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Jul 1, 2012

It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of Essentials of Life's first publication!  It is called, God's Gifts of Healing, written by me, Vibraceous, ND -- Dr. Jody Evans, ND.

I wrote this book in the fall of 2010, while Dean and I were staying with my Mom for awhile in her little apartment. I dedicate this book to her. We used to read it together each day and incorporated the principles therein. Her memory and daily function began to improve. Eventually she went off all medications completely. She was much more able to take part in family life. It was nothing short of a miracle, the results that we saw in my Mom. The whole family was amazed, as were the aides and others who knew her. She'd be alive today, I'm convinced, if she had not fallen and broken her hip. She came through the surgery great, but she died after only five weeks of being in the rehab center...on drugs. Medical answers are not always the way. There are many alternative approaches which one can take.

The book is designed to help you become more aware of what some of those alternatives may be. God gave us so many gifts that can be used for our good. It is the mission of Essentials of Life to help others discover these gifts and learn how to use them.

God's Gifts of Healing is a book about healing any condition at any
point in your life. No one is too old, too fragile or too sick to feel
better. Anyone can live a healthier life using that which has been given
to all, since the beginning of time. If we are to believe in an
all-knowing, all-loving, and all-powerful God, then surely we must
believe that we were placed on a planet perfectly designed to meet our
physical needs, and that through Love, our spiritual and emotional needs
can be met.

God always has a plan for our good; whether or not
we follow that plan is up to us. That's what free will is all about.
We can continually try to do God one better, right up to the point of
genetically modifying the very food that we eat; or we can choose to
live in accordance with Original Design. It is built into our design to
exude vibrant energy, and the earth is designed to support us in that.

This is a simple guide to simply living--a guide to the proper use of God's gifts.  Read this book and give thanks for the gifts we've been given. Have these
gifts been tossed aside for new ways that really don't seem to work?
It's time to start truly living again!

Please enjoy the video presentation I made!  It can be found on YouTube On Essentials of Life's Channel at

Or you can view the video directly at:

The release date is the 4th of July....a day to celebrate freedom.  Let's celebrate freedom from sickness and limiting ideas about health!   The video is a sneak peek of what's he book will be available for purchase on the in the book.   I hope it will inspire you to think about things that perhaps you've taken for granted...things we all take for granted sometimes.

It's about ten minutes long, so sit back and enjoy! 

Happy Birthday, Mom!  We're sending our love to you!
"Vibraceous, ND"

P.S.  A special note to my friends on Care2.  Thank you for your support over the years!  Many of you may remember my mother.  I wrote about her a lot.  I am very sorry to tell you that she passed away.  She was my inspiration in all that I do. God's Gifts of Healing  ~VibeGod's Gifts of Healing

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Jun 24, 2012

We worry.  That is our lack of faith.  We blame.  That's not our job.  We try to get even.  "Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord."  So what is it that we're expected to do when people threaten to take our good?  Well, yes, we do what we can to protect our earthly belongings, our family and our safety, BUT...we do it without fear and anger, knowing that no matter what, God is in charge of our good, not the other person involved.

God IS good, and having a personal relationship with God means having our own personal relationship with the good in our life.  God is all powerful.  That means goodness will overcome all.  God is our Source.  That means our good comes from God not from anywhere else.  God is unlimited.  That means we can have (and do have if we learn to recognize and appreciate the good in our lives) an abundance of good all the time!

Losing a job?  God is the Source of our income, not our employer.  If we lose a job, there is a better one waiting for us.  (But if we don't look for it, we may not find it!  Having good always available to us doesn't necessarily mean that we'll take advantage of it.)

Did somebody steal something from us?  All others can take is a physical representation of something that meant something to us.  They can't take our memories, and they can't stop more good from coming to us.

What if someone kills us?  Well, yes, they can take our life...or can they?  Life is eternal, so no!  As to the earthly existence that's lost, all things must pass in their own time.  How and when are irrelevant in the big scheme of things.  We won't actually go until it's our time, even if it seems premature.  God IS Life, , and the Deciding Force behind when life begins and when it ends.  I know from personal experience that miracles occur.  Outstanding miracles!  If it's not someone's time, they won't go.  By the same token, if it is truly their time, then nothing on earth can keep them alive. 
"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted..."  (Ecclesiastes 3:1-2)
Let me tell you a very personal story which illustrates my belief in how no one can take a life before someone's time.  I was very troubled when I was a teen, and I had my first serious suicide attempt when I was 18.  I am alive today due only to Divine intervention.  A miracle happened to me.

As I said, I was very troubled.  I didn't think I could handle life on this earth.  I was the victim of violence and had trouble emotionally coping with this.  It came to the point where I no longer wanted to live.  I took a massive overdose of pharmaceutical drugs.

How this all occurred is for a different story at another time, but after I had burned all of my secret belongings and taken the overdose, I decided to leave my house so my mother and father would not come home to find me dead.  My mother at the time was visiting her sister 30 minutes away, and my father was at a board meeting at church.  Well my dad left the meeting and my mom left her sister's, independent of each other and both quite abruptly.  They each heard a voice in their head telling them that they were needed at home, so they both got up from what they were doing, got in their cars and rushed home.  My mother got there just as I was getting into my car.  If she would have gotten there two minutes later, I'd have been gone.  My father arrived just as the ambulance came.  It was simply not my time to go.

For the next three days I was in a coma, and the doctors told my parents that I was not expected to live.  They said if I did live that I'd be in a state of vegetation for the rest of my life.  As you can see, I am not.  That is God's doing, not mine. 

I continued to have serious problems, however, and circumstances in my life got increasingly more difficult.  There were more attacks of violence against me, and physical disabilities began to emerge in addition to the psychological damage I had incurred.  I had more suicide attempts over the next several years, obviously being successful at none, no matter how hard I tried.  The last time was quite extreme.  I took a fully loaded and functioning gun, put it to my head and pulled the trigger.  The gun didn't go off.  It was not my time to go. 

I was 24 at the time.  I cannot tell you how many times I attempted to take my life between the ages of 18 and 24, but when shooting myself in the head didn't work, I got the idea that perhaps God had control of whether or not it was my time to die.  Instead I decided to LIVE.  That's when my recovery truly began.  Good came from it all in the end.  My experiences made me much stronger and full of faith, and they played a large role in determining what my life's work was to be. So much good out of something so bad that I wanted to die!

Another miracle in my life which involved life and death was the miracle which brought me my second son.  The doctor and nurses all went into a frenzy at the end of the delivery, and the doctor suddenly started yelling and cussing to get me hooked up to an IV.  Everyone went into a panic because something was horribly wrong, and I could see it on all of their faces.  When it was over the doctor handed my baby to me, and wiping his forehead he said:
"You don't often hear men of medicine speak of miracles, but there is no other explanation to what happened here.  There is absolutely no scientific reason on earth why either you or your baby should be alive.  Your placenta was so badly malformed that it looked like hamburger meat.  By all rights you should have bled to death.  But even more amazingly, the umbilical cord was hanging by only a thread.  There is absolutely no way that the baby should have been able to receive any food or oxygen throughout the entire pregnancy.  I have no explanation for how he survived."
I have to add that he not only lived, but was born weighing 9 pounds and 2 ounces!  It was his time to be born!

If someone dies, it was their time.  It is sad, but everyone does leave this world.  Some die in car wrecks, some die of disease, some are brutally and horribly murdered.  How can there be good in that?  I don't know, but I have to believe it is there.  Everyone has their own life, their own karma, and their own way of dying in their own time.  Still though, there must somehow be good in it all. 

How can I say that?  Because I believe that God is good, that God is all powerful and ever-present, acting as the only real power in the entire Universe.  I believe people do things that are horribly wrong and hurtful to others, but I also believe there is still good available to all involved.  Sometimes yes, this belief does test my faith, but as a whole, I can always see it upon looking back.  This is for my own life.  I cannot speak for anyone else.

My mother...I have had such a difficult time accepting her death.  In my mind it wasn't her time.  But she's gone.  It must have been her time to go.  I have to believe she's at peace now.  In fact, I know that she is.  So even in my sorrow, I have to believe it is good.  Still, though, I grieve. 

There are stages to grieving which lead to acceptance, no matter the type of loss it is we perceive.  This is a natural and normal reaction to loss, and everyone has this reaction to some degree.  We go through the stages of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and then finally acceptance. If we thwart the process and deny ourselves the experience of one of these stages, acceptance will not be achieved.  Acceptance may be feigned, but it is just veiled anger or denial disguised.  Genuine acceptance comes naturally from progressing through the stages of grief. 

With acceptance comes the understanding that everything happens in its own time, and that God is everywhere present acting in our lives for good whether we think so or not.  Acceptance means accepting things as they are...letting it be okay.

I have had a hard time accepting that my mother is gone.  She was 96, and everyone says it was her time, but sometimes I still get very upset because she was so healthy at the time of her death.  She was off all medications and her medical reports all came back great.  She died while in a rehabilitative facility after taking a fall.  In my eyes she was taken from me due to lack of appropriate care.  This is extremely hard for me to accept, but what else am I to do? 

Sometimes we have to accept things the way that they are, and realize that there is a bigger picture than what we can see.  Acceptance is a process of coming to realize the good.  In this case, my sweet mom is no longer suffering the effects of dementia...her mind is clear and she is at peace.  It doesn't matter that I think she could have should have or would have lived longer if things had been handled in a different manner, because the fact is that they weren't and now she is gone.  Now she is gone.  That's what I have to accept and nothing will change it, no matter what I say or do.  Do I want to experience the good that comes with acceptance?  Or do I want to fight it and continue to be angry or depressed all the time?  Acceptance ushers in the experience of good.  Go through the process and see it through to the end and you will find that all along God was there....Good was there and is present now.  The good that was my mother will be with me forever.  No one can take that from me.

Okay, so to take another look at the topic, let's look at the idea of someone actually stealing from us.  How can that be for our good?  Again, I don't know.  This is between you and God.  Perhaps you were too attached to the object.  Perhaps you need an opportunity to learn forgiveness by forgiving the thief.  This is all a very personal thing. 

Does it mean it was okay for someone to steal something from you?  No it surely does not!  But it means that they cannot take your happiness through this act of thievery, and they cannot take your ability to replace what was lost, or if it was something of sentimental value, then they cannot take your memory from you. 

You can still press charges against them, but they cannot take your good by causing you to be vengeful and full of resentment and hate.  These attitudes will prevent you from recognizing whatever good is in the situation for you. There always is something good, because again...God is good and God is always present in every situation in life. 
"O give thanks unto the Lord, for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever." (Psalms 107:1)
This is because God IS Life!  God is Love.  Recognize God in your life by sending love to the one who tried to deny you your good.  They have no power over you when you realize they cannot take anything of value from you. 
"He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love." (1 John 4:8)
What if someone tries stealing your husband or wife?  They can't if the marriage is good.  No one can take your good!

What if someone tries hurting someone you love?  Then you do everything in your power to stop them and be sure to pray!  Pray for guidance in the situation, and pray in gratitude that God is always present and not able to be taken away.  Once you have done all you can do, you have to be willing to back away and let God take it from there.  Otherwise, you get in the way with constantly worrying that nothing will come to any good.  Your concern can easily become a lack of faith, which actually can block the experience of good.  Not the good itself, but the experience of our recognition of the fact it is there!  This is true for ourselves, but we seem to be especially worrisome when it involves someone we love.  Do what you can and then trust that they're in God's care!

No one can take our good.  It simply cannot be done.  They cannot ruin our day if we don't let them, and they can't make us angry if anger is not the response that we choose.  No one can take our job if it is the job that we're meant to have.  If they take our money, all they are taking is pieces of paper and bits of silver and gold, but they cannot take from us what we're meant to have, because God is our Source of all good.  The money will come back to us in other ways, if it is indeed money we need.  Sometimes we need to go through the experience of not having money, and in that case, the experience itself is good. 

No one can take your good health, because we have the power in our own hands to heal.  This is the purpose of all we're learning here at Essentials of Life.  We can deny ourselves the experience of health, but it is able to be renewed if we so choose to act in accordance with natural laws. 

God is GOOD!  God is EVERYWHERE!  ALWAYS!  No one can take our good, and we can't lose it.  What changes is how it manifests itself in our lives.  The form may change but the substance is always the same.  Good.  It's all good, whether it looks like it to us or not.  So relax!  It's good for your health to RELAX and let go and let God! 

I know this may sound mamby pamby and extremely simplistic, but sometimes we have to take our faith down to the very simplest terms to see what it's really comprised of.  Either we believe we have access to an unlimited supply of God's goodness or we do not.  It may seem like there are gray areas, but the gray areas are simply indications as to the degree of our own disbelief. 

Sure it is hard!  When somebody takes something from you it is hard to believe that it doesn't matter!  This is because in an earthly sense it certainly does!  But it's the BIG picture we're talking about, and so, doesn't really matter at all.  Nothing ix lost in Spirit, and Spirit is all that is real.  Whatever it was, let it go and embrace that which is here now.  Give thanks for all that we have and for all that we lose.  There's always a good reason for loss.  It's to make room for something new in our life! 

You may think it sounds crazy to give thanks when somebody takes something from you, but in order for us to experience more love and abundance in life, we have to give thanks for every moment we live.  To hold onto a mindset of resentment or mourning will keep us from experiencing our good.  Let go and you will be free.  Love begets love begets love, and that upon which we put our focus is what we see.  Put your focus on Goodness and Love, for in this you will find God.  God is Good, God is Love, and the kingdom of God is within. NO one can take that from you!!!!!

I know this sermon was long...Amen! 
(I hope you perceive the time that it took as all GOOD!)
"Vibraceous, NDk"

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Jun 16, 2012
Father's Day.  So many things come to mind.  Honor thy mother and father...Our Father which art in heaven...The Father, Son and Holy Ghost...Father Sky/Mother Earth...My own father with all his sweet wisdom....My two sons, one a father and one about to become one quite soon...My  husband, who is a wonderful dad, step-dad, and grandfather of all our future generations to come. 

Father's Day.  A day to remember.  A day to celebrate love.  A day to look to the future.  A day to relax and enjoy!  A day to honor someone or to be honored.   A day to reflect on what it means to be a part of the cycle of life.  A father is the one who passes the gift of life to the mother to give.

The word "father" can be interpreted to mean the Source of our Being.  To honor our Source is to give acknowledgement to the wisdom of God in providing for all of our needs and to be truly grateful, as well as to offer ourselves as a channel for God's holy good.  To strive to be all we were created to be, and to make our father,, metaphorically speaking, quite proud.  Our Father in heaven is perfect, and we were created in the image of perfect love.

Metaphysically, the word "Father" refers to Principle...the cause of all things...that which cannot be changed.  The Father is omnipresent.

So, in many regards, "Father" means that which is within and without us as God, for God is the word we use to describe all of these things.  God is omnipresent and immutably good.  This presence is to be honored in ALL!

Father's Day is a day to remember the goodness in all of life, and to realize that this is our birthright.  It is our Father's good pleasure to give us the kingdom!  And where is this kingdom?  We are told that it is within! 
"Fear not, little flock"; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom." (Luke 12:32)
"Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you."  (Luke 17:21)
Within you, without you...everywhere present.  Love.  Goodness.  Perfect Design.  Honor Love.  Honor Goodness.  Honor the perfection that is within us, and honor the perfection with which all was created, by living according to Principle...Immutable Truth...that which holds fast forever, rather than just this passing fancy or that. 

My own father had a wonderful way of making me look at the bigger picture in life.  He had what I always thought of as a very simple kind of good old fashioned wisdom.   He taught me a lot about Principle.  My mom taught me a lot about what to do and what not to do, but it was my dad who helped me understand "why."

My father taught me the value of things...of people, creatures and life.  He taught the importance of being trustworthy and honest, and the value of a hard day at work.  My father taught me to be serious but always to take time to laugh.  He taught me the importance of being able to stand on your own, and the value of a man (or woman's!) word.  He taught me the importance of working the land, keeping my spiritual studies, and the value of being on time.  He had a fondness of nature which he passed on to me, and a talent for seeing the beauty in everyday things.  He was very industrious, and taught me this, too, as well as the importance of helping others through a life of service, both in and out of church.  I owe a great deal ot of who I am today to not only my mother, who was very special and only recently just passed away, but also in a very large part, to my dad. 

All fathers want their children to be the best they can be.  I was lucky to have a very wonderful father, but even the "bad" dads want their kids to have better lives.  A father who is all loving, which is what God represents, would of course want us to be the best we can be.  It is within our design.  We were created to LIVE in the kingdom of God!  The kingdom of goodness and love.  The kingdom of peace and perfect health.  Isn't it time to go home, like the prodigal son went home to his father's house?   It is time to honor our father and go to that place of perfection within us all, and serve the goodness of life...serve through giving our God, ourselves and the world.

Start with your dad if he's around!  Be grateful if he is, mine is not.  I'm very grateful to have had such a wonderful father, however.  He died when I was pregnant with my youngest son.  That son has a wife who is pregnant now.  Life carries on.  There is so much to honor in that!  And if you're a're blessed.  Honor the father within yourself by being the best dad you can be!  That goes for us all on this and every day.  Now enjoy it!  Have fun!  Have a GREAT Father's Day!  Fill it with nothing but LOVE!

Respectfully Yours in Service,
"Vibraceous, ND"
In Loving Memory of Ronald Eugene Eshelman
8-24-1910 - 10/13/1986

"My Father's Eyes," by Eric Clapton

Sailing down behind the sun,
Waiting for my prince to come.
Praying for the healing rain
To restore my soul again.

Just a toe rag on the run.

How did I get here?
What have I done?
When will all my hopes arise?
How will I know him?
When I look in my father's eyes.
My father's eyes.
When I look in my father's eyes.
My father's eyes.

Then the light begins to shine

And I hear those ancient lullabies.
And as I watch this seedling grow,
Feel my heart start to overflow.

Where do I find the words to say?

How do I teach him?
What do we play?
Bit by bit, I've realized
That's when I need them,
That's when I need my father's eyes.
My father's eyes.
That's when I need my father's eyes.
My father's eyes.

Then the jagged edge appears

Through the distant clouds of tears.
I'm like a bridge that was washed away;
My foundations were made of clay.

As my soul slides down to die.

How could I lose him?
What did I try?
Bit by bit, I've realized
That he was here with me;
I looked into my father's eyes.
My father's eyes.
I looked into my father's eyes.
My father's eyes.

My father's eyes.

My father's eyes.
I looked into my father's eyes.
My father's eyes.

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Jun 10, 2012
I was always considered a little bit strange as a child.  I preferred playing outdoors with the toads, field mice and honey bees than playing with Barbie Dolls.  I guess you could say I was a nature nut even back then.   But when I became a vegetarian in junior high school, the label was written on me with permanent ink.  I was deemed a nut and am still considered a nut today.  A health nut, a religious nut, a strange, awkward, out of place weirdo in social circles.  "Don't invite her to the party, she's weird!"

Okay, I don't drink.  I'm a recovering alcoholic and it's really better I don't.  I don't mean to make anyone else feel uncomfortable in my choice not to drink, but people often take it that way.  Perhaps they think I am judging them when in reality I'm only judging for myself that drinking alcohol is not good or me  Sure, if you get drunk, I'll lose my patience with your demeanor and choose not to join in, but it doesn't mean that I'm judging you every time you pick up a glass of wine.

And no, I don't eat meat.  Is that weird?  Why is that weird?  I think it's much more normal than eating the flesh of a creature.  To my way of thinking that's what is weird.  It's worse than weird, it's out and out murderous, unhealthy and gross.  But I realize this is the society we're in, and so I don't judge you for every hamburger you eat.  People are often afraid that I'm going to picket their meal or something, when actually it's they who are making the negative comments about what it is I choose to eat, or in this case, to not eat, namely meat.  And to make matters worse, I no longer choose to eat eggs or dairy products, either, making me one of those really weird vegans you see on sit-coms on the TV.

Now I choose to eat raw foods...foods the way they were originally designed to eat before man discovered how to make fire.  Foods are in their most nutritious and least destructive state when they are raw.  Does this make me some kind of nut?  According to restaurant menus, I am clearly outside of the norm!  Imagine!  Eating food as it grows from the earth!  But alas...once again I am a "nut."

A health nut.  I shun artificial medicines, foods, and fragrances; all proven to present significant risks to our health.  I don't know what is so nuts about wanting life to last longer and to function as well as I can!  God gave me a wonderful body in which to carry out my work in this life, and I want to take care of it in accordance with its design!

Ohhhh....God.  Now I'm a religious nut, too!  Hahaha!

What is a nut, other than something you eat which grows on trees and comes in a shell?
  • a person who is very enthusiastic about something; buff; enthusiast; devotee: He's a real circus nut.
  • an extremely concerned or zealous person: My boss is a nut on double-checking everything
  • a foolish, silly, or eccentric person.
  • an insane person; psychotic.

The first two, I'll go with.  The second two?  I take offense! 

Very enthusiastic.  You bet!  Foolish?  I think the Un-health nuts are the ones being foolish!  They're the ones eating unnatural things that will shorten their lives!  And insane?  Silly to think it, but people have often acted as if being a health nut goes hand in hand with not quite being right in the head.

My opinion on the whole matter is that we're a society under the influence of brainwashing techniques and cleverly sculpted advertising campaigns which play on the principles of peer pressure we all succumbed to when we were 12.  For people to make fun of people who try to be healthy is just their way of trying to look cool being dumb.

You bet I'm a health nut.  I take it seriously.  This is the only body I'm going to get in this life, and I want it to last me awhile.  I don't want to become an invalid or die at an early age.  I want to enjoy my grandchildren and be able to romp with them and have a good time!

I mentioned that I'm a recovering alcoholic.  Does that make me a party pooper?  I would think I'd be more of a party pooper if I drank and threw up all over the place!  So I don't drink, and I'm glad that I don't.  Alcohol is not good for the body.  It dries up the organs, including the brain.  I don't think I'm missing out by declining to join in on the fun.

Now for the nutty part...I couldn't just "quit."  I had to work a "program" to help me.  I had to change my old habits to exclude people, places and things in my life that triggered the urge to drink.  A little nutty, I guess, but necessary to save my life.  So now it's been nearly 27 years, and I've learned a few things about how not to drink when I get the urge.  One thing I learned is that recovery is like walking up a down have to  keep walking forward or else you slide back. 

It's really that way with our health all around.  In this day and age there is so much working against us, that we better keep walking in a positive direction, because if we stop our efforts, we'll get pulled back.  We have to overcome so many obstacles in trying just to stay well.  There's air pollution, water pollution, workplace exposure to toxins, toxic chemicals in our personal care products, household cleaning items and even our food...We are exposed to an onslaught of poisons each day!  We live in an extremely toxic environment in today's chemical world.  These past 100 years have brought many conveniences and advances, but also much illness and degenerative disease as a result of it all.

Our immune systems are supposed to react when our bodies are faced with foreign invaders, but just like pushing a button over and over again on the VCR can cause it to start malfunctioning and break, so will our immune system break down if the panic button is constantly pushed.  Look at the rise in auto-immune diseases, such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, lupus, fibromyalgia, arthritis and so many more.

What about our nervous system?  Many chemicals have an adverse reaction on the CNS.  Do we not understand that this effects the way that we think and the way that our body is able to deal with pain, among other things?  Many chemicals also affect the endocrine system.  These effects include things like fertility problems and birth defects!  I'd be a nut not to try and protect myself from this chemical world!  

Kidneys, livers, lungs...are also all subject to problems from toxic overload on the body.  As a matter of fact, there is no part of the body that's not susceptible to problems from living in an un-natural world! 

We only have control over so much of our environment, so let's get a little bit nuts and try to save our own lives through exercising intelligent control over that which we can control!!!!!!!  (Am I starting to sound like a nut?)

God gave us good minds.  Let's use them for our own benefit and not for the benefit of those who would profit from our misfortune.  They're out there.  Don't be naive when it comes to your health.  Nutrition is not the #1 objective of big massive agricultural corporations who genetically modify seeds any more than keeping people out of hospitals is what the medical industry strives to achieve.  They're in it for money, the love of which is the root of all evil.  You can't depend on advertisers to tell you the truth...the whole truth and nothing but the whole have to find that out for yourself.  Turn to independent research sources to find out the truth, or just use some plain common sense.  

Well, it used to be plain common sense.  Common sense is not so common, it seems, anymore in this day and age.  If it were common, I wouldn't find myself the oddball in so many crowds.  I'm the one not wanting soft drinks or coffee or big globs of white flour, animal products and chemically altered food, drenched in denatured oils, refined sugar, salt, artificial colors and genetically modified corn syrup, etc.  That just doesn't seem appetizing to me!  

It can be a nightmare in social settings, sometimes, to try and adhere to my standards.  Not only is there the temptation which comes from past addictions to foods...(it is important to realize there are many components in artificial and refined foods which are extremely addictive!)...but also the social pressure of fitting in, or of being a gracious guest. 

I find myself in situations with artificial fragrances assaulting my senses, and knowing they are equally assaulting my health, I find that I have to leave soon.  I also commonly find myself in situations where I cannot eat the food being served, not only because I'm a vegan, but because I am acutely aware of the effect these foods have on my body.  I get physical ill-effects I can feel whenever I cheat and eat "regular" food. 

But sometimes I do cheat, to fit in and also not to go hungry at an affair.  The only value I won't sacrifice is that of my vegetarian roots.  All in all though, when at home and as much as possible when out, I am a vegan raw food enthusiast...(AKA "NUT!)

So am I a nut?  If it means trying to attain the highest quality of health that I can, then I am a health nut, oh yeah!  And if giving credit to God and trying to use what I've been given in the best way makes me a religious fanatic, then I have to plead guilty again.  So make fun of me, people.  I really don't care!  They ridiculed Jesus and many others in history who were trying to do things on a higher plane, a little bit different from the way the masses are trained.  Do what's best for you...not just what's popular with the rest of the crowd.  This is life...not junior high.  Who cares if they want to call names? 

Want to make a difference on a bigger scale?  Help make the world a more reasonable place, so reasonable people aren't thought of as being nuts.  Become more aware of how our bodies are affected by what we're exposed to, and then help to make others become more aware.  Learn the alternatives.  Learn how to diminish the effects.  Get involved in raising community awareness and perhaps helping to change a few laws.  Learn how to distinguish what's natural and what is not.  Your body is a natural organism.  Learn to treat it as such.

The norm shouldn't be to poison ourselves and our kids and our grandkids, and that's what we're doing by ruining our environment.  Even our own homes are toxic environments, with all the chemical cleaners and beauty products we use.  That's what is nuts.  It's totally insane.  We're poisoning our environment and we don't even seem to realize the effect that it has.  Someone has to get the message through to the world.  Maybe the truth will come through us nuts! 

Here at Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center, our mission is to teach people to teach people to teach.  Please join in this mission with us and help make this world a healthier place, the way it was naturally created to be.

Blessings to all,

"Vibraceous, ND"

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Jun 2, 2012
Spirit...(God)...can speak to us in many ways, and oftentimes messages come to us in a dream.  Not all dreams are messages, but many are.  Some are just emotions left over after the day being discharged from our consciousness, but many dreams do indeed carry a message for us.

The message may or may not be straight forward.  It might be cloaked in symbols, made known only on an intuitive level to us.  The mind recognizes symbols as a way of communicating ideas since long before modern language was known.  Many symbols are universal in their meanings to us.  Learning to interpret these meanings can be very helpful in understanding our dreams.  At other times, our dreams may be very clear in what we're meant to know, without much interpretation needed at all.

Once in a workshop I attended on interpreting dreams I was told that each character in the dream represents a part of ourselves.  So, for instance, if you dream about someone who  is lying to you, it is you who is lying to you!  If you dream about someone you dislike, you are actually dreaming about a part of yourself you don't like.  There are countless ways this can play out.  It's very much the same as interpreting the Bible on a metaphysical plane.

I also learned that dreams always have a happy ending if allowed to come to a natural end.  In the case of nightmares, the person sleeping usually wakes up at the scariest part.  If they would have continued to sleep, it is said that they would have resolved their situation in the dream world somehow.  I think this is true with most problems we face in real life.  If we don't get afraid and run away, everything will turn out just fine.  There have been studies done where they have gotten people to re-enter the same dream from which they awoke, and indeed they have found that the dreams always do turn out good in the end. 

Prophetic dreams have been known to occur throughout all of time, and in the days of the Bible, this was very accepted.  People still have such dreams, and some of these people have helped thousands of people through information they've been given in dreams.

Edgar Cayce, who was known as the Sleeping Prophet, was able to help many thousands of people with information he received in a sleeping state.  As the founder of the Association for Research and Enlightenmentand the author of many books, he is still helping more people even today, sixty years after his death.  He is called the "Father of Holistic Medicine" by many, due to the nature of information which he passed on from his dreams.  There are discussion groups you can join to help you gain more insights into your dreams.

Dr. James Overman is another wonderful example of someone who was given information in dreams to help others.  I was very fortunate to have this man as a mentor of mine.  He took me under his wing for awhile and let me sit in his office with him while he worked directly with clients.  This was a fabulous opportunity to learn! 

Dr. Overman was a naturopathic doctor working in Millersburg, Ohio, about an hour from here.  He was the inventor of the Harmonic Quad 5 parasite zapper and a number of other electronic devicesdesigned to rid the body of parasites, including viruses, fungi and bacteria.  He also developed over 600 precise herbal formulas for very specific conditions, hence the name of his company, "Precision Herbs."  The amazing thing about Dr. Overman's formulas, is that he claims he got them directly from God in his sleep.  I believe that he did.

I have had several dreams of great meaning, myself.  One of the books that I'm currently writing came to me in a dream.  The dream was quite concise and direct to the point.  I simply heard a voice tell me that I needed to write a book and what it should be called, and then I woke up.  That was it!  As for the book, it was given to me in its entirety in those few seconds in time.  Getting it onto paper will be the challenge, but the idea for each page is already there.  (All of my books come to me through inspiration, just not all of them while I've been asleep!)  I think that this particular book will be of great help to a good many people.  The title I was given is attention grabbing, and the subject matter is extremely pertinent to many, many people today.   It is a book that requires references, so I'm working on that part of it now.  I feel very honored to be called to serve in this way.

I have been told it is helpful to write down our dreams the first moment we open our eyes, while the memory is fresh.  In time, this practice will help make the meanings more clear, and dreams will be more easily recalled.  I haven't had very good luck yet in keeping this practice, but I do think there are many secrets revealed to us in our sleep.  We are more open to Spirit during times of deep relaxation.  There is a very thin line between meditation and sleep. 

Something I have tried that has worked well for me, is to pray until I drift off.  In that way I am ensuring a more restful slumber and leading myself into a positive state, giving myself suggestions to be receptive to any messages that God wants me to hear.  Bedtime prayers are meant to protect us and keep is close in the arms of angels (symbolizing receptivity to divine ideas) until we awake.

The use of flower essences can be helpful in producing a restful night's sleep with vivid dreams.  Flower essences work on a deeper emotional level than herbs, although herbs can be used to help promote sleep, as well, by helping the body relax.  Drug medicine interferes with sleep patterns, whereas herbal remedies and flower essences do not.

Some people are afraid of dreamwork, fearing that they are turning to a power other than God for their guidance.  If you believe there is only One Power active in the Universe, though, then you will understand there is no other power and no reason to fear looking more deeply into our dreams.  Put your mind into a positive frame before sleep and ask for guidance in prayer.  Then put a pad and a paper next to your bed, and write what you remember when you wake up!  Soon you'll be writing love notes from God.

Blessings to You...and Sweet Dreams!
"Vibraceous, ND"

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May 26, 2012
Do you think your problems are big?  How big?  Too big?  Are your problems bigger than average or just bigger than some?  Do you think there's a solution for a problem so big?  Have you talked about it at length to all of your friends?

Well, believing your problems are bigger than most, or more than you can handle, or without solutions, is like praying from them not to be solved!  With beliefs such as these, talking about them just reinforces your conviction to keep them too big.  In fact, there's no faster way to make your problems even bigger than they already are than to talk about how insurmountable they are with all  of your friends!

There are no BIG problems in God's eyes.  In fact, in God's eye's (perfect perception) there really are no problems at all, only opportunities for growth and for change. 

Is it a miracle that's called for?  Big miracles are as easy to perform as small miracles are.  What makes them seem harder is our lack of belief that it can be done.  In fact, we need to believe that the solution is happening NOW. 

We have to believe that our prayer is being answered in the face of everything which looks contrary to that.  We have to believe all is good when nothing looks good, and that we are healthy and well when sickness and pain is all that we feel.  We have to believe that our needs are being met even when our bellies and pockets are empty.  We have to believe in the power of God (good) at work in our life.

The solutions to all of our problems are always available to us.  It may not be the answer we think we need, but what's best for us in any situation is always available and close at hand.  We need to pray for guidance and inspiration.  This is much more productive than praying for God to do what you want to be done.  Pray in gratitude, giving thanks that the solutions are already present, and ask for help in knowing what to do and in carrying it out.  This is the true power of prayer.

Look to the ordinary for the answers you seek, keeping in mind that the answers have always been there, available to us at our exact hour of need.  Is it a friend?  An herb?  A type of work that we're able to do?  Is it something or someone we've taken for granted that holds the key to what it is that we need?  The answers are inside of you.  Go within and ask to be shown.

We have to let go of our own expectations sometimes in order to see something in a new way.  Maybe we're expecting a handsome prince, but a plain looking plumber might be just what we need!  We might think we need surgery, when dandelions might do just as well.  We might think we need a job in an office when there's a position at the corner store waiting for us.  God sometimes works in mysterious ways!

We do get big problems sometimes.  People get diseases, divorce, depression and many more very hard things.  But remember...the difficulty is in coping, not in the fact that there's no solution...there is.  We might just need to change our idea of what's good and what's not good for us.  Sometimes death is not the worst thing that could happen...not if we have peace of mind.  That's not to say that we don't pray for life, but even in death there is God.

Can we be healed of all disease?  Yes, but eventually our time will come.  BUT...we don't need to be miserable even while we are dying.  There are herbs, there are foods, there are aromas, there is sunshine, there is laughter, there is love, there is comfort and joy.  That is the meaning of life, not the number of years that we have in this body.  There is life after the body is gone.  Live the best that you can while you're here on this plane, and leave a legacy of love to remember you by!  Other than that, there's nothing much to worry about  God's got it all under control.  Just listen to know what to do and enjoy every moment you've got! 

Don't sweat the small stuff...and it's all small stuff, they say!  Just let go...and leave the details to God.  The omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent power of God is healing you now, and every situation in your life is in Divine Order.  Ask for the guidance you is there.

Blessings of Love, ""Vibraceous,ND"

This is a video of my beautiful friend, Rebecca Goth, fulfilling one of the dreams on her bucket list. Rebecca passed away on 5/14/2012 in the company of family and friends. God bless her sweet soul for the wonderful inspiration she was. She lived her life helping others to live more meaningful and compassionate lives.

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May 20, 2012

Today is May 20th, the day before my one year wedding anniversary and also the day my son is getting married.  What a beautiful day! 

Marriage is a sacred commitment.  All relationships are sacred, but marriage is an agreement to be committed to each other as exclusive  partners throughout the remainder of life. 

Let's talk about relationships in general--relationships with each other, with ourselves and with God.  What does it take to make a relationship good?

The cornerstone of a good relationship, of course, is love.  Love is a wonderful feeling of affection and adoration, but in order to come to life, it must be much more than this.  Love needs to be expressed through actions of caring and nurturing in order for it to be complete.  We love our children but if we don't feed them, they'll die.  What good would our love do them then?  It is the same in any relationship...We have to be ready to give the other person what it is that they need if we truly want to give love.

God doesn't need" anything from us, so how does this principle apply to our relationship there?  God needs us to be loving to others, so we can take action there.  We can also show love for God by taking positive action in all our affairs, and by loving what God has given to us.
"Master, which is the great commandment in the law?Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.This is the first and great commandment."  (Matthew 22:36-38)
A healthy relationship also requires communication.   It's a good idea to even let each other in on your thinking when leaving the room, as in "I'm going to get some water from out in the kitchen."  That way you avoid any question as to where you are going and why.  It makes your intentions clear.  The other person doesn't have to wonder if it was something they said or if you are coming back into the room.  Not that this is always a concern, but it just is one of those little things you can do to keep the lines of communication open and working.  It's a good practice to keep.

In the same way, keep the lines of communication open with God.  Not so God knows your intent, but more to the point, so that YOU know what your intentions are!  It's better to talk to God all the time than it is to wait until you are in need.  Make God a part of your everyday life!  When the lines of communication are open, it's easier to hear when you're spoken to.  Make a practice of being still and just listening for the still small voice that will give good guidance to you.

Listen to your partner, too!  Communication is a two-way street!

Be friends with your partner...have fun!  Do this also with yourself and with God.  Be nice to yourself.  Allow yourself time to relax.  Laugh at your follies and let yourself cry when you need to.  Don't be so hard on yourself.  Everything I"m saying can be applied to a marriage or any relationship, as well as to your relationship with yourself and with God.  To be friends with God means to get comfortable and include God in all that you do.

Respect.  Respect is so very important.  Respect is esteem for or a sense of the worth or excellence of a person.  Even when we disagree, we surely must retain respect for a person as being worthy.  We all are deserving of that!  Respect for each other and for yourself should not depend upon points of view or success at being able to accomplish any particular thing; it should be automatic when we recognize ourselves and each other as individual expressions of God.

In showing respect for God, remember to view all of creation as worthy...and excellent!  I think in our world we forget that too much.  This applies to all creatures.  To show love to God we must treat them all with respect. We also show respect to God by recognizing the bounty of earth as being excellent in its ability to meet our needs. 

Honesty and trust go hand in hand, and both are necessary if a relationship is to succeed.  It does no good to lie to ourselves; it just holds us back.  This is true in all our relationships.  Without honesty there is no trust.  The person being dishonest doesn't trust or else they'd tell the truth, and the one being lied to will surely lose trust if they find out they've been deceived.  Without trust it's hard to move forward.  Something will always be held back without trust.  Be honest for a fuller expression of love. 

Compassion, understanding and patience are not to be forgotten when considering what goes into making a relationship good.  People are people, and as such we aren't perfect.  We are perfect in our design, but our expression is lacking at times!  To love someone means to be patient with them and understand that they aren't finished growing.  This holds true, as well, for ourselves.
Commitment is very important.  This goes also with trust.  There must be commitment for someone to believe you won't leave them, and if someone is afraid you will leave there's no trust.  If there's no trust, then honesty usually goes out the window as well.  Dishonesty shoes disrespect.  All  of these qualities go together to weave a strong relationship, but cut one thread, and the others will ravel apart like the threads on a piece of fabric that has been cut.  Commitment means you won't give up, and that you will remain true to these principles no matter how hard it might be at times.  Commitment means you can be depended upon to do the best that you can.

Relationships take a lot of work, but what could possibly be more important?!  Love is all that really matters in this existence of ours.  Love for ourselves, for others, and God.  That's all that we're called on to do!  And when you consider that we are all one, then it only makes sense to make your whole life an expression of love!  In fact, when you consider  that God IS love, and God is all that there is, then you'll understand why love really is all that we need!  Seek ye first the kingdom of God (LOVE) and everything else will fall into place!  This is a beautiful promise given to us.
 "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you."  (Matthew 6:33)
What does the Bible say of the nature of love?  We can learn much from this!
"If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast,but do not have love, I gain nothing. Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. For we know in part and we prophesy in part,but when completeness comes, what is in part disappears. When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me. For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known. And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love."  (1 Corinthians 13:1-13)

Blessings to you in living a life full of love, and blessings to Ronny and Martha on this, their wedding day!  Always remember to love each other, yourself, and God, with all of your heart, your mind and your soul, and in all of the actions you take.  Everything else will fall into place if this is the commitment you keep in your life above everything else.  Love really is all you need!

"Vibraceous, ND"

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May 12, 2012
Mother's Day.  How do we honor our mother?  We all have mothers, whether they are living or not, whether we like them, love them or even know them, they're ours.  And we are all mothers, too, even if we don't have children.  We are mothers to the child within ourselves.  This is true even of men, for by "mother," I mean that part of ourselves which nurtures and loves.  Children recognize this.  I remember my middle son used to refer to his father as, "Mommy," the same as me, and our grandson today tells my husband that he is his Mommy, too.  It's really cute! 

Mother's Day is also about honoring our Mother Earth.

Honor thy mother and father takes on new meaning when reading this version of the Lord's Prayer, which is reputed by the Essenes to be the full version of the original prayer:

"And pray every day to your Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother, that your soul becomes as perfect as your Heavenly Father's holy spirit is perfect, and that your body becomes as perfect as the body of your Earthly Mother is perfect. For if you understand, feel, and do the commandments, then all for which you pray to your Heavenly Father and your Earthly Mother will be given you. For the wisdom, the love, and the power of God are above all.

"After this manner, therefore, pray to your Heavenly Father: 'Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day, our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, now and forever. Amen.'

"And after this manner pray to your Earthly Mother: 'Our Mother which art upon earth, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, and thy will be done in us, as it is in thee. As thou sendest every day thy angels, send them to us also. Forgive us our sins, as we atone all our sins against thee. And lead us not into sickness, but deliver us from all evil, for thine is the earth, the body, and the health. Amen.'"


Eve represents the first mother.  We are told how she suffered in pain to bear children, and how all women following her would suffer this same type of pain.  It's a curse, but wow is it ever a big blessing to bring children forth!  I have been a mother myself now for 35 years.  My children are absolute joys!  (Although, yes, there have been many pains along the way...they are still worth everything in the whole world to me!) 

But the fact remain, that all mothers are called to be willing to suffer, and it is a natural instinct to hurt when your child is hurt.  Mary, mother of Jesus, I'm sure can attest to that. And what about the mother of the prodigal son? I can imagine she went through her fair share of pain, as well.  It is the lot of a mother to hurt!  But it is also the lot of a mother to feel more joy than ever thought possible before.

My own mother was and always will be so precious to me.  She gave birth to me, raised me, took care of me, and loved me more unconditionally than anyone else ever could.   In nurturing ourselves, this is the love that we're called on to give.

So to honor our mother, behave in ways which would make any mom  proud.  Take good care of yourself and be nice to others.  Try to get along with your brothers and sisters.  Sit up straight, eat all your vegetables, comb your hair, brush your teeth and keep your house clean!  Hang with the right crowd, and save up your money for rainy days.  Don't smoke, don't drink, don't curse, don't fight.  Don't take foolish risks and always be safe!  These are the types of things that a loving mother would want for her child!  Honor your mother by honoring these types of requests. 

Honor the traits inside of yourself  that are like a mother, as well.  Honor that part of yourself that is loving, understanding and kind.  Treat others with unconditional love.  Treat yourself with unconditional love!!  This  is very important to do!  And if you, yourself, are a mother, honor yourself for that, too.  Honor your children, as well, for they are given to you to love as no other can.  Be the best mother that you can be.

It's not always easy, being a mom.  The pregnancy itself is a difficult task, leading to the more difficult task of giving birth.  Then, of course, there are diapers, sleepless nights, coughs and colds, crying, safety concerns, financial concerns, and as they grow up there are more things for mothers to worry about, like how their children are doing in school and if they are prepared for their future or not.  Mothers hurt every time their child is in pain.  The image of "mother" is one of pure love.

Now then, in honoring our Mother Earth, what do we do?  Do we use what she has given to us to use, or do we disrespect her by trashing the gifts that she gives?  Do we follow her ways or do we disregard nature in our daily lives?

We were born of this earth.  Our bodies are made up of the same elements which make up the earth.  We derive all of our food from the earth, just as when we were formed, we were formed from our mother and father and derived our nourishment directly from our mother while in the womb.  The earth is our physical mother, as surely as our heavenly father created our bodies from the dust of the earth and breathed life into us.  We should therefore, honor her, too.

Mother Earth will nurture you the same as would the most loving of earthly mothers.  She will enfold you in goodness and rock you in love, feed you and clothes you and keep you warm.  Mother Earth will soothe your tears and calm your fears, sweetly providing for all of your needs.  Honor her in return by appreciating and making good use of what is so freely our birthright.  Honor our dear Mother Earth by not polluting, robbing, rampaging or otherwise defiling our planet and it's inhabitants.  Remember, all creatures belong to God, and to Mother Earth. 
"For every beast of the forest is Mine, And the cattle on a thousand hills.I know all the birds of the mountains, And the wild beasts of the field are Mine." (Psalm 50:10-11)
Thanks to my own mom for being such a wonderful example of motherly love.  She would have done anything for any one of her children or grandchildren.  She always believed in the best of us, in spite of us all having given her the worst at one time or another.  She was always there to listen to our problems and help, but was so concerned that she not inconvenience anyone else.  She wanted nothing in return for her love other than for us to all live good lives.  She taught us through example the importance of family, and the true meaning of love.

My love of holistic healing came from my mother.  She introduced me to natural healing concepts  beginning at the age of ten, and to deep principles of spiritual healing beginning at the age of 12.  She always encouraged me in my studies and in my healing and ministry work.  The work at Essentials of Life is largely due to the influence she had.  I feel her presence in all that we do, and I'm grateful to have had her for a mom.  She made her transition less than five months ago.

Now I'm going to become a grandmother again, for the second time!  The cycle of life continues on, with every baby coming into the world through a mother, who came from a mother from another mother and so on goes the story of life!  I'm so honored to be a part of it all!  But even if we don't have children, or if we perhaps never even knew our own mom, we are still all the earth's children, and are asked to honor the spirit of love and nurture the earth, ourselves, and others through this same unconditional love.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!  Honor the mother in you, in your mother, in mothers everywhere and in everyone!  Honor the Spirit of Motherhood, inherent in each of us, as it is also inherent in the very ground upon which we walk, from which springs forth all of life, even under the sea!  Happy Mother's Day to all that there is.  May the Spirit of Love be honored this day and all days! 

"Vibraceous, ND"

Dr.  Jody Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.
Founding Minister, Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center

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