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Aug 16, 2010

View the entire story at this link: ------------------------------------------ ANIMAL RESCUE OUTREACH -AKA- TEDI SPICER, Was back in court this morning. This POS woman claimed to be an IL. rescuer but in fact is a serious serial thief, con liar & worse an ANIMAL ABUSER! Tedi Spicer's crimes go back nearly 30 years. You can view her court docket at:

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Posted: Aug 16, 2010 2:31pm
Aug 2, 2010
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This is Jodie, she is a 14 yr old BLM Mustang Mare. Jodie was almost a statistic in that the eventuality of her going to slaughter was a real possibility. Then she would have become one of the 100,000 horses that do go to slaughter annually. She has been starved, abused & beaten (whip marks on face). She is but one Wild Horse rescue and this is her, story…

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Posted: Aug 2, 2010 8:36pm
Jun 10, 2010
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If you would like further information about these greyhounds or can help in any way, please contact June Bazar at (401)749-1649. Eighty greyhounds now left in need of homes The daunting task of finding homes for these dogs has fallen to June Bazar, the director of the Twin River Greyhound Adoption Program. While June willingly accepts this task and is working diligently to find homes for all the greyhounds, she is fearful that she may not be able to place so many dogs before the June 30 deadline imposed on her. Rallying all resources to help After 30 years as the director of the greyhound adoption program, June has numerous resources at her disposal, including a long list of current and previous greyhound owners. In an effort to place as many dogs as possible, June has been contacting her many resources asking for help and hoping that some of these contacts may be amenable to a new adoption. She is also networking with similar greyhound adoption groups located outside of the state of Rhode Island for help. Eleven placed, so many still left homeless (Source: Twin River Greyhound Adoption Program website)

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Posted: Jun 10, 2010 10:11pm
May 19, 2010
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Under a relatively new law called the "Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act" (A.E.T.A.), activists engaged in efforts to bring needless suffering to an end for non-human animals inside factory farms, vivisection labs, circuses and the like, now potentially face charges as "terrorists" in federal courts even if their actions are peaceful and First Amendment protected.

Although a pre-existing law from 1992 known as the "Animal Enterprise Protection Act" was initially created to further prosecute and create harsher penalties for activists who use illegal tactics to save lives, such as liberating animals from abusive situations and causing economic damage to industries that profit from suffering, the A.E.T.A. has taken it one step further and tacked on the label of "terrorism" for such activities.


If labeling a person who actually saves innocent lives a "terrorist", rather than the person who systematically abuses and kills animals for a living seems Orwellian to you, the vagueness used in writing this law will be even more unsettling.


Although the law is allegedly intended to curb illegal actions, it essentially says that those interfering with the operations of an animal enterprise with the intent of causing economic damage are committing acts of terrorism.


Well, doesn't that include every single boycott, protest, campaign and demonstration to put an end to animal exploitation? Aren't we trying to cause economic damage to a company that abuses animals by boycotting them? Isn't that the whole point? When taken literally, that law goes so far as to include even living a vegan lifestyle since our very choice of diet is "disrupting animal enterprises."


The terms and language used in this law are far reaching and potentially very threatening to the legal Animal Rights and Animal Welfare movement.


 The law does include a clause that states:

"Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit any expressive conduct (including peaceful picketing or other peaceful demonstration) protected from legal prohibition by the First Amendment to the Constitution."


But within less than three years of the laws passage, four activists from California involved in anti-vivisection campaigns were indicted for violating the A.E.T.A., even though none of them was involved in illegal actions and all of them adhered to completely legal First Amendment protected activities.


They each face up to 10 years in prison for passing out leaflets, attending demonstrations and circulating public knowledge on the Internet about known animal abusers. Does any of this fit into our ideas of terrorism or sound like terrorist activity to you?


The fact that the government is classifying activists as terrorists who simply want animal abuse to end is one of the most grotesque misuses of such a timely sensitive word. To compare the actions of peaceful protests to the attacks of 9/11, even if you are someone who is not aligned with the animal activist movement, is totally unreasonable.


Is it possible that some of this is the result of tremendous pressure from animal abusing industries that want animal protection movements to disappear. The idea of freeing animals from exploitation is simply bad for business.


In a time when terrorism is an actual threat to many of us, it seems terribly unfair and extremely disrespectful to those who have lost loved ones to real terrorist attacks to even remotely compare them to animal activists.


It is interesting to note that in the long history of the animal rights movement, not one person has been killed by an activist. That is because killing is fundamentally antithetical to what these activists are trying to achieve, which is a more just and peaceful world.
"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing"-Anna Sewell               

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Posted: May 19, 2010 7:44am
May 5, 2010

I just thought this very interesting information when i read it. althou there has been no updates on this site since 2009.  the fact that they kept up with all exporting of animals, the reasons for stopping various exports, or starting exports of live animals for foods souces.  very very educational material for those that are interested in the live animal exporting industries.

People talk with great authority about animal rights & how people who care don't understand that animals have no rights. We have given this some thought & with regards to animal rights & responsibilities, some say they cannot have the former without the latter.

HUMANS have made themselves responsible for animals, from conception to slaughter every aspect is controlled by man. How they reproduce, what they eat, how they are kept & how they die.

THEREFORE it is humans who being responsible for these animals must give them the rights they have removed. The right to the best WELFARE in the most NATURAL way for whatever species.

Left to themselves animals control their lives without interferance from man. Wild animals have no problem with feeding, reproduction, herding etc.they were doing it long before humans evolved. Only human interferance has removed their right & opportunity to do this & humans need to restore some of these rights instead of thinking only of profit.

The right not to be artificialy inseminated, the right not to be taildocked, the right not to eat like a carnivore when being a herbivore, the right to humane slaughter & the right not to travel thousands of miles to that slaughter

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Posted: May 5, 2010 12:39pm
Apr 25, 2010
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Jill Starr Lifesavers
Anniversary of 3 Strikes Ranch Rescue
Posted by Jill Starr Lifesavers on Apr 17

It's hard to believe a year has passed since our involvement in the 3 Strikes Ranch Rescue in Nebraska. I have made a short slideshow to re-tell the story for those who don't know it.

Hope you enjoy it.

Kind regards,
Jill Starr
Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue

3 Strikes Rescue Story.wmv
Video: 3 Strikes Rescue Story.wmv
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Posted: Apr 25, 2010 6:00pm
Apr 24, 2010

Why US Milk is BANNED From All of Europe
On March 18, the New York Times ran an editorial titled “Honest Food Labels.” In this article, Dr. Hamburg publicized letters to about 17 or 18 companies, accusing them of masking undesirable ingredients in their products.
She also emphasized the importance of providing information that consumers can rely on.
“Very, very unfortunately, however, she has totally failed to take any such action with regard to two of our major dietary staples; milk and meat,” says Eptein.
“She has excluded milk and meat from undesirable ingredients, and in so doing, she has created the impression that they are safe.
… About 20 percent of our milk is genetically engineered. Technically this is known as rBGH, the small r stands for recombinant, BGH, is bovine growth hormone… This [milk] contains very high levels of a natural growth factor known as IGF-1…
IGF-1 stands for Insulin-like Growth Factor 1. So growth factor 1 is a natural growth factor and is responsible for normal growth but when you drink rBGH milk, you have very, very high levels of this natural growth factor.
When you drink it, the IGF-1 survives digestion and is readily absorbed from your small intestine, into your blood.
Increased levels of IGF-1 have been shown to increase risks of breast cancer and we have about 20 publications showing this; risk of colon cancer [shown] by about 10 publications; prostate cancer by about another 10 publications.
And a further concern: increased levels of IGF-1 block natural defense mechanisms against early cancers, [mechanisms] known as ‘apoptosis.’”
The scientific evidence of the dangers of rBGH milk is explained in great detail in Dr. Epstein’s book What’s in Your Milk?, published in 2006.
“Based on the concerns which I have just briefly summarized, in 1999, the United Nations Food and Safety Agency, which represents a hundred nations worldwide, ruled unanimously not to set safety standards for rBGH milk, and effectively this has resulted in an international ban on U.S. milk.
So here we have Margaret Hamburg saying she wants to prevent any company from selling food with undesirable ingredients. Yet, American milk is banned worldwide because of its dangers -- because of its high levels of IGF-1 and attendant risks from that.”
It’s even worse than simply ignoring the dangers, because milk producers who are committed to providing healthier milk are not allowed to label it correctly. That’s right, they’re NOT allowed to say it’s “rBGH-free,” without adding a big disclaimer saying there are no known health risks of rBGH…
In an ideal world, agencies like the US FDA would do the proper investigations and protect you from known health dangers, so you don’t have to. But there’s nothing ideal about the current state of affairs, so it’s imperative to do your own research and educate yourself about what toxins are lurking in your foods, drugs, and other consumer products, so that you can make the conscious choice to avoid them.
This also goes for most commercial meats.
The Beef with Commercial Meats
One practice in particular makes most commercial meats potentially dangerous to your health, and that’s the practice of implanting cattle with sex hormones prior to entering the feed lot, about 100 days prior to slaughter.
This is done by implanting a pellet containing natural or synthetic sex hormones under the skin of the cattle’s ear. The objective is a financial one, as it increases the meat weight, and hence profits, by about 10 percent, for very little additional cost.
As a result, nearly all commercial meats contain very high levels of sex hormones. Either the natural hormones: testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, or the synthetic equivalent.
“Our meat poses increased risks of hormonal cancers, which have escalated since 1975. Breast cancer has increased by 25 percent, prostate cancer by 60 percent, and testes cancer by 60 percent,” says Epstein.
“Not surprisingly, U.S. meat is banned worldwide like rBGH milk.
So here we are, in what I like to consider is the leading democracy in the world, in which we sell a staple diet -- meat and milk -- that are banned worldwide because they pose major threats of cancer.”
In 1986 there was a report titled “Human Food Safety and the Regulation of Animal Drugs,” which was unanimously approved by the House Committee of Government Operations. In it they concluded that “the FDA has consistently disregarded its responsibility, has repeatedly put what it perceives are interests of veterinarians in the livestock industry ahead of its obligation to protect consumers, thereby jeopardizing the health and safety of consumers of meat, milk, and poultry.”
Unfortunately, nothing has changed as a result of any of these findings.
Says Epstein:
“The American public are still eating and drinking ultra dangerous products in spite of the overwhelming scientific evidence, and in spite of the warnings they have received from the rest of the world that “we will not buy your products.”
… It’s almost like an Alice in Wonderland situation. We like to think we’re the greatest democracy in the world and yet we tolerate white collar crime, industry white collar crime, and the white collar crimes for profit.
Not only do we tolerate it, we don’t raise any questions or objections to it.
So, there is something the matter with the American public because they still implicitly trust government and my unfortunate and unhappy warning is: you cannot trust government. You cannot trust USDA.
You cannot trust FDA, and I say this with a sense of overwhelming sadness but there’s an old French expression saying, “Anyone who is in danger should save himself.” “
Making educated choices when food shopping has become a necessity, if you want to remain healthy. That includes avoiding all pasteurized milk, especially milk containing rBGH, and avoiding all commercial, conventionally-raised meats.
One exception is lamb. Dr. Epstein confirms that sex hormones are not used for lambs, and since they’re slaughtered young, they’re mainly grass-fed, even when raised non-organically. It’s also fairly inexpensive, so it can serve as a good alternative if you don’t have regular access to organically-raised, grass-fed meats.

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Posted: Apr 24, 2010 4:38pm


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