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Jul 4, 2007

Vibraceous, ND's BASIC PLAN for Natural Wellness


Protocol to Nourish, Cleanse and Balance the System

written by Naturopathic Doctor, Mary Jo Eshelman, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.

This plan will accommodate most folks just fine. If there is a specific need, address it with the essential oils first. Add targeted herbal formulas in after three months of using just regular nutritional herbs. If there is an urgent need, the targeted formulas can be started earlier…even right from the start…but if the problem is not acute or in urgent need of expedient relief, I find it is best to start out this way.

This plan is designed to balance, strengthen, and cleanse the system. Most problems will work themselves out with this approach in due time. Except for acute conditions, allow at least three months for healing to occur, and in addition allow approximately one month of healing time to every year that a condition has presented itself. No one gets sick in one day! It takes time to regenerate cells.

This is not intended to take the place of the advice or guidance of a licensed medical doctor. If you are experiencing serious problems with your health, it is recommended that you seek the advise of a physician. The ultimate decision as to how to pursue after that, is your choice. You may decide to go strictly the conventional route, use a complimentary approach to healing, or use an alternative method, forgoing conventional care. The responsibility for your health belongs to you. The information provided below is to present to you a program designed to support wellness through natural means.

The program begins with efforts to balance the system through the use of flower essences directed primarily towards the emotional and spiritual aspects of being, although physical symptoms will be affected as well. The essences work to remove inner blocks and resistance to healing, and to restore overall balance and harmony. Essential oils work nicely in conjunction with flower remedies, and gently work to restore balance, too. Essential oils can be directed towards both physical and emotional needs. The particular flower essences and essential oils to be used varies with each individual case.

It is good to start this part of the program before beginning the remaining components, so that you can more accurately gauge the results, and also to give the body a chance to adjust. It is better to take a gradual and gentle approach to natural healing, and in the long run, the results are much better, I find.

BUT…there is nothing the matter with starting to increase the water intake right from the beginning! Water is extremely important to the whole process of healing. Aim at one gallon a day spread out over the waking hours. (Or drink the same number in ounces as the number of pounds you get as a result of dividing the body weight by two.) Drink distilled water specifically, especially during this time. (Always purified water of some sort, but distilled is best for purposes of pulling toxins and heavy metals out of the system.)

If you are not used to drinking much water, it’s okay to start gradually, but build up as quick as you can. At first you will have to urinate more often than usual, but this urge will taper off as your body begins to absorb more of the water into dehydrated cells.

Avoid drinking water beginning 20 minutes before a meal and up to an hour after a meal, so as not to dilute the digestive juices need to digest the meal.

In addition to drinking the water throughout the day, mix some raw local honey and organic apple cider vinegar half and half, and then take ¾ cup of this mixture and add it to a 2 qt. pitcher of distilled water. (Store the rest of the mixture for later use.) Drink a glass before every meal. This will actually assist with digestion, as well as work to balance the body’s pH and supply a significant amount of nutrients. Also, take 1 tablespoon of raw honey each night before bed. This will help provide a more restful sleep.

Eat as closely to nature as you possibly can. Organic, raw, whole foods are best, preferably locally grown and in season. Most people will stray from these ideals, but try to steer yourself more and more in the direction of this. A diet consisting of 80% fruits and vegetables and 20% grains, (meat), nuts, seeds and (dairy) is what I believe to be best. Smaller and simpler meals eaten more often are best to maintain blood sugar levels and to give the body a better chance to digest. Eat slowly and chew your foods well.

Again, stay away from processed foods as much as you possibly can, particularly in the oils that you choose. Use only cold-pressed oils for salads, etc., and only extra-virgin olive oil for your cooking needs. Also, do not fall into the trap of artificial ingredients. Gradually move yourself into the direction of eating more natural foods. Try to eat food close to the way it was grown. Work to eat balanced meals, with the natural colors of food to act as your simple guide. The colors give clues to the nutritional content of foods. A plate full of nothing but white is not a very well-balanced meal.

Continue on with this focus on nutritional balance by beginning a program of nutritional supplementation. In this way you can be certain to meet your basic nutritional needs. (Not that it isn’t still important to eat!)

Today’s farming methods practices, etc., make it very difficult to be sure on a daily basis that we are getting what we need to run our bodies at optimal levels conducive to health. Wellness is more than just a lack of sickness, and that will tell over time of not getting a steady supply of the nutrients we need to be strong enough to ward off disease and to function as well as we should. As mentioned earlier, sickness does not begin over night. A good program of wellness works to maintain a healthy body, not merely wait until the body is sick and then begin to give it what it needs to stay well.

Herbs are the ultimate source of our nourishment, as presented to us by God from the beginning, as stated in Genesis 1:29. “And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.”

So, herbs are not drugs, they are nutrients. People often confuse the two, because many drugs are derived from plants. The difference, however, is that they’ve been changed. When parts of a plant are extracted for drugs, it is not a whole plant anymore; but something that’s been made by man. Drugs are synthetic. Plants are made by God. When you extract substances from plants, mix them with chemicals, and heavily process them, it is then that they become drugs. When they are used as whole foods, herbs nourish the body so that the body can heal and stay well. Herbs provide nutritional support so that the body can heal itself.

Those who attempt to use nutrients as drugs will likely be disappointed – and, of course, there is no way that a drug can truly substitute for the lack of an essential nutrient. Their very natures and the roles that they play are entirely different.


Drugs have their place. Drugs are excellent tools when immediate or drastic action is needed, as prescribed by a physician, of course. Drugs have a much quicker effect, whereas true healing takes time.
If drugs are used, it is good to follow with the herbs. Herbs can help to reduce the damage from side effects, and to provide nutritional support to the body so that it can more completely and easily heal.

So the next phase of the program is herbs. If sickness is upon you, you can start with medicinal herbs targeted toward a specific problem, but usually what I prefer to do is to start with the basics and give the body a chance to gain its nutritional footing in order to balance and heal itself.

No matter what, it is the body doing the healing…not the herbs, per se. God, actually, is the Healing Force, present in the body…and in the herbs. But the herbs are given to nourish the body so it can function according to its design…the body was made to be well! We were created to LIVE.

It is good to wait, as stated above, to begin this part of the program so as not to overwhelm the body with too many adjustments at once. By implementing this program, however, the body will begin to distribute the herbs throughout, to where there is the most need. You may begin to experience a cleansing reaction, even before beginning the cleansing phase of the program, because herbs in general do have a cleansing effect. The fiber, in particular, which I recommend using each day, will help the colon to start clearing itself, so the body is more ready for an in-depth cleanse.

Many practitioners recommend cleansing right from the start, but I prefer to begin strengthening the system first, so as not to over-stress the body when performing the cleanse.

Cleansing of any kind can cause an individual to feel a little bit sick. This doesn’t mean they are sick. Old symptoms may be re-experienced, or side-effects from previously ingested drugs. This is a normal reaction, and is not an indication of actual sickness, just the re-experiencing of certain symptoms as toxins are being released from the body. Better out, than in, as I say! If it becomes too uncomfortable, the cleansing can be slowed down just a bit. Also, check to make sure bowels are moving well. The cleansing regime may need adjusted somewhat until the proper level of comfort is found.

Bowel movements should be substantial in size…approximately the length between the crook in the elbow and the crook in the wrist and as big around as the circle made when placing the forefinger into the first crook in the thumb….plus the stool should float, break apart when the toilet is flushed, it should be easy to flush, and there shouldn’t be a foul smell. These are the goals for which to aim. The important thing at first, is to make sure they are moving, and then gradually work towards these goals through cleansing efforts. The fiber is very important to this.

Toxins will exit the body through the bowels, the urinary system, the skin and the lungs. You may notice changes in any or all of these areas. Give them time to work themselves out. Liquid chlorophyll will help with this process, and work to eliminate unpleasant bodily odors during this time.

The program I have outlined below will provide assistance to the digestive and eliminative processes, as well as to supply the needed vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, glyconutrients, anti-oxidants, and other nutrients needed to maintain the body in health. Many of the problems presenting themselves will balance out and dissipate with no additional efforts required. Wait until the nutritional program has been in place for three months to decide, unless there is an urgent need to hurry the program along.

Most herbs can be safely used along with medication; however, there should be one-hour between their ingestion, as the drugs will lessen the usefulness of the herbs being used. Keep in mind, too, that as the herbs begin to work in the body, lesser amounts of drugs may be required.


Here is the basic program that I recommend: (This recommendation is basic…it may differ from one case to the next. For best results contact me directly regarding your situation and allow me to help you determine exactly how this program can best be used in your case!)

First 2 Weeks and thereafter (for best results)

(Determine specific formulas according to healing goals.)

FLOWER REMEDIES (as recommended)

ESSENTIAL OILS (as recommended)

Weeks 3-6

HERBAL TRACE MINERALS (dandelion, alfalfa and kelp to supply vitamin, mineral, and other needs)

FLAX SEED OIL (superior to salmon oil as a source of EFA’s)

FOOD ENZYMES (the single most important supplement in the whole plan!)

GLYCO ESSENTIALS (to promote intra-cellular communication and stem cell production)

CHLOROPHYLL (to cleanse and build the blood, supply electrolytes, and further balance pH)

EVERYBODY'S FIBER (to assist in elimination and keep the colon clean)

THAI-GO (2-pk…use 1 bottle per month for superior antioxidant protection against free radical damage)

Weeks 7-10

Herbal Trace Minerals

Flax Seed Oil

Food Enzymes



Everybody’s Fiber

Thai-Go (second half of 2-pk purchased during previous month)


(Cleanse Product… CLEANSTART-WILDBERRY, CLEANSTART APPLE/CINNAMON, TIAO HE CLEANSE, YEAST/FUNGAL DETOX, PARA-CLEANSE, or other cleanse product, according to specific needs.)

Weeks 11-14

Herbal Trace Minerals

Flax Seed Oil

Food Enzymes



Everybody’s Fiber

Thai-Go (purchase 2-pk…use 1…only need to purchase every two months.)

Week 15+ (Evaluate progress and adjust program as needed.)

Herbal Trace Minerals

Flax Seed Oil

Food Enzymes

Glyco Essentials


Everyone’s Fiber


(Add in additional formulas at this point targeted towards any signs of imbalances still presenting themselves. Re-evaluate again in three months.)

For best results, follow the directions on the packages for usage, or specific instructions as given.

Any plan for good health should include components of nutrition, clean water, sunshine, proper breathing techniques, adequate sleep, exercise, and plenty of laughter, friendship, relaxation and prayer! Time spent in nature is also good, as is exposing yourself to harmonious colors and sound. I can help you design a well-rounded program of natural health which is specific to your lifestyle and needs.

Please feel free to call me with any questions or for help in ordering products. I will waive my regular hourly fee to individuals purchasing their products through me, insofar as product support is concerned. Email me at to arrange a convenient time for us to talk, or dial my consultation line direct at 1-888-INGENIO, extension 01886884.

Blessings to You for Good Health! (It’s only natural that you should be well!!!)




The information presented is the author's personal and professional opinion, and is intended for educational purposes only. Nothing printed here is designed to take the place of a physician's advice. If you are experiencing problems with your health, it is recommended that you consult with a licensed health care professional. All Natural HealthWorks! is not responsible for any damages or ill-effects resulting from the information presented herein, nor do we make any recommendations regarding your health. We are simply here as a resource for you in making your own choices for your health yourself.


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