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Oct 29, 2011
this was one of the few 'good news', welcome articles in my inbox yesterday... 

"MASSIVE new fines, jail terms and unprecedented powers to shut down illegal puppy farms will be introduced in Victoria in a crackdown on animal cruelty. 
Premier Ted Baillieu will announce the toughest dog and cat laws in Australia today, with legislation to be introduced in State Parliament next week." from "baillieu government gets tough on illegal puppy farms"...

it's one step closer to achieving 'oscar's law', and one step closer to a more sane, compassionate society, and proof positive that people-power can have an impact...

and how could i not share this from debra tranter, the passionate, committed, brave, strong and determined womon who has fought to expose the brutality of this cruel industry for 2 decades...

"Today was a good day. I still cried like I do most days, but today were tears of relief. Relief that they are listening. Relief for my team who have stood by me for years even when I almost gave up. Relief for the hidden dogs that I am always with where ever I go. Relief for the staunch loyal kick arse supporters of Oscar’s Law who believed “The power is in our hands".

Almost 20 years ago I was a lone voice telling people we factory farm our pets. No one believed me, it couldn’t possibly be true. Today we have succeeded in exposing the industry and it is hidden no more. This is the first time in 20 years that any Government has made a first positive move and listened to the communities concerns.

People have jumped on the bandwagon and I think its great <img src=" class="wp-smiley" src="">

As I remember back to that day in 1993 and look at the journey so far, so many times we could of walked away, so many times we were ridiculed, attacked, belittled, humiliated and threatened and we never gave up. I am proud of the people who have chosen to take the journey with me, proud that all they see are the dogs, in the sheds, in the cages, in the dirt pens. They don't seek out the kudos and the limelight, they simply stand beside me and get the job done. They are heroes.

It’s a step forward in this long battle.

So I will still cry every day, and my soul will still be torn apart, and we will at times feel like we are on the edge of our sanity, the battle continues and I will remain in those sheds until they are empty.

But today, just one day, I will celebrate this moment of greatness with Oscar, the dog that changed my life, showed me the way and resolved my commitment to never give up. The power is in our hands! I want Oscar’s Law” ... from deb's blog prisoner's for profit

i wept tears of joy reading that last paragraph - you celebrate sister, enjoy this moment with oscar because you've fought hard for it... thank you for your courage and strength - you are an inspiration and a hero debra...

why don't YOU - yes YOU! - join the movement, because we can't become complacent... it is only a small 'gain', there is still a long way to go...  the fight to abolish puppy factories will continue until the industry is eradicated... oscar's law needs to be 'enshrined in law' to end all companion animal factory farming - at the very least...

"never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world... indeed, it is the only thing that ever has"... margaret mead

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Posted: Oct 29, 2011 8:10am


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