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May 1, 2013

My theory of God, the big bang, our purpose and the evolution of infinite love.

Or Where does the Happiness come in?!

I’ve been thinking about this all of my life and formulating my personal theory from a deep down instinct.

I have always questioned everything:

How did we come to exist? Why is there intelligent life? How did it form? What is God? What are we? Do we have a purpose and what is it? Can just one lifetime fufill that purpose? What about a life that is cut short, too short to fufill anything or learn anything. Where does right and wrong and love come into the picture?

Let’s start at the beginning:

It is a very, very complex system and what I have done is distilled this into as simple a form as possible.

First of all, since we obviously exist, it is impossible for there to be nothing. Thus the Big Bang. It had to happen.  At first it was just pure energy on the quantum level. Energy strings at the sub-atomic level. A level described in quantum physics as pure chaos. From this chaos evolved matter and also the concept of time. Time is an illusion. Time is physical matter that is moving and time is that measurement of movement in relation to variious forms of matter and how it is oberved by sentient life. Time would only end when matter ends.

Matter is pointless without purpose. In the chaos of an infinite quantum field a pattern had to emerge. It became more complex. It started to evolve and that force started to evolve matter and from there evolved organic matter. Thus we have the physical plane.

We can call this growing force behind all matter whatever we like. A universal mind, God or anything you like. For the sake of argument and simplicity let’s call this Operating system running in the background as God (God 1.0) This God must form into a sentient intelligence. This intelligence has to learn, for it knows nothing. It must go from 1.0 to infinity.

This evolving intelligence has to have feedback in order to evolve. That’s where life comes into the grand picture. Here comes “The breath of life” from God. From one celled organisms to all the life forms today, including humans. All life is connected to this energy we call God. I believe it was Raymond Moody, in his book “Life After Life”, that described a “silver thread” that connects us all. When I was a child I used to imagine being connected by an invisible ribbon (instinct?). The point is that we are all connected to the Quantum Field and to this God intelligence. When a life ends on this plane it simply goes back to it’s source and re-emerges to continue evolving, learning and strenghening the “operating system”. We are co-creators.

From these “growing pains” there has to emerge the concept of GOOD and Evil.  Evil by it’s nature is self-destructive and therefore will always wind up destroying itself.

The most important thing to evolve is LOVE. That is why we are here in the first place. God is useless without us and we would not be here if not for the force of God. (Please keep in mind that “God” is not some kindly man sitting on a throne in the clouds, smiling down on his idiot children, but a complex evolving operating system) This God has to have happiness, for without happiness there is no point to existing. In order to have happiness one has to have love and compassion. It just does not work any other way. And happiness is not complete until it can be shared.

 That is why we and all life forms are here. Let’s face it, there is no fun in trying to share happiness with just a rock.  We are the extensions of God, the eyes, ears, and senses of God. Thus God can feel our pain as well as our joy.

So when you inflict pain and suffering on other living things, you are doing it to the God intelligence.

This is where Reincarnation comes in. Let’s face it, you can’t get everything right the first time. You have to practice and learn until you get it just right. 

This does not mean that one can be an absolute slime ball and expect to get away with it by just simply getting to start over. The bad we do, we have to pay for (Karma). Doing something wrong because you weren’t aware or thinking and asking forgiveness is one thing, but don’t think that if you are aware and KNOW better and still do bad anyway with the idea of being forgiven that you get away with it, forget it, It doesn’t work that way. (Remember Karma)

It takes some souls many lives to learn it all. Those that catch on and get it, “Graduate early”

The “IT” that you have to get is Love and Compassion. If you cannot get that, then the operating sysem does what any system would do with something that just will not work, delete the program and install a new one. Being in a hell for eternity makes no sense, it does not fit in with the principle of Love and Compassion. Instead of hell for those that willfully refuse to get it, there is simple deletion.

The idea of Love and Compassion is so elegantly simple, yet so difficult to truly master.

There are two passages in the bible that are really relevant to our being able to finally “Graduate”, one is in the New Testament where Jesus says,” and I give you a New Commandment, to Love one another.” The second passage is 1 Corinthians 13 and it is too long for me to type here., you’ll have to look it up. But in my opinion it is the most important part of the bible and one of the most beautiful  and true things ever written.

So, to sum up, THE POWER IS OURS and cannot be taken away by any organized religion or human authority. God, the operating system is in us and we are in it. No power on earth can change that.  We’ve been here many times and in the end those who get it will "Graduate", merge with the true infinite God of unconditional LOVE, Compassion and true HAPPINESS and become one. It doesn’t matter whether you are athiest, agnostic or anything else. The end result will be the same.

The solution to all of our problems lies in the concept of love and compassion. If you operate from that core, you can’t go wrong and evil cannot control you. You will eventually be free!


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Posted: May 1, 2013 12:09pm
Jun 21, 2011


History from A to Z, from beginning to ? 

Our world is hemorrhaging time.

Not much left. 

It’s just business,

vile uncaring words. 

Sorry for your loss. 

It’s just business. 

Extinction looming

just over the horizon.

It’s just business,

vile uncaring words. 

It’s just business

Global warming leaking time.

But the skiing is great this year!

Head in the business sand as usual.

Drill baby, spill. screw the coral reefs

Global warming is a hoax

vile words; it’s just business.

STOP! No more!

Time has leaked out.

We lost!

It was just business,

did we have a nice day?

sorry for your loss.

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Posted: Jun 21, 2011 12:56pm
Jun 21, 2011

I pledge allegiance to the world and its living beings as it stands.

To protect our environment, to uphold the rights of all living things. 

I pledge not to harm, bully, destroy, misuse, or abuse our world and all living beings. 

I pledge to fight dishonesty, greed, fear, ignorance, poverty, cruelty and war. 

I pledge to respect other's opinions, ideas, and spiritual beliefs as long as they are not forced upon anyone. 

I pledge to be compassionate, fair and honest. 

I pledge to not waste our resources. 

I pledge to always seek the truth and try to make the world a better place. 

I will follow NO dogma, tradition, custom, government, religion or other belief system that advocates willful cruelty to any living creatures or the willful destruction of the environment for simple profit.

For I am free to stand up for what is right and will always do so. This I pledge, forever.

Without this pledge, I am nothing.


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Posted: Jun 21, 2011 12:45pm
Apr 28, 2011

Those who can make you believe absurdities

can make you commit atrocities.    - Voltaire

  The Republican party owes the American people an apology. But they especially owe one to our Democratically elected President and his family. 

  When a candidate runs for the highest office in the land, he or she is fully vetted. The Republican party KNOWS this. Yet in order to garner votes from as many people as they could Republicans catered to the segment of society that is easily manipulated by absurdities, The Birther Movement.
  When the person in the honorable position of "Speaker of The House" dances around the question of our President's birth and doesn't have the backbone to speak out against the birther lie, he gives his blessing to Mob Mentality. You know, when a Mob drags innocent people to the nearest tree and hangs them without proof of guilt. Read the "Oxbow Incident", you'll get what I mean. 
  It's bad enough to malign someone without knowing the facts. But the Republican party KNEW the facts, which makes fanning the birther flames even more atrocious and totally inexcusable. 
  Throughout this ordeal President Obama has been more than gracious. He never lowered himself to the gutter like the Republican party did. 
  So what I as an American citizen ask of the Republican Party is to step up to the high ground (don't worry, you won't get a nosebleed) straighten up that backbone, and have the common decency to FORMALLY APOLOGIZE to to ALL OF US, but especially to OUR President!
  Prove to us that you are honorable Americans, not just a mindless bunch of self-serving political hacks and there is some chance of getting your dignity back.
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Posted: Apr 28, 2011 10:56am


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