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Jan 19, 2014
 "Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth."  (Matthew 5:5)

Who are the meek?  I guess it depends who you ask, but I think the meaning implied in the passage above has somehow been lost over the years.  Perhaps that's why the earth is not being taken care of today.  Let us explore this idea.  Here is what a few dictionaries have to say on the word:
meek [meek]  
adjective, meek·er, meek·est.
1. humbly patient or docile, as under provocation from others.
2. overly submissive or compliant; spiritless; tame.
3. Obsolete . gentle; kind.
1150–1200; Middle English meke, meoc  < Old Norse mjÅ«kr  soft, mild, meek

1. forbearing; yielding; unassuming; pacific, calm, soft. See gentle. Unabridged

Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2013.

Isn't it a pity that the meaning of this word as being gentle and kind is now obsolete?  Let's read from another source:

meek  (miːk)
— adj
1.     patient, long-suffering, or submissive in disposition or nature; humble
2.     spineless or spiritless; compliant
3.     an obsolete word for gentle

Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition
2009 © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins
Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009

Really?  Spineless?  Spiritless?  I don't think this is the meaning implied when it is said that the meek shall inherit the earth!  I think that gentleness, perhaps, has gone out of fashion in the eyes of those who interpret the words and consider gentlenss to be obsolete!

Do we live in a society of bullies where someone is considered "spineless" if they are humbly patient or docile when being provoked?  I think we're missing the point.

Let's take another look at the origin of the word to be sure:

c.1200, "gentle, courteous, kind," from O.N. mjukr "soft, pliant, gentle," from P.Gmc. *meukaz (cf. Goth. muka-modei "humility," Du. muik "soft"), of uncertain origin. Use to translate L. mansuetus from Vulgate (see mansuetude). Sense of "submissive" is from mid-14c.
Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2010 Douglas Harper

Yep!  Gentle, courteous, kind!  I think perhaps being meek is not so "spineless" or "spiritless" afterall.  In fact, I think to be meek is to be filled with the Spirit of God!

Here's a better definition of the word, from "The Revealing Word, A Metaphysical Dictionary," by Charles Fillmore:

meek, the--Anyone highly trained to react to all negative stimuli with love instead of with "an eye for an eye." "Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth"

Yes.  I think this is more in accordance with what Jesus meant when he used the word.  Let's examine the passage with this definition in mind.

First, consider the phrase, "highly trained."  I think one must be disciplined to react to negative stimuli with love in a world that sees gentleness as being spineless.  The pressure of others to deny sensitivity must have been prevalent in days of old, too.  Of course we know that it was.  An eye for an eye was the way for so long, and unfortunately it all too often seems to still be the way of today. A child is born innocent but quickly learns by example how things are done, and one must be trained in gentleness in a world so full of examples of brutality and hate.  There are many who will remain in darkness, but those who seek the Light and the Truth will be saved.  To love and forgive, to have mercy and compassion, to be humble and meek...these are the traits that will eventually save the whole world.  Destruction only destroys, and to destroy someone's strength by referring to gentleness as being spineless is the absolute wrong path to take. 

Bullying doesn't only happen in childhood.  Peer pressure is alive in the world of adults, just as well.  To stand apart from the violence in the face of ridicule is the true path to peace.  It does, indeed, take discipline, though.

Are we able to respond to all negative stimuli with love?  That is hard!  Some of it, sure, but all?  That is what we are in training to do.

All negative stimuli.  That means hatred, gossip, cruelty, theft, abuse, rape, violence, murder, dishonesty, vulgarity, selfishness, adultery and so many things that we might even be tempted to think we are less than virtuous if we do not hate these things.  But to be meek means to stand in the Truth of God as Love, and realize that to meet evil with hatred or blame is to increase the amount of negative energy already there.  That is the secret to taking it's power away!  Evil only has the power we give it, because God is the only True Power there is, and as we know, God is Love.

Wow.  That's a very tall order indeed, but that's what is required if we are to inherit the earth.  The good news, however, is that it is assured that we will!  We will inherit the earth!  That is very good news!

The earth is in trouble, through greed.  The earth is the perfect home for all of the species which inhabit the earth, including humans, but man is trashing the planet through greed.  Greed, when there is already enough to go around, yet somebody wants more than their share.  In fact, there are those who would like to have it all, and so the rest of the planet is subject to exploitation by those who are the biggest bullies grabbing for all.  Do we resist them with hate?  No, we are to greet them, also, with love.  Does that mean to not try to change things?  No, it just means to do it with love.

I know we are worried about the earth and our resources, and all the people and animals suffering.  But we WILL inherit the earth, I just have to believe.  Where do I get my hope in times that seem so utterly hopeless?  I get my hope from my belief that God is Good and God is Love and God is Life.  God is the ONLY Power that truly exists.  I believe all is Good.  To work with the Power of God one must work with the Power of Love.  The more we all discipline ourselves to react in this manner, the sooner it will become obvious that Love can overcome all.

God is Life.  Look at the dandelion.  Weed killers can kill it but they can't prevent it!  Life will go on and on and on no matter what happens.  Somehow, someway, there will always be life.  Life is eternal, you know.  Even after nuclear disasters, plant life eventually returns.

To be meek doesn't mean to be weak, it means to submit to the Power of God, the Power of Goodness and Love, the Power of Life to set things straight without interference from you.  Meekness means to let go and let God.

In regards to the earth itself, as a planet, yes, the meek will inherit the earth.  Gentleness in ways of the earth.  Gentle farming methods using natural fertilizers and pesticides rather than harsh chemicals will go a long way in preserving the earth.  Meekness in bulldozing down forests for profit would go a long way, as well.  The rainforests are being bulldozed at rates far beyond what is good for the earth and it's inhabits, as are our other precious resources being destroyed.  Focus on love.  Focus on ways that will help offset this, rather than focusing on hatred and fear.  Work on solutions.  They're there.  Even if, God help us, the entire rain forest should be destroyed, God will help us, indeed, and eventually it will grow back.  Maybe not in our lifetime, but we can only live one day at a time.  Raising people's awareness, with love, is the best thing we can do, and help when there becomes clear any ways we can help. our own life...walk gently, with love in all situations!  Learn to turn the other cheek and forgive seventy times seventy if that is what's needed.  If you give in to hate, if you give in to gossip, if you give in to blame, if you give in to revenge even in thought, then you are a part of the problem, but as with the former, you are also deserving of love.  We all give in to negativity at times.  We must become highly trained!

How do we become highly trained?  One way is to practice praying for those you resent.  Make a list, and bless them all, every one.  Yes, even the ones who did you wrong.  Say especially good prayers for the ones who hurt you the most!  Turn them over to God.  Pray that they be touched by Love. 

"Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy. But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans the same?And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others? do not even the publicans so?Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect."  (Matthew 5:43-48)

Peace.  Love.  Gentleness.  Mercy.  Kindness.  These are evidence of meekness.  Walk gently upon the earth.  Leave a light carbon footprint.  Speak gently, avoiding harsh words.  Be gentle with others in your dealings and also your judgments of them.  Be gentle with yourself, as well.  Be gentle in your opinions and attitudes.  Display forgiveness before it's even required by not even taking offense.  Wow that's a hard one to do, but to be perfect is what we are told we are capable of.  It may seem wrong in the moment to let wrongs occur, but wrong doings will always occur as long as we focus on anything other than Love.

How else may be practice this?  Learning to accept life on life's terms is not always easy, but if you ever tried stopping an earthquake then you'll understand that some thing are simply not within our control.  At these times we must accept them.  I find that practicing the Serenity Prayer helps me in accepting those things which I cannot change.  Of course there are those things we can change, and should, but always do it with Love.  God is Love.  What good is change if it's not for Good?  God is Good.  Use wisdom when trying to go around changing the way that things are.

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
Taking, as He did, this sinful world
as it is, not as I would have it;
Trusting that He will make all things right
if I surrender to His Will;
That I may be reasonably happy in this life
and supremely happy with Him
Forever in the next.

--Reinhold Niebuhr

God's will is always Love, always Good, always in favor of Life.  Act in accordance with this and all things will be made right.  We may not see it right now, but that's where the discipline part of this all comes it.  Sometimes it is a complete act of faith, but faith only serves to make us strong, never weak, when we have faith in all the right things, such as the Unconditional Power of Love!

"Charity never faileth: but whether there be prophecies, they shall fail; whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away. For we know in part, and we prophesy in part. But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away."  (1 Corinthians 13:8-10)

There is that word again, "perfect."  Perfect Love is the essence of God, and we are created in the image and likeness of God.  Anything less will fall away.

Be the Love you were created to be!  Forgive.  Do not let negativity get hold of you.  Practice acceptance and faith.  Developing an attitude of gratitude is another way of disciplining ourselves to the Truth that all is Good.  Make a list of all you have to be grateful for, and include on that list things in the past that you thought at first were not blessings at all, but quite the opposite, in fact.  Write down how your perspective changed when things really did turn out for the good.  Some of these things you won't know, but as you start looking for the good in your life you will start to see more and more that it's ALL good.  Developing this type of faith will help you greatly in resisting the urge to give your power away.  The only True Power is Love.  Hold on to it with all you've got!  It takes great strength to be meek.  The meek are not spineless at all!

Blessing to you for this week, and may you find the Goodness and Love in all Life that is yours.  You are a child of God, a child of Love, a child of Goodness, a child of Life!  The whole entire earth shall be yours!  It belongs to us all.

"Vibraceous, ND"
Rev. Dr. Jody Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.
Founder, Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center

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Jan 12, 2014

  It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul.  There is much to be said about this.  You can see emotion through the eyes, can you not?  You can often tell if a person is lying or not by looking into their eyes.  What if they refuse?  Look away?  In our culture we perceive direct eye contact to mean that a person is being direct.  In other cultures it might mean something else, a sign of aggression, perhaps.  How can we know what a person means when cultures have different norms?  You can still see into the eyes, if you look.  Even in non-humans.  The spark of is there.

There is much you can tell from the eyes.  Is someone lying?  One way to guess is by watching their eyes when they tell a story.  If they are remembering it, their eyes will look downward.  If they are conjuring it up, their eyes will look more to the sky.  Hmmm....These are tricks that moms use to find out things that kinds try to hide!  They're also tricks used by professional investigators because they are reliable indications of truth vs. lies.

You can see pain in a person's eyes if you look.  You can see sadness if it is there no matter how much they smile.  This is something mothers know, too.

You can see anger, depression, worry, anguish, fear...and you can see love, joy, happiness, contentment and pride and relief.  Whatever a person is feeling, there story is there to be told in the eyes.

But is it just in people we see this?  Of course not!  Look into your dog's eyes when it knows it's done soething wrong, or into the eyes of a cat when it's angry and its eyes are all blackened and its ears flattened back.  Look into the eyes of a scared little rabbit or mouse.  Every living creature shows how it feels through its eyes. 

Part of this is due to the mind/body connection.  The body responds to emotional triggers by releasing hormones such as adrenalin which the adrenal glands release when triggered by fear to prepare the body for fight or flight.  Part of this response is that the pupils become dilated.  This is an automatic response that is real evidence that the body and mind are attached. People accept this much more readily than they accept there is also a connection to spirit, but as we are all three in one being, we of course know it is true.

Take love, for instance.  Emotional?  Yes, of course.  It is the greatest of all emotions!  But is it spiritual?  I'd have to say, yes it is, considering that in my belief God IS Love.  To love is the only commandment given to us in just about any religion when you break it all down.  To love unconditionally is divine.  It is something a person (and other animals, too) will put their life on the line to defend.  Love is spiritual, mental and physical.  Love is what makes the world go around!  Does it show in our eyes?  Look into the eyes of true love and you'll easily see that it does!

Love puts a rosy glow on everything, and it puts rose colored glasses on eyes looking out that anyone looking in can easily see. 

Look into the eyes of a mother looking into the eyes of a child full of love looking back.  Look into the eyes of a young girl in love after getting her very first kiss.  Look into the eyes of a groom watching his bride walk down the aisle.  Look into the eyes of her dad.  

There are maps on the eyes, did you know?  The coloration of the iris indicates different tendencies within the body.  There is a map in the eyes which correlates to all of the organs and body structures, and strengths, weaknesses and areas of toxicity can be read through the study of what each of these different very beautiful marks actually show.  This is called the study of iridology.  Iridology is mistakenly thought by many to be a diagnostic tool, but it is not.  It does not diagnose anything, but merely shows the body's general constitution.  Areas of toxicity can be read and general areas with a tendency towards vulnerability.    

The whites of the eyes, similarly, draw a map to the body.  The little red lines point to places within the iris which correlate to areas of the body as well and can be used as indications of areas which may be in need  of support.

There are many things to be learned through the eyes.

What a person thinks of you affects how they look at you, too.  What someone thinks about anything will affect how they see it.  The windows also have a view out from the soul to the world.  How clean is the glass?  Did we throw something on someone's window?  Perhaps we might want to offer to help clean that up.  Did someone else throw something on someone's window that is affecting their view of you?  Maybe it isn't your fault, but you could still help clean it up if you'd like.  At least please do not throw stones.

Take time this week to look into the eyes of those you may pass on the way.  Look into the eyes of the person you're talking to.  Sometimes even that much can be an exercise, because often we find that we're uncomfortable looking into somebody's eyes.  If you feel uncomfortable, ask yourself why?  Then try and break through that fear with love.  Look for the love in other's eyes.

Look for the love, look for the sadness, look for the pain, look for the truth.  Look for what's the same in them as in you.  Look into your own eyes as well.

Look into a mirror.  Look into your eyes.  Try this at least once a day for this one week.  What do you see?  Keep looking.  Don't just glance and then look away.  Is it uncomfortable to look into your own eyes in the mirror?  Try holding it for a minute, speaking words of love to yourself without turning your eyes away.  Speak words of love in your mind to the person you see in the mirror.  Keep looking into your eyes for 60 whole seconds.  You'll find a new you in just a week's time of doing this at least once a day!

You can't really look into passerby's eyes for that long, but you can make a point to look into them for just as long as it takes to engage your heart in the process.  It can be done quickly without them even knowing, but a nice warm feeling will strike them, I'm sure.  Get into an elevator and look into the eyes of the person to whom you're about to turn your back to.  Walk down a hallway and look into the eyes of the person you're going to pass.  Go to a store and look into the eyes of the cashier as they tell you to have a nice day.  Look into the eyes of the wait staff as they ask you if you'd like more water.  Look into the eyes of all you pass...for one week...and you'll remember it for the rest of your life.

Also look into the eyes of the animals you happen to meet.  For me, that's easy, because we have six cats and three dogs.  For you, it might not be so easy, so I'll meet you halfway on this.  I will promise to go out this week and interact with animals who do not live with me, and I hope you will accept the challenge and do the same.  Really, really look into their eyes.  Go to a pet store, a rescue shelter, a farm, a friend's house, the zoo or anywhere else where animals can be found and look as many as you can right in the eye.  See if you can tell what it is they are feeling.  You can almost read their mind if you look closely enough at what their eyes are trying to say.  The more often you do this, the more you will realize they are no different from us.

If you will notice, too, when you look into the eyes of another, that we see our own reflection, as well, much as we do when we look into a store window's glass.  It is good to keep in mind that when we are assessing that which we see, we may be mixing into it a bit of our own image.  It's very easy to do.  Also, do not forget that we look through our own window, and perhaps we're seeing a smear on our own glass, or on the other hand, perhaps we've got that rosy tint.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder sometimes.

The left eye is said to rule the feminine aspects of us.  This is to include what is manifest, as in the idea of Mother Earth being in physical form.  The left eye expresses that which is masculine in us, as well as that which is unseen.  The masculine has energy to put into things, whereas the feminine is that nurturing side.  This can be seen through the eyes. 

As you do your practice this week of looking into the eyes of others, notice if you are looking into one eye or both eyes, and what you see in each eye.  Do this with your eyes in the mirror, as well.  You will begin to notice more and more things.  For instance, you may see more pain in one eye and more joy in the other.  What you see will tell you much.  One eye looking a little bit tired, for instance, might be an indication of which area of your life you need to relax just a bit.  If it's your left eye and you're working too much, for instance, or if it's your right eye and you're worrying too much about someone you love.

The pupils pulsating is a sign that you're adrenal glands are feeling stressed, and likely you're feeling very stressed, too.  As I said, there are many things you can tell through the eyes.  The most important thing, though, is love.  Looking people in the eye shows them you care.  Try it consistently for this one week!  I'd be interested to know what you find, but I have a real good idea.  I think you'll begin to find the real you.

Blessings for a week filled with wonder as seen through the eyes of a child!  Blessings for a week filled with LOVE...
.   "Vibraceous, ND"
Rev. Dr. Jody Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.
Founder, Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center

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Jan 11, 2014

When we are born, we are aware of our spiritual self.  Actually, this is the part of ourselves with which we are most aware!  The body is new.  Wow!  Look at those fingers and toes!  As to the mental aspect of self, we were happier when we didn't find fault but just marveled at the wonder of life!  So, in the beginning of our life, all was good!

Fast forward to now.  Are we still aware of our spiritual self?  Yes, but is it still the part of us with which we're most aware?  Hmmm...

And our physical bodies, well, they aren't new anymore.  Do we wish we'd have taken a little bit better care of them along the way?  As a society, I think we could do better with this.  How is your own individual score?

What about our thinking?  Is it happy?  Positive?  Full of wonder and joy?  Are we aware of the power of the thoughts that we think, and are we using that power for good? 

These three aspects of self are just that...aspects of self.  We cannot separate the three no matter how hard that we try.  We do seem to live in the illusion of separateness, though.  This is the whole problem, I think.  Not only do we imagine ourselves separate from God, which we're not, and also separate from others, which we're also not, and separate from other life forms and all of life, which of course we are not, but we also seem to imagine that we are separate from different parts of ourselves.  Let me explain what I mean.

We seem to think spirituality is just something thought of in church, or perhaps even not directly acknowledged at all.  This, of course, is not true for all, but as a general societal pattern, it seems to be so.  There is a disconnection from our awareness of God (Good) in our life (Life) and also a disconnection from love (Love.)  (God is Good, God is Life, God is Love.)  I say there is a disconnection because we believe in the power of evil (which is from the mind of man not of God) to be more powerful than the One and Only Power of the Universe, which is always present and always good.  This is true any one of us worries, even a bit for just a moment.  None of us are perfect in this. But the more we bring our conscious awareness to the point of realizing our Oneness with God, the more we will realize that Spiritual Power and Strength are working for Goodness and Love in our Life at all times.

Worry.  That's a function of mind.  When we let mind rule the spirit, this is what happens.  Spirit should always lead.  This is also where fear, greed, regret, shame, hatred, resentment, jealousy and other negative thoughts take their root.  Spirit should always lead!  Spirit expressed in our life as goodness and love.  With Love leading the way, who could ever go wrong?  With the Good of All being at the heart of our intentions, and a reverence for all of Life being expressed in our thoughts and our actions, we sure could all live more prosperous and satisfied lives.  We must take control of our thoughts if we are to keep them from leading us astray.  We must tend to our thoughts as the Good Shepherd tends to his flocks.  Right thinking leads to right action.  To set thinking right, take control of your thoughts and center them on the goodness and love throughout life.  This will reunify your thinking self to your spiritual self.  The actions which follow will reunify your physical self.

So, to act in accordance with thought is one thing, but to act in accordance with love is another if we are not thinking of love.  Think of love!  The mind is the link between spirit and body.  If we allow the physical self to run wild without thought as to the connection to spirit, we will not care if we treat ourselves or others in a loving manner or not.  Our body is our vehicle on this physical plane.  It houses our spiritual self, which is the only part of us that lasts throughout all of time.  The mind is meant to be a servant to direct the body.  The body is what gets us around to accomplish our tasks on this earth.  People tend to get it all backwards sometimes and put the desires of the body ahead of what's actually good for our life. 

There are those words again!  If we always think of what's Good and of Love and of what supports Life, and if we let these thoughts be our guiding light, then we would already be re-unified!  But we have to remind ourselves again and again to keep our mind on the course.  It's like steering a boat with a lot of high winds.  The winds are the forces without, like the mortgage and other challenges we face.

So to enact the reunification process on the physical plane, we have to reprogram our thinking to want to do it, and then we have to follow our own best advice.  We must think of the needs of spirit in our daily lives and follow their calling.  For food, Spirit wants food that will support the body in keeping it in good working order, and food which is manufactured in a loving way.  For exercise, same thing.  Spirit beckons us to make use of our body to keep it in good running shape.   God has no hands but ours.  If we are to do the work on this physical plane we must take care of our physical self.  It is as simple as that.  Food was provided.  Air was provided.  Water was provided.  Natural plants, aromas, sounds, colors...all provided,  here, for our healing good.  Are we making good use of what's been given to us?  Do we realize our oneness with Life?  Eat of life, drink of life, breathe in the aromas of LIFE!  God is Life.  Take your shoes off and walk outdoors!

When we function as whole beings in spirit, mind and body, we are able to accomplish incredible things!  Living as a complete creati0on of God, made in the image of Goodness, Love and Radiant Life, is what we are here to do!  Whatever our real work on this planet, surely we can accomplish it better living from a position of a society and as individuals. 

Pay close attention to the needs of your body this week.  Is there a natural God-given response to those needs?  Can you respond to your body's cries with compassion and love?  Can you provide it with the best healing tools, as given directly by God?

Pay even closer attention to your thoughts throughout the week, for your thoughts drive your physical responses to life.  See if your thought are in line with what you know to be spiritually true.  Don't just assume that they are!  Be like a cat watching a mouse hole and just watch your thoughts to see if they align with principles of goodness, of love and of life.

For instance....thinking about how good a diet coke might taste (yuck!  I don't think that it does at all, my taste buds are naturally trained!)....but if that's what you think tastes good, then when your mind starts thinking of that you must realize that this chemical laden beverage is not good for your body.  You must retrain your mind to think about something better for your body instead, like a nice drink of fresh juice, for instance.  Then let your body follow suit on that thought and give it the better option to try.  Reprogram your mind in this way.  Replace smoking cigarettes with drinking water, for instance.  Replace any bad habit with a positive one.  How do you know it's a bad habit?  If it doesn't serve your highest good.

Holistic healing is really holistic living.  Holistic living means living as if you are one being, which of course, is the actual truth.  It's silly to compartmentalize ourselves like we do.  Church on Sunday, then pharmaceuticals when we are ill, and then blaming someone else in our mind just doesn't work.  It's a vicious cycle that so many people get into and then they don't understand why they're sick.  This is a simplistic example, but not really when you get down and really look at each case.  In every case there is a disconnection from our true nature.  We are beings of nature in truth.  We are beings of nature and love.  Nature is Life.  God is Life.  It is Good!  All we have to remember is Love.  Live as we were created to live and all will be well.

When we live out of sync with our true selves, then things naturally will go awry.  Nature will try to re-balance, and if we continue to fight it, we move outside of the realm of what's natural.  What's natural to us is to live and live well.  It is our own reluctance to live within nature's laws that cause the problems for us. 

So if Spirit  is the part of ourselves which is permanent and the part of ourselves which should lead the way, then we need to practice getting in touch on a daily basis with this part of ourselves through meditation and prayer.  Conscious realization of the presence of God in our lives is the key to changing the way that we think and we live.  Become silent and go within, letting go of all thoughts and distractions, only looking to find quiet and peace.  Go within and know it is there.  Once you find it, you will know God is with you always, within.  The more you return to this place of conscious awareness of peace, you will more and more want to live from this point.  Think thoughts which are consistent with peace.  Think thoughts consistent with love.  Act in accordance then in all that you do.  Of course you will falter, but try.  This is what we're all here to do, and none of us does it quite perfect yet.  In the beginning, when we were babies, we did.  Become ye as little children to enter the kingdom of God!

Blessings to all for a wonderful week!
"Vibraceous, ND"
Rev. Dr. Mary Jo Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.

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Jan 5, 2014
I no longer choose to trust the medical system with caring for my health in any significant way.  If I need stitches or an emergency accident occurs.  But for my ongoing health care, no thank you.  I do not believe in their ways.

I object to the entire premise of modern medicine, and this is just my own point of view.  You are, of course, entitled to yours.  I fervently believe, however, that the modern medical system of the western world is invalid, ineffective and inept.

It is difficult to know where to begin, so please allow me to start at the beginning.  In the beginning, God created the heaven a earth and saw it as good.  In the beginning, God had a plan.  I believe that plan is still good today.  It doesn't matter how you view God, be it as Supreme Being, the Force, Divine Spirit, Mother Nature, Evolution or however you view the appearance and continuation of life on this planet, you have to concede there is some kind of System at work.  It is this System I believe still works today.  It is this System I wish to entrust with my health and my life.  This is what I call God.  I choose to trust God with my health.

In the beginning the plants were our medicine.  The air, the water, the food and our own innate ability to survive and to love is what has propelled life on earth for millions and millions of years.  Suddenly now that there's a profit to be made in destroying our resources and an even greater profit to be made in the medical system, we "need" all these expensive modern medical ways, with their poisonous side effects, malpractice and misuse. 

In the beginning God spoke life into the plants and into us.  We are made of the same "stuff."  The minerals of the earth and the plants and the stars are the same minerals that make us up.  We cooperate in an ecosystem, breathing in what we need and exhaling that which we don't need, only to be taken up by the plants and in return they give what we need.  There is a system at work.  The magnetic power of the earth in cooperation with the moon, the water, and the earth's minerals also has a direct correlation to us.  The water makes up most of our body weight and runs through and between every cell of our being.  And what about the effect of the air on our bodily function?  How long can you hold your breath?  We are dependent for our life upon air.  All of these things work together for good. 

The natural elements work together in a way which cannot be superseded, and this is what I believe modern medicine is trying to do.  The goal has become one of overcoming the natural body responses, such as in the way that they "treat" a cold with suppressants rather than realizing the cold IS the cure.  We have natural bodily responses to situations in which our health is compromised and these should not be interfered with like this.  A fever, for instance, is there to kill bacteria.  There only needs to be intervention when the fever becomes dangerous, and even then, the better methods are natural ones, such as using feverfew herb or taking a tepid bath.  In this way the fever does the job it was intended to do, rather than stopping the process and suppressing the symptoms.  Suppressing is to press deeper within.  It will resurface again.  To allow the body to fight the problem and win is what strengthens our natural response. 

There are many, many examples of this.  Even in cancer, I believe the body knows what to do.  I also believe, as I said, in the power embedded in plants, and choose to use these types of medicines in their pure forms, not adulterated with toxic chemical drugs and other artificial ingredients added to them.  I believe that herbs used according to their design, and also to use the essential oils and other parts of these precious plants, is the best possible course of action for the well-being of this living organism of mine which I call my body.  Mine.  It should not be up to the government or the medical authorities to decide how I care for this most precious vehicle given to me, my temple of God.  That's between me and God.  I choose for no immunizations, treatments or any other artificial attempt at prevention or life support be given to me.  Instead, I prefer to be treated as I believe God would have me be.  This is my living will.

I wish to be fed pure, whole, raw, fresh, organic vegan juices and foods, including a wide variety of herbs, particularly those native to the area in which I live.  I do not wish to be fed artificial food, nor do I wish for synthetic drugs.  I am a real person and I deserve real food and real medicines.  Doesn't everyone deserve this same thing?  I want to eat food which will nourish my entire body, right down to the cellular level!  I want food which will naturally process in me, thereby more easily being assimilated and passing the waste products on.  Cooked foods case the digestive system to become sluggish.  And under no circumstances should any animal product be given to me!  Nor do I drink alcohol.

I would also like to state in my living will that I wish to not be subjected to synthetic fragrances.  I would highly suggest that everyone remove these from their homes, but particularly those who are trying to live.  (Which, I know, is us all!)  Those recovering from illness or those who are weakened by sickness should not be subjected to these toxic smells, no matter how pretty they are.  The elderly and infants also should not be subjected to these poisonous scents.  Synthetic fragrances cause disruption to the endocrine system, irritate the respiratory system and wreak absolute havoc on the nervous system, and people just keep spraying it on.  Even in hospitals there are so many fumes which are toxic to breathe.  The research is there to show this is true, but we live in an artificial chemical world more and more.  I wish to live more in the world as it was created by God, and again, it is the natural system of healing I trust with my health.

Essential oils are such powerful healers.  Please use these, along with herbs, as my primary medicine should I become ill or when my time is drawing near.

Life begets life begets life.  Drugs do not contain any life.  Pure plant medicines do carry the vibrations of life, and this is what makes them so incredibly healing.  When we use plant medicines their strength becomes one with our own.  We are the same.  We are made of the same exact stuff.  Drugs are artificial.  I cannot say this enough. They are against the natural order of things.  The whole entire goal is to take over the bodily functions and to run the body artificially, through forced means.  This is what creates side effects.  This is not opinion; it's physics.  It's just the way that it is.

I believe that to interfere with the body's natural responses is playing with fire.  What do herbs do?  They support the body instead.  Herbs nourish the body and help it to function the way it was designed in the first place to do.  Herbs are not drugs, they are food.  They don't act the same way as drugs.  They bring about actual healing results.  Key word here is healing.  Drugs address symptoms, but the side effects prove that no actual healing was done.  The problem was simply moved to another place but still there, showing itself in new ways.  With herbs the body can actually heal.  The body is self-healing in its design when given the nourishment it needs, which is contained in the herbs.  Herbs are concentrated foods which have been neglected in this day and age.
"And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat." (Genesis 1:29)
I believe in the power of exercise, massage, energy healing, meditation, love, laughter, tears, music, sound, light, color, prayer and so many natural things.  Please, please do these with me if I should become ill or when I am old and ready to die.  Do not put me in a hospital with strangers to torment with with institutionalized foods, florescent lights, bleached floors, hypodermic needs and synthetic laxative pills.  I don't want tubes up my nose, down my throat, or in my veins.  I want no plug to have to wonder whether or not you should pull.  What I want is help in healing or passing peacefully away in the comfort of my own home with my loved ones caring for me.  This is my living will.

And in case the time has come and any of you are reading back through my notes trying to find clues of where to turn, start with my mentors and also with the schools I attended, then only follow the advice of those using ALL natural ways.  I believe in the practices of traditional naturopathy and in holistic healing.  Natural and holistic together with Spirit leading the way.

I believe in the Power of God through nature to heal, and I believe in the end we all have to die.  I would like my own death to be peaceful.  Being cared for by my family according to my wishes would bring peace at that time for me.  So now what?  Do I need to get this notarized?  I wonder if such a declaration as this is valid by law?  I think so long as my husband agrees to care for me should the time come, which he has, then something like this ought to stand.  For the next however many years, though, I am going to tirelessly work to get something else into place to make it easier for others desiring something as I've described.  This is part of the dream of Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center.

It is our goal to establish a place to which people can turn for help in researching their options and also to learn what they need to learn, get the supplies they need to get, and to find the support and help that they need.  It's not enough to tell people that there are other ways if you don't help them to find what they may be.  Natural ways need to be easier and more affordable.  That's the way healing was intended to be.  There is so much misinformation out there based out of greed or of trying to sidestep and do God one better.  We want to be a source of good information that is consistent with Original Plan, and we want to help make it practical in today's world.  We have many great things in the works. 

Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center is looking for people who'd like to help in making these dreams come true for us all.  Please add your energy in, even if only through prayer.  Prayer is a powerful force!  We are also looking for people willing to donate their time, and of course those who are able to contribute financially to bringing this vision about.  We believe healing is meant for us all, it is our birthright, it is natural to us, and we have been given all that we need.  Help us in teaching each other how!  If we wait until it's too late, we'll all be stuck in nursing homes with tubes down our throats.  Join in the effort now and let's make it possible for us to live our lives well to the end!  Contact us at and express your interest to us.

I want to live until I die!  I want to sing,  to dance, to breathe, to make use of what I have spent my life learning and being with thoe whom I love.  I love my work, I love my family, I love my church, I love my friend, I love my pets.  I love all animals.  I love nature, flowers, fresh air, the woods, streams, creeks, oceans, rain, frogs...I love it all!  I want to breathe it all in until my last breath is one with the whole Universe.  Essential oils.  Music.  Laughter.  Hugs.  Learning.  Teaching...Please allow these to me till the end.  It is my fervent prayer and belief that God works through us all for our good and that no one ought interfere, but rather assist.  To me, artificial ways are not true.  God's ways of Life are True.  To these ways I entrust my care and this is my choice.  If it's my time to die after that, then please let me die, but allow me to die in God's healing arms.  Everyone passes at some point, you know.  It seems that the modern medical world wants your very last dime saying they're attending to life when they use ways contrary to the ways of Life.  It is my wish to live in the way that I choose until the very moment I die.

How do you wish to die?  It's silly to think you will not!  Of course none of us really "die."  Life goes on, and this plane is but a dream in the Big Picture, but that's another topic for another day.  The point is that we might do well to give some thought as to how we wish to be cared for in our last days, and to work now to make that a reality for us.  Also, preventative care might be in good order, if you don't wish to die with diapers on.  Seriously.  I don't mean to be blunt, but our condition in the end of our life is largely due to the choices we make concerning our body up until then.  We won't any of us be able to do it perfectly, I don't suppose, in this lifetime, but as for myself I'm hoping to do the best that I can!  So NOW I'm eating whole, raw, vegan foods that will nourish my cells so they don't fall to pieces and I'm using essential oils and eating antioxidant rich foods to repair cellular damage already done.  There is much we can do which can help!  I would suggest to everyone to start learning now, and then keep learning and applying all that you can to keep your body strong until the end.  We do not need to be decrepit at the time of our death.  It is my intended desire not to be!  This is my living will! 

WILL!  I am WILLING into being what I intend, through the Power given to me by God as I was created in the image of Perfection to be!!!!!!

Blessings of Goodness and Life!
"Vibraceous, ND"
Rev. Dr. Jody Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.
Founder, Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center

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Dec 31, 2013
The turning of the calendar year brings hope of new things, but the truth is that new things occur every moment in time.  And just as we have the tradition of making resolutions on New Year's Day, we can also resolve to change how we express ourselves at any moment in time.  New Year's Day celebrations are meant to remind us of this.

It is a time to remember that we can leave behind that which we wish to leave behind.  What is it?  Sickness?  Hate?  Resentment?  Pain?  Bad habits?  Addictions?  Negative thinking? Jealousy?  Greed?  Gluttony?  Gossiping?  Or on a larger level, how about war, poverty, cruelty, crime?  There are many things we might wish to leave behind.  Attitudes, acquaintances, fears...the list goes on and on. 

It is also a time to think of that which we'd like to attract into our life.  What will replace these negative aspects of life we've chosen to leave behind?  It's all too easy to fall back into old ways if  new ways are not embraced.

Let's make this a year to concentrate on what it is that we want out of life.  Is it love?  Then concentrate on opening up to the presence of love by giving it whenever you can.  Think of small ways to give it, such as giving a smile to a stranger or giving a donation to someone in need.  Give love by doing things for others which are helpful to them.  Give it by speaking your affections aloud.  Give love by considering the affect of your choices upon others, even in the consumer's choices you make.  In speaking of others, speak only positive and loving words.  How can you expect to find love in your life if you're not willing to give it away?  Treat others as you'd wish to be treated.  That is the Golden Rule.

Is it health that you're seeking?  Make healthier choices in all that you do!  Think health, breathe health, eat health.  If it's not healthy it shouldn't go in your mouth.  Exercise, get proper rest, eliminate exposure to toxic chemicals in all areas of life.  You won't find health by continuing with the same habits that brought ill-health about.  When it comes to medicines, too, look to natural remedies which promote health rather than just dealing with symptoms.  Drugs do not promote health, they simply hold the problem in check but side effects always occur.  With natural means, true healing occurs.  Healing is natural under natural circumstances.  Focus on that to bring about health.  Create a new life for yourself!

Is it weight loss?  Don't focus so much on what not to eat, focus more on adding healthy items into your diet and then letting the unhealthy items go one at a time.  There are most likely addictions involved.  Start first with adding more water.  Don't drink sugary drinks until after your water.  You'll find you drink less sugary stuff that way than by telling yourself right off the bat that you have to stop.  And while on the subject of drinking, don't drink diet pops!  They're counter-productive to weight loss and health!  Move to juices.  Fresh juices is thousands of times better than concentrate or pre-made juice.  Add in organic herb teas.  Always organic to get what you need from them, otherwise they're usually dead insofar as benefit goes.  Add in lots and lots of fresh fruits and veggies.  Whole raw nuts are good, too.  Not roasted, but raw.  Eat as many raw plant-based foods as you'd like!  Raw whole plant-based foods are very nutrient dense.  The problem with overweight issues is usually lack of nutrition, rather than simply a problem of eating too much.  Gradually change what you eat and you'll find that the healthier choices require much less volume to feel satisfied.  Start taking non-food items out of your cart.  You can contact us for more individualized help.

Smoking?  Water.  Exercise.  Change of habits.  Lobelia.  True willingness.  Prayer.  Hypnosis.  Everything in the rest of this writing applies to smoking as much as to anything else.  Read on.

Is it financial security that you're in need of?  Start looking to what you can do rather than what you don't have.  Believe it can be done.  Don't live a life full of fear regarding your finances, for that shows a great lack of faith.  If you focus on fear then your problems will become magnified.  Focus on solutions instead.  It is likewise a mistake to become greedy when you are needing funds for it stops the flow.  Give what you have surplus of.  Perhaps it's not money, but maybe your closets need cleaning out, or your garage.  Get rid of whatever is stopping the flow, for abundance is likewise natural to us.  Disgruntled thinking will not bring abundance about; gratitude will.  Hoarding will not bring it about; generosity will.  Make a list of all that you have and divide it in two; that for which you are grateful and that which you are willing to sell or give to others for free.

Is it addictions your wishing to rid yourself of?  The first step is to admit there's a problem.  I would suggest a 12-step support group if there's one around.  A program is needed.  Fledgling around is just asking for relapse to happen.  There are many aspects to ridding yourself of addiction.  The best approaches are ones which address concerns of the spirit, mind and body, all three.  The body, of course, is involved in addiction.  Many think it's just in the mind, but it's not.  Even in gambling addictions and addictions to relationships, there is brain chemistry involved.  Whole fresh raw foods can help, as can juicing, exercise, meditation, aromatherapy, sound therapy and other natural methods of changing brain/body chemistry.  Abstinence from the substance or addictive behavior, of course, but something needs to go in its place.  Find out what it is that will help.   For individualized help you can write to us here.  Mental pieces, too, are part of the puzzle, as stinking thinking will take you back every time.  An attitude of honesty, willingness and open-mindedness must be taken on, and an attitude of gratitude, as well.  Spiritually we have to focus on honesty, purity, unselfishness and love if we're to become the person we're meant to be, blessed with the strength to build a new life.

So much of our life depends on the choices we make.  All of them are not easy.  In fact, many of the choices we're faced with in life are quite hard.  But we know when we're on the right track because we'll start to see better results.  Sometimes it takes perseverance.  That's when support groups, mentors and like-minded friends are especially helpful to have.  Surround yourself with positive people who want to see you succeed in the changes you're trying to make in your life.  To hang with the same old crowd who still does what you're trying to not do is just asking to fall back in the pit.  Surround yourself with people who emulate qualities you wish to develop inside yourself.

And stop making excuses!  If you want to be excused, then stop saying you wish to change.  Change does not happen without change being enforced.  Staying the same keeps you the same.  Excuses do, too.  Change will accept no excuse!  Change is determined to change!  Change is not always easy.  Change can be very uncomfortable and even painful at times.  But if you always do what you always did you'll always get what you always got. If you want to change, then you have to change.  It's as simple as that!

Oh, and stop thinking you already have all the answers.  You don't.  Nobody does.  If you did, you would not need change in your life.  Humility opens the door to learning what you need to learn.

Decide to be happy!  There's one decision you can easily make!  Have a very Happy New YOU!

"Vibraceous, ND"
Rev. Dr. Jody Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.
Founder, Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center

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Dec 29, 2013

Christmas is for everyone, whether Christian or not.  Christmas is an occurrence of something available to everyone, regardless of their indoctrination.  It is rather according to faith.  Faith in what?  Faith in the Power of God, no matter how we view God.  It is faith in the Power of Love, Goodness and Life.  Christmas symbolizes the birth of this realization in us, active in our awareness to save us from suffering and sin and grant life everlasting to us.

Shepherds tending their flocks received word from an angel of the birth of the Christ.  We could look at this also to mean that in us, as we tend our inner thoughts and not allow them to wander into dangerous territories of destruction and wickedness, through the darkness of night, there came a light in the stillness to guide the way.  Angels are messengers of God; higher thoughts from within, revealing always to us the Way and the Truth.  An angel comes to the shepherds and tells tthem of the birth of something so wonderful in us; an awakening of the spirit of Love, Goodness and Life within and the realization of God in man.

There are many ways of reading the stories in the Bible.  Of course they can be read as historical accounts, and there is debate abotu the accuracy which will go on forever.  I find it very interesting to study historical settings and meanings of words.  I also find it very interesting how different versions of the Bible can be found to have so many distinct differences in wording.  This is, to me, very important to be aware of when reading it and internalizing the meaning of it.  I especially like to look at the Bible from a metaphysical standpoint, going to the meaning of each passage in terms of how it relates to each of us and our spiritual progression in life.  I believe it can also be read in this way, and so much of what I write is from this point of view.  I also read and write from a holistic standpoint, seeing the inter-relatedness of the message in relation to spirit,  mind and body, believing the three are in reality one.

The Christ child is wintin each of us.  It is born from innocence and love.  Wise men recognize this and give honor and recognition, offering gifts of the realization of abundance, protection and spiritual insight. 

The gift of gold symbolizes the ever-available abundance of God's riches always available to us.  This gift of awareness is bestowed upon the newborn awareness of Divinity in us.  It is the gift of realizing God as our Unending Source of all Goodness and Power within.

Some may think the gifts of frankincense and myrrh to be inconsequential, but nothing could be farther from the truth of the matter.  These were indeed very wise gifts!  Frankincense and myrrh are both precious oils made from the resin of precious and aromatic plants.  These plant essences are very healing to the spirit, body and mind.  Frankincense has been recognized as a cure-all since ancient times, and has been used spiritually in meditation to quiet the mind and bring it to a place of increased spiritual understanding and higher perspective.  Myrrh is a fixative oil, and is traditionally used to increase the power of healing oils.  Both have been used in times of spiritual significance throughout Biblical times, such as birth, death and meditation.  They are also both known to be extremely healing and anti-microbial oils, fending off bacteria, virus, fungal infections and all sorts of disease, which would be quite handy for a child destined to a life of meditation and healing the sick, walking amongst lepers without any fear.  We might do well to provide ourselves with some of these same oils today!  Again, the teachings apply to all of us right here and right now.  So, these oils were gifts to protect the physical body, calm the mind and help  raise it to a state of higher awareness, fixing itself upon healing and realizing Oneness with God.

So it goes with the whole story of Christmas.  The Christ-child was born in a manger.  So, too, is our God-awareness born in the company of those of lesser awareness, as symbolized by the animals there.  As to the calling to save the world from sin, offering the hope of redemption and eternal life, that too resides within each of us.

Give gifts to this newborn realization in you which are wise in order to protect and guide yourself to a better life.  Be saved from the suffering of spirit body and mind through the power of Love within you.  Protect this higher awareness and realize the abundance of God is always available.  Fix your mind upon this.  God is Good, God is Love, God is Life.  The awareness of this Power in you is your salvation from sickness and sin and death.  Make use of these gifts on all levels of body, mind and spirit.  Follow the star of the east.

The star of the east represents the light within, beckoning us to move forward to this realization.  Once the realization has been born within us, it miust be nurtured and cared for, wrapped, swaddled and fed.  Gifts to protect and nurtured, treasured as precious and wisely used, not only for the good of self but for the good of so many more yet to come. 

When the shepherds told Mary, the mother of Jesus, what the angel had told them, she pondered these things in her heart.  Perhaps Mary, pure of mind and heart, knew that higher awareness is not welcome in a world of lower mindedness, but this is an honor to bring forth the salvation of man.` Perhaps she knew that her child would be persecuted, tortured and killed.  Perhaps she also knew that somehow he'd rise above.  This is symbolic in each of us of how the awareness of God's presence in us as our Source has the ability to rise above all, granting to us eternal Life, and delivering us from all harm even done by our own hand, if we follow the ways of Love, Goodness and Life, knowing this as our Truth. 

"Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." (John 14:6)
The story of Christmas is for us all.  Ponder what it means to us, and how we may each bring forth this realization of Higher Good, fulfilling our purpose in life, to bring forth mercy and Love, acting wisely for the good of all.  There are many things to think upon.  That's what's so great about this story.  It is a story with so many messages for us.  Angels aplenty!  A host of angels, in fact. 

Tidings of Comfort and Joy, 
Happy Birthday to the Christ-child in You!
"Vibraceous, ND"
Rev. Dr. Jody Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.
Founder, Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center

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Dec 22, 2013

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." (John 1:1)

EVERYTHING begins with spoken word.  It is words which bring thoughts into the distinguishable world to be perceived by others.  It is word which gives form to our ideas.  Our experiences, are determined by how we judge them.  Judgement is attached to events through our words.  We define our world in this way.

The object of meditation is to get to the place where there are no words; to connect with the mind of God where there is no judgment, no words, no thoughts, just stillness.  This connects us with our inner perfection and the perfection of all that is.  We are to take this awareness into our physical world.  To do so is to recognize heaven on earth.  God is with us in every moment we live, and the kingdom of heaven is within.  To manifest this in physical form is to use the power of thought to define it.  Words first in our head and then expressed in physical form.

What is in our heart?  This is what is reflected into our world.  People can lie, but it will come out through words in other ways, such as a general negativity in patterns of speech. 

"The good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good, and the evil person out of his evil treasure produces evil, for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks." (Luke 6:45)

At Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center, and through the writings here on, we focus our studies on healing.  Everything relates back to the one simple fact that we were designed to be healthy and well, created in the perfect image and likeness of God.  So why does sickness occur?  It is a movement away from that perfect idea.  This starts first with idea formed through mind or through spoken word.  It is not quite so simple with babies born with deformities.  There are other causes, of course.  But generally speaking, health begins in the mind.  (On a soul level, we work out our circumstances before we're even born to give us just what we need to progress spiritually on our way back to the perfection originally intended by God  This is another topic for another time.)

So, along the lines of thinking about how our words define our state of health, what do we have to say when someone asks how we are?  Do we speak words of sickness or health?  This is one place to begin changing our ideas about health in order to exude it in physical expression.  It all starts with our words.  That's where expression begins!  Ex-pressing is pressing out, again referring back to the idea that what is spoken is what's in the heart.  Begin your healing, always, by working on healing the heart.  Then work on watching the words that come out of your mouth!  Speak words of love to your body and about your body.  Don't speak words which downgrade your ability to heal.  Don't say you are sick, say you are healing!  This activates the healing Power in YOU!

How are you?  You're wonderful!  And you are!  You are wondrously made!  How are you?  You are healing!  You are getting stronger with every breath!  You are strengthening yourself, you are resting, you are regenerating, you are in the process of restoring your health, but never, never say you are (I don't even like saying the word!) "sick."

I notice people's conversations a lot out in public.  Try it sometime yourself and see if you notice the same thing as I do.  I notice that so much of what people are talking about is based on negativity!  The negativity of what's in the news and the negativity of what's going on in their physical health.  I hear all about surgeries and allergies and pains and medicines and improper bodily functions all in the course of an elevator ride or even standing in the grocery store line.  That tells me a couple of things.  One, people are generally not living in a state of health, and two that they like to talk, talk, talk, talk about it.  What are they saying?  Are they looking for answers?  It sounds more like they're talking about how nothing works.  That tells me a couple of things, too.  Either they aren't really looking for answers, or they're not looking in the right place.  Where do I hear talk about positive health?  Amongst natural health followers, that's where.  I think that's because first, natural health works, and secondly because positive people really looking for positive answers are the ones most likely to naturally heal.

It is very important how you talk about your health because that reinforces what you believe.  You can pray all you want but if you don't believe, it won't work.  Watch what you actually say to find out what type of energy you are charging your prayers with.  Is it a positive or negative flow?

Watch your other words, too.  Gossiping, fault finding, criticizing, complaining, condemning, or seaking in a vulgar manner will not bring healing about.  These kinds of words carry negative energy, and negativity isn't what heals.  We need to maintain a positive vibration of kindness, beauty and grace.  Nurture these types of feelings and thoughts in our heart and reflect them out to the world through spoken word.  This will give form to these ideas in your life and will strengthen your body to heal.

"There is one whose rash words are like sword thrusts, but the tongue of the wise brings healing." (Proverbs 12:18)

"Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body." ( Proverbs 16:20)

This may all seem quite simplified to the person who is going hrough serious challenges of health.  And it is.  Healing needs to be holistic in order to really occur.  There needs to be approaches being utilized spiritually, physically and mentally.  This is a little of all of those, but true, more measures do need to be applied than simply the speaking of words.  But words are where it begins.  Do we tell ourselves we can heal or do we tell ourselves we cannot?  If we tell ourselves we cannot then the body has a really hard way to go in ever getting well on its own.  If we tell ourselves on the other hand that we can heal, then we are way more likely to try.  And don't forget, our cells respond to our thoughts.  EVERYTHING responds to our thoughts.

Sometimes you have to go at it from the opposite direction if it doesn't seem really possible to you at first that this would help.  Yes, it needs to come from your heart to really be effective, but sometimes you can jumpstart the heart by "acting as if."  Fake it till you make it, in other words.

Maybe you don't yet believe that your words can help, but do it anyway and see if it brings results.  Then your heart will begin to change and it will begin to be easier then.  Practice speaking only words of love and beauty for one hour, increasing this to a day at a time.  Speak words of healing power.  If you don't  feel well, it's okay to say you don't feel well, but say it that way, as a feeling, not as a part of your real world.  Saying you don't feel well is different from saying you're sick, difference being the use of the holy "I am," which reflects your idea of your being.  On the other hand,, feelings aren't facts.  Feelings are transitory.  It's normal to have them, but they come and go, whereas what you state as yourself sticks quite a bit more and defines you in much more steadfast ways.  But, if you do express your feelings like this, don't dwell on them, please.  The whole idea is to not give feelings so much power of you.  The more you dwell on them the more you own them.  Make a conscious choice to let them go.  Feelings are meant to be transient.  Let negative feelings simply pass through without doing harm.  They needn't define who you are.

Likewise, sickness should not define who you are.  Maybe you have a condition.  Maybe it's serious.  But still, it's a condition you have, not a part of your actual design.  It doesn't have to rule who you are.  Best yet to not even own it.  Don't refer to it as "your" (name of condition.)  Instead, simply say you are healing through this or that, experiencing this or that, or better yet, declaring victory over whatever it is!  More of the battle is in your mind than you think.

The mental part of holistic healing often gets neglected.  Spiritually minded folks often want   to just pray, and physically minded folks often just want to take care of the body's needs, either through this herb or that in the world of natural healing, much in the same way as the medical world wants just this drug or that.  Natural isn't always holistic, but it needs to be in order to work.  Otherwise it's not really natural.  There's another week's lesson in that!

The point is that healing begins in the mind, through our thoughts, which are words...they are judgments...and then healing continues on into manifestation through our spoken word...or not...depending upon the words that we speak.  Healing occurs much more easily with positive words.  How often does someone die because the doctor says they will die?  They think they are right in their predictions, I'm sure, but I often wonder if it was the power of word that perhaps helped to push their poor patients over the edge.  The will to live is a very important part of healing, and for this to happen a person needs help in believing they can survive.  What medical doctors tend to tell us in regards to statistics is all about those who didn't survive.  What about those who did?  Let's talk more about those cases and focus our attention on achieving that goal! 

In "terminal" cases let us remember that we are all terminal cases, so to speak, since no one gets out of this world without losing their physical form.  In the meanwhile, let's not talk about "dying."  That person is also "living!"  Let's use the power of word to describe them that way!

The goal of natural healing is to allow healing to naturally occur.  Well, healing naturally occurs in an atmosphere of positive energy, especially love, seeing as how Love is positive energy in its pure form.  Speak words of love to your body.  Speak words of love about your life, your health, your circumstances, your situation in life and speak words of love when speaking of others, as well.  Love, positivity, health, joy, abundance, peace...these are the things you wish to attract, are they not?  We attract what resonate with.  Speak words to increase the power of what you are wishing to manifest.  Words absolutely do define our reality.  Words define who we are.

Affirmations spoken in meditation act the same as self-hypnosis.  In meditation, though, let your words fade into the nothingness of simply being, and while you are in that perfect state, notice which words you might want to use to describe how it felt  Carry these words back to your world.  This is what's real.  The pain, the suffering, the weakness...these are transient feelings we may experience due to this circumstance or that, be it illness or something else.  The fact is that we are perfectly made.  Speak words of perfections to every cell and accept no other idea as being a part of who you actually are.  You are perfect and whole.  Use words which reflect this as Truth.

Blessings in all that you think, say and do.  Speak words of Love to yourself and the world!

"Vibraceous, ND"

Rev. Dr. Jody Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.

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Dec 19, 2013

Thank you so much to Pilar Farnsworth, our dear friend and Associate Minister at Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center, for writing this week's message for us.  I asked Pilar to write to us in preparation for the Winter Solstice on December 21, 2013.  This is a very significant time.

I feel a need
to say at the start
that my sharing
is not going to be brief
For it entails a moment
of Great Importance
in the Ascension process
on our Earth
This 2013 Solstice
marks a moment of completion
in a long redemptive journey
of our human Consciousness:
Let us call this moment
 the Return of
the Divine Feminine
In this lifetime
I come from South America
and a way I am going to use  
to convey this message today
will be rooted in historical facts
 related to the apparitions of the
Virgin of Guadalupe
Matron of the Americas
Aparicion de Guadalupe
In the sixteen century, December 12th, 1531, Juan Diego, an Aztec Indian
received a Divine Feminine Apparition on the Tepeyac Mount
that wove together two apparently irreconcilable human cultures
giving birth to our present modern American Civilization
After the bloody conquest of Mexico, this Divine Apparition belonging to both worlds
spoke in the Indian language to Juan Diego saying she was "THE MOTHER OF GOD."
 Tepeyac, a holy mount now inside Mexico City,
was a place where the Aztecs brought for ritual blessings
the fruits of the Earth.
 a place for Worship of Mother Earth.
An impressive Modern sculpture of Indians offering  thanks for the fruits of Earth
stands at the base of the little mount where the apparition and miraculous roses
happened so many centuries ago.
By the little Mount a large Roman Catholic Basilica now stands
where many pilgrims daily worship, the Lourdes of America
this cathedral is the  holy house the apparition requested be built for Her,
These historical facts substantiates the spiritual reality
of the immense Devotion to Mother Mary
that characterizes the very Spirit
of the Latin American culture where I grew up.
(Recently, in this century Juan Diego became a canonized saint of the Catholic Church.
It is good that finally we are starting to have a few Native "Saints")
I have spent my adult years in the United States
 and here I  found that the indigenous traditions
of this part of the American continent
also owe their foundational Spiritual teachings to a Feminine Divine Apparition
White Buffalo Calf Woman
 Sophia, Wisdom,
The Divine Feminine Consciousness
has been  personified differently in different cultures
in different places at different times in human history
....Ancient Egyptian Isis, Tibetan Tara, Chinese Quan Yin, Catholic Mother Mary; Inca Pacha Mama;, Gaia, Mother Earth...
to mention a few of her appellations...
Precisely now
 in the Sacred Portal of this Solstice 2013
this Divine Supreme Sacred Feminine Consciousness
is  urgently requesting us to open our hearts to Her Presence
according to the large count of the Mayan Prophesy...
So let me continue to write from my own culture, from my own life experience:
Last Solstice, 2012 I was one of the presenters with Jay Emmanuel Morales at a congress in Cuernavaca, Mexico, organized by Leonardo Lechuga of Espacio Metatron, celebrating that important date in the Mayan Prophesy.   At the end of the three day congress, a New Age Healer of Aztec lineage named Julia arrived with loads of roses of all colors to create over the grass a large flower mandala for the final blessings of this great congress, under the guidance of the Virgin of Guadalupe. It was quite a sacred ceremony. From her and from successive invitations of many other Mexican groups, I heard many extraordinary stories attributed to the miraculous painting of the Guadalupe Apparition imprinted on Juan Diego's tilma --his Indian shawl.
Things like this:  how on the left side of the painting the stars appear exactly as they were in the sky the day of the apparition, December 12, 1531, and in the right side the stars correspond to their positions on December 21, 2012. How her eyes seem to be alive, they find that the pupils of the painting dilate and that there are images in her eyes!  One of the images is of Juan Zumarraga, the Bishop, and of other people present in the room when the image was discovered miraculously imprinted in Juan Diego's tilma, under the completely out of season beautiful roses.  Some of the modern discoveries of extraordinary things that are being studied about this relic can be seen in you-tube.  The information  I liked the most was this one: under certain conditions a strange phenomenon appears, inexplicable by any pigments, but akin to what the feathers of some birds can show: on one side of the Guadalupe's face the skin appears dark like the skin of our indigenous people, while on the other side of her face her skin looks light, like the skin of the white race. 
She came to unite the races and the cultures!
The Mexicans see the Guadalupe as the Matron of all of America, The Woman Crowned with Twelve Stars that the Apocalypse speaks about.   She is Mother God, the mother of us all.  She represents the Return of Feminine consciousness to Save our Earth.
Human history tends to be taught as a succession of conquests, wars and more wars.  Yet, the true progress of human history is also "Her Story," the progressive awakening of consciousness through Wisdom, through compassion. 
Apparitions of Mother Mary abound in this century. Let us receive Her heavenly Call.
I am a person that chooses to belief in spiritual  things, even these kind of things,  for I have seen remarkable Precipitated Spirit Paintings in Lily Dale, a Campus of the Spiritualist Church in upstate New York as well as in Camp Chesterfield in Indiana, also a  Spiritualist School.  I belief in Mother Mary.  I grew up praying the rosary daily.   I personally know that Spiritual phenomena is a reality.  To me all of life is Sacred and we humans need to reconnect and embrace our Divine Origin.  As a Catholic Child in Colombia, South America, I grew up with the beautiful stories of the apparitions of Fatima in Portugal almost one hundred years ago, where her request was for people to pray for the conversion of Mother Russia.  I understand her request very deeply because in our modern world the precious teachings of Sophia were forgotten.  As we entered the modern world, Mary and the Angels and many mysteries of true ancient spirituality were being lost, we were  descending more and more into materialism. 
 Human history is a very complex process.  We need to rise up to Spirituality again. I pray that  people of all faiths will respond today  to the urgent calls of the Supreme Feminine.
As our Earth approaches Galactic Core, Mary and the Angels are returning!
This particular cosmic moment, this Solstice 2013 coming up this Saturday December 21st, is a very Sacred window.
 I AM ASKING YOU PERSONALLY to unite your prayers for the transformation of our whole civilization
by joining in celebrations  that will pray and sing to
God the Mother
for a return of Nurturing Feminine Consciousness to our Earth.
Merry Christ-Mass!

Please fill free to pass  this message along to others,
                                                                                   BIRTH MOVEMENT, Pilar Farnsworth

Many blessings from all of us here at Essentials of Life!
"Vibraceous, ND"
Rev. Dr. Jody Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.
Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center

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Dec 8, 2013

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have helped me along the way.  In other words, everyone I've ever met, and many I haven't.  I believe everyone who crosses our path or our mind is there for a reason, whether we realize what that reason is or whether we don't.  Even those who have shunned us or hurt us in some way are in our energy field for a reason for good.

But as to those whom I have no doubt as to their contribution to my present day bliss, there are a few I would especially like to thank at this time.

To my parents, for everythign they ever did to try and raise me to be happy, healthy, safe and secure.  Even if they did it wrong, which usually they didn't, I'd like to thank them for loving me in the best and worst of all times.  To my sister and brother, as well.  I'm grateful for the experience of family I've had all my life.  It really became apparent how precious family ties are when I had my own children and was blessed with so much learning about how deep love really can go.  And to my husband, to whom I truly believe I owe my life.  He saw my shining light when the blinds were all pulled down over my soul.

I feel so grateful for all of my life.  Left to my own devices I'd have been dead and gone many times over again, but God put people into my path to give me hope and lend me a hand.  I've been given good and bad examples of ways to overcome adversity and to survive, and I've been granted the awareness of what I'm on this earth to do.  When all else failed to save me, my vision of purpose kept me alive.

I believe I was put on this earth to serve.  I asked for the awareness of God's will for me and I vowed to take responsibility for that awareness.  This was at a very young age of only 12, and I've never forgotten that vow.  I wasn't always able to take responsibility to the full extent in my life, but I did my best and made a lot of promises to God that I'm working very hard to fulfill.  I'm grateful to be given the chance. 

I want nothing more than to be able to respond to the call.  That's what responsibility is...the ability to respond whenever Life calls.  I promised, too, to share this awareness with others...the awareness of God's presence in each moment of Life...God the Good, Unlimited.

In my life, as is true in everyone's lives, I've been given my share of challenges to overcome.  I could be disgruntled and think that I've had more than my share, but I'm sure what I got was exactly what I needed to have to bring me the ability to help others in ways that perhaps I otherwise wouldn't be able to do.  I've been in many dark pits in my life, and caves where many who are not stuck would never want to go to help someone else.  Places others may not understand.  I accept that it was for good purpose I was lost in the wilderness a few times, and I'm very grateful that through the grace of God and the help of others that I found my way out.  Now I am charged with the task of helping others who have lost their way.  I'm so grateful to be used in this way.

Isn't this really everyone's mission in life?  Do we remember the times we needed help and reach out and help others now?  That's what responsibility is, really....having the ability to respond.  I'm sooooooo grateful to be able to reach out and help.  It makes it easier for me to be on the receiving end, too.  We're all in need of help at some time or another.  I think gratitude has a lot to do with remembering that and responding to others in kind.  Are we grateful for all that we, ourselves, have been pulled through in our life?

Grace.  Let us remember we've all be granted God's grace, and that we've all been pulled out of messes through some Power which was not our own.  It may have been a mystery how we got out of a jam, or it may be quite obvious who helped us out.  Either way, it was through the grace of God.  God's grace is really the only reason any of us here are alive.  God is Life.  Life is what grants us grace.  It comes through other people most of the time.  That's why I'm saying, "THANKS!"

I hope the things that I write are helpful in some way to those who read.  If I had to boil my whole message down to one word it would have to be "thanks," I suppose.  Thank you to God, to Life, for every breath that I take.  Thank you for all my experience, both easy and hard, and thank you for the opportunity to love, to give, to laugh, to cry, to help others and for the ability to do my part in responding to this wonderful thing we call life.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for the awareness of God, or Good, always present, here simply because God is Love.  God is Good, God is Love, God is Life! 

This is what I celebrate on Thanksgiving Day every year.  To me, it's not about eating turkey, at all, because to me, I don't think that shows much appreciation to Life.  Those turkeys have just as much right to live as do I, and 45 million of them are slaughtered for this "holy" day.  No, that's not what this holiday is in my mind.  Nor is it the celebration of the "friendship" between the pilgrims and the people upon whom they performed genocide to a greater extent than was done even in Nazi Germany.  The "forefathers" were ruthless in their conquest of this Native American soil.  I do not celebrate that.  Instead, I simply celebrate gratitude, and family, and all we've been blessed with in being given life on this earth to share with others in kind.  Thank you, my God, for that.

And thank you for wonderful food that grows from the earth!!!!!  This year's menu is completely raw vegan!  It's not as hard to prepare a true feast as perhaps you might think.  I'll be writing more about that, for God truly, truly gave us really great food in its pure perfect form for our good!!!!!  Proper food will cure every disease.  (And improper food has just the opposite effect.)  I'm grateful to share this awareness with you and so much more.  We are blessed with all that we need.

Thank you for reading, for commenting, for writing letters, for contributing, for coming to our center in Hartville...thank you for being a part of Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center and for sharing this moment in time with us.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving every day of the year!

"Vibraceous, ND"
Rev. Dr. Jody Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.
Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center

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Dec 2, 2013
Spirituality is, of course, different from religion.  This is in part why we changed our description to that of being an interspiritual church rather than an interfaith church, because interfaith hints at religion, meaning we are a church of all religions, which is true, but we are more.  We are a church of no religions, as well.  We are a church uniting all the spiritual Truths into one, including all beings, regardless of race, religion, species, sex or anything else.  We are a church which transcends religion, and strives to find spiritual answers which have existed before even the very first church.

Our spirituality is that part of us which understands the concept of love and years to give and receive it more than anything else.  That sums it up better than anything else.  It's the part of us that knows there is more than the physical realm.  It's the part that believes in the goodness of life regardless of how things appear.  It's the unselfish part of us, the very wise and creative part of us, and the part of us which knows peace.  Becoming more spiritually developed means to embrace our true nature of being created in the image and likeness of God.

True spirituality IS holistic.  It takes that which is given to us in spirit and carries it to the mind, refusing to believe anything else, and then to the body, carrying out the spiritual concepts in physical form, on earth as it is in heaven.  To merely live on a cloud of righteous assumption is not true spirituality.  True spirituality lies in being able to live a spiritual life in the best and in the worst situations.  In the best situations our spirituality will often be tested by the temptations of ego and fortune, making it possible for the best situation to actually turn us to the worst.  In the worst situations, however, we are tested in the area of faith, and if we follow the path of righteous action based on strongly held spiritual beliefs, we will turn the worst situation into the best, for we will immeasurably grow.

Spirituality is something felt in the heart.  It is of Perfect Love.  But the body and mind need it's benefits, too, for we are here on this earth to express our spiritual nature in physical form.

The mental realm is the command center, which directs our actions on the physical plane.  If we wish to live out in actuality the spiritual principles which we hold dear, such as love, peace, harmony, health, abundance, health and well-being for all, then we need to take control of our command center and order that which we desire.  We are the captain of our own ship!

Spirituality is expressed in the mental realm as thoughts of love, peace, beauty, gratitude, humility, willingness, prosperity, health.  We must guard ourselves against thoughts to the contrary, remembering that our mind, as the control center, is actually sending out orders to carry out in the physical world.  It doesn't matter if we don't mean it deep in our heart.  Deep in our heart is our spiritual nature...this is the mental realm.  Remember we are three beings in one, the trinity expressed in us as spirit, mind and body, all three.  We are speaking here of the mind.

The mind must be disciplined.  It can easily become lazy, ruled by ego, deficient in the use of wisdom and humility, along with other spiritual gifts with which we are blessed.  The mind, left on its own, is in fact pure ego itself.  Ego's not bad, it just shouldn't be left on its own.  Spirit MUST be involved if we are to be a completely whole functioning human created in the image and likeness of God.  God, or Spirit, is actually the essence of us.

But the mind must be disciplined, yes, along spiritual lines.  We have to be on our toes to weed out thoughts of anything less than love, anything less than that which is per;fect, anything other than health, harmony, beauty, peace, truth.  We cannot allow ourselves to be swayed by others who are wishing to drag us down so they will not have to deal with their own spiritual and mental laziness.  We have to remember that it is our thoughts which steer our ship.  If we want spiritual rewards, we must steer our ship, or our life, in a spiritual direction.  It's simply the way that it works.

You can't believe one thing and then constantly think a different way.  Do you believe that God heals?  Then you can't be thinking about being sick all the time, or sickness is where you're heading your ship.  Don't blame God if you become ill!  Illness  comes from believing in illness more than believing in God.

Discipline your thoughts and you'll change your world....IF....if you take it one step further and include the third part of the trinity, too.  The body.  We must engage ourselves in the practices which reflect our spirituality in physical form.

How?  By treating our bodies as temples of God, by respecting and following the laws of God as set down in the natural world, and by actually doing something to help others and help ourselves, rather than just want it or think about it.  On earth as in heaven.  That is a powerful line from a very powerful prayer.

If we don't take action on what it is we believe, does it really matter what we believe? 

We can pray, pray, pray, pray and see no results if we don't take it to the next level.  We have to believe it, think it, live it.  LIVE IT!  It takes physical action for the spirit to express in the physical world.  It takes action on the physical plane for our beliefs to become manifest. 

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!  Many great spiritually minded people eat junk and then die from eating junk....or drinking too much....or smoking....or any number of things.  Spirituality alone will not keep the body alive.  We have to nourish and take good care of our bodies.  Our body is the temple of God...

So, just as we are wise to align our thoughts with our spiritual intention...with ideas of love, peace, wellness, abundance, perfection, kindness, beauty, is also wise to align our physical actions with these types of ideals.  Let's take the example of food, since food is so basic for the upkeep of our physical form.

Eat with Love.  Feed your body as if you love it!  Eat food that you love.  Show love, too, to the source of your food.  Is it an animal?  Was it loving to kill it?  Might want to rethink what you eat.

Eat with Peace.  Again, think of how your food was produced.  Was it produced through violence?  How about slavery?  Learn more about peaceful ways your food can be procured.  In prayer, too, bless the producers of the food that you eat.  Bless them and also the methods they use.  And if there are animals involved, bless them as well and give thanks to them.  (Better yet, take animal products off of your plate!)

Another way to bring peace into the diet is to always eat with a clear conscience regarding all things and never when you are upset or angry in any way.  Angry emotions will poison your food.  It is better to fast than to eat when you are upset.  Wait until you are calm.  This is one reason it's nice to say a prayer blessing our food.  Bless us and those with whom we are upset while we're praying, too! 

Eat with wellness, always, in mind.  Food is our physical nourishment.  Eat foods which will nourish!  The wrong foods or foods which have been processed in the wrong ways will not provide nourishment, but rather add to our toxic burden of waste the body will need to remove to be well.  Just because no acute symptoms appear does not mean a food is safe to ingest.  The side effects are always there if we eat an unnatural food.  The results are accumulative and may take years to show, and then most likely they'll be blamed upon something else.  People can keep looking to things other than food for the answers, but food is basic to our health and it most certainly does have an effect.  Eat as closely to the earth as you can!  Food grows out of the earth, not out of a box or a can.  To respect the Design is to respect the Designer and also it is to respect yourself.  Back to love!  Eat with wellness in mind, not simply to please your tastebuds or fill your gut.

Eat with the thought of abundance in mind.  Don't worry that there's not enough.  If you're not spending your money on junk, there will be enough.  Take the processed foods out of your budget and you'll be amazed at how far your money will go.  Really.  The best in fresh, raw, organic produce, nuts and whole grains is nothing compared to the cost of food which will not feed your cells.  That's what you're doing when you're attempting to feed your body on a cellular level.  Juicing is one of the best ways to do that, and a 1 pound bag of organic carrots is about a dollar for two great big 16 ounce glasses of nourishing juice.  That's 25 cents for 8 ounces.  Is less nourishing really less expensive?  Not if it doesn't do the same job.  Does what you're drinking and eating actually nourish the cells?  How much is actually accumulating waste in the body instead or flat out robbing it of its nutrients?  That's what drinking soda pop will surely do, and many other things people are known to consume.  So, don't eat cheap food thinking you're saving.  You're not.  God provided an abundance of food for our good.  Take a closer look at your grocery slip and then compare it to what you get back.  Trust me, the best bargains are in the organic produce section or in your own yard.  Talk about abundance!  God gave us seeds!!!

Perfection, kindness, beauty and other wonderful spiritual principles should also all be displayed in all that you eat.  Spiritual Principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Harmony, Perfection, etc. are true everywhere if they're true at all.  This is a good yardstick to use when deciding what to do on the physical plane, whether we're talking about eating, exercising, working, making love or anything else on the physical plane.  These things should be reflective of God.  That is how spirituality is practiced on the physical plane. 

So, to hold thoughts which are congruent with our spiritual ideals and to act upon these thoughts is to have what I call holistic spirituality.  This, to me, is true spirituality.  This is the idea of the Trinity...all three in one...Spirit, Mind, Body....God.  Many people can't understand why spirituality alone isn't enough.  If it were enough, we wouldn't need bodies.  In the end it's enough, but for now, we are in physical form. 

And also do not forget the proper use of the mind!  Thinking we're spiritual and then thinking negative thoughts is not being spiritual at all, nor will it bring complete results regarding your health or any other success you wish to achieve.  It must be the union of all three to bring peace, balance and harmony.  This is what the Spirit wishes to express through our form.

On earth as it is in heaven.  In expression through us as in keeping with the perfection that we are capable of.  Manifestation of our own image of God.

And so it is.  Amen.
"Vibraceous, ND"
Rev. Dr. Jody Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.
Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center

Please reference our website as source of all quotes, and please quote in context. Thanks!

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\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\ \nA simple one page website has gone up with a very intriguing and important message. The site, Patriots for America is organizing w hat could be the march on Washington that all of the others have been a lead up to. The anger...
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\\nWe declare that no man nor nation nor race have a greater right than others to enjoy the fruits of their work, as the ecological sphere is our common condition of life http://www.beat Nous déclarons qu\\\'auc...
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\\nGood point\\r\\n\\n
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\\nI would like to thatnk everyone for the support you have shown with sending green stars of appreciation. I wish I could thank each of you personally but I never seem to be able to catch up. Again thank you to everyone.\\r\\n\\n
by Uno D.
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I love my Macbook, but reently thought I had reason to shop for a new one. In doing some research, I came across this ... which I found interesting.  I had a positive image of Apple ... not anymore ... \\r\\n \\r\\nhttp://impressiveen
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\\nSave Patagonia (Spanish language)\\n\\n \\n\\n\\n