. I attended the schools, I took extra classes, I studied and got good grades, I did hours and hours of volunteer work over the years in areas of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health…In other words, I paid my dues and now they want to take this away?

I am a very proud graduate of the Doctor of Naturopathy program offered through the Trinity College of Natural Health. I am nationally certified through the American Naturopathic Certification Board as a Certified Traditional Naturopath. I am a member of the American Naturopathic Medical Association. I am certified as a Certified Natural Health Professional. I worked hard to achieve these goals, and I did it with the purest of heart.

This is my life’s mission to do this work. If legislation such as this were to pass in Ohio, I would still do my work, but I would no longer be permitted to claim my rightful title…I would no longer be Vibraceous, ND.

A doctor in the true sense of the word is a teacher. That’s what a doctor of naturopathy is trained to do. We are doctors because that is an academic title indicating the highest degree of education has been achieved in a field. Medical doctors are not the only doctors, and to say we should be the same as them, would be like telling doctors of divinity they couldn’t be doctors anymore, too.

Main Entry: 1doc·tor

Pronunciation: 'däk-t&r

Function: noun

1 a : a person who has earned one of the highest academic degrees (as a PhD) conferred by a university b : a person awarded an honorary doctorate by a college or university

2 : a person skilled or specializing in healing arts; especially : a physician, surgeon, dentist, or veterinarian licensed to practice his or her profession

(*NOTE: Notice it says "especially," not "exclusively;" and naturopaths DO specialize in the healing arts!! Notice also, in the first entry, that the designation is not only the result of a degree (which I achieved), but it can also be applied to honorary titles conferred by a college...Don't we even deserve THAT? Someone better tell Merriam-Webster that the definition is being CHANGED!!!!!

Source: Merriam-Webster's Medical Dictionary, © 2002 Merriam-Webster, Inc.

I was awarded a doctorate degree by the Trinity College of Natural Health…A college which is well-respected and accredited within the professional community of traditional naturopaths nation-wide. That makes me a legitimate doctor of naturopathy, by definition.

If someone wants a medical doctor, they should go to an M.D. If they want a medical doctor who is also a naturopathic doctor, then they should seek out a naturopathic physician, or a professional with the designation of N.M.D. (Naturopathic Medical Doctor...and I fully agree that THEY SHOULD be licensed! Unlike N.D.s, they use surgery and drugs!) But if a person wants a traditional doctor of naturopathy who practices the traditional art as set forth by the profession itself, then they should seek out ME! (YAY!!!) I am an N.D. -- a Naturopathic Doctor! And I would prefer to keep it that way!

I suppose if push comes to shove, I’ll either move from this country, or else work under the secret knowledge that I did indeed attain this designation, but I won’t be allowed to tell. (I wonder if I’ll have to take my degree down off of the wall???????????)

But the real question of importance to all of us is…Will we be allowed to CHOOSE alternative medicine? Or is this just another infringement on our rights to seek the health care approach we prefer?! I suggest that perhaps that’s exactly what we’re dealing with here. This is one more it has been throughout the history of medicine…to discredit our profession and take our rights away.

Traditional naturopaths TEACH PEOPLE HOW TO USE NATURE TO KEEP THEMSELVES WELL! It CAN be done and it’s done everyday! It’s the way nature designed… It’s the way it was designed by GOD.

Infringing on our right to seek education in the natural healing arts to me is an infringement on our spiritual rights! That’s how some of us view it, at least. I believe this is a God –given right!!!

It is our God-given right as consumers…and as heirs to the gifts of the earth. When the government starts to decide what we should and should not do…when Big Brother steps into protect, assuming we can’t take care of ourselves…that’s when true freedom is lost. This severely threatens our First Amendment rights!

My Sincere Thanks and Wishes for Good Health, Naturally!!!
Vibraceous, ND

Mary Jo Eshelman, ND, CTN, CNHP
All Natural HealthWorks!
Holistic Education and Research Unlimited...


Thank you for your attention to this very urgent matter which either directly or indirectly affects us ALL. It is our freedom of choice which is at stake. Let the people decide for themselves! This country was founded on FREEDOM! Let freedom reign and keep government out of our personal business regarding our choices for how we want to handle our health, before it gets any worse!!!

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CLICK HERE for information on ways to protect the tradition of naturopathy!!! Vibe

Jun 9, 2006
Focus: Business
Action Request: Write E-Mail
Location: United States

Proposed FTC Business Opportunity Rule - Urgent Action Needed

The Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPR) R511993 released by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which addresses business opportunities, could have a devastating impact on the entire direct-selling industry, requiring companies to drastically alter their sales methods and placing additional burdens on direct-sellers in order to comply with federal law.

In particular, the Rule, if adopted in its current form, would:

• Require that those disclosures be given at least seven days before any prospective purchaser signs a contract or makes payment to the seller;
• Require that the seller of a business opportunity provide a "disclosure statement" which would include information such as previous lawsuits, the number of direct sellers who cancel within two years and a list of "references" i.e., purchasers of the opportunity in the previous three years;
• Require business opportunity sellers who make earnings claims to provide an additional "Earnings Claim Statement" to prospective distributors, which would include extensive earnings disclosures that would need to be frequently updated and
• Create new definitions of "business opportunity," "business assistance" and "earnings claim", creating broad language to encompass many direct selling practices.
Read the complete Rule (PDF)

We strongly urge you to draft a personal letter regarding the FTC's proposed rule. Your letter is important, since the FTC wants to hear comments from members of the public.

Written comments to the FTC must be received on or before June 16, 2006.

Please find a SAMPLE letter drafted by our attorney and the DSA, at the end of this message. This sample is meant only to be a GUIDE for you. The DSA has communicated to us that personalized letters will have a much greater impact than a mass-produced form letter. If you have already participated in sending a form letter, that's not a problem, but please also send a 'personal' letter, expressing how this 'rule' would impact you and your business.

Your letter should cover the following areas of concern in the rule:

Seven-Day Waiting Period
-Casts direct selling plan in a negative light
-Leads to record keeping and administrative problems
-Causes unnecessary delays

Litigation Reporting
-Is unfair that it does not distinguish between winning and losing lawsuits

-Is impractical to find 10 nearest distributors
-Raises privacy issues due to ID theft and safety

Appreciate FTC's Goals, But
-We understand there may be fraudulent groups out there, but the FTC's proposed rule would unfairly target legitimate direct selling businesses.

You should also include the following:

Personal Story
-Years selling products
-How selling products contributes to your family finances
-How selling products has helped you develop as a person (confidence, interpersonal skills, etc.)

Your name
Business name, if available
Street address
City, State Zip
Phone number, optional
Email address, optional

Fax your letter to the number below, or submit it online by using the FTC Comment Form (

Federal Trade Commission/Office of the Secretary, Room H-135 (Annex W)
Re: Business Opportunity Rule, R511993
Fax No.: 202-395-6974


Personal Note to Care2 from Vibraceous, ND:

evening sunshine

I don't have a fax machine, so I sent my comment in through using this link: FTC Comment Form

It only took about five minutes in all of my time.

This is a very important issue. This does not just affect those involved in the direct selling industry...this rule will affect us ALL!

How? Freedom, for one thing. Economy, for another thing, too. Direct selling offers people opportunities to get up on their feet and work for themselves when, for whatever reason, they can't "just go get a job."

In my work as a doctor of naturopathy, I recommend various products to people which will offer their body support in attaining the goals they have set for their health. I have a number of product lines which I use, in order to be able to provide the best of all things that people (or pets) commonly need. These products are mostly sold through direct marketing plans. Not all, but some. I choose my product lines according to quality, not according to method of sale.

So, if I recommend a product to someone, and that person is ready to start their health regime NOW, or if perhaps they are in some kind of need that is rather timely, (which happens a great deal with health), then I like to be able to get them started with their products as soon as I possibly can, and at the same time, to be able to offer the very best price that I can.

Well, if this rule passes, then the consumer is going to have to decide....Do they want the best price? Or would they rather receive their products soon? They will no longer have the option of having both anymore.

Why? Because the best prices come with wholesale membership, which will require, if this new rule is imposed, seven days to establish, instead of letting them make their own decision now.

Contracts can always be cancelled. That's already built in. So what is the purpose of this? Is it really helping the consumer? Or is it treating the consumer like they can't make decisions themselves, without a whole week to think. What if they already know? It takes less time to get married than this!

Please add your comments to those being reviewed by the FTC by filling out this form now:
FTC Comment Form All comments MUST be submitted by June 16, 2006, to be considered, so please take 5 minutes right now!

Here is the comment I left. Personalize your own in accordance to your own experience and viewpoint. THANKS!!!!!

Sincerely, Vibraceous, ND

I have been involved in direct selling through a number of companies over the years...Nature's Sunshine, Mannatech, Waiora, Extreme Research, Enrich, Tupperware, House of Lloyd Toys and Gifts, Discovery Toys...and more. I have a disability, and these companies have offered me the opportunity to work out of my home and help my family get by. I'm not able to hold a regular job, and this type of selling has let me be my own boss, and work my hours around my own health care demands. Much of my customer base has been people in similar situations to mine...People who are glad to have someone to show them there is an easy way to help raise yourself up out of a seemingly hopeless financial situation. I've used these businesses over the years to help people...including myself and my family...friends as well as total strangers from gain independence from having the chance to stand on their own. PLUS...I sell things that help lift people up! Like herbs and like educational toys!!! Why would the government ever want to interfere with something so positive as this? I understand there are dishonest people and businesses, but can't that be said of any trade? I believe this puts a bad light on the entire industry, which in my mind is not at all fair. This will make things so complicated and difficult, too, that I'm quite sure it will be a deterrant to people...I will no longer be able to tell people how easy it is, because now this will be making it hard. The disability I have is traumatic brain injury. I'm not really looking forward to more paperwork...Especially not paperwork that's going to cost me money in terms of opportunities lost. Direct selling is what has been helping my family survive. Thank you for hearing me out.



Your help is needed in supporting a letter writing campaign to the Federal Trade Commission.

Please open the link of a sample letter from the Direct Selling Association to use as a template for your own personal letter. Your letters must be received by the FTC by June 16, 2006 so PLEASE share this with other interested parties and send immediately.

With all of us working together on this grassroots campaign we will make a difference. Hand written and personally signed letters have more impact than copies and emails. However, there is also an email address to direct your comments in the sample letter below.

To find your local representative we have provided a direct link as well as a link for the Commissioners of the Federal Trade Commission.

Proposed FTC Business Opportunity Rule

Sample Letter

FTC Commissioners

Locate Local Representative


Group Host Of:

All Natural HealthWorks!
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Content and comments expressed here are the opinions of Care2 users and not necessarily that of or its affiliates.


Vibraceous ND
, 2, 6 children
Hartville, OH, USA
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