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Dec 28, 2010

Dear friends,


My age will make a decade turn on 1 January, 2011 (1.1.11).  On this powerful day, I have one sincere birthday wish:  I ask each of you to go vegan, if only for the length of the day.


The Reasons for My Request:


1.  To Save the Earth

These two simplified articles summarize the difference we can make for our planet with a small act thoughtfulness. However, they reference vegetarianism, rather than veganism; I ask you to go vegan (no milk, eggs, honey, etc.) for greater impact.


2.  To Spread Peace and Compassion


This small act of compassion, if only for the day, will help to spread a loving, peaceful energy. Compassion cannot exist in the midst of speciesism any more than it can exist in the midst of racism, sexism or agism.  The belief that non-human people are human people's rightful food, and the subsequent destruction of non-human people for this purpose, is not a foundation for loving or compassionate behavior toward anyone.  Further, the destruction of lives for food releases the energies of hopelessness, misery, agony, terror and violent death.  As many humans plan meditations for 1.1.11 with the purpose of sending positive, loving energies to other humans, we can ensure that we are truly releasing love and compassion to all people, without hindering our positive intentions with negative energies, by not taking lives on this day.

3.  Most Importantly, to Save Lives

Simply put, not eating animals (vegetarianism), if only for the day, will prevent lengthy, violent and painful lives and deaths.  Not consuming animal fluids (veganism) will prevent yet more pain and death (meat = murder, yes, but milk = rape + murder x 2).

This is Part II (Food) of the award-winning documentary Earthlings, already in progress:
Please watch all of this, and follow this section of the documentary to its end. 


Please grant my birthday wish:  Save the planet, save lives and spread the energy of compassion by going vegan on 1.1.11.  If you will do this, I would love to know; please reply.  If I may help you plan a healthful and yummy diet for the day (or for the rest of your life), please call me!


Love & light for all people, human & non-human,


Rev. Dr. Tiffany Diane Moon
x10 on 1.1.11

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Posted: Dec 28, 2010 4:26am
Aug 7, 2010

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Posted: Aug 7, 2010 5:12pm
Aug 5, 2010

Because I operate several businesses, recently publicizing my psychic skills and background on my personal Website (linked to my business Websites so that clients may perform due diligence) was a risk.  Sadly, sometimes risks are damaging:

One month ago, I spent over four hours, over the course of a day, booking a woman who was interested in voice and piano lessons for her children through the Institute of Arts and Letters, my school, for her first lessons.  Her children were very young, highly verbal, intellectually gifted, and in need of a complete program, all items in which I specialize.  Following our discussions and my detailed outline of the Institute's program, this woman was highly enthusiastic and told me that none of the many other instructors and institutions she had contacted could offer anything close to the services I had offered. 

However, she chose to visit the school's Website, and then my personal Website, only after she had called in with her credit card to book her lessons.  Immediately after I had finished sending her a copy of her receipt and recording her opening lessons in my calendar, her husband called, and in a very angry tone of voice, told me that they were canceling their lessons.  This meaning of this was clear, but when I sent a cancellation confirmation, I asked whether they would share information about why they had canceled, and I received this response:

"Hi Tiffany, I feel terrible that we had to cancel but upon reading about you we saw that you were into metaphysical science and also a psychic, it simply goes against our beliefs as we are christains, once again I`m sorry and I feel terrible....Margie [sic]"

Wow.  -so difficult to believe, and I'm still hurt and angry to have been the victim of such bigotry.  I momentarily wondered whether it was rational for me to feel this way; after all, I refuse to patronize businesses owned by people who practice acts of animal cruelty or who are sexist, racist or speciesist, whether or not these things have anything to do with their businesses.  -but this is quite different; the "christains [sic]" who refused to patronize my business did so not because they were offended by my behaviors, but because of who I am, because of the way I was born into this world.  Refusing to patronize a business for the sole reason of its being owned by someone who is psychic is no different than refusing to patronize a business because it is owned by someone who is black, female or gay.  As for my being "into metaphysical science [sic]", this may have simply been an unfortunate matter of ignorance, as Metaphysics degrees and studies are most common in Christian faiths (ref. Reverend Doctor), and materials for Metaphysics degrees are predominantly Judeo-Christian-based.  The greater issue rests in the matter of discrimination against a business owner who happens to be psychic.

Of course, this is happening regularly with those who don't bother to call in after performing research about me.  -but I wouldn't change my decision to publicly declare who I am because, even in the face of hateful and irrational behavior, I find greater peace in being open and free (and knowing who accepts me for who I am) than in being suppressed and slightly more financially successful.

My point?  Coming out is a risk, and, unfortunately, it attracts scorn from the ignorant and angry.  -but accepting yourself brings far more peace than being accepted by those who fear who you really are.


Tiffany D Moon, DM
Tiffany Moon Enterprises

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Posted: Aug 5, 2010 6:43pm
Aug 3, 2010

My e-mail message to Michael Kors RE his Facebook video scheduled for 4 August, 2010:

3 August, 2010

Mr. Kors,

I have respect for intelligent people in the fashion industry, for those who are both timeless and move with the times, but particularly, for those who design with ethical foundation. When I make decisions about how I dress, share these decisions with others, or am photographed in what I am wearing, my first consideration is "Is the person who made this garment ethical?" The question "Is the person who designed this garment intelligent, tasteful, and both timeless and fashion-forward?" is dwarfed by the question of ethics, as, if the designer whom I might support with my money and advertisement (in publicly wearing the garment), is hurting others with his or her poor sense of morality, I will not have anything to do with any of his or her garments; I will not support this artist in any way.

I've recently learned that you've stopped purchasing certain types of fur; but I fail to understand why you, or any intelligent artist, would continue to use other types of fur, thus directly causing the vicious murder of other non-human animals.

You will be receiving a large number of mailings from people responding to at least one animal-rights-activism group over the next month. I understand that members of your staff have already been contacted by PETA, and that one of the mass mailings you will receive will contain information about the fur "industry". However, while necessarily polite, I find that these mailings fall short of impressing upon you the seriousness of your actions.

Fur "farmers" do use cheap and vicious killing methods, such as suffocation, anal or vaginal electrocution, gassing, poisoning (ineptly) and stomping or beating to death. Most often, however, the non-human people who are murdered, who are as sentient as any human animal is (and one might suppose you are), are brutally skinned alive, their still-living bodies thrown upon piles of other recently skinned and slowly writhing bodies.

To use such methods, or more importantly, to murder for fur at all, is, sadly, still considered to be a "choice" by many, including you, in the fashion industry. However, please consider that it was also, not so long ago, a choice to beat one's black slave, or to beat, rape or kill one's wife (or any woman) in our country. Would you have done this when it were legal to do so? Will you continue to make the choice to brutally murder non-human animals because it happens to be legal to do so?

I am appalled that you continue to support outdated and blatantly sadistic murder in the name of fashion, something that should be beautiful and artful, when so many exceptional cruelty-free materials are readily available for artistic fashion. There is no excuse for any intelligent designer to murder for fur. Further, humans who wear fur (and the designers who use it as a "fashion choice") simply look ugly, as it identifies them as unintelligent, thoughtless, selfish, and most of all, speciesist and emotionally deficient.

Times are changing, and many highly publicized members of the fashion industry are refusing to murder for fur. Now is the time to make yourself stand out in the fashion industry as a well-informed and thoughtful artist, or to stand out as outdated, thoughtless and cruel. Please make the intelligent and compassionate decision today to eliminate all fur from your clothing lines. Stand out by publicizing your choice to be intelligent and compassionate via Project Runway and your upcoming You Tube broadcast. This is the moment that will define you, not only as a fashion designer, but as a person:

Facebook question: Will you stop using fur?

Thank you in advance for making a truly forward-thinking choice to embrace compassion as a foundation for fashion,

Tiffany D Moon, DM
Tiffany Moon Enterprises:
Institute of Arts and Letters
Moon Metaphysics
The Vegan Life Coach
Independent Composition
[Signature Edited]

A few fur-related videos:

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Posted: Aug 3, 2010 9:16pm
Jul 2, 2010

July 1, 2010

This June, I celebrated my 12-YEAR VEGAN ANNIVERSARY! Will you please help me to celebrate 12 years of a compassionate lifestyle by donating any multiple of $12 to PETA in my name?

For the past several years, I’ve chosen to support IDA for its contributions to the alterations of speciesist law and legal language. Current laws, far from protecting the rights of non-human animals, continually fail to offer even basic non-human welfare protection. One of IDA’s current US projects is “The Guardian Campaign”, seeking to change language referring to the human relationship to companion animals from “owner” to “guardian”, altering remedies for abuse, neglect and abandonment.


This year, however, in light of the most devastating oil spill in human history, I’m supporting PETA in its campaign to bring cruelty-to-animal charges against BP.  For information about PETA’s campaign, please visit

Thank you!


PS: Thanks to the San Diego businesses that have provided tasty anniversary treats!



Go Vegan & Boycott Fireworks This 4th of July


You can fight Big Oil this weekend by choosing to indulge in vegan foods!  The production of animal “foods” requires eight times more fossil fuels than does the production of plant-based foods.


Fireworks are environmentally destructive and cause extraordinary stress and the homelessness, confinement and death of thousands of animals every year.




About veganism:

The most healthful and ethical sub-sects of veganism, usually referred to as a percentage of one’s diet:

Raw veganism:

About environmentalism:

About human health:

About rights and speciesism:

Award-winning documentary, Earthlings:

Official site:
Audio-release article:
Online video:

My blogs: (new)

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Posted: Jul 2, 2010 4:08am
May 5, 2010

Don't be fooled by deceptive marketing:
Boycott Dawn soap and Proctor & Gamble


Dear friends,

With the current oil spill splashing across the news pages, Proctor & Gamble has seized upon this most recent juicy opportunity to promote and sell Dawn dish soap by marketing the soap as one used to "help" and "save" animals.

I'm sure that you've seen the commercials:  Water animals drenched in toxic oil, supposedly from the Exxon spill, being gently handled and cleaned with Dawn, and the cute little ducky seeming to quack in thanks, its image being plastered upon bottles of Dawn.  This image provides deceptive advertising to the public:  Dawn appears to be an animal-friendly product and invites the patronage of an unwitting public.

In fact, Dawn soap is produced by Proctor & Gamble, the most notorious and unapologetic animal vivisector in the consumer-products market.  Despite alternative testing methods, despite consistent empirical evidence indicating that animal experimentation does not provide accurate results or public human safety, and despite simple ethics, Proctor & Gamble continues to brutally torture and mutilate billions of animals on a regular basis to create its products.  -and, when the public buys Dawn soap (or any other PG product), it is supporting Proctor & Gamble, paying for it to continue to mutilate and murder non-human, sentient people in the name of "product research".  Yes, Dawn will be sold to those organizations assisting in wildlife rescue efforts during the current oil-spill crisis, and yes, this chemical-based product will be used to clean and probably save (minus the trauma of the event) hundreds of animals.  However, the continued sale of this product will also torture and murder billions more animals. 

Proctor & Gamble's current marketing ploy is contemptible, far exceeding the deceptive nature of other recent and similar marketing ventures of vivisecting companies such as Johnson & Johnson.  Don't be deceived by misleading advertising.  Do you homework before you shop.  Don't purchase Proctor & Gamble products.  Do purchase products labeled with the "Leaping Bunny" symbol.

Please join me in boycotting Proctor & Gamble, sending letters to its representatives, and spreading the word about its deception:  Blog about it, and place "Proctor & Gamble, Dawn, oil spill" in search-phrases boxes; stop people about to buy PG products in your local store; and tell your co-workers and friends.

Thank you for caring enough about life not to buy Proctor & Gamble products.

P&G's latest partnership to "help" and "save" oil-affected animals:

Leaping Bunny cruelty-free product certification:

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Posted: May 5, 2010 4:41am
Apr 22, 2010

EARTH DAY:  Do you think that you're an environmentalist?  Are you vegan?  The best thing you can do for the planet today is adopt a vegan lifestyle.

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Posted: Apr 22, 2010 4:52am
Mar 17, 2010

Would your local symphony or chamber orchestra perform my arrangement of "Oh, Canada" if the Canadian government cancelled the hunt?  Please contact me, and make your pledge via the link above.

Tiffany Moon
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Posted: Mar 17, 2010 1:46am
Mar 11, 2010 FW from USHS

March 10, 2010

Tell Prime Minister Harper:
Cancel the Hunt

This is unbelievable.

The HSUS ProtectSeals team is watching a disaster unfold off Canada's east coast. Every year, our team documents the largest massacre of marine mammals in history, as commercial fisherman slaughter baby harp seals for their fur. We do so to bring attention to this cruelty. But this year, we've had to watch a different but no less painful sight: There is virtually no ice, and many of the baby seals will die before the sealers arrive.

Harp seals need sea ice to give birth to and nurse their pups. But for the first year on record, virtually no sea ice has formed in key birthing areas such as the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Without it, mother seals won't have a place to give birth to their pups, and many pups may perish as a consequence of the environmental disaster.

What’s worse: The Canadian government may allow sealers to slaughter what few surviving pups they can find.

We must act quickly.

Please implore Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to cancel this year’s commercial seal hunt.
Unless Prime Minister Harper steps in, those pups who survive the loss of ice will die at the hands of humans. Sealers will club and shoot the pups as they cling to tiny pans of ice -- it will be a slaughter of the survivors.

In the short term, we can’t save these pups from this environmental catastrophe. But it’s our urgent responsibility -- and that of the Canadian government -- to protect the helpless survivors from slaughter at the hands of sealers.

Canada’s seal pups are facing impossible odds. They need you on their side more than ever.
Tell Canada to call off the commercial seal hunt and spare the seal survivors.
We’ll do everything we can to get Prime Minister Stephen Harper to have mercy on these pups. Thank you so much for joining our call to save lives.


Rebecca Aldworth
Executive Director
Humane Society International/Canada
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Posted: Mar 11, 2010 4:17am
Mar 4, 2010

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Dear friends,


The annual Canadian seal-murdering season begins in just days.  Please contact Canada's officials and demand that this not occur; insist that you will boycott all Canadian products and visits until the annual slaughter is illegal and enforced as such.


Thank you,


Tiffany D Moon, DM

Tiffany Moon Enterprises



About the Canadian Seal Hunt



grey speckled seal

©2005             Brian Skerry/HSUS


Canada's annual commercial seal hunt is the largest commercial hunt of marine mammals on the planet. Facing harsh criticism the world over because of the hunt's cruelty and unsustainability, the Canadian government and fishing industry have spread much misinformation. Here are the basic facts about the hunt.


Which Seals Are Targeted by Canada's Seal Hunt?


Harp seals are the primary target of the commercial seal hunt, and to a much smaller extent, hooded seals are also killed. In 2006, 98 percent of the harp seals killed were pups under just three months of age.


Where Are the Seals Killed?


Canada's commercial seal hunt occurs on the ice floes off Canada's East Coast in two areas: the Gulf of St. Lawrence (west of Newfoundland and east of the Magdalen Islands) and the "Front" (northeast of Newfoundland).


Who Kills Seals and Why?


Sealing is an off-season activity conducted by fishermen from Canada's East Coast. They make, on average, a small fraction of their annual incomes from sealing—and the rest from commercial fisheries. Even in Newfoundland, where 90 percent of sealers live, the government estimates there are less than 6,000 fishermen who actively participate in the seal hunt each year.


How Are the Seals Killed?


The Canadian Marine Mammal Regulations, which govern the hunt, stipulate sealers may kill seals with wooden clubs, hakapiks (large ice-pick-like clubs) and guns. In the Gulf of St. Lawrence, clubs and hakapiks are the killing implement of choice, and in the Front, guns are more widely used.




It is important to note that each killing method is demonstrably cruel. Because sealers shoot at seals from moving boats, the pups are often only wounded. The main sealskin processing plant in Canada deducts $2 from the price they pay for the skins for each bullet hole they find—therefore sealers are loath to shoot seals more than once. As a result, wounded seals are often left to suffer in agony—many slip beneath the surface of the water where they die slowly and are never recovered.


Is the Seal Hunt Cruel?


Yes. In 2001, a report by an independent team of veterinarians who studied the hunt concluded that governmental regulations regarding humane killing were neither being respected nor enforced, and that the seal hunt failed to comply with Canada's basic animal welfare standards. Shockingly, the veterinarians found that in 42 percent of the cases they studied, the seals had likely been skinned alive while conscious.


Parliamentarians, journalists, and scientists who observe Canada's commercial seal hunt each year continue to report unacceptable levels of cruelty, including sealers dragging conscious seals across the ice floes with boat hooks, shooting seals and leaving them to suffer in agony, stockpiling dead and dying animals, and even skinning seals alive.


How Many Seals Are Killed Each Year?


Hundreds of thousands. In fact, over the past three years, nearly one million seals have been killed. The current kill levels are higher than they have been in half a century. During the 2006 hunt, the Canadian government allowed fishermen to club and shoot at least 354,344 seals. The last time seals were killed at this rate—in the 1950s and '60s—the harp seal population was reduced by nearly two thirds.


And the actual number of seals killed is probably far higher than the number reported. Many seals are shot at and injured in the course of the hunt, and studies suggest that a significant number of these animals slip beneath the surface of the water, where they die slowly and are never recovered.


Are There Any Penalties When Hunters Exceed the Government's Quota?


No. In 2002, the Canadian government knowingly allowed sealers to exceed the quota by more than 37,000 animals. Sealers had already killed substantially more than the quota allowed by May 15 (the regulated closing date of the seal hunt), and yet the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans chose to extend the sealing season until June. In 2004, sealers killed close to 16,000 seals more than the permitted quota. Again, the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans extended the sealing season until well into June.


What Products Are Made from Seals?


Seals are killed primarily for their fur, which is used to produce fashion garments and other items. There is a small market for seal oil (both for industrial purposes and for human consumption), and seal penises have been sold in Asian markets as an aphrodisiac. There is almost no market for the meat, so seal carcasses are normally left to rot on the ice.


Is the Seal Hunt Economically Important?


No. Sealing is an off-season activity conducted by fishermen from Canada's East Coast. They make, on average, one twentieth of their incomes from seal hunting and the rest from commercial fisheries. Even in Newfoundland, where 90 percent of sealers live, revenues from the hunt account for less than 1 percent of the province's economy and only 2 percent of the landed value of the fishery. According to the Newfoundland government, out of a population of half a million people, less than 6,000 fishermen participate in the seal hunt each year.


The commercial seal hunt is an activity that Canada's federal government could easily replace with economic alternatives, should it choose to do so. One option is a government buy-out. The HSUS and HSI advocate that the sealers ask the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) to buy back their sealing licences.  This will ensure that the sealers receive fair compensation for the additional income they make from participating in the commercial seal hunt each year.  When Canada ended its commercial whale hunt, it did so through exactly this sort of license buyout scheme.  As sealing licenses are sold by the DFO, only the DFO can buy them back.  The DFO is the only entity that can bring an end to the commercial seal hunt.  Senior officials from DFO have made clear that the only condition under which it will end the commercial seal hunt is if and when the sealer/fishermen ask for it to be ended. For this reason, we are working hard through the ProtectSeals boycott of Canadian seafood to provide adequate motivation to Canada's sealer/fishermen to retire their hakapiks and rifles and focus exclusively on fishing in the future.  In 2008, only 1.3 percent of the landed value of seafood in Newfoundland came from the seal hunt. The rest came from seafood.


Does the Government Subsidize the Hunt?


Yes. According to reports from the Canadian Institute for Business and the Environment, more than $20 million in subsidies were provided to the sealing industry between 1995 and 2001. Those subsidies came from entities such as the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, Human Resources Development Council, and Canada Economic Development–Quebec. These subsidies take a variety of forms, including funding the salaries for seal processing plant workers, market research and development trips, and capital acquisitions for processing plants. In 2004, more than $400,000 was provided by the Canadian government to companies for the development of seal products, and as recently as April 2007, the Canadian Coast Guard—at the taxpayer's expense—broke through the ice for the sealing vessels as it does each year. In 2007, the Canadian Coast Guard estimates that it spent an additional $3.5 million rescuing sealing vessels.


Moreover, Canada's commercial seal hunt is also indirectly subsidized by the Norwegian government. A Norwegian company purchases close to 80% of the sealskins produced in Canada in any given year through its Canadian subsidiary. These skins are shipped in an unprocessed state directly to Norway, where they are tanned and re-exported. The Norwegian government provides significant financial assistance to this company each year.


Is It True Seals Are Jeopardizing the Canadian Cod Fishery?


There is no evidence to support this contention. Some fishing industry lobby groups try to claim that seals must be culled to protect fish stocks, but nothing could be further from the truth.


The scientific community agrees that the true cause of the depletion of fish stocks off Canada's East Coast is human over-fishing. Blaming seals for disappearing fish is a convenient way for the fishing industry to divert attention from its irresponsible and environmentally destructive practices that continue today.


In truth, seals, like all marine mammals, are a vital part of the ecosystem of the Northwest Atlantic. Harp seals, which are the primary target of the hunt, are opportunistic feeders, meaning they eat many different species. So while approximately 3 percent of a harp seal's diet may be commercially fished cod, harp seals also eat many significant predators of cod, such as squid. That is why some scientists are concerned that culling harp seals could further inhibit recovery of commercially valuable fish stocks in the Northwest Atlantic.


Are Seals Overpopulated?


No. The Canadian government and sealing industry have, at various times, tried to claim that the harp seal population has "tripled" over the past three decades, or that the harp seal population is "exploding," or that seals are overpopulated.


This is misleading at best. The harp seal population in the Northwest Atlantic is the world's largest; it is a migratory population that spans the distance between Canada and Greenland, and is supposed to number in the many millions.


In the 1950s and '60s, over-hunting wiped out close to two-thirds of the harp seal population. By 1974, the population was considered to be in serious trouble, and senior government scientists recommended suspending the commercial hunt  for at least 10 years.


In the early 1980s, the European Union banned the import of whitecoat seal skins, effectively removing the principal market for the hunt at the time. For the next decade, the numbers of seals killed in the hunt dramatically declined, and the harp seal population began to recover.


But in the 1990s, the Canadian government rejuvenated the commercial seal hunt through massive subsidies. And with nearly one million seal pups killed in the past three years alone, we can only wonder what the impact will be on the harp seal population in coming years. Scientists have already sounded the alarm regarding the poor science used by the Canadian government to set quotas for the number of seals killed.

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Posted: Mar 4, 2010 8:13pm


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